Chapter 32: Let the Games Begin


I get Sookie to agree to bond with me and you make me wait by taking four days to update?” Eric growls and comes toward me.

I duck behind Godric and throw my hands up while pleading, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! It’s just-“

No excuses, TB Viking Addict!” he yells and lunges at me.

Godric’s hand shoots out and holds him in place while he reasons, “Come now, Eric. You were in dayrest the entire time. The only one who truly suffered was the procurer. Besides, if you drain her then you’ll never bond with Sookie.”

Eric’s shoulders slump in defeat and he reluctantly says, “Fine. But I want an update now.”

Well, you all heard Eric. I really want to remain among the living, so here’s my next chapter.

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When I rose for the night, I could feel in my blood that Sookie and Godric were no longer in Jackson. In fact, they were somewhere out in the bar. I decided to rest at Fangtasia the night before, knowing Alcide planned to drop them off here. After speaking with Sookie earlier in the day, I retreated to one of the backrooms where we stored the coffins, in case we ever needed to crash here, and secured it before succumbing to the sun’s pull. Longshadow, in particular, liked going to rest at Fangtasia. Sometimes it was extremely convenient.

We had to burn his coffin when he died. Apparently he liked snacking before bed.

I sighed with relief at feeling them so close and pushed the top of my coffin open and climbed out. It had been difficult staying in Shreveport when I knew the blood pack’s master was in Jackson. It had been even more difficult staying here when I knew Sookie and Godric were literally feet away from him.

Like I told Godric, I didn’t want to lose another family.

I knew Sookie could take care of herself, but she had a nasty habit of attracting trouble anywhere she went. The entire time they were in Russell’s compound, I sat on pins and needles. I didn’t relax any with Sookie’s phone call, worried they’d been followed after leaving the property, but I forced myself to go to rest anyway. The sun was out and they had retrieved Bill, so the only thing left to do was wait and see if they would make it across the state border unmolested.

I opened one of the lockers where I kept spare clothing and pulled on a fresh black shirt, a pair of jeans, and a leather jacket before heading out to the bar. They were already up, of course, and sitting on stools with cups of donor blood in their hands. Sookie spun around in her seat when I came out and said, “Oh good! You’re up!”

I vamped over to her, slipped between her legs, and promptly cleaned her lips of blood.

I’d missed doing that while she was in Jackson.

“Well, hello to you too,” she said when I pulled back. I licked the last of the blood off my lips and smirked at her.

“Where’s my hello kiss?” Godric joked with a serious expression.

“Go find your own,” Sookie grumbled and we both laughed.

I took the now empty cup from her hand and set it on the bar before settling my hands on her hips and asked, “Everything go okay? With Compton?”

Mischief surfaced in her blood and she flashed me a wicked grin, “Everything went just fine for me. Can’t say the same for him.”

Glee erupted in Godric’s veins and lust shot up in my own. I looked over my shoulder and eyed the only still closed travel coffin, obviously containing Bill, before turning back to Sookie with a quirked eyebrow, “Well he’s still among the undead. That’s good, I suppose. For now.”

I was disappointed I missed their reunion. I would’ve loved seeing Bill’s reaction when he realized she was not the same Sookie he remembered. And watching Sookie put Bill in his place? Well, it just replaced seeing Sookie rise vampire as my new favorite fantasy.

And she wasn’t even naked in it.

“He should be risin’ soon,” she said while glaring over my shoulder at the coffin. She brought her eyes back to mine when she added, “I glamoured him into thinkin’ he sold V from his house and tried to blackmail Lafayette. I also made him forget he ever knew you were being forced to sell it. I didn’t ask ’bout the program, though. I figured you both would wanna be there for that.”

Godric and I nodded. I pushed myself a little closer to her and lowered my voice, enjoying her responding shiver, when I asked, “I’d really like to see how that talk went, Sookie. Will you show me?”

