Chapter 35: The Ties That Bind

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Banner by Melanie Stoffel


Ready for another chapter?! So this one is a couple of days late. Real life beckoned me away and I didn’t have the time to polish this up for you until yesterday, but it’s ready now! I usually try to post every 4-5 days, so I’m hoping to get back on that schedule next chapter. This chapter has been highly anticipated and contains a certain bonding scene. Because our favorite couple is already in love and Eric fully remembers his life, I decided to have fun with it and altered it, so they do not slip into a snowy shower world, but I think you’ll enjoy this alternate approach anyway. Fingers crossed.

I had a guest reviewer ask me when exactly Eric last hooked up with Yvetta and since I couldn’t answer that question via PM, let me do it now. It was the night Godric and Sookie showed up at Fangtasia, hours before the Queen and Magister arrived and closed up the bar. Sookie said she couldn’t tell from Yvetta’s memories when they were last together but that it had been within the last few days. When I say a “few days,” I mean up to a period of 4-6 days, not a couple. A couple days usually refers to 2-3. That’s how I was taught, so that’s how I wrote it. Sookie wasn’t sure if Eric had hooked up with Yvetta while she was in Jackson, but found out last chapter that he hadn’t. I hope that clears things up for you!

I’m planning on including this on my WordPress site, but for you FFN readers who like listening to music while you read, play Finger Eleven’s song “One Thing” when you get down to the paragraph in EPOV that begins with, “When she turned back to me…” In fact, I recommend hitting repeat on it. I listened to that song several times while I wrote that scene.

And… next chapter I’m pretty sure we’ll be meeting with the Authority. Yeehaw!

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“You were right, Grandsire,” Pam breathed. Tremors wracked her entire body and her voice shook. I wiped blood tears from my face as I turned my attention away from the closed office door and back to Pamela. “I didn’t think it was possible for Sookie to love him as much as he loves her, I didn’t think anyone could love someone as much as Eric loves her. I was wrong. She does.”

I nodded as my vision blurred again. Neither of us expected our bonds and ties with Eric and Sookie to fill with such powerful and indescribably beautiful emotions when Eric first dragged Sookie off and slammed the door. To be honest, we had expected a fight, their first one. Pam explained to me who the dancer was after they disappeared and I wasn’t surprised Sookie was angry and feeling insecure. Eric hadn’t made it clear to his past feeds that he would no longer be enjoying them physically and that would certainly send a mixed message to Sookie, who already harbored doubts about whether Eric could be monogamous.

Pam also explained to me that Eric hadn’t seen the dancer since before we showed up a few days ago, so Eric really didn’t have the opportunity to end whatever arrangement they had. With the way Eric felt for Sookie, I knew he wouldn’t risk destroying their new relationship by sleeping with others, but Sookie didn’t. She could be very insecure and even though she’d grown considerably in the last month, she still had areas that needed work. Her self-esteem, especially after everything that happened with Bill Compton, was one of them.

So it was definitely a surprise when the love Sookie felt for Eric suddenly encompassed the bond and barreled down her tie to Eric, lighting up my bond with him and echoing across all of their connections. It was radiant, beautiful, glowed the most exquisite golden color, and embraced us all with the warmth of the sun. Pam and I had frozen in our tracks as it flowed into us and Nora went into another case of Vampire shock. Then Eric released his own love, which whipped across all of his connections with the force of a tornado, sweeping us all up in the storm that was his love for her.

We dug in and held on for dear life as we dealt with the combination of the two and were honestly still trying to acclimate to feeling them. They hadn’t died down any, even though Sookie and Eric were no longer actively pushing love to each other. Both emotions could be found just beneath the surface, flowing back and forth in steady streams and we could tap into them any time we wished. Now that they were no longer shielding love from each other, we would all have to adjust to sensing those emotions from them constantly.

“Yes, she does,” I agreed as I wiped another tear from my face.

I was a little worried Nora would be a problem at some point. She was not reacting positively to the emotions she was experiencing from her bloodline and there was nothing I could do about that. Right now, she was positively seething with jealousy, bitterness, and anger. Eric had never been in love with Nora, but I don’t think she actually realized that until this very moment. Now that she knew how it felt to experience love of a romantic nature from Eric, she knew without a doubt that he’d never felt it for her.

