Chapter 20: Confess It All


Phew! That last chapter was intense, huh?

I was tempted to have Tara react negatively, but I decided against it. In this fic, she lost Eggs right before she found out she’d lost her best friend too. She tried to kill herself and even though Lafayette talked some sense into her, she was still struggling with her grief. I think, in that position, she would’ve just been relieved to have her friend back.

Okay! So here’s my next chapter and Sookie is gonna confess a few things to her friends, starting with her new gifts (rubs hands in anticipation). I think you might be a little surprised with what she confesses to Tara later. Since we never saw Sookie free of Bill’s blood in the show, what she confesses is actually a possibility. In this fic, it’s a fact.

Disclaimer: I do not own True Blood or SVM. HBO, Alan Ball, and Charlaine Harris do. I confess, I’m envious. Wish they were MINE.

After the laughter had died down somewhat, I gave Sam another gentle squeeze before we both let go and I retreated into the shelter of my maker’s arms. I needed Godric right now, in the role of my caretaker and father, and he could feel that. As he opened an arm so I could slide myself underneath it, he pulled on me in the bond, tugging me in for a long embrace while he patted and soothed away the kinks and fractures in my emotional state, like a father picking up a two year old who face-planted and dusting her off, while flooding me with love and kissing my emotional boo-boos.

Surprisingly, my bloodline reached out to me as well. Eric was pushing an astonishing amount of strength and tender affection towards me while Pam was pushing sympathy, support, and security. I still felt rejected and weak, so Eric wanted me to feel cherished and strong. I felt vulnerable, so Pam wanted me to feel safe and protected. I flooded them both with thankfulness and they responded by cranking up the dial on what they were sending. What really stunned me though was Nora, she was currently hesitantly reaching out a strand of herself towards me through Godric, approaching me warily and afraid of my reaction. I stunned her right back by firmly grabbing onto that strand and pulling her closer to me, establishing our connection, before I wrapped her up in all the emotions my bloodline was directing to me and stroked her for being brave enough and kind enough to reach out to someone she hadn’t even met yet while I was hurting. Her strand warmed with gratefulness, amazement, and awe. She shivered in our brand new tie and I sent her affection for what she had done. She responded with even more thanks and appreciation.

I analyzed her feelings and found myself smiling because, at the moment, she felt whole, included, and a sisterly connection. I’d never had a sister, but I’d always wanted one. With that in mind, I sent her a gentle push that whispered one word to her blood, sister. Nora received it with a jolt of shock and drowned me in affection, like she had been saving up every piece of tenderness one could ever feel for a sibling and waited to use it for this precise moment. With Nora’s actions and my reactions, Pam was feeling disbelief while Eric felt amusement and mirth, Godric just felt proud. I idly wondered if Eric had never allowed Nora to send her affection to him through the blood and if this was part of a stockpile caused from damming those emotions since he used to be (and I knew this from Godric with a couple hints from Pam) so unwelcoming towards emotions. I sent her back my gratitude, appreciation, and stroked her a final time before focusing back on the family I couldn’t feel with my blood. Godric was sporting a shit-eating grin and somehow managing to push enough pride to caress every single one of us through the blood.

“Do you trust me, Sam?” I asked, point blank. “Knowing what I am, what I have become, do you trust me?”

“Yes, I do,” he said confidently, not even needing to think about it. “Cher, you’re the first person I’ve ever told about being a shifter. I even fell asleep in front of you in my shifter form,” he pointed out, making me blush emotionally and Godric chuckle when he realized why. My entire bloodline was amused that I was blushing for some reason and drowning me in mirth and curiosity, making trying to keep a straight face the worst kind of torture. I gave them all a firm push that told them to bite me, which they found even funnier. I realized at that moment that I would likely have emotional eavesdroppers for the rest of the night.

Sam brought my focus back to him by then adding, “And you were right. You haven’t changed, just added more. If you had become a predator completely, become pure vampire and lost the tenderness and caring I love so much, you would’ve killed me for what I said. I might’ve killed someone for accusing me of being ruined because they found out I was a shifter. I’m so sorry… instead, you kept yourself from attacking me, told me to get my head out of my ass, and let me hug you afterwards. You’re still you and I trust you with my life.”

