Chapter 24: Affections of a Viking Vamp


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[1] We’re finally moving forward in the Season 3 plot, so get ready for some drama. And humor. I like to mix ’em up. The plot is still the plot, so the only way to “revamp” the drama for you is to add some fun Sookie-sized twists. I hope I’ve made it entertaining enough for y’all.

[2] Next chapter we move to Jackson with Sookie, Godric, and Alcide. Things are gonna work a little bit differently from the show since Sookie is now a vampire. She can’t go to the bar with Alcide like she did in the show because of it, so things don’t happen the same way. The biggest difference, though, is that she’s not trying to rescue Bill. She’s hunting him. That shortens it all since she’s not pining away and doesn’t have to deal with a break-up and a dramatic reunion with Bill where he just tries to get her to leave. Yeah, so don’t expect Jackson to take near as much time as it did in the show. It’ll still be good though. I think.

[3] Okay! Final note. We’re switching back to Eric just to check in on him in this chapter and see what he thinks about all of Sookie’s emotional… emotions… It’s a short and sweet clip and then we return to Sookie’s view next chap.


Disclaimer: I do not own True Blood or SVM. HBO, Alan Ball, and Charlaine Harris own everything. I’m just a TB fanatic with a laptop. Fanfic keeps me sane. Mostly.

Eric and Godric relaxed and Godric weaved affection across our bond in thanks for calming Alcide down, even if I hadn’t been trying to. I embraced the emotion and closed my eyes to recall the race Godric and I ran earlier. I pictured the way the woods looked with the moonlight filtering through the branches overhead as we darted through the trees and the feel of the wind on my face while exhilaration hummed and buzzed through my veins, completely absorbing myself in the memory. When I opened my eyes again, Alcide was staring at me once more while Eric and Godric were reveling in the emotions I had unconsciously pushed into my ties with small, appreciative smiles on their faces.

“We need you to work with them as they search for the pack and guard them during the day. Are you familiar with the crew? Do you know what bar they frequent? Where they spend their time?”

He sighed and ran a hand across his face before he replied, “Yeah, I’m familiar with them. They’re a rough and violent bunch, all about drinking and sex, constantly causing problems in Jackson for the rest of us wolves. They’re a cancer to our kind. They hang out at a local Were bar, Lou Pines.”

“Can you get in?” Godric asked.

“Yeah, yeah. My friend works the door. Why? And what’s all this for?” he asked as he narrowed his gaze at our stash of spy gear.

Godric looked down at me with a smile and Eric stroked my throat again while pushing me encouragement, they both wanted me to explain the plan I came up with.

“Compton has no connections to wolves, so he ain’t their provider and it’s likely the wolves were part of a plan to kidnap him. We have a theory already on who is providing the V, but we need evidence to present to the Magister. The first night we plan to spend in Jackson, Godric and I wanna send you into Lou Pines with a hidden camera. You don’t need to confront anyone in the crew or approach ’em, just film as many faces as you can for us and record as much of their behavior as you can get away with. Godric and I will be close by, watchin’ everything while you do,” I said.

His mind suddenly turned wary and he looked at me with disbelief, “That’s against pack laws. I can’t help you gather evidence on other wolves so you can turn them into a vampire authority. I won’t.”

Godric immediately shook his head, Eric let out a frustrated sigh, and I just smiled, which threw him off the most, and explained, “The Magister doesn’t give a shit about what the wolves do, Alcide. That’s not why we wanna send you in. This is only a piece of the evidence we’ll be gatherin’ in Jackson and it’s not gonna be used to turn in any wolves. We’re gonna turn in their blood master.”