I, on the other hand, was extremely relieved Sookie and Eric were finally letting each other experience that love. It’d been difficult trying to keep them from taking things a step further at first and I was glad I no longer even had to try. I didn’t normally interfere with the love lives of my progenies, but Sookie had just recently been hurt and I didn’t want her hurt again if Eric engaged in a sexual relationship with her and later tried to treat her like he’d treated all the women from his past relationships.

Before Sookie, Eric had never experienced what it was like to truly be in love. Going a thousand years without ever having that type of love would make it difficult for anyone to even understand what love was, let alone recognize that love was what they were feeling. I knew he loved her, but I wanted to make sure Eric realized he loved her before he took the next step with her, otherwise he would hurt her and I couldn’t allow that. To my surprise, Eric did realize he loved her, that he was in love with her, and pushed it to me the night before we left for Mississippi. After that moment, I stopped interfering and started hoping that they would make the leap and show each other those emotions soon.

“Do you think he’ll bond with her?” Pam asked, conflicted. Part of her hoped they would and another part of her was afraid of what that would mean. My granddaughter had never been a very big fan of change.

I smiled at her and said, “I believe they’ll be forming a first level one tonight. I do not know if they’ve discussed forming a bond beyond that, but I do know they’ve experienced the bonding pull, Pamela, so I hope they do.”

Wonder filled our tie as she absorbed my words. She nodded seriously, gave me a rare, tender smile, and whispered, “Then I hope so too.”


“I mean it, Eric. No more fuckin’ your fee-” I cut her off with another kiss and stepped away from the door. She tucked her legs around me as I walked over to the desk and set her down on it, keeping her lips busy with mine the whole way. When I pulled back, she breathlessly continued, “I ever catch you with anyone and I’ll light your ass up.”

I chuckled and brought my hands up to her neck, stroking her skin with my thumbs while I tangled my fingers in her hair, and vowed, “You have my word.”

I always knew Sookie would demand monogamy of me and I’d already made my peace with that. She was more than enough for me and I would undoubtedly have my hands full for eternity. In fact, Sookie had even managed to convert me to that belief, which was something no one else had been able to do in all my years.

When I felt her rising lust and pleasure in Jackson, I snapped. She obviously hadn’t noticed the wall behind her now had two holes in it or that one of the desk drawers was missing a handle because I’d broken it clean off. Not wanting to make her feel self-conscious about her nature, I shielded my reaction from her in the blood and took it out on my office instead. I knew she couldn’t help it if feeding provoked her lust and realized it would take some time before she would be able to feed from the source without needing to sate herself sexually, before she could develop a level of control. It took me a while to calm myself down that night and I realized at that moment why so many humans preferred monogamy.

I really needed to stop thinking Sookie would ever act like a typical newborn.

I leaned forward and kissed her again, relishing the sweet taste of her lips. When she tightened her hold on me with her legs, I broke the kiss and slid my lips down to her neck, dropped my fangs, and dragged them over her jugular. Her lust shot up and her own fangs dropped. I lowered my hands to the hem of her shirt, slipped them beneath it, and stroked my fingers across her slightly heated skin while tasting and sucking on the more delicious spots of her neck. Obviously, I was not doing my job correctly, because she was still coherent enough to speak. She moaned out, “Godric says you should never break your word to a fairy.”

I smiled and my shoulders shook with silent laughter. I pulled back, brought my hands back to her face, chuckling again when she whimpered at the loss, and said, “And I won’t, min ӓlskare. I’m sorry about Yvetta. When you came back from Texas, I completely forgot about her. I haven’t thought about her once and when I saw her tonight I realized how it would look to you. For that, I am sorry.”

Yvetta had completely slipped my mind and when I saw her earlier, while feeling Sookie’s anger and possessiveness, I knew I was in deep shit. Sookie could read minds and obviously saw that I’d been feeding from Yvetta and that I hadn’t yet put a stop to things. Yvetta assumed I was still interested in her because of that fact, even though I definitely wasn’t. I thought everything was over and done with though when Sookie glamoured Yvetta away and didn’t realize until just now how big a deal it was to her, especially since I thought she fucked her feed in Jackson. I didn’t understand why she was so angry, but I understood now.