I nodded, grateful, before turning my attention to Tara, “And you, Tara? Do you trust me?”

“Always have, always will, Sook. What is it you need?” she asked, able to read me so well after all these years and I smiled at her for it.

“I need you both to trust me now,” I said before taking a deep breath and stating, “I need to tell you both somethin’ important, but it’s risky for others to know and will be dangerous for you to know it. Once you do, you’ll be grateful I told you ’cause it means you’ll have more time to spend with me. You will see me more often and I’ll be part of your lives a lot more than if I were to leave this second. In order to tell you though, I need to ensure both your protection and my own, which means I need to glamour you into never revealin’ what I’m about to say and guarantee that no other vampire can pry it from you. Lafayette’s already allowed me to do this, you can talk to him about the process if you want, but he won’t be able to shed any light on what I wanna say. Can you two trust me enough to do this?”

Tara was nodding before I even finished speaking. When I was done, she vehemently said, “Do what you need to, girl. I know you’d never take advantage that way. I already trust you with my thoughts. Well, I mean I did since you can’t read ’em no more, what’s a li’l glamour?” I smiled beautifully at her in response and earned myself a grin in return before looking back at Sam.

He looked stunned, but not mad and I felt that was an improvement. He breathed out his words, both astonished at the possibility and somewhat afraid of the answer, when he asked, “Can you glamour the two-natured, cher?”

I looked up to Godric for his input. We hadn’t tested it out on a two-natured, but since we discovered I could push my influence on vampires, I thought it was very likely I could glamour any type of supe. Godric nodded back and said to Sam, “Sookie’s glamour is a vampiric gift. I also have the gift of glamour and am known in our world to be a master of the trade, but what Sookie glamoured into Lafayette tonight?” He whistled to show how impressed he was and stated, “It was levels beyond me. I don’t know anyone who can manipulate their influence like Sookie can. I think having once had telepathy has honed her ability to manipulate thoughts and I doubt there will be a two-natured she cannot glamour. She hasn’t done it before on one of your kind, but with your permission, we can test it before she establishes the protective block we need to build.”

Looking dumbfounded, Sam simply nodded and brought his eyes back to mine as he whispered, “Do it, Sook. I trust ya, cher.”

I stayed where I was, in the shelter of Godric’s arms, still feeling vulnerable after our confrontation earlier and, because those who shared my blood were fucking amazing, still receiving a steady flow of emotions, while I pushed my influence and telepathy towards Sam. His mind opened up easier than it ever had before, like a sunflower opening its petals to absorb the sun’s rays. I understood immediately why vampires couldn’t glamour the two-natured. We couldn’t glamour animals and half their psyches were purely animal. Realizing this, I separated out the thought processes that were human from the animal, sorting them into two piles. When I had separated the two natures from each other, I surrounded the part that was Sam, leaving Dean firmly alone, and said in the breathy voice of a total tease, “Stand on one foot for three seconds.”

He instantly found himself on one foot with eyes as wide as saucers while he made a choking sound. Tara snickered at him as Godric flooded me with pride. Godric pulled on my bond while Sam took a moment to recover from the shock and when I met his eyes, he gave me a familiar request. I opened up my shields and heard Godric think, What was it you did differently with the shifter?

I pushed my influence towards him while balancing my weird tug-of-war, push and pull, telepathy and glamour pairing to send out, the two-natured can’t be glamoured because we can’t glamour animals and half of their psyche is purely animal. I used my telepathy to sort through and separate everythin’ that was the man from the animal, then I glamoured the man.

He smiled a brilliant smile while amping up the pride drastically, I am proud of you, daughter. In thousands of years, no vampire has figured out a successful way to glamour the two-natured. Vampires have long suspected it had to do with their animal natures, but never realized that the human part of them can be glamoured. You, Sookie Stackhouse, are utterly unique. He finished our internal conversation with a wink.

Such a silver tongue.

I rewarded him for the compliment with a caress, stifling a laugh when he physically shivered, and turned my attention back to my friends. Sam looked a little pale, but okay and determined overall. Tara was thoroughly enjoying seeing her boss so rattled, but was quick to get serious when I drew their attention once again.