She bit her lip in contemplation for a moment and hesitance and indecision filled our tie before she replied, “Maybe later. I wanna pop our stuff back to Bon Temps before the staff gets here. Let me up.”

With reluctance, I backed up and helped her to her feet. I took her place on the stool and sat down next to Godric as she walked over to one of their coffins and popped away with it.

“Did she show you?” I asked him.

He shook his head, “She told me the same thing, that she’d show me later. I’m guessing it was personal, Eric. There’s so much anger in the bond when she talks about her past relationship with him. She’ll show us when she’s ready. Don’t press her on it.”

Sookie popped back into view and snatched another coffin before disappearing again.

I nodded in response to Godric while I crossed my arms over my chest and tried to keep my worry from leaking into our bond. It concerned me that Sookie was so hesitant to show us what happened. Was she beating herself up about it? Did she get too violent with him and was nervous about how we would react? Did he say something to her she didn’t want us to hear? It was at times like this that I wished we had a full bond. If we were bonded, I’d be able to feel what she was hesitant about exactly. With the current strength of the tie we had, I couldn’t tell if she was hesitant to show us specifically or if she was reluctant to show anybody what happened earlier. Though, it was also very possible that Godric was right and it was just too personal for her to share at the moment.

We both watched Sookie when she reappeared. She picked up a bag and slung it over her shoulder. As she reached down to pick up the other bag, Bill woke up. Muffled screams started coming from the coffin and Godric and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows. Sookie chuckled and pushed us mirth and amusement before turning to the coffin and kicking it.

The screams quieted and turned into curses and Sookie teased, “It’s just a little silver, Bill. Get over it and vamp up!”

My lips twitched and Godric burst out laughing. Sookie turned to us and winked before dropping the bag she held to the floor, grabbed the handle on the coffin, and started pulling it towards the basement. I vamped over and opened the door for her, earning me a caress through the tie, and she flung the coffin down the stairs. Travel coffins were nearly indestructible so, yes, it would hurt, but the coffin itself wouldn’t break. We both looked down the stairs and laughed when we realized that Bill had landed upside down. On top of being bound with silver, his weight was now resting on his face.

“Thanks, cowboy,” she said and stood on her tiptoes to kiss me on the cheek before vamping back over to pick up the bags she dropped earlier.


I liked it.

Which she could feel since our tie was now being showered in lust. She giggled when she felt it and slapped me on the back of the head with her blood. While I rubbed it tenderly with a frown on my face, she turned to Godric and said, “I’m gonna unpack this stuff. I’ll be back in five to ten if I move quickly.”

He nodded and she popped away again. I walked back over to the bar and returned to my seat, angling myself towards Godric, and said, “Master, I’d like to have my own little chat with Compton before calling the Magister. Will you be joining me?”

I could feel with my blood that Godric had drastically changed since the last time I saw him. Not only was he happier and revitalized, I could tell he’d also changed his outlook on life. In all honesty, he used to be more bloodthirsty. Since he opened up the bond, however, I could feel he didn’t revel in violence like he used to. There was still an appreciation for a good battle in his blood, but he had evolved when it came to things like torture and his view on humanity. I was still figuring out if that was a good thing.

Then again, if Sookie brought about this change, it probably was.

“I do not enjoy these things as much as I used to, Eric. But for what this procurer did to Sookie? Well, I don’t think it will be difficult for me to find some pleasure in the act,” he admitted and pushed me mischief.

I nodded with a smile on my face. Godric had always had a talent for breaking a man and it would be a genuine pleasure to watch him use that talent on the sanctimonious prick that was Bill Compton. We fell into contemplative silence for a moment, both of us probably picturing what we would like to do to Bill, before I remembered what I talked about with Sookie two nights ago.