She searched my eyes for a moment, raised her fingers to my lips, and traced them with her fingertips while she thought. I may have growled when she then softly said, “I love you.”

I would never get tired of hearing that.

She smiled, lowered her hand back down to my neck, and stretched upward to kiss me. Honestly, I was still a little shell-shocked to hear that she did. It was even more amazing to feel. And she hadn’t tucked tail and run when she felt the strength of my own love. Instead, she threw her side of the tie wide open and soaked it all up, like she was storing it inside to save for a rainy day. To top off one of the most surprising and pleasurable moments in my existence, she wanted to hear me call her mine. No, she didn’t just want to hear it. She wanted to be mine.

It was the only thing I ever really wanted. She was the only one I wanted and I would trade it all, give up every woman in the world if it meant being with her.

With that thought, I pulled back again, loving the fact she always needlessly panted when I kissed her, and said in a low and husky voice, “Exchange with me.”

She blinked a couple times, probably trying to focus on something other than lust, looked around and asked, “Right now?”

“Yes, right now,” I said intently and pressed myself closer to her so she could feel how much I wanted her in that moment, smirking when she moaned.

She blinked again, looked around once more, and said, “Not here… Nothin’ will ever happen in here until you burn this desk,” then pointed behind me, “that couch, and your chair.”

Sookie obviously saw more than a couple things in Yvetta’s mind.

“You’re going to make me wait,” I slowly stated while disappointment swelled in our tie. She smiled mischievously at me, which had more than just my lust on the rise, and pushed me backwards so she could get up. Standing on her tippy toes, she pressed her lips to mine again while she tugged on her connections and thought, Eric and I are goin’ to the farmhouse. Night everyone! Sookie then popped us into her bedroom in Bon Temps while I chuckled.

Well, that was definitely convenient.

I’d only ever been in Sookie’s bedroom once before, after the maenad nearly destroyed everything. Being able to cross the threshold and enter her home crushed something inside of me and made it painfully clear Sookie did actually die in Dallas. Until that moment, I held onto the feeble hope that maybe Godric was mistaken, that Sookie was alive somewhere and the amount of blood in the basement didn’t really mean anything. That hope vanished as soon as I stepped inside her house. Like a lovesick idiot, I may have stolen her pillow, which was the only thing still smothered in her scent, and taken it home with me.

She wouldn’t be getting it back either.

Looking around now, it appeared the crews I hired did a great job of patching everything up and getting the place back together. It was a little bare, since so many things had to be thrown away, but any evidence that a supernatural creature trashed it was gone. According to Godric, he had a day-rest area installed beneath the house, but I could now see there were also screens installed over the windows on automated timers. Her room was styled to match the rest of the house with a country, homey feel, and wooden floors. Flowered wallpaper covered two walls and the other two were painted with a cream color that ran about halfway down and a rose color the rest of the way. Her bed had a worn and weathered, white wooden frame and the mattress was covered in a handmade, patchwork quilt. The whole room was coated in her heavenly scent and my eyes nearly rolled back into my head and stayed there when I smelled it.

Sookie brought my attention back to her when she shot a couple very thin streams of sunlight around the room, lighting a couple candles on her nightstands, dresser, and desk. Honestly, neither of us needed the light, we had perfect night vision and the moonlight pouring in through the window was more than enough.

It certainly set the mood though.

When she turned back to me, my breath caught in my throat and I found myself grateful I no longer needed to breathe. She was so beautiful. The moonlight seemed to cling to her skin, mingling with her already unique supernatural aura and casting an almost ethereal, angelic glow over her features and hair. I reached out and touched her cheek with my fingertips, needing to prove to myself she was real. Her breath hitched again, a noise that was quickly becoming one of my favorite sounds, and she pressed herself closer to me. I dipped my head lower and kissed her tenderly while I slid her jacket off. She followed my lead and we slowly undressed each other, taking the time to taste each newly revealed piece of skin with our mouths while we worked.

I gently freed her golden locks from her Nordic braid as I kissed her and lifted her by the waist once more. She locked her legs around me, crossing them at her ankles, and I slowly lowered her to the bed. While she ran her fingers through my hair, I wrapped my hands around her calves and languidly trailed them up her legs. My fangs throbbed from how much I wanted her, so I kept them busy too and used them to scratch a path down her body, starting at her throat, and caught the heavenly blood that spilled out with my tongue and lips. She released the most beautiful, erotic moans as I stroked my hands and tongue up and down her body, trembling from the lust she felt as I tasted her.