“Sam, are you still willing?” He nodded and I shot him a smile for trusting me. He smiled back ruefully. I then turned back to Godric for specific instructions. “Master?” I asked, “Anything specific you’d like me to do?”

“Yes,” he replied. “I want to see if you can hold multiple glamours at once, child. Push your influence at one, then split your mind into a second process, which I know you’re capable of since you’re telepathy used to divide your attention between listening to thoughts, shielding, speaking, and other tasks. Once you have opened up that other process, meet the eyes of your second target and use it to push your influence to your other friend. When you instruct them this time, include your vampire abilities in the glamour as well. Would attempting this be acceptable to you?” he asked.

“Of course, master,” I replied then concentrated on Tara and Sam. “I’m not like other vampires, guys, which I’m sure you, Sam, have figured out already simply by the fact I can glamour you and by the amount of control I have when I ‘m not even more than a month old,” Sam nodded at me, so I persisted, “I rose with more gifts than the normal vampire, extraordinary gifts. We discovered, after I rose, that I had not been fully human before I died. It turns out I’m part-fairy and the turning strengthened my essential spark instead of killin’ it…” I trailed off when Tara looked more lost than a child who wandered away from her mom at the county fair and Sam looked like he could be knocked over by a feather.

“Tara, the Fae, or fairies, are another type of supernatural race, like shifters and vampires. They don’t look like Tinkerbelle. They look like normal human beings but usually possess great beauty and slightly pointed ears. Their magical essences, or essential sparks, are what make ’em unique. They’re highly magical beings. I only had telepathy when I was alive because I was a hybrid, part-human, part-Fae. Now that vampirism has strengthened my spark, my telepathy” and here I threw in a little lie mixed in with the truth “has evolved into empath abilities. Instead of hearin’ thoughts, I feel emotions. I’ve also developed another ability. I am of the Sky Fae, which means sunlight is our magical forte, and apparently my essential spark literally amped up the sunlight in my veins. The mornin’ after I rose from the grave, Godric and I discovered that I can day-walk. I won’t burn in the sunlight.”

Both of them dropped their mouths open in utter astonishment, looking like they couldn’t believe they had unwrapped golden tickets in their Willy Wonka bars. Godric and I pushed mirth at each other as we waited for whatever would happen next.

Tara broke the silence with a sniffle, wiping a tear from her eye as she asked, “You mean we don’t have to give up sunbathing after all?” I giggled while shaking my head no. The way she phrased that was just too funny, like she was converting her entire schedule to vamp hours because I was supposed to be allergic to the sun.

“Nope, we’re still allowed to fry like fritters wrapped in bacon grease,” I answered. “You’ll be the only one at risk for gettin’ sunburnt though,” I joked. “Day-walking also means I don’t go to day-rest. I slip into somethin’ very close to sleep, so we can still see each other out in the sunshine, which is why I wanted to tell you. Do you both understand why we gotta glamour you now?”

“She’ll be hunted,” Sam murmured to himself. All the consequences of ever revealing my gifts and heritage were now racing furiously through his mind.

“Who would hunt Sookie?” Tara asked, feeling the need to protect me rising in her.

“Everyone, Tara!” Sam snapped. “Vampires, humans, the Fae, they will all hunt her!”

The Fae?

My eyes widened as the possibility of the Fae being a genuine threat occurred to me and alarm shot through my body as I looked up to meet Godric’s eyes. It was not any relief to see the same concern and worry on his face. As alarm spread throughout the bond, our bloodline took notice. Unease and anxiety swept across their ties and suddenly our cell phones were ringing. I looked at Godric in question and he nodded, so I slipped out my cell and answered, “Hello?”

“Sookie! What’s wrong?” Jessica’s voice filtered in and I involuntarily smiled. Jessica had been emotionally eavesdropping too. I singled out our minute tie to examine her emotional state and realized she was panicking. I used every drop of strength Eric had been filtering into me for the last few minutes to push reassurance and calm into her and she immediately leveled out. I needed to have her drink more so it didn’t sap me so quickly. Vampires never get tired, so I was already rebuilding my reserve, but sometimes we did overextend ourselves.

