Chapter 1: Dying in Dallas

Banner by Melanie Stoffel

Banner by Melanie Stoffel


Hello readers! This is my very first fanfic, so be kind. This story begins in Dallas while Sookie is being attacked by Gabe at the Fellowship of the Sun. I’ve always liked Godric and thought it would’ve been a really interesting twist to do something like have him turn Sookie and be both Sookie’s and Eric’s maker, so that’s what I did. Basically, Godric arrives a little too late and Bill and Eric don’t show up right at sunset, giving us an extra five minute window that changes everything. The story then jumps a month into the future when Sookie and Godric head back to Area 5. I know this throws off the timeline of the show, so I just inserted a month between the end of Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3. Godric and Sookie needed a month by themselves to get some new abilities under control, so we pick up again a month after her turning, which is actually Episode 1 of Season 3. Bill doesn’t disappear until a month after he gets back from Dallas and that’s when all the drama starts. Sookie and Godric just happen to arrive right in time for it all.

I’m just going to throw in a couple warnings here- I haven’t seen Season 3 in over a year at least, so I may be off in the general timeline of events. I may put things one night too early or a night too late. I apologize in advance, but please also keep in mind this story is AU, so don’t judge it too harshly. It follows the plot of Season 3, yet in some parts it takes off in wildly other directions. Eric is a little different than what we’re used to, but only because I decided to combine badass Viking Sheriff Eric with Amnesia Eric. I felt Sookie really never got to know the real Eric in the show, since she didn’t give him a chance after he got his memories back, so you will see his softer side pop up in here. He’ll prove Amnesia Eric is very much a part of him. Sookie is also a little different. She’s VAMPIRE. I tried to keep the thing that matters most to her, her love and need to protect her family, but now she’s more predatory. Godric is a whole new breed. He’s been revamped (pun intended) and given a purpose, so he’s a much happier version of himself. Finally, I do sprinkle lines from the show all throughout this fic. You should be able to recognize them pretty easily. Some are used the same way, some are not. I usually throw them in because it’s either necessary to the plot or it was just great comedy. All right, enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or plot of True Blood or the Southern Vampire Mysteries. It all belongs to HBO, Alan Ball, and Charlaine Harris.


I was dying. I could feel my very life seeping out onto the floor, along with my blood. There wasn’t much time left and I found myself cursing my telepathy all over again, but this time I found myself cursing the fact that it wasn’t stronger. Instead of cursing the fact I could hear at all, I was cursing the fact I hadn’t heard Hugo better. That I hadn’t heard what he was really up to. Honestly, I could hear everyone’s inner thoughts and secrets and it turned out I was actually a crappy listener… and I was dying because of it. I would’ve laughed at the irony of it all if I wasn’t struggling to breathe.

“I’m going to enjoy this, fangbanger!” Gabe taunted from above me as he yanked my dress above my waist. I pushed fruitlessly at his shoulders, trying to keep him from getting closer, but I knew it was pointless. I couldn’t feel my own legs so I found myself wondering in despair if it even mattered anymore, I wouldn’t feel it anyway. He made sure of that when he threw me at the cot, snapping my spine, which made this the second time in a year that I’d lost feeling in my legs. The first time my spine snapped was when the Rattrays beat the shit out of me. I thought that fact was funny since Gran used to tell me I had a spine of steel.

Turns out she was wrong.

I snarled at him when he tried to lick my cheek and shoved his face away from mine. He grabbed my hands with his own and squeezed my wrists together above my head while he loosened his belt with his other hand. I whimpered and struggled, and was utterly shocked when he was suddenly lifted off me. My eyes focused enough to see him hanging a foot off the ground with a vampire’s hand wrapped around his throat.

The vampire looked like a teenager, but in reality I could tell by his glow that he was twice as old as Eric. This must’ve been Godric, the vampire I was looking for. He didn’t look like a prisoner, there was no blood on his clothing and he wasn’t bound by silver, but I couldn’t imagine there were more vampires being held by the Fellowship, so it had to be him.

godric church

“Godric?” I asked while wiping tears from my eyes. His own snapped towards mine and confusion crossed his expression for a brief second before he turned back towards Gabe. They both said something to each other but I couldn’t hear very clearly anymore. My limbs also started to feel heavier and I felt colder, which was made so much worse by the fact that my clothes were wet with blood. I started to shiver as I watched them. Godric looked pissed. He reached up with vampire speed and tore Gabe’s head from his neck before tossing his body away from us. I merely blinked. I couldn’t find it in me to care what happened to that disgusting piece of trash.

Godric then knelt down beside me, placed one of my hands in his own, and stated, “You’re dying.” For a second his eyes flashed with emotion. I swore I saw regret in them.

sookie fellowship

I know,” I sighed out. Did his lips just twitch? I shook my head and concentrated. “You have to get outta here, Godric. The vampires of Dallas are lookin’ for you. I’m sure they’ll be here when the sun sets. Get out now, use what happened here to escape,” I implored him. My breathing was becoming shallower and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I focused on Godric again and realized he looked shocked.