When my hand found itself between her legs, I pushed into her, curled my fingers to stroke her G-spot, and massaged her clit with the heel of my palm. She arched into me, cried out my name in a breathy voice that I knew would have me hard for days, and shuddered with her release. I brought my lips to hers again and tucked her bottom lip between my teeth before kissing her more heatedly. I picked the pace up even more when she used her blood to caress me everywhere, dragging dozens of mental hands across my body and dancing hundreds of mental fingers over the muscles in my arms, legs, and back. The loudest purr of my life erupted from my chest and I kissed her with an almost bruising force.

That, that right there, was just one of the many reasons why I would never be satisfied with anyone else. Everything was new with her. Every time felt like the first time.

Sookie caught me off guard for the second time tonight and fluidly rolled us so that I was beneath her. She smiled beautifully at me and leaned down to kiss me, encasing us both behind a golden waterfall with honeyed curls raining down around us. I weaved my hands into those curls as she started to pull back, holding her there so her face hovered just inches above mine, and thickly said, “I love you, Sookie Stackhouse.”

Our tie overflowed with her love as she drowned me in so much pleasure that I nearly came like a schoolboy and gave our tie a sensual caress that made me tremble. With a final peck, she sat back up, took me in hand, and slowly lowered herself onto me. We both moaned as she took me in, surrounding me with the feel of warmth and velvet.

I definitely appreciated the fact that she ran hotter than most vampires.

I dropped my hands to her hips when she began to move and my eyes took a fascinating tour of the back of my head when she started rolling them like a belly-dancer. After they focused once again, she made me go cross-eyed by clenching her inner muscles to give me an X-rated caress. I’d forgotten how talented the Fae were at dancing and Sookie could move her body like a performer of the highest caliber.

I planned on spending the next thousand years finding out how flexible she really was.

When I was finally able to uncross my eyes, I made her sinfully moan again by slowly sitting up and changing our position. I tucked one arm around her waist while placing the other behind me to help brace us, resting most of my weight on it. She stared into my eyes and lifted her fingertips to my jaw, tracing the outline of my face as she rolled her hips. We both cried out and stilled completely when I pulled my legs inward, crossing them. I rested my forehead against hers and she looped her arms around my neck with unsteady hands as we adjusted to the new position.

Who needs vampire erotica?

Not me. I had Sookie.

Every time I moved I would be bumping up against her pleasure zone and with Sookie’s legs open a little wider like they now were, she felt impossibly tighter. We stayed like that, drawing it out as long as possible to make it that much more intense when we started to move again. Locked together in that embrace, my breath intimately mingled with hers and her chest heaved with each pant of air. She moved her head a fraction to kiss me and I gently trailed my fingers up and down the side of her body while we caressed each other with our lips.

When neither of us could stand it any longer, we moved as one. Sookie immediately climaxed and threw her head back as she cried out, bending backwards over my arm in the most erotic and sensual display I’d ever seen.

Oh, I definitely planned on finding out just how flexible she was.

I nearly growled out, “MINE!” right then and there. It was only the fact that she wanted to hear me say it earlier that kept me from shouting it to the empty room.

Apparently she only needed to feed my inner caveman’s ego once a night.

I locked down every muscle in my body to keep myself from following her, waiting for her to regain her senses. Finally, Sookie lazily sat back up and brought both of her hands to my face, feeling extremely tender and satisfied in the tie. I didn’t even realize I was purring until she leaned in and kissed me, distracting me with her mouth as she started moving again. I slowed the kiss to a stop when I felt us both hovering over the golden edge, brought my mouth to her ear, and nipped her earlobe. I whispered, “Now, lover,” and tilted my head to the side, baring my neck to her.

She sealed her lips over my jugular while I sought out her own, licked it once to numb the area, and sucked on it to bring the vein to the surface. We both bit down at the same time. That small bit of pain amidst the torrent of pleasure triggered the most intense tantric orgasm of my existence. I literally threw my head back, roared when it hit me, and Sookie whimpered before we both slid our fangs back into each other’s necks and pulled. Aftershocks rippled through us while we drank, each pull drawing it out even longer.