“Nothing, Jess,” I soothed. “I’m in Bon Temps and a friend of mine just made me aware of a possible threat, but nothin’s happened and there’s no evidence anythin’ will. I was just alarmed is all. Can you feel me relaxing?” I asked as I slowly tightened a filtered shield around my tie with her. My alarm hadn’t decreased and I was still on edge, but now alarm, anxiety, and unease was being kept from trickling into her side of the tie.

“Oh, okay. Yeah, I can feel it. Sorry, just worried, Sookie,” she said apologetically.

“That’s okay, Jess. You never have to apologize for bein’ concerned about your family. Actually, I’m glad our tie is workin’ so well. We shared so little blood that I was worried you wouldn’t feel me at all. I think I’d like to increase our connection even more though, it’d make it easier for emotional exchange, which I’ll teach you about. Would you like that?” I asked in a calm voice. It bothered me that I couldn’t feel Jessica slipping into a panic. I caught Godric’s eyes as I asked. He was speaking furiously in Swedish, but he’d been listening to my conversation too. He nodded and pushed support to me, obviously feeling my concern directed at the strength of my tie with Jessica.

Jessica’s tie suddenly thrummed with excitement and anticipation, making my lips twitch, and she immediately said, “Yes! Yes, I would. Tonight, Sook?”

I nodded, to myself since she couldn’t see me (a fact Godric found hilarious), and said, “Yep, tonight. We’ll talk about it when I get back to Fangtasia, okay?”

“Kay, Sookie. See ya then,” she said and we hung up. She had so much better phone manners than the rest of my bloodline.

I turned back to an arguing Sam and Tara and gave them my best taxi whistle to get their attention.

“Sam, what do you know about the Fae?” I asked.

He sighed, running a hand over his face, and said, “Not much, cher. I only know a few because a lot of Fae have a shapeshifting gift.” Godric started internally and pushed curiosity towards me. I understood immediately and pushed that back to him.

“Shapeshifting? Is that a Sky Fae gift?” I asked with my voice pitched in curiosity.

He cocked his head in contemplation and speculated, “Actually, I think it may be more of an Earth Fae gift, why?”

“Sookie’s spark has been strengthened dramatically,” Godric answered as he shut his cell and slipped it in his back pocket. “She is still revealing whatever gifts she may have, and if shapeshifting could be one of them-“

“Then you’d have to add shifters to your list of potential threats. Okay, I get it,” Sam sighed. “I don’t know for sure, but the ones I met belonged to the Earth clan. I know that fairies react to iron a lot like we react to silver, but it’s even more deadly. Lemon juice is poisonous to them. They can call to kin, though I’m not sure how. Oh! Telepathy is actually supposed to be a trait of the direct royal line…” he trailed off slowly and looked at me in awe. “You’re a faery princess, aren’t you, cher?”

“I honestly don’t know,” I said with a shrug. “I’m pretty sure though the only princess in Bon Temps is Portia Bellefleur.” Tara snickered and I shot her a wicked grin. “I got no idea who my kin are, Sam. No fairy’s ever contacted me. Godric told me the Fae were assumed to be extinct. I’m the first he’s met with Fae blood in hundreds of years, so the fact that you know some is a surprise to us. It’s why we didn’t consider them a threat. I really hope I don’t have royal blood. I do not want to become a primary target. Being a Fairy-Vampire hybrid would be enough to have Fae huntin’ me. I don’t need to be enemy number one because I have royal blood too.” He nodded in agreement, looking more and more stressed. “Sam, do you know anything else?”

He shook his head while saying, “Just Niall Brigant’s name, nothing else. Oh, I do know they’re not extinct. They just retreated to a separate realm, but I think they’ve been coming here more lately.”

I then ransacked his brain, collecting data on every piece of fairy information and the names of every fairy he knew as I nodded. Godric sent me an emotional push and I sent back agreement. It would be best to glamour them when they didn’t see it coming.

I focused on Sam first, since he was so jittery about me being able to glamour him at all. I pushed my mind into his, separating the man from the animal again, then encompassing his mind before I opened a second pathway in my brain and switched my eyes to Tara, pushing more of myself into her.