I let that sink in for a second before I added, “We need to gather evidence on who the blood is being given to. We consider our blood sacred and the sanctity of the blood is one of our most serious laws. The vampire providin’ V to wolves has been doing it for centuries and using that blood to control his own pack, and he ain’t sending them out to guard children and sell girlscout cookies.” Eric smirked and Godric’s mirth ignited while Pam snickered from behind the bar as she washed glasses, handing them to a curious Jess to dry. “We wanna show those in charge of maintaining our laws exactly what type of people this vampire is gifting the blood to. We wanna show them exactly how worthy” I said with disdain “these wolves are and what they choose to do with the blood they’re given.”

He stared at me a second, digesting it all, before he asked, “And when you turn that evidence in, what happens to the V-addicted wolves?”

I shrugged and Godric simply stated, “They lose their source. If you want them to be punished for drinking the blood and for how they behave when they’re on it, then you’ll have to turn them into your own authorities. We’ll even give you a copy of the evidence you’ll need to do it. Our authorities won’t give the wolves a second glance. Vampires do not interfere in the dispersing of justice among other supernatural races.”

Alcide fell silent as he thought about what we wanted him to do, not giving us a hint as to which way he was leaning and what his issue was, so I immersed myself in his mind again. He wasn’t worried about whether or not vampires would have an issue with the wolves anymore, because we’d freed him from that concern. He also wasn’t worried about whether or not they’d be punished, he was positive they would be, and that was the problem. The love of Alcide’s life had involved herself with the leader of this blood pack. Even though she was seeing someone else, he was fretting about her, Debbie, and what would happen to her if he helped us. He didn’t want her harmed and was willing to lose everything he had, his entire business, if it meant he could keep her safe.

“Alcide,” I said softly. When he looked up and met my eyes, I kept my tone hushed and said, “You’ll be the only wolf even aware of our search. If you choose to keep this quiet and not inform your pack master, to keep it quiet in order to protect someone, that’s your decision. Nobody else will know.”

Surprise rippled across my connections and Alcide studied my face intently again before he slowly nodded, coming to a decision and agreeing to help us.

Never met a fanger like her. Not the normal vampire, something special. Unique. Wish she was human, might’ve hit it off with her. Pretty thing, but trouble.

Pleasure ran through me as I heard his wonderful and sweet thoughts. Thankfully, Godric and Eric just assumed I was pleased Alcide had finally agreed. I wasn’t romantically interested in Alcide, but his thoughts were touching and he was the sort of man I would’ve been interested in if my heart was still beating. As it was, I was perfectly content with the path my undeath had taken. I was even in love, truly in love, and not because I was being drugged into feeling it. I didn’t know how Eric would react to that knowledge and I felt it was way too soon to tell him, but he did truly make me happy. He made me feel completely cherished, wanted, and treated me like I was vital to his survival, like I was his own personal supply of oxygen in a smoky room.

Just realizing how he made me feel had me stroking the tie again without even being aware I was doing it. I gave him a long, languid, and intimate caress, not one as provocative as I gave him earlier tonight but still just as tantalizing to the senses. He purred, loudly, with pleasure and our tie physically lit up and warmed as it radiated ecstasy, joy, affection, gratitude, and surprise.

It was a long caress and an even longer purr.

He looked down at me with surprise and pulled me closer as his lust suddenly exploded. Unable to sate himself at the moment, he leaned down and nuzzled my hair while mirth whizzed and raced across all of my other blood connections, making it hard not to giggle. He slowly shifted himself behind me and lowered his arm from my shoulder to my waist while he wrapped his other arm around me and pulled me impossibly closer. Godric’s lips kicked up, Pam snickered, and Jessica let out that weird choking noise that I now knew meant she was trying incredibly hard to stifle her need to laugh.

Alcide stared at Eric in astonishment, wondering when the hell Northman became so affectionate and what on earth made him purr. He was even wondering if that was a Viking thing or a vampire thing. He finally decided on the latter and muttered, “No wonder wolves hate vampires so much, you’re all so similar to cats.”

Amusement shot out across every tie again and Jessica finally gave in and laughed long and hard. When she caught her breath, Alcide promptly stole it by flashing her a charming and roguish smile that made her blush in the blood all over again.