I had never before experienced anything like it. I’d had a tantric orgasm before, but nothing like this. On top of the physical pleasure and ecstasy that we rode out in waves, there was the connection itself. I could feel the tie between us transforming into a bond, strengthening and thickening, like it was a thread that was folding back in on itself, creating the links of an iron chain. It wouldn’t be permanent until our third exchange, but it had to be half as strong as my maker/child bond with Godric. We both felt the pull to bond, which meant we’d probably form a stronger bond than the average vampire would and, if it continued to strengthen at this current rate, it would be much stronger than my bond with my maker. It already nearly matched the strength of the bond I had with Pam.

Because Sookie and I both had strong bonds with Godric and a tie with each other, we could feel each other pretty strongly and the bond hadn’t increased the amount we felt, but it had increased the quality of it all. Her emotions were so much clearer, as if they were now being broadcast in High Definition. I could feel the heat that radiated off her when she felt passion, the iciness when she felt anger, the drug-inducing quality of her lust, and so much more. Before that moment, I could only feel that aspect of her most intense emotions, like her love. We were connected on such an intimate level now.

And I fucking loved it.

Every vein in my body hummed and vibrated when she drank from me and I could literally feel my blood pouring into her and taking root. Likewise, I could feel hers flooding into my system and lacing unshakeable strands around our tie, weaving themselves into something much sturdier. We were truly one in that moment, animated by the same magic with the same blood running through our veins. The way we just barely echoed each other every time we pulled and swallowed actually imitated the pulse of the living. It felt like my heart was beating for the first time in over a thousand years. I could feel Sookie’s wonder, incredulity, and awe, so I knew it felt the same to her.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that, drinking from each other. Neither of us needed to breathe and we wouldn’t die from blood loss because we were continuously feeding, so we just stayed swept up in that embrace for what somehow felt like both an eternity and a single, fleeting moment.

We randomly retracted our fangs within seconds of one another, letting the wounds close, and licked up the remaining drops of blood before staring into each other’s eyes, never once ceasing to stroke, caress, and touch the other’s skin like we were two tripped up kids on E.

I felt amazing. Energized. Invincible.

And drunk.

“Eric,” Sookie sighed and I nuzzled my head against her hair while I purred. All of Sookie’s emotions were out of focus and fuzzy. When I pulled back to look at her, I realized she was high.

She was high and I was drunk.

Any thought I had of telling her this fled me when she leaned forward to rub her nose along mine, giving me an Eskimo kiss, and giggled. I smiled and ran my fingers through her curls, fascinated with how they felt like silk, when a golden beam of light on the wall behind her caught my attention.

“Sookie,” I said with my brows knitted together in confusion. I pointed at it and she looked over her shoulder and followed the light back to its source on the wall behind me.

Her eyes widened and panic shot through her. Before I could turn around to see for myself why she was so alarmed, the walls started crumbling. Light filtered in from every direction as the ceiling and walls came tumbling down all around us. I flinched, immediately shutting my eyes and shielding my face, when the sunlight hit me.

“Eric,” Sookie whispered and cupped my face. “Eric! Eric, look! You’re not burnin’. Open your eyes, Viking. It’s not hurtin’ you.”

She was right; it was definitely not hurting me. In fact, it felt the same way it did when Sookie pushed me love, like I was being caressed by thousands of hands and blanketed in millions of tender kisses. I opened my eyes and stared at Sookie’s face in the sunlight, a sight I thought I would never get the chance to see. The rays of the sun were literally dancing across my skin, but all I cared about was Sookie in that moment. To see the sunshine in her hair? To have a chance to look at Sookie in her element, in the light?

I hadn’t considered myself a religious man since the night I was turned and locked out of Valhalla, but in that moment I was truly thanking my gods. I brought my hands up to her face and traced her features with my fingertips in a daze, suddenly realizing this was my Valhalla.

She giggled and pushed me delight while lowering her hands to my abs and playfully nipped at one of my fingers. I kissed her. I kissed her for everything I was worth, pouring every ounce of experience I’d gained in the last thousand years into it while showering our newly formed bond in lust, euphoria, ecstasy, astonishment, and love. A breeze suddenly kicked up, feeling incredible in the warmth of the sun when it brushed against my skin. It then blew harder, whipping around us with force and random bits of clothing and paper flew around her room, caught up in it. Oddly, we seemed to be in the eye of it, where the breeze was still gentle and tender.