I burrowed through their minds simultaneously, sifting through their memories and looking for me specifically. Reading Tara’s memories made me cry, and Godric immediately collected the tears. Her combined pain over me and Eggs was too much for someone to bear at one time. I stroked my mental fingers across her memories and smoothed out the wrinkles and catches surrounding my death and my reappearance. Her shoulders dropped a little, relaxing, and her eyes became brighter as I scooped up some of her grief. Finding myself in Sam’s mind was a little more interesting. With Tara and Lafayette, I had been safely ensconced in the family section, close to who they were at their cores. Sam recently had me in his romance sector but was in the process of moving me to family. He was removing me from potential romantic interests, yet tucking me closer to who he was.

I quickly filtered out everything about memories of fairies that had to do with me, anything about my abilities as a vampire, my abilities as a fairy, threats against me, day-walking, and everything else we had discussed about my turning, except for what Godric and I had told them about the Fellowship of the Sun. I built my block around it, infusing it with the same liquid mirrors and escape doors.

Then, in a smooth and seductive voice, I addressed them simultaneously, “Sam, Tara, you don’t remember anything about me being related to the royal line, right?”

Godric knew I was going to do this the moment Sam had asked if I was a faery princess. He had flooded me with concern and wariness and I had sent him back resolution, so he knew I was going to erase it. I hated having to erase a memory of theirs, but it could easily lead them to concluding that my telepathy wasn’t really gone, and no amount of glamour was worth the risk of them having that knowledge.

“What royal line?” Tara asked with a shrug and Sam said, hilariously, I might add, “The only princess in Bon Temps is Portia Bellefleur.”

Godric shot me with his intense amusement with Sam’s response and couldn’t keep himself from chuckling no matter how hard he tried.

“And the only Fae gifts I have are being empathic and day-walking, right?” I purred. They nodded and Godric and I smiled. I then enacted the mirror, by placing a mental touch to it that made it ripple (my own personal power button), so that all other information was protected from anyone except me when it came to glamouring (if you built it, you can destroy it) and gave them the same instructions I gave Lafayette earlier, including how to escape the mental pressure of another vampire’s glamour so their personalities weren’t destroyed if a vampire tore into them. If Ginger had been glamoured the same way, where she could literally glamour herself not to mention things that happened at Fangtasia and escape the pressure, she would’ve been a whole lot more scared of vampires but kept who she was intact.

I slowly pulled back, erasing evidence as I went, and absolutely perfecting the areas where I had tampered with their memories and erased specific information. There was absolutely no traces those memories ever existed.

“Wasn’t bad, right?”

Sam and Tara glanced at each other, processing everything that just happened. Slowly, Sam shook his head and Tara gave us a shrug as she admitted, “No, Sook. That wasn’t bad at all.”

Sam chuckled and glanced as his watch, alerting us we’d been hidden away for a while now and they needed to get back to work. He then cleared his throat, smiled ruefully, and asked, “I guess you probably don’t need a job anymore, huh?”

I shook my head with my own rueful smile and said, “I loved working for ya, Sam, but I still gotta lot to learn about the vampire way of life and there simply ain’t enough time in a night to hold a job while my maker’s trainin’ me.”

He nodded and sighed before holding his arms out once again. I slid between them and wrapped my own around him while he said, “We’ll miss ya around here, cher. You were always my best waitress. You stop by for a True Blood as often as you can, ya hear?”

I nodded and released him with a smile, “Sure, Sam. I’ll stop in at least once a week. My whole family’s here. Even Jase eats most his meals here.”

He smiled again and Tara stepped forward. Before I could turn to her, Godric tugged on the bond, pushed me a need for privacy, and said, “Sookie, I need a moment alone with Mr. Merlotte. Since we’re staying in Bon Temps, I need to ask him about other supernaturals in the area. Perhaps you could wait in the bar for me?”

He didn’t need privacy for that, but I understood this wasn’t a suggestion. I was wary of the bar patrons though and had already been through way too much emotional baggage tonight, so I respectfully said, “I think I’d rather wait out back, master. If we wanna make it out of here soon, I’d better not wait with the locals.” He pushed agreement towards me, so I turned to Tara and asked, “Come outside for a minute?”

Tara glanced at Sam with a hopeful expression, who nodded, before slipping her arm through mine and walking out the door with me. We walked over to the picnic table Sam put in the grass for employees to use during breaks and perched ourselves on top of it, resting our feet on the bench.