“You were here to save me?” I nodded. “Why would you risk yourself for me?”

“Does the risk really matter? If you knew someone needed help and you were in a position to help them, wouldn’t you?” I asked.

Honestly, did he really think I wouldn’t have tried?

He seemed too stunned to answer, so I pleaded with him some more, “Please, Godric, you have to get out of here. They’re plannin’ on forcing you to meet the sun come dawn. You can’t let them win, please just go-“

“I know, it’s why I’m here,” he said calmly.

He said what now?

“Huh?” I asked dumbly. He shot me another look of confusion so I tried actually using my words, “Then what are you doing here if you know?”

“I planned to meet the sun. I thought I would give Steve Newlin justice for his family and settle things between the Texas vampires and the Fellowship as well. Two birds with one stone so to speak.”

“Why?” I hissed. Suddenly I was livid. Of all the stupid, idiotic things I’d seen since I arrived in Dallas, this was by far the most idiotic. Instead of going off on him though, my voice came out small and subdued and I pathetically whimpered out, “Why would you give them your life when they’ve already taken mine? Why give them the sick satisfaction of killin’ you, when they’ve already killed me? Where’s my justice, Godric?”

He stayed silent, searching my face for something. I didn’t know what he was looking for and when he opened his mouth to reply, I simply talked over him. I was getting tired and I had to get this through his head before I couldn’t speak anymore, “Please, Godric. Leave. Don’t give into them. If you were givin’ them some kind of life for a life deal, then they got it with me. You don’t owe them anything, but you do owe me. I came for you and now I’m dying for you. You owe me a life, and I want you to live. Don’t let my death be for nothing. Get outta here and live.” Another tear slipped down my cheek as I spoke. He reached down and caught it with his finger and popped in his mouth. As light-headed as I was, I didn’t think this was weird for some reason and smiled. He smiled back before he slipped back into seriousness once again.

“Human tears. Never had I thought I would see human tears when they weren’t because I had frightened someone. But you are not frightened of me, are you?” he murmured. No, I wasn’t. I was frightened for him and I told him so while I shook my head.

“Do you believe in God?”

“Yes,” I answered without hesitation. I may have been bleeding out on the floor of a church basement, kidnapped and killed by supposedly church-going people, but I still believed. My faith had always been unshakeable.

“I have committed many sins in my life. I’m responsible for many, many deaths. I came here to atone and ended up with your blood on my hands. So if you’re right, how will He punish me?” he asked.

He seemed so sad when he said this, so resigned. I suddenly realized he wasn’t going to leave me. He was going to let them kill him if I didn’t convince him otherwise. I knew I wasn’t far from death. I could close my eyes at this very second and slip away. Just check out. But I couldn’t leave Godric like this. I couldn’t let him continue to think he’d somehow disappointed God and this was the only way to make it right.

“Godric, God doesn’t punish. He forgives,” I whispered. His grip tightened slightly on my hand, he closed his eyes, and let out a breath, as if the words I spoke had relieved him of a great burden. “But if you wanna atone for your sins, you’re going about it in the wrong way.” His eyes shot open again and he looked at me as if I had slapped him.

Somehow I felt even colder than before and I realized with a start that my body was colder, that I’d lost too much blood. I must’ve been nearing the brink if my body temp was low, so I didn’t have much time to get through to Godric. I turned my focus back to him and argued, “If you want forgiveness, you already have it. But if you wanna show you’re sorry, the only way to do that is through your actions. You need to show that you’ve changed by the way you live, by what you do with your life. Suicide would never, ever be somethin’ God would condone.”

“But we don’t belong here. Vampires aren’t right. We shouldn’t be here,” he protested. He sounded more like a child trying to understand a much more difficult concept, like evolution, than a vampire who was thousands of years old.

“People have said the same thing about me my entire life. I’m telepathic. I can read human minds,” I responded tiredly. His mouth dropped open in astonishment. “But I truly believe that if we shouldn’t exist, we wouldn’t. God is the creator, Godric, and if we weren’t right or shouldn’t be here, He simply wouldn’t have created us. We’re all here for a reason. He created us with a purpose in mind. And I think part of mine was ending up here, to help you. So you need to get outta here, you need to leave. More importantly, you need to live.”

I let him absorb that for a moment while I took a deep, needed breath. My breath was coming out in smaller pants now and I felt like the walls were closing in on me. Godric needed to live. I couldn’t fail in this. I needed him to live so my death would mean something, so I didn’t die for nothing. Eric needed Godric to live too. I didn’t know why, but this was important to him. He came all the way from Louisiana to offer help to look for Godric, so there was something else going on here. On top of that, Eric was too emotional about this, he snapped at the others at the nest too easily. This was important to him for some reason and if I was going to die, then I wanted to help someone I knew while I did. I wanted to help them both. If I could help Eric and save Godric, then maybe my death would mean something. It had to mean something.