We broke the kiss when a stray gust of air nearly knocked us over and I looked around for the first time. The walls on the second landing had completely crumbled and fallen away and the attic and roof were just gone. Somehow, from the position of the sun hovering low in the sky, it appeared to be evening and the sky was full of the most dazzling hues of gold, purple, red, pink, orange, and blue. It was past midnight when we left the club, but now it was dusk.

Sookie gently untangled her limbs from mine and slowly stood up. I groaned at the loss of contact and she laughed when I pouted. She hopped off the bed and walked over to the edge of the house, her hair billowing in the wind as she walked. Even over the sound of the wind, I heard her when she gasped and was at her side before I even consciously decided to move. I stepped up behind her, encircled her waist with my arms, and tucked her against me, firmly securing her there, before I looked out across Sookie’s land.

Wheat. As far as the eye could see in every direction were golden fields of wheat. Everything, the woods, the cemetery, the road, had all disappeared and wheat had sprung up in its place. The fields rippled in the wake of the wind, moving like waves of the ocean. All of it had a surreal quality to it, like it’d all been enhanced by a magical glow. I scented the air, idly wondering why I hadn’t before, and savored the smell of sunlight, wheat, and… the sea. The wind carried the scent of the sea on it and the scent alone nearly tricked me into believing time had rewound and I was back in my homeland, about to embark on a voyage with my father over a thousand years ago.

“It’s the way we feel for each other,” Sookie murmured. I pushed her confusion and she spun around in my arms and laced her hands together behind my neck. “How it feels when we push each other love,” she explained. “When I push you love, it feels like light itself is caressin’ you, right?” I nodded. “And when I feel your love, it’s like I’m bein’ embraced by a windstorm.” The eye of that storm seemed to follow us to the edge of the landing and the wind swirled around us in that moment. “And the wheat, it’s part of my scent-“

“And the sea is part of mine,” I finished for her, slurring just a little. It wasn’t part of my typical scent, but it was part of the scent Sookie thought she could smell when she claimed I smelled like the ocean in winter. She nodded enthusiastically.

“How is this possible, Eric?” she asked.

I smiled boyishly at her while the wind blew my bangs across my face, probably making me look even more boyish, shrugged my shoulders, and said, “Anything is possible with you. You happen to be both fairy and vampire. If that’s possible, what isn’t?”

Mirth and affection lit up across the bond and her blood softly hummed in agreement. She then fell silent for a moment before quietly asking, “Is this normal? Godric didn’t mention anythin’ like this when he told me about bonding.”

“No,” I answered honestly, stroking her cheek with one hand while I trailed the other up and down the side of her body, quickly becoming distracted by the fact that she was still naked and I was very, very drunk. “Maybe it’s the fairy blood. Or the combination of the two in you? Or your fairy blood and my ancient blood.”

She contemplated my answer and asked, “Do you think it’s possible my fairy blood can let vampires day-walk?”

I froze, temporarily sobering and not liking that idea at all. The scary part was it could definitely be possible because Sookie could day-walk.

“Who told you this?” I asked her urgently.

She swallowed nervously, “I read it in Bill’s mind. Sophie-Anne apparently wanted me for more than my telepathy. She thought she could day-walk if she drank from me and Bill found out by researchin’ everythin’ he could on the Fae.”

We needed to test it, to find out if that theory was right. If it was, then we also needed to make sure Sookie had the opportunity to glamour that idea out of the Queen’s mind. Nothing good would come from Sophie-Anne having that knowledge and, honestly, Sookie should probably glamour her even if it turned out to be false. I took solace from one thing about what Sookie just told me, that she found out from Bill and Bill was the world’s biggest idiot. There was nothing else we could do at the moment and I could feel my drunken stupor quickly returning, stealing my ability to focus with it. Sookie was losing focus herself, swaying like a leaf in the wind and seemingly enthralled with my chest muscles.

I flexed them for her and she licked her lips as her lust skyrocketed. I laughed and was about to indulge in that lust when another thought slapped me silly and I asked her, “Lover, why didn’t you want to show us what happened with Bill earlier?”