“All right. Sookie, you said this was the plan for the first night, so I’m guessing you’re spending the day in Jackson? How many nights are we talking here?” Alcide asked, bringing our attention back to our plans.

I sighed and explained, “We need you to put us up for the day, make sure we’re safe, and then the next night, Godric and I are gonna meet Russell Edgington.”

Recognition and confusion both briefly flickered across his face as he asked, “The antiquities dealer? Why meet with him?”

I hummed in amusement while Godric smiled and clarified, “He’s the Vampire king of Mississippi. We suspect he’s the blood master.” Alcide’s mouth dropped open in shock and a beat of fear briefly pulsed across his mind in reaction to what Godric then added, “He’s nearly 3,000 years old.”

He closed his mouth slowly and nervously asked, “What’s the plan there? What can I possibly do to help you trap an ancient?”

I gave him a gentle smile and explained, “All we need you to do, Alcide, is pretend to be our dayman and collect our travel coffins the next day and get us safely to a hotel without bein’ followed, okay? We’ll take care of the rest, hence all this equipment. We need a little time, so it’d be best if you could fetch our coffins around eleven in the mornin’. We can’t risk spendin’ an additional night because Russell would send someone to snoop through our things while he distracted us and then we’d be caught with all the evidence we’re gonna gather. After that, we need you to bring us back here to the club.”

“How do you fit in to this, Sookie? What’s a baby vamp gonna do in the presence of an ancient? How helpful would you be- isn’t it just needlessly risking your life?” Alcide asked with concern, sending echoes of amusement throughout the club both because a wolf was concerned about a vampire and because every other person present knew I could hold my own, even as a newborn.

“Sookie’s very talented, Alcide,” Godric began. He then paused for a second to think about what he wanted to say. An image of Alcide with actual concern on his face for me briefly flickered through his thoughts and the bond filled with resolution as Godric revealed, “She rose a night early, she has more gifts than most vampires who are thousands of years old.”

Alcide’s eyebrows rose higher than a skyscraper and he numbly repeated, “She rose early… but how? I mean, I thought that was just a vampire myth?”

“I did too,” Pam quipped. “But earlier tonight she raced Godric back to Fangtasia. Godric was moving at the speed of a thousand year old vampire and they both tied. Get the idea?”

He nodded and looked at me again, dumbfounded and feeling vindicated about his earlier thoughts. He then asked, “You both trust me to watch over you during the day?”

“Not exactly,” Godric breathed and pushed a request through the blood to me.

I nodded and flooded him with understanding as I pushed my influence out. I quickly tunneled through Alcide’s mind like a gopher through the ground and separated Alcide’s two natures, gathering up what was Alcide the man and Alcide the wolf into two separate piles. When I finished, I searched through everything in his memories and found what I needed, his memories of tonight. I quickly built another protective block around everything Alcide had learned since he had walked in the door and installed one of my nifty liquid mirrors to keep our mission safe from prying eyes, especially since Russell was nearly 3,000 years old, and added another escape door. I pressed my influence to the mirror to activate it and finished with instructions.

In a breathy voice that reminded me of Marilyn Monroe and actually had Pam’s and Eric’s fangs descending, I glamoured him, “Alcide, you’ll keep us safe as long as we’re in Jackson. You’ll protect us durin’ the day, won’t let anyone into your place as long as we’re restin’ there, and you’ll show up promptly to pick us up from Russell’s compound, won’t you?”

He nodded and licked his lips as he murmured, “Of course, Sookie. I’ll protect you. I’ll never let anything happen to you, not while you’re in Jackson.”

Eric lowered his head to my neck as Alcide spoke, running his fangs teasingly over my jugular and relishing in the jolts of pleasure our tie radiated and the shivers running through my body.

See? He was going to sexually taunt me like this for eternity.