I closed my eyes for a second and felt more tears slip pass. When I opened them again, the expression on Godric’s face had changed. He stared at me in awe and seemed to look less desperate. I felt hope swell inside me for the first time since I had been thrown in the basement.

“What is your name, child?”

“Sookie, Sookie Stackhouse,” I gasped out. I literally had to force myself to breathe, so I knew my death was just hovering on the horizon. I’d slip away any minute now.

“Sookie,” he said, staring at me intently, “you spend your last moments trying to save my life, what if you could save your own?”


I guess my bafflement made it to my face because he took pity on me and explained with a small smile, “I am vampire, Sookie. My blood has healing qualities. If your injuries weren’t so severe, I would’ve healed you immediately. You have a broken spine, broken ribs, several bruises, and you’ve been stabbed. If I were to feed you my blood, you would still die. I cannot save you from death. But… I can make you vampire.”

I was stunned. I hadn’t thought of that. I was dying with a vampire at my side and I hadn’t even realized he could potentially save me. By the amused look on his face, he knew I was just now realizing it. The question now was, did I want to be a vampire? I’d seriously never thought about it before. Sure, I was dating Bill, but neither of us had ever brought up turning me. An alarm went off at the back of my mind but I stifled it. It didn’t matter if Bill would’ve turned me or not, because the point was I wouldn’t live another hour if Godric didn’t turn me. Should I let him? I would never age, never have children, never eat human food, never see the sun again… but I would never do any of those things again even if I didn’t let him turn me. On the other hand, while it was true I would have to drink blood and eventually watch my loved ones age and die, at least I would be around to see them again. I would be able to speak with them again, to be a part of their lives. I would be around to watch over them and protect them, strong enough to keep them safe. I would never grow old, but I would always be around to take care of them. I would-

“Sookie, you just told me everyone has a purpose,” he said, interrupting my internal ramblings. “You came here and saved me from the true death. You believe doing this was a part of your purpose. I believe turning you is a part of mine. I felt the pull to be your maker when I first laid eyes on you, but I felt it wouldn’t be fair to create another vampire when I no longer wished to exist. You have changed my mind. You have saved me, now let me save you, child.”

I swallowed thickly and started to violently shake. It wasn’t from fear though. I was just losing control of my body.

“I will be your father, your brother, and your son. I will teach you everything I know about being a vampire and walk with you through the ages, if you let me. And I think you will teach me a great deal as well,” he said before he paused and leaned closer, squeezing my trembling hand as he did so. “I can sense your spark of life fading, if you want to be turned, you must tell me so now.”

I took another breath and looked at him hard. He would be a good maker. He was a good man. We could save each other. I didn’t have time to debate the pros and cons anymore, but when it ultimately came down to it, the bottom line was that I wasn’t ready to die. I wanted to live. More than anything, I wanted to go home again. I wanted to see my brother and my friends again. They were my family and I wasn’t ready to let them go.

“Okay. Turn me,” I barely spoke the words when an alarm started blaring and all the lights started flashing. We’d have to hurry now, because they obviously must’ve realized Godric was free. I tore my eyes away from the lights and looked back to Godric’s face.

He nodded and smiled at me and it felt completely natural to smile back. He then leaned forward and gently slid his fangs into my neck and drank. After a couple gulps (I guess there wasn’t much blood left to drain), he pulled back and bit into his wrist before bringing it to my lips. His blood tasted nothing like Bill’s. It was so much sweeter, like fruit punch instead of that icky, metallic copper taste, and yet so much more powerful. I could literally feel the age in it, the years that had passed. I gulped down as much as fast as I could before everything went black.

As my eyelids fell closed, he spoke again. The last thing I heard was Godric whispering in my ear, “In three days you will rise as my progeny, Sookie. Thank you.”



Hey all! So if you’ve read this before, you’ll notice some minor changes. A couple reviewers pointed out to me that there’s another fic on the web that turned out to be incredibly similar to this one. It was written by Kjwrit, and she did start writing hers before me. I just read her version of Sookie’s turning today and both stories were just too close, so I went through and changed a couple lines. It’s still similar, but not as much as before. She’s a really fantastic writer if you wanna check her out.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Dying in Dallas

  1. Anything that can fix the debacle that Alan Ball left us with is good in my book. Godric left us too soon.

    ooh love G’s arm muscles in that first pic. Glad She’s being rational and lets him turn her. While I hated her stubborness and her ability to overreact without all the facts, I did like that she was willing to help others without asking for anything in return.

    I like kjwrit’s story too. This part in the show is a perfect jumping point for Sookie to become vampire. There are probably others out there too. I’m sure you’re will quickly diverge from hers anyway. 🙂 PS you’ve got people singing your praises on FB which is why I’m here

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  2. great start and it was good of you to change yours slightly. there are many fics out there and many cross very similar paths with events and story lines, so surge on and do your best. KY


  3. Such a great first chapter. I’m glad to read your take on it. I think every author should feel free to write all the things. I mean everyone has a coffee shop au and no one minds reading a new one because we want to see what someone else’s mind comes up with, i want that with all the things! lol Thanks for sharing!


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