Godric told me not to push her on this, but it had me worried. I thought there was a pretty good chance she would tell me in her buzzed state and I was nothing if not an opportunist.

She slowly met my eyes before looking at everything except my eyes, extremely flustered, and blushed in the blood, which threw me the most.

Why the hell would she blush?

“Sookie?” I asked and pushed her my bafflement.

She sighed and mumbled, “I screwed up, okay?”

Screwed up? What did that mean? He was still among the undead, so she couldn’t have screwed up that badly.

“How?” I asked, needing clarification, and impatiently waited by running my nose along her throat and dropping my hands to her butt.

“I screwed up,” she moaned. She buried her face against my chest and her muffled voice said, “I told Bill I loved you before I told you. I wouldn’t show Godric ’cause I wanted to tell you first. And I didn’t want the first time you heard it to be when I was tauntin’ that jackass.”

I stilled as only the undead could and slowly tilted her face back up so I could stare at her. Gods, this woman was perfect. Here I was, worried she was shielding shame or hiding something he said to her that she was reluctant to tell us, when really she was just worried about how I felt.

I grinned, blasting apart her nerves and scattering them to the winds, and admitted, “Now I really wish I had been there.” She just blinked at me a couple times in reply. “Lover, it’s fine. I would’ve done the same thing. Actually, Godric and I definitely used you to taunt him, so I guess I did do the same thing. But I do want you to show me.” When her reluctance surfaced in the bond, I persuasively argued, “It’s only fair since I should’ve heard those words first.”

Yes, I was playing dirty, but I only did that when I desperately wanted something and I desperately wanted to see what happened with Compton.

She barely kept herself from smiling and sighed while relief pooled in the bond. Her relief felt like drinking a cold glass of water on a hot, sticky day and I wanted to sigh myself when I felt it. She then closed her eyes and I followed her lead.

Forget fantasizing about watching Sookie put Bill in his place, the reality was so much better. Watching the way she led Bill into a trap, letting him think he actually had a shot at convincing her everything he did was for her benefit, that she believed him, while she scoured his mind for memories she could use against him was both a pleasure and a torment. I desperately wanted to make love to her but couldn’t if I wanted to see the rest and nearly snarled because I couldn’t do both in that moment. She was the ultimate strategist, the ultimate predator while she circled Bill and everything she did, every question she asked, was done with a purpose in mind.

Once she got what she wanted, she then used it all against him and destroyed him with it. I unconsciously started flooding her with lust as she streamed her memory to me, unaware I was even doing it until she moaned and her fangs dropped. I could see why she didn’t want to replay it for me, but watching her taunt Bill with how much she loved me was a huge fucking turn-on and I was so incredibly glad I convinced her to show me. When she finished the memory off, I slammed my mouth against hers for a wild kiss while I pulled her flush against me, wrapping my arms tightly around her waist.

I gave her a chance to suck in air she didn’t need by nipping my way back down to her neck and running my lips over her jugular again, enthralled with the sound of her whimpers. She gasped in air like a dying man and breathlessly said, “Shit. Torture really does turn you on, huh?”

I chuckled and blew air over the sensitive spot behind her ear, unsurprised when she shivered, and protested, “No, not all torture.” She sent me disbelief and I confessed, “Billy Boy’s? Yes, because it’s been a long time coming. He deserved it for what he did to you and for what he put Pam through in San Francisco. But what I find an even bigger turn-on is the fact that you can break a man without even touching him.” I dropped my voice an octave and added, “That’s fucking hot, lover.”

She retracted her fangs and fell silent for a moment as she contemplatively ran her fingers over my biceps before quietly asking, “You don’t think I went too far? That what I did was… monstrous?”

I froze again and pulled back, searching her face intently. This is what I’d been afraid of before, that she would beat herself up about it. When I spread my feelers out along the bond though, I realized that she really wasn’t, she felt no shame or guilt. There was a thin layer of curiosity and some trepidation, but no guilt. She felt justified and feeling that had my side of the bond overflowing with relief. I brought my hands up to her hair and once again weaved my fingers into her curls, shook my head, and said, “No. Sookie, what Bill did was monstrous. You didn’t actually do anything to him besides make him think about what he’s done. Like you said before, you just held up a mirror for him, opened his eyes and forced him to take a look at his reflection. You didn’t fabricate anything or inflict pain on him, he inflicted that pain himself when he handed over innocents to vampires for personal gain and reveled in their deaths by his maker’s side.”