“And you won’t tell anyone ’bout the mission until it’s over, even then you’ll never reveal anythin’ you learned tonight to any other vampires besides us. If they try to make you talk or glamour you, you’ll slip through the water shield and stay there until they stop,” I implanted, he robotically nodded in agreement. I then fiddled flirtatiously with my braid and added, “You’ll never tell anyone about my gifts or my early risin’ either and you won’t even remember I can glamour the two-natured, right?”

While Alcide nodded, Eric scratched his fangs against my skin, making me moan and cutting a thin red line across my neck that instantly started bleeding. The moan was a little too much for Alcide in his aroused and glamoured state and he started rumbling in pleasure and bit his lip. Eric promptly touched his tongue against my skin and flattened it as he licked up the trail of blood. He continued his fangy ministrations while I patched up Alcide’s mind, removing any evidence I’d been there and pulled back out.

Godric picked up the conversation without skipping a beat, seemingly adding onto his last comment by saying, “Eric holds your business in his hands, Alcide. Anything happens to us during the day and it’s his. Anything happens to his maker and his blood sister,” he smiled wickedly as Alcide absorbed our connections to Eric with a start, “and, well, you probably won’t live long enough to miss the business. If that’s trust, then I guess, yes, we will.”

I turned to look up at Eric as Godric then made plans for Alcide to pick us up during the day, gave him instructions to Bon Temps, and a temporary code that would override the fingerprint scanner to allow him access to our resting place. He met my gaze with a soft smile but his eyes had more intensity in them than I had ever seen before and sent butterflies through my stomach. My involuntary reaction only intensified the look he was giving me and he pushed me thankfulness, cloaking me from head to toe in a grateful and sensual caress that made me shiver. He gently pressed his lips to my forehead and it was then that I understood.

When he cut me, he had lapped up and swallowed my blood, causing the tie to expand, but only on his side. By drinking from me, he had given me more control over it, allowed me to feel his emotions more clearly, and increased my ability to send him emotions. My side, what he could feel from me, had not increased. The emotion he pushed was the clue I needed. He was giving me more access and control as a thank you for the way I had caressed our tie. Usually, I sent him caresses because I was rewarding him for doing something that pleased me. In this case, I had done it with the same thing in mind, rewarding him for how he treated me and made me feel, but he didn’t know that. To him, it seemed like I did it randomly, that I’d done it just because I wanted to.

And I had. I did it because I wanted to.

I smiled and turned myself back around while I fiddled with his hands and reached for him through the tie, running my mental touch ever so softly across it and focusing my blood on his face so it felt like I was caressing his cheek and gently stroking my fingers over his features. He purred a lot more quietly, unnoticeably to anyone not closer than I was, and squeezed me tighter to him, snuggling me closer like he was a child and I was his favorite blankie. I rested my head back against his chest and enjoyed the gentle vibrations while he leaned down and dropped another tender to kiss to my hair.

Moments like these were why I had stroked the tie to begin with.

When Godric and Alcide had finished talking about our plans for tomorrow, Alcide collected whatever equipment he needed to bring with our travel coffins into one pile before he reached out his hand to shake mine in farewell with a genuine smile on his face. He gave Eric and Godric a curt nod, gathered up the equipment and nodded towards the bar, acknowledging Jess and Pam as he walked to the door. Jess quickly vamped over to it and opened it for him, blushing again when he shot her a thankful smile.

As soon as the door closed, Jess and Pam were standing in front of me and shooting my ties full of disbelief, shock, and astonishment. I reluctantly stopped caressing Eric, feeling that reluctance made his lips twitch and caused me to feel a deliciously different vibration when his chest rumbled with laughter, and cocked an eyebrow at them in question.

“You can glamour the two-natured,” Pam murmured and Jess nodded along vigorously. Eric pushed me his own curiosity as well and Godric soaked our bond with pride and encouragement. “How?”