I tore myself from my bloody fantasies and turned my attention back to Godric. Technically, I should’ve addressed it with him first before broaching the subject of exchanging with Sookie, since she was still under a year old. The very topic made me nervous though. Godric had trained me to always keep my emotions under control and for most of my existence that’s exactly what I did. When Sookie strolled into my life, she brought a torrent of uncontrollable emotions with her. I could no longer maintain that hold on everything I felt and it worried me a little to bring this up with him. I wanted to bond with her, to immerse myself in the emotions she had awakened in me and share them with her. I wanted her to do the same with her emotions and I wasn’t sure how Godric would react to that. He gave me a puzzled look when my nerves leaked into the bond and, after a moment of psyching myself up, I confessed the cause to him, “Two nights ago, I asked Sookie to exchange with me, master. She agreed and we planned on completing an exchange tonight.”

His eyebrows soared and he gave me an incredulous expression. Cautiously, he asked, “You wish to bind yourself to my youngest progeny? Who is not even a year old?” My mouth ran dry when he asked me this so I just nodded. Then the worst thing I could’ve imagined possible happened, he shut down our bond. My eyes widened and before I could say another word, he gave me a look that made me shudder and said, “As your maker, I command you not to bond with Sookie.”

I flinched when I felt the command take root and started to panic. Before I could beg him to reconsider, he opened the bond again and his glee, mirth, amusement, and mischief poured in. I looked at him with a bewildered expression and he laughed, “I release you from the command, Eric. You can exchange with her.”

What an asshole.

As soon as I felt the command lift, I punched him in the face, breaking his nose. Of course, this just amused him even more and he doubled over laughing. I glared at him while holding my fist (I punched him fucking hard) with my other hand. When the laughter subsided, I accused, “You already knew. You planned this.”

He nodded while grabbing a cocktail napkin off the bar and wiped up the blood dripping from his nose, “Sookie unwittingly told me. We were discussing Jessica and I asked her if she had felt the pull. I had to explain to her what the pull felt like and she told me she hadn’t felt that towards Jessica, but she did feel something similar towards you.”


I didn’t even have a chance to ask him what he was talking about when he continued, “Do you remember how you felt when Sookie brought down her light shield? When she revealed herself after the hunt?”

I thought back to that moment and realized I had also felt something similar to the maker’s pull. At the time, I had been too preoccupied with the fact Sookie was alive to give a shit about what feeling it meant. I raised my eyebrows at Godric and he nodded before explaining, “She felt that same pull when she saw you in the bar speaking to Sophie-Anne. It’s the pull to bond, min son. I explained that to her and she asked me if that pull forced the need to bond with her on you, thus revealing you asked her to exchange with you.”

I was over a thousand years old. Very few things surprised me anymore, yet Sookie managed to shock me at least once a night. Sookie wasn’t even in Shreveport and she’d done it once again because, at the moment, I was pretty sure Godric could blow air in my face and it would knock me off the stool. Not once had it occurred to me that I had experienced the bonding pull. Like rising early, it was considered a myth and it was just so rare that I had dismissed it as a possibility without a second thought. Less than a second thought, really, because it had never even entered my mind.


“Rare? Yes, it is,” Godric interrupted. “It’s also amazing. You will be able to stay together for eternity if you chose to complete a third level bond. Was that your plan? Do you want a permanent bond with Sookie?”

Hope and tenderness was pulsing in the bond and I just studied him for a moment before I gave him a small nod. Joy overtook the hope and he slapped a hand on my shoulder and squeezed it once while giving me a beautiful smile.

I knew I would never get bored with Sookie.

Bonding was an extremely rare and sacred thing in the vampire world. Exchanging wasn’t quite as rare, but very few of us still ever did it. Vampires who formed nests and lived in them for several years often formed first level bonds with their nestmates to form a tighter unit and having those bonds allowed them to tolerate each other better and live together longer than the average nest usually did. By doing so, they understood each other on a deeper level and clashed with each other less. Bloodlines also often developed first level bonds with the others in their lines, especially siblings who traveled with their maker at the same time. I’d have to explain to Sookie at some point that I wasn’t looking to exchange with her to establish a sibling bond, though I had a feeling she already understood that.