She nodded, relieved, and smiled at me while pushing me gratitude and love. I lowered my head, pressed my mouth to hers, and lazily kissed her again. I had enough talk of serious matters and just wanted to make love to my Sookie (she was mine, I could totally say that now) in the waning light.

I gentled the kiss even more, nipped her bottom lip, and then surprised her when I shot off the side of the house in a blur, coming down in the middle of the closest wheat field. I turned back to look up at her where she was still standing on the second floor with her mouth hanging open.

“Sookie!” I shouted at her, lifted my hands up in front of me and beckoned her to me. “Come! Come play with me!”

Amusement flared in the bond and she muttered something about “Crazy Vikings” before literally disappearing. I searched the wheat fields for her with my eyes, and was both delighted and surprised when I felt her run invisible fingers across my chest. I snatched up those hands at vamp speed, not about to let her take off and make me hunt her through endless fields of wheat. Of course, she could’ve just popped away, but revealed herself instead, laughing her ass off when she came back into view.

I didn’t give her a chance to escape and swept her up in another kiss while the wheat swayed around us, tickling our skin as it moved back and forth. I made love to her right there in the middle of it all and we spent the rest of the time we had in this magical oasis savoring each other’s bodies. I planned to make enough memories of Sookie’s naked body in the sunlight to last me for eternity and keep me warm when I was forced to retreat back into the night. Sookie seemed to be more than okay with that plan and enthusiastically joined in, so we tested out every basic position I could think of.

How flexible was she?

The answer was extremely.

We found ourselves back in her bed in a tangled heap when the last of the sunlight began to fade and watched the sun set together. Ironically, I started to feel the sun’s pull after it dipped below the horizon and the shadows around us grew, casting the world into darkness. The walls started slowly fading back in and we realized at the same time that “night” had fallen when the automated screens had clicked into place over the windows, blocking out the sunrise. It was actually well into morning by then, apparently time moved slower in our dream world, and the fact that I was still awake alarmed me a little. It was definitely possible her blood would let others day-walk, which was just one more thing we had to keep anybody from ever finding out.

Sookie brought my attention back to her when she lazily stroked my cheek, still looking stoned out of her mind, and placed her lips against mine for a tender caress. I purred and tightened my hold around her, not the least bit surprised when we both fell into our day deaths (or sleep, in Sookie’s case) still in each other’s arms.

Honestly, I couldn’t think of a better way to go.


20 thoughts on “Chapter 35: The Ties That Bind

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  5. AN Again, thank you for posting on WP. I refuse to patronize FFn anymore so I rely on alternative sites and blogs to feed my SVM/TB addictions. Congrats on your awards.

    GPOV: Yea Nora is going to be an issue I’m afraid. Glad Pam is being supportive.

    EPOV: Glad he’s reassured her. That popping sure is handy. YEY for Exchanging.

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    • You have been an amazing reviewer. I’m pretty sure you’ve left a review for me on every chapter and I just wanted to say thank you! It’s been great getting consistent feedback like this and it’s soo helpful to me as a new fanfic writer. Seriously. Thanks.

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    • Eek. 4padfoot pretty much works the WordPress Magic on this site, so I’m afraid I have no idea what’s going on with that, but I’ll see what I can find out about it. Btw, where on FB are these posts? That’s not the first time I’ve heard about FB stuff but I can’t seem to find any of it.


      • I saw the post right on my newsfeed. I got the email a moment ago where you comment about my review, just nothing about when you post a new one. Have a great day!


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    • Lol. Yes, that is an issue! I usually try to post within 4-5 days but I’m having really bad luck with my health week. I have an extremely rare, but thankfully benign, tumor & nerve damage in my lower leg. Heat and humidity make the pain worse, which means this week my body’s gone 2 shit since it’s over 100 degrees here and we’ve had about 3 rainstorms. The pain’s just made me so tired. I’ve checked in on comments, but haven’t been able to do much else. I have finally started the next chapter and it will be coming soon, I just need a little break with this one guys. Give me a little more time. Not abandoning anything!


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