“Your outfit’s blowin’ my mind, Sook. What happened to sundresses?” she asked while tugging on my jacket sleeve.

I giggled. I knew I wouldn’t get away with wearing it without someone commenting on it tonight. Actually, I was surprised Eric and Pam hadn’t teased me about it. Instead, Eric’s lust had exploded like a stick of dynamite and Pam had sent me a push that said she liked it, like she was complimenting me through the blood, and nodded appreciatively.

“I still wear them. It’s just that they make me look so soft, Tara, and Godric and I figured out pretty quickly that by wearin’ them I was just askin’ to be challenged in the vampire world,” I said as I fingered the fabric over my knee. “So, on nights I know I’m gonna be around other vampires I don’t trust or at Fangtasia, I slip on ‘Vampire Sookie’ gear. It makes me look edgier, a little tougher, and then fewer vamps try to walk all over me.”

She nodded, absorbing everything I said, and stilled for a second as something occurred to her before bursting into laughter. I had my shields up, to keep myself from being tempted into eavesdropping on Godric and interfering with whatever they were discussing, and didn’t hear any of her thoughts. I shot her a quizzical look and she gave me a wicked smile before she explained, between laughs, “I just realized Godric said Eric Northman was his other progeny, that makes you, like, brother and sister or something, don’t it?”

I nodded and joined in. It was really funny if I thought about it. After Godric explained things to me, it didn’t panic me anymore to think about being “related” to Eric and it actually gave me the urge to chuckle. Vampire connections just didn’t translate into human relationships.

“I know it’s not the same for vamps, but it’s just weird to think you’re related in any way to that scary SOB when you’re so much more gentle, stubborn as a mule, but gentle,” she said.

I smiled, masking the way I really felt. I was gentle until someone pissed me off. Even then I wasn’t wildly violent, but the cold front I put up even chilled Eric to the bone. When it came to Eric though, there was no mistaking him for being gentle. What you saw was what you got- there was an aura of danger around him and people instinctively knew they needed to proceed with caution when in his presence. He was genuinely scary at first, and anyone who knew what Lafayette had gone through would keep far away from Eric. I didn’t think Tara actually knew about what he did to Lafayette, though. She could, but if she did, she didn’t comment on it.

“He’s actually not that bad once you get to know him. If you’re lucky enough to see behind his vampire sheriff mask, he can be a really good guy,” I said softly.

She threw me an incredulous look, narrowed her gaze while she searched my face, gasped, and quite vocally and accusingly stated, “You like him, Sook! Don’t you? You like Eric Northman?”

I looked around to make sure we were completely alone as I simultaneously blushed in the tie, cracking up my bloodline again, and said in a hushed tone, “Shhh. Tara, not so loud. And yes, I do, okay? I do. I’ve actually liked him for a long time, but Bill,” I spat out his name with a sneer, “was influencing my emotions with his blood and was suppressing the affection I felt for him.”

I glanced back at Tara, whose brows were furrowed and whole expression screamed incomprehension, before I reluctantly explained, “Vampire blood has magic in it, Tara. When Bill fed me his blood after the incident with the Rats, he could sense my emotions and my location. He told me this and said it would also enhance my ‘libido.’ What he didn’t explain is the amount of control a vampire has over his blood. As long as it’s kept alive, so to speak, as long as it’s in someone’s body and runnin’ through their bloodstream, we still have control over it. We can manipulate our blood and, in turn, the person it’s in by sending emotions through it. Bill used his blood to tamp down my attraction to Eric and the affection growin’ for him inside me while he cranked up my trepidation and nervousness to make me feel unsettled around him. It wasn’t enough, so when I found out Eric was doin’ something I didn’t like, Bill used that opportunity to literally flood me with disgust and hate. I’ve never actually hated a person before,” Tara nodded in stunned agreement since she knew, at the most, I only felt anger and pitied the person it was directed towards, “and I realized when I rose vampire that the hate I felt came from Bill. I was angry at Eric, but I didn’t hate him.’