I also had a feeling she hadn’t realized I wanted to form a permanent one.

I really wasn’t looking forward to pointing it out to her either.

And I’d rip the head off of anyone who dared call me a chicken for it.

Sookie chose that moment to pop back in, so Godric and I automatically shifted into another gear. She walked over to us while Godric started summarizing everything the rest of us had missed when Sookie strapped on her spy gear and flitted around unseen during the day. She propped an arm on my shoulder and I pulled her closer and wrapped my own around her waist. When Godric got to the part where Sookie apparently killed Bill’s maker, my mouth dropped open and I turned my head to look at her in surprise, which was echoed by my blood. I quirked an eyebrow at her and asked, “You staked Lorena?”

She nodded and shot me a sheepish smile. I gave her a slow, boyish grin that quickly turned into a laugh. I pushed her pride and pleasure while desperately hoping she’d show me at some point. I never would’ve believed a month old newborn could take down a five hundred old vampire before I met Sookie.

And I was never happier to be wrong.

“She showed me. It was a fair kill,” Godric said with his own grin.

“You killed her in a fight?” I asked and pushed them both my astonishment. They nodded and I mused, “Well, I guess if you can beat a vampire over 500 years old in a fight, Thalia’s instincts were spot on.”

Thalia only ever trained vampires over 500 years old, yet she had claimed Sookie as an apprentice. I guess something about how Sookie acted made Thalia’s instincts scream Sookie could handle her particular brand of training. Those instincts were undoubtedly right if Sookie was able to best Lorena in a fair fight.

I was less surprised, though still impressed, when Godric mentioned Franklin. Pam, Jessica, and I had all been watching when Sookie discovered Franklin had kidnapped her friend Tara. The emotional pain and hurt she had experienced when Tara begged for help was so painful that her very blood cried out. All of us had immediately reached out through our ties to comfort her, reinforcing her with strength and support as she left Tara there and walked off with Talbot. I never wanted her to experience that kind of pain again and it just about killed me knowing I couldn’t be there to help her with it.

When Godric finished their tale, I asked, “Where’s the evidence now? I want Pam to make copies of it before we give it to the Magister.”

“I put it on your desk,” Sookie said.

I nodded and stood up, “I’ll stick it in the safe before the staff gets here and then we can go grill Compton about that program.”

When I returned, I slung an arm over Sookie’s shoulders and we headed down to the basement. Godric chuckled at the sight of the upside down coffin and picked it up to carry it over to the table stashed inside the room.

The torture table.

“Before you guys get too hands on, I want Jess to have a chance to speak with him. She needs a little closure and I don’t want her to see her maker all bruised and bloody,” Sookie said. We pushed her acceptance and she caressed us into purring for our agreement.

Godric popped the top of the coffin off before lifting a bloody and whimpering Bill up. Burnt flesh and the taint of vampire blood immediately filled the air and Sookie scrunched up her nose when the scent hit her. Bill’s clothing was shredded and his hands were bound with silver behind his back. Sookie had obviously done that on purpose. She wanted to make him as uncomfortable as possible when he woke from his day death. It must’ve been extremely painful for him when she tossed him down the stairs.

“Is all this blood from your, uh, talk, lover?” I asked as I ran my eyes over him.

She shook her head emphatically and said, “Nooo. That would be Lorena’s handiwork. I just slapped him, dropped silver down his pants, and knocked him out with an end table.”

Godric and I chuckled. Now that she said it, we could hear the sizzling coming from Bill’s pants. I was wrong about the reason why she had bound his hands behind his back. It wasn’t to make him extra uncomfortable, it was so he couldn’t reach into his pants and remove the silver. I was surprised, though, that Sookie hadn’t done more to him, especially when she wouldn’t replay it all for us.