“I can feel emotions,” I carefully explained, letting them feel that truth in the blood. “So I use that ability,” along with my telepathy, I mentally tacked on, “to separate the two natures from each other. I filter out everythin’ from the part of him that’s human from the part of him that’s animal and glamour the man, stayin’ far away from the animal psyche,” I said with a shrug.

“Amazing, Sook. That’s just incredible,” Jess breathed. Every blood tie I had with the people around me hummed in agreement simultaneously, making my very veins vibrate and spreading a violent shiver throughout my body. They immediately realized what just happened and burst into laughter.

“It is pretty amazing,” Godric agreed, “but it needs to remain a secret, a secret of the bloodline. Sookie and I will experiment with her technique and if we can come up with a way for the rest of us to separate their natures, then we’ll teach it to you. Nobody else must be privy to this. The two-natured may target her if they discover her gift. Right now, it seems Sookie somehow easily fosters friendships with those of two natures and we should encourage that ability.”

They all nodded in understanding and Godric and I sent each other relief.

“Pam, why don’t you turn on this equipment to show us how it works so we’re ready for tomorrow? Jess, I’d like you to help her and learn to work this equipment too. I want you to watch everything with us tomorrow and help us keep an eye on Sookie, Godric, and Alcide,” Eric instructed.

Jessica smiled brilliantly at Eric for including her on their task for tomorrow and thanked him. While she spoke to him, his gentle affection for her flared up. I purred when I felt it and gave him another caress.

Godric pulled up a chair next to the two of them and listened intently to Pam’s instructions on how to work everything while Eric whisked me off and sat me down on a stool at the bar. He vamped to the other side of it and pulled out several donor bags, popped them all in the microwave, and set up five cups for all of us. Since he did all that with the speed of a vampire, he had a little free time as the blood warmed and spent it by quickly leaning across the bar and pulling me forward by my jacket to touch his lips to mine.

As soon as my lips parted, he gave me a kiss that blew me away with its intensity and, yet, he kept it gentle, caressing my mouth tenderly and slipping his fingers up from the jacket to my neck to once again stroke my throat with his thumb. After a minute of kissing me lazily, he tucked my lip into his mouth to suck on it and gently pull his teeth across it before letting it go and leaning even further across the bar to trail an open-mouth kiss down to my neck to taste my skin. I reached my hands into his hair and dragged my nails over his scalp, remembering quite clearly how he liked it earlier, and had to bite my lip to keep from moaning when he got revenge and began dragging his teeth across my neck, gently nipping before biting down a little harder as the microwave went off. He pulled back reluctantly, only made it two inches from my face before he reconsidered, and stole my breath again to give me a much firmer, fiercer kiss. I brought our pace back down when I broke the kiss for a second and just looked at him, brushed the hair from his forehead, and trailed my fingers down his cheek before bringing my lips back to his for a tender, much softer caress. I would seriously miss kissing him for the next two days.

Maybe I would pop in just to kiss him and pop back out.

It was definitely food for thought.

When we broke apart again, he gave my braid another tug with a soft smile and turned back to the microwave to collect the blood and filled the cups at vamp speed. He passed them to me, lingering to graze my fingers with his own as he handed me each glass, and I passed them out to the rest of our little family. I drank my own quickly with Eric at the bar, feeling thirsty after everything that happened tonight and needing a little more after I had pushed myself so hard to race Godric earlier. Eric promptly cleaned my lips for me and filled up another cup. He handed it to me and we walked back over to the table where he pulled out a chair, sat down, and yanked me into his lap before I could grab my own. I slid an arm over his shoulder and traced his jugular with my nails while I focused on what Pam was telling Godric, paying close attention to how to work the cloner and jammer she’d collected. After we learned how to work everything, Godric and I got ready to head back to Bon Temps and we all helped Pam and Eric finish cleaning up the club. We left through the employee door and Pam locked everything up behind us all.