“Bill also amped up my lust, makin’ it seem like he was being honest about my ‘increased libido’ by doin’ so, but that lust was only directed towards him. He only increased my attraction to him, Tara. He even went as far as sending me love, forcin’ the emotion of love on me to make me think I was madly in love for the very first time,” I said quietly and brushed away a blood tear. She reached out a hand and rubbed my back as she listened, straining to keep her own anger bottled up. I squeezed her leg in appreciation and continued in a whisper, “When you become vampire, you literally die and any vampire blood other than your maker’s dies with your body and loses its influence. Your own blood then transforms durin’ the transition and becomes magical, so you’re able to feel it when others in your bloodline, and any vampires you share blood with, send you emotions. You can feel that they aren’t comin’ from you and you can identify the sender of what you’re feelin’ and choose whether or not you want to accept and embrace what they’re pushin’ towards you. Vampire blood loses that viciously manipulative quality once you’re turned. There’s no longer any confusion over what you’re feeling, and who is responsible for sendin’ it becomes very clear. After I rose, I was flooded with feelings that he had suppressed, like affection for Eric, and all the love, all the attraction, and all the positive emotions I felt for Bill Compton were just… gone.”

She dropped her arm around my shoulder and leaned closer while she furiously asked, “Why? Why would that asshole do somethin’ like that to you, Sook?”

I smiled sadly and answered her, “My telepathy, Tara. Hadley is the pet of the vampire Queen of Louisiana. She told the queen about me and the queen sent Bill to procure me. He set up the thing with the Rats as a test and later glamoured them to come back and beat me so he could force his blood inside me. He’d been usin’ it to try to force me into obedience ever since, workin’ on me to try to get me to be the perfect little telepath for his queen.”

She snarled and jumped to her feet, thinking rapidly as she paced back and forth, “I knew there was somethin’ off about him, Sook! He was always around, he never worked- where’d he get his money if he wasn’t workin’? He moved into that big ol’ house right next to you and suddenly was spendin’ all his time with you.” She paused a second and looked at me before adding, in an apologetic voice, “Not that any guy wouldn’t be lucky to have ya, Sook. That ain’t what I mean. Half the guys in Bon Temps would hook up with ya if they weren’t afraid you could hear what they were thinkin’. I just meant it was weird that he moved so close to you and saddled up with you right after he moved in.”

I nodded, I knew she hadn’t meant to insult me, and said, “Don’t worry ’bout him anymore, girl. It turns out he was involved with V and the vamps in charge of making vampires follow our laws found out. They’re already lookin’ for him and he won’t be coming around here no more.”

She gave me a reluctant nod, placed her hands on her hips, and agreed, “A’ight, Sook. But Bill ever tries to use you again and I’ll stake him.”

“As would I,” Godric added with a mischievous smile as he slipped out the door and shut it behind him. “I like your friends very much, Sookie. I hope to get to know them even better when we return from Missisippi,” he said as he came to a stop in front of Tara and reached out a hand to shake hers.

She automatically shook it, sending a thrill through Godric that made my lips twitch, as she looked between us and asked, “Mississippi?”

“Yeah,” I nodded and hopped off the table to stand next to her, “Godric and I are taking a short trip, just for the weekend at most, and we’ll be back no later than Monday night.”

She gently dropped Godric’s hand and turned to give me a hug, squeezed me tightly, and said, “Well a’ight then. You be safe and when you get back call me. I wanna get together and have lunch or somethin’ and, no, I really don’t give a shit if you drink blood while I eat. I’ll just pretend it’s wine.”

I laughed and let her go. She gave me one last smile before she opened the door, slipped inside, and went back to work behind the bar. Maybe if we had walked back in with her, we would’ve seen it when she caught the eye of the Mississippi vampire who had parked himself on a stool and ordered a True Blood.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 20: Confess It All

  1. Glad the bloodline is supporting her this way. Sookie is all full of surprises. WONKA!!! Love that movie. Wilder was the best.
    I’m again wondering how long till Niall or someone shows up. ack for end!!! Mickey???


    • She does develop a lot. Don’t be surprised when you come across more. She now has the abilities of a full Fae and a vampire who rose early. A major part of this story is seeing what kind of talents she develops because she’s a whole new, very magical breed. A lot of those gifts will be important later. However, she does NOT become a shifter.

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  2. well things went even better and she was able to glamour Sam and find out more stuff that they needed. looking forward to their trip but i am figuring it is Franklin Mott at the bar. looking forward to seeing what happenes next. KY


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