“That’s all you did? That was the punishment you gave him?”

She pushed me mischief and smiled as she protested, “I didn’t say that, but it was all I did to him physically. I punished him by holdin’ up a mirror for him and showed him what he truly looked like.”

When we both furrowed our brows at her and pushed her confusion, she tugged on us twice and spoke to us telepathically, I gathered up the memories of every innocent he and Lorena killed and replayed it for him. Then I filtered out the memories of every person he procured on his own and what he remembered of their fates and replayed those for him too. I showed him he had become exactly what he was most afraid of. I showed him he had become his maker.

Stunned. Godric and I were both stunned. There wasn’t a harsher punishment I could think of for Bill Compton. He was so adamant that he was better than other vampires because he retained some part of his humanity and Sookie had shown him there was nothing human left about him. She had searched his mind for his worst fear and forced him to live it.

Oddly, at that moment I remembered what I had thought when Sookie first concocted the plan to frame Bill. I had compared her to a lion. To me, it felt like Sookie sat back and watched the herd, studying the weakest links, analyzing the best way to attack, and biding her time before she cornered her prey. It never felt truer than it did at that moment. She had studied Bill and analyzed what his greatest weakness was before she went for the kill. Looking at Bill now, it suddenly dawned on me that I wouldn’t get the chance to watch Godric break him, Sookie had already done that. From the way he held his head and the stance of his shoulders as Godric pushed him towards the table, Bill looked like a broken man. He didn’t even fight against Godric’s hold.

Sookie brought my attention back to her when trepidation filled the tie. Godric and I immediately flooded her with reassurance and pride. She instantly relaxed and relief swept through her. Our moment of silence and astonishment had made Sookie doubt herself and we never wanted her to do that.

“Keys?” Godric asked. Sookie pulled a set out from her jacket pocket and chucked it at him. He caught it with vampire reflexes and turned to Bill to unlock his manacles and strap him to the table.

“How many, Sookie? How many innocents did he kill?” I asked quietly. I had blood on my hands, we all did, but Godric and I hadn’t killed innocents. We killed for fun, yes, but our targets were always guilty of something. Whether it was a stupid and pointless war or we caught them in the act of committing other crimes, we only killed those we felt deserved it.

Before I met him though, Godric had been responsible for the death of innocents, but he had killed them unwillingly. His master had been cruel and often enjoyed watching Godric tear innocents apart. Godric spent years under his rule before he finally found an opportunity to end him. Those lives weighed heavily on him and he trained me to never kill innocents. His guilt had grown over the centuries and had become too much for him by the time he met Sookie. Now he didn’t just train her not to kill the innocent, he also trained her not to kill needlessly. It didn’t matter anymore if they were guilty or not. If she didn’t need to kill them, he taught her to leave them be. There were other avenues now to go through to find justice. If she caught someone stealing, she could just report them to the police. Back then, we didn’t have that option so we just ended the culprits.

“Hundreds,” she whispered. “On his own. With Lorena? Over a thousand.”

All of our connections filled with disgust simultaneously. I knew Bill had taken innocent lives, I had seen the evidence of it when I met Pam. I hadn’t realized it was to that extent though.

“No wonder people are frightened of us. Let’s be honest, with vampires among us like this one? We are frightening,” Godric stated as he finished buckling the last strap. He then reached down and yanked the lever back so the table slid into a vertical position, lowering Bill’s feet while raising his head and propping him up like he was standing.

“Oh Billy boy, you have been naughty, haven’t you?” I asked and gave him a fangy grin. A blood tear had slipped down his cheek when Sookie told us how many innocent lives he had taken. I walked closer as I spoke and he glowered at me.

“Go to hell, Eric. You’ve finally got a reason to turn me in again. Call the Magister and get it over with,” he said tiredly. Sookie had taken the fight right out of him.