Outside, Eric pulled me in for a kiss that left me needlessly panting before resting his hands on my hips and murmuring, “Be safe. Don’t take any unnecessary risks, min lilla lejoninna. I’ll see you in three nights.” [my little lioness]

I nodded numbly and he gave me a charming smile that would’ve made any living heart skip a beat. Godric and I then sped off into the night, taking a much easier pace home and arrived back at the farmhouse with just under a half hour to spare until dawn. We gathered our things, pulled our travel coffins into the entryway so Alcide wouldn’t have to go into our new day-rest area to retrieve us, and settled in. Later, whenever I woke up during the day, I’d pop out of the coffin and spend the remaining daylight doing whatever I wanted and pop back in before the sun actually set.


When I woke up the next night, I lazed about for a while, soaking in the scent around me. Sookie had popped in again. Not only that, but she had saturated the room in her scent, touching everything she could. It was also sweeter; she had adjusted her scent to release something closer to what she naturally smelled like, but not enough to drive me into bloodlust. I’d asked her the night before to at least leave her scent when she popped in and now she had left it everywhere.

What a tease.

But she was my tease.

I was now pretty damn confident she loved me. The random, lengthy, and sensual caress last night had just been the final nail on the coffin for me, firmly burying my doubts. Two nights ago, I was standing outside listening on the phone to the Magister bitch about Sophie-Anne and her ridiculous sun room when I felt Sookie and Godric’s bond fill with the most intense, beautiful, warm, and magical emotion I’d ever come across before. It had pulsed in the bond like a living heartbeat and trickled down into her ties, racing right towards me through our connection. When it hit me, it felt as if I had been wrapped up in millions of soft kisses and feather light caresses all along the length of my body and as if light itself was flowing through my veins. I literally felt my skin warm, like I was sitting in front of a cozy fire cuddled up with a fur blanket. It was deliciously tender and the most exquisite torment, to feel that love. It promptly blew away my emotional state and any train of thought I’d had. My bond to Pam was still closed, so she hadn’t felt it, and my tie to Nora was once again echoing shock.

And me?

I wasn’t sure what to feel. For the second time that night, I felt nothing and everything all at once, resulting in a weird state of static. I hadn’t even realized I’d frozen in place with the Magister still going off in my ear until Sookie woke me back up. She’d somehow used our tie to reach out to me and soothe my tattered nerves while not using our tie. The majority of it was silent with a single active strand that had been shielded, but it wasn’t the typical blood shield.

I still hadn’t found out how she did that.

I reached into the tie and firmly grabbed hold of her when she reached for me. She spread her soft, mental touch across my emotional state, tenderly reaching out to spread a calming blanket across my frenzied emotions and prod me back into focusing before she sent me an apology that felt like she was pulling me into a sweet and lingering embrace. When she pulled back, I instinctively tightened my grip, eager for more, and she startled internally, making my lips twitch. Was she really surprised I wanted more when she used her blood and connection with me like that?’


I wasn’t about to let her go. If anything, I wanted to pull her closer, to tuck her into me and make her a part of me for eternity, but I wouldn’t be able to do either without a bond. I craved everything about her and her emotional touches were quickly becoming more necessary to me than water was to fish. After feeling the astounding emotion that was her love and being soothed afterwards by her tender mental touch, I never wanted to let her go. I wasn’t positive, but I was pretty sure that emotion had been directed towards me, that she had felt love for me and I wanted more. After a minute of gently and subtly searching her blood though, I couldn’t find it. Either she hadn’t felt that love for very long or she was shielding it, hiding it somehow. After a thousand years, I was pretty good at searching the blood for answers, about uncovering blood shields and ripping them away. Whatever Sookie was doing, she wasn’t using a blood shield.

Either that or she’d only briefly experienced a flicker of love.