“I’m sure you would love nothing more, Bill,” I said with a smirk. “But I finally got you down in my play room and I wouldn’t be a very good host if I let you leave before we had a chance to play a game.”

My last words brought me right in front of him. He opened his mouth to snarl something at me and I shut him up with a nasty right hook. While he shook his head to clear it, I leaned in and whispered, “That’s for making me think Sookie hated me, Bill.” I stepped back as he spat out a tooth and added, “Though it really doesn’t surprise me you had to drug a girl to get one to go home with you.”

“It wasn’t hard to do, Eric. There were so many things she couldn’t stand about you anyways,” Bill muttered.

Godric stepped closer and asked, “Really? Is that why you tried to overcook her? To turn her into a Reinfield? Because it was easy to make her hate Eric? Both my progenies are stubborn, Mr. Compton, and both quite stubbornly believe you drowned her in blood because she fought against your hold, especially when it came to Eric.” He finished with a left hook to Bill’s face.

Well, at least we kept it symmetrical.

Godric turned back to Sookie and asked, “Know any good games we could play until young Jessica gets here?”

Bill’s fangs dropped at his progeny’s name and he hissed.

“Oh relax, Billy. Jessica is safe with us. She’s even considering joining our bloodline,” I said with a smirk.

When he growled, Sookie vamped closer, coming to a stop between me and Godric. Bill immediately quieted and whimpered. She rolled her eyes and pushed her influence towards him, glamouring him, before seductively asking, “You don’t wanna hurt Jess, now do you, Bill?” He shook his head robotically. “So then you won’t command Jess anymore, will you?” He shook his head again. “And you know you’re in for a world of hurt, so you’re gonna keep the bond closed from now on, aren’t ya?”

Sookie was always thinking outside the box. Godric and I hadn’t even thought about the possibility Bill would command Jessica to do something, like attack us, when she got here. It would’ve been too late by the time we realized he could. We pushed her gratitude for her clever thinking and she purred.

“Yes, Sookie. I’ll keep it closed,” he answered, looking completely enthralled.

She pulled back and walked towards the table I had set up earlier with all the torture devices Pam and I were fond of while saying, “I’ve always been a fan of darts, myself, Godric.”

Godric and I looked at each other and slowly smiled shit-eating grins.

“Darts?” Godric asked innocently, feigning confusion. “How do you play that, Sookie? I’m afraid I’ve never heard of it before.”

She ran her fingers over all the tools set out before her, coming to a stop over a silver scalpel.

“It’s really quite easy, Godric. You just pick a dart up,” she said as she picked up the scalpel, “aim it at the target,” she turned towards us and lifted the scalpel as we backed away, “and throw.” She finished by expertly launching the scalpel at Bill. It nicked his ear, making him bleed, and sank into the wood of the table. Bill flinched and cursed as it bled.

Damn that was hot. She could play with my dart anytime.

“Of course, in darts you try to hit the target. In this version, I guess we would try not to hit it.”

Bill slammed his head back against the table in frustration and said, “Please, please just tell me what you want. I’ll give it to you. There’s no need for this.”

“Really, Billy boy? So if we ask you about, say, the database, you’ll just tell us everything we want to know?” I asked.

His eyes shifted between the three of us before landing on the far wall as he lied, “What database?”

Sookie pushed into our thoughts and sent, He was hoping to trade it to the Authority in return for his life and freedom.

“I hope you weren’t thinking about using it to barter for your freedom, Mr. Compton. We already found and destroyed it. We were just hoping you’d make this easier on us and answer some questions,” Godric stated, focusing Bill’s mind on it and making it easier for Sookie to search for what we needed.

He hasn’t told anyone ’bout it. He was savin’ it for his own… her mental voice faltered and we both turned to look at her, his own monarchy. He was a plant in Sophie-Anne’s court for Nan Flannigan for the last couple decades. She plans to help him remove Sophie-Anne from the throne in exchange for his work and install him in her place. Nan’s goal is to replace certain monarchs with ones who fully support mainstreaming.