That notion had me holding back. I was shielding my own emotion, my love for her, in my blood. Now that we were so connected, I hadn’t wanted to scare her off. I’d been in love with Sookie since the second time we met and my love for her had only grown since then. After a month of thinking she was dead? It was even stronger. I’d felt lost without that little telepath running around kicking up trouble. I was worried though that feeling my love for her would have her running for the hills. I’d never actually had a chance to be with her and she’d never been mine. How do you explain to someone that you grew to love them despite that? Honestly, I didn’t think I’d ever even spent a moment alone with her until she reappeared with Godric in tow.

I couldn’t explain it. It just was.

I wanted to share that love with her, especially after briefly feeling her own love, but if it wasn’t something constant, if she only felt it for a moment, I wasn’t sure it’d be wise to reveal it to her. I had to stifle insecurity in that moment and my hesitancy leaked into the tie. She felt it, that hesitancy, and pushed something to me. She told me it was okay, like she was literally whispering to my blood that it was okay to let her go, to loosen my hold. Reluctantly, I did. I pushed her an incredible amount of affection and then slowly let go, lingering for as long as possible until I barely held her at all and she slipped away, collapsing the strand of the tie she was using as she pulled back.

I kept searching for that emotion for the rest of the night.

When I couldn’t find it, when it didn’t flicker even once since then, I started doubting I’d even felt it in the first place. Sookie quickly put that doubt to rest later when she snapped all her connections with her bloodline shut, cutting off a bunch of junkies cold turkey. We all, even Pam, immediately reached out for her, trying to pry open our ties with her again. Then she explained to us why she did it, how powerfully she was suddenly experiencing everything, and alluded to that love we felt from her earlier as an example of how intense her emotions now were. Godric wasn’t ready to accept that, he wanted to feel her too much and challenged her to open it back up.

That was a mistake.

Her emotions were so strong that it actually singed our connections with her. They burned too bright, too hot, and that one protective feeling she let us experience burned so much that Pam and I had to voluntarily cut ourselves off from her. Godric held on even longer, a blood tear escaped when it became overly painful for him, but he didn’t let go until he saw Sookie’s reaction to that tear, until he saw how much it was hurting her to watch him struggle and suffer.

When she was explaining why she couldn’t open the bond back up, she said that she couldn’t shield them all.

So she felt love after all and she was shielding it from the rest of us. I didn’t know how she was keeping it shielded nor did I know why she was shielding it at all, but if she wasn’t ready to let me experience it, then I would wait until she was.

I could be a very patient vampire.

I let out a sigh and very slowly started to get up to get ready for the night. I could feel in my blood that Sookie and Godric were further away, so they were already in Jackson. I seriously hoped Sookie would be willing to exchange soon because I didn’t like feeling that distance between us. I couldn’t feel her nearly as strongly when she was in another state and it was uncomfortable. I wanted to tuck her in as closely as I could, I wanted to feel her as strongly as I did when she was standing next to me at all times. An exchange would help with that.

I reluctantly showered and changed, thinking about what I needed to do tonight. Sookie and Godric wouldn’t be heading out until later to track the wolves, so I had some time before we needed to be at the club and flip on all the recording devices and the monitors to watch Alcide when he entered Lou Pines. I quickly went through my mental to do list, remembered a promise I’d made to my favorite tease two nights ago, and grabbed a set of keys to a sexy new car I owed a former dealer. By the time Sookie came back, her friend Lafayette would be the proud owner of a new convertible.

Lucky boy.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 24: Affections of a Viking Vamp

  1. Please change the TB canon all you like. AB screwed the pooch with it big time, esp the Russell part. I LOVED SVM Russell.

    Glad Alcede has agreed to help. Debbie is such a moron for ignoring Alcede over the blood pack, but drugs in any form make people make stupid decisions. Glad they are making Jess feel useful and a part of the group.

    Nice EPOV

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  2. so Alcide is in the works of them now and they all watched what she could do. this is going to be fun as long as she doesn’t get caught. hopefully Debbie doesn’t get in the way of the plan, oh who am i kidding she is a bitch and will definitely do something stupid. looking forward to it and more of Eric’s musings. lucky Lala….KY

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