Sookie pushed us both amusement when she felt us both curse in the blood at the same time. This was a problem. Nan was the AVL spokesperson and worked for the Authority and if Bill was working for her, there was a chance Nan could use her influence and power to have Bill pardoned by claiming he told her all about it. Technically, if he was a plant then his allegiance was to the Authority and that superseded any fealty he pledged to a monarchy.

Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do about that. Sookie could glamour her not to support Bill if we could get a hold of her, but that would be pointless if the chancellors were already aware of Bill’s purpose.

“Glamour him to forget the program. If he wants to use it as a bargaining chip, we can’t make him back down,” Godric stated sadly. Without the program, Bill’s only hope would be Nan and her resources.

Sookie quickly caught Bill’s incredulous gaze, vamped closer, and glamoured him into believing he’d always been interested in creating such a program, but had quickly abandoned the idea when he realized how dangerous something like that would be if it fell into the wrong hands. She finished with instructions to forget her ability to glamour vampires before pulling back out. Something then caught her attention and she turned her head in the direction of the door at vamp speed, “Jess is here with Pam. I’ll meet her upstairs and bring her down after I explain Bill’s, uh, appearance to her.”

“Sookeh, don’t do that. Don’t bring her down here. Get her out of here. The Magister likes sadistic punishments, he might hurt her to hurt me,” Bill pleaded.

Her protective and possessive instincts flared up and she growled, “I’d never let anyone hurt her, jackass.”

Sookie then reached up and he flinched. She rolled her eyes, shot us both with exasperation, and pulled the scalpel from the wood. After giving Bill one last, disgusted look, she vamped over to the table to dump it there before walking up the stairs, muttering, “Fuckin’ hate how he says my name,” as she climbed.

“Yes, Beehl, why do you call her that?” I asked and smacked him upside the head while Godric and I tried to clean him up as much as possible before Jessica saw him.


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  1. i really love reading about Godric having a sense of humor. a little dark of course, but he is a vampire. Beehl is so outsmarted and so outclassed it’s not even funny. such a small fish in a very, very, very big pond. i remember my father telling me about the fly on top of the elephant. Beehl is the fly who thinks he is bigger than the elephant because he is on top of them. he will soon get what’s coming for him, though.
    and yeah Beehl? why do you call her that? inquiring minds wants to know. 😉
    great chapter!!! 😀

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    • Been rereading through everything to get back into it all and discovered you did leave a comment but it somehow ended up on the previous chapter, which is really weird. Thank you though for the comments and glad you’re a fan of Sookie’s vamp darts! Lol.

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  2. Love your wordpress site, and can’t wait for the next chapter, where hopefully Jessica will be release by Bill so she can become part of Godrics blood line.


  3. Oh I enjoyed that chapter – especially when she threw the coffin and left it there! Plenty of Ericisms too: ‘she could play with my dart anytime’ – yep soooo Eric! I hope Jessica gets her closure and he releases her and I really hope Nan doesn’t save him. Good to see you on WordPress too.


  4. This is so good. I enjoyed Sookie getting even with Bill. God, what a whiny s.o.b…. lol Thank you for posting this story. I can’t wait for the next chapter.


  5. AN too funny. I much prefer WP anyway. I no longer read on FFn. Too many bad policies and huge lack of care/support for authors.

    Can understand her relucance to show the memory. She probably feels horrible about herself that she fell for it event though there really wasn’t anything she could do about it.

    awww that was mean of Godric. Naughty. Nice of Sookie to let Jess get closure first. hmm Nan huh. Never liked that witch.


  6. Another terrific chapter! Sanctimonious is the perfect word to describe Bill. I have to tell you just how much I love your author notes! They’re so comical and set the tone for each chapter so wonderfully. This story has quickly become one of my favorites!

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