Chapter 12: Blood of My Blood


[1] I loovvvee this chapter. You’re all about to get a nice, healthy dose of Faepire Sookie. Who knew sunlight and fangs went so well together?

Disclaimer: I don’t own True Blood or SVM, I just like making their characters purr. HBO, Alan Ball, and Charlaine Harris own anything and everything to do with TB and SVM.


“Why even attempt to bullshit her when she can read your thoughts and has a direct line to your emotions?” Godric asked, genuinely curious.

“Sookie is fiery. I think it’s one of the things I love most about her. Any opportunity I have to push her and fan that flame, is an opportunity I will take,” I said with a wistful smile on my face. Godric nodded and sent me understanding. It wasn’t until I felt that emotional push that I realized exactly what I had said, one of the things I love most about her. I quickly moved on before Godric took the opportunity to analyze what I had just admitted to him by asking, “What was it that caused you shock while I was replaying those memories for her?”

“I sent her curiosity and concern, but neither of us wanted to break your concentration. Sookie can use her telepathy in combination with her glamour to transmit thoughts. She experimented with it, since she didn’t want you to lose focus, and pushed her glamour at me. It worked. She was able to replay everything she picked up from you to me, which probably means Sookie can also glamour vampires if she attempted to,” he stated, feeling a huge surge of pride in his progeny as he spoke.

Would I ever stop being stunned by her? Stop being surprised by her?

I seriously doubted it.

I also seriously prayed she never glamoured me.

“Gods, she is amazing,” I murmured, my words laced with well-deserved reverence. Godric nodded in agreement. It wasn’t just her abilities that were amazing, it was her thought process. I doubted it would’ve occurred to other vampires to even attempt to try to glamour another vampire, let alone push a thought while they did it, and yet she had done just that and even thought to try and stream a memory like a video for Godric to watch. “That will come in handy. If we ever need to warn her or her us, we could simply think at each other.” His blood hummed in agreement with me.

“You realize you cannot tell your progeny all that you’ve learned about Sookie tonight? I trust you with both our lives, Eric, but I must admit I do not have that same level of trust in Pamela. I can sense a streak of vindictiveness in her and sometimes she still acts rashly. With Sookie’s life on the line, I cannot risk it. Pamela must not know until Sookie and I decide we have faith in her confidences,” he stated sadly.

Unfortunately, I agreed with him. Pam had an almost unhealthy level of resentment for Sookie that I didn’t really understand. She would use Sookie’s Fae-ness, for lack of a better word, to taunt and tease her, which might slip out around someone who shouldn’t know. Her lack of brain-to-mouth filter could end up causing Sookie’s death or capture. Plus, she would feel extreme jealousy over Sookie’s talents and would be quick to attempt to gain vengeance on Sookie if she ever pissed Pam off. Pam would never do anything to endanger me, but that courtesy did not extend to Sookie. Like Godric, I trusted her with my life, but not with Sookie’s.

“Command me,” I said, standing up and taking a step towards him. “You’re right. This information is not for my progeny to know. I think she’ll eventually figure it out and we’ll have to explain Sookie’s heightened telepathy to her, at which time I will issue a command to her, but not until they know each other better and Sookie has a genuine chance to win Pam over. So command me not to tell Pam about Sookie’s Fae ancestry and abilities, I don’t want to chance it slipping out. I never want to be the reason Sookie gets hurt.”

Godric nearly drowned me in pride and affection as he said, “Eric, I command you never to reveal or discuss Sookie’s ancestry with anyone besides me and Sookie. As your maker, I command you never to reveal her Fae abilities unless I give you permission to do so.”

I felt his commands take hold and settle on my shoulders like a mantle, but it was a weight I would happily bear to keep Sookie safe. I felt Pam’s presence coming closer as everything settled and tugged on our bond to warn Godric.

“Speak of the devil,” I mumbled under my breath. Godric’s responding amusement slammed into me just as the door to the front of the club opened and Pam walked in. She placed her bag and a folder down on the nearest booth before she looked up. Her mouth dropped open in astonishment when she caught sight of Godric and I used her momentary pause as an opportunity to reopen our bond. Immediately, I felt Pam’s surprise and a rush of excitement run through her veins. She vamped over to us and dropped to her knees before Godric.

“Blood of my blood,” she breathed reverently. Jessica happened to follow Pam in at that instant, carrying what looked to be computer disks and a laptop with a wide dufflebag slung over her shoulder. She froze, shocked to see Pam on her knees before anybody. I guess Compton never taught Jessica about bloodlines and respect for her elders either. Slowly, as if she were afraid she’d be attacked if she attracted attention to herself, Jessica lowered her baggage and the computer on a table and continued to watch in silence. Her shoulders were slumped and red was smeared beneath her eyes and across her cheeks. She had been crying tonight.

“Child of my child,” Godric said with a smile, reaching a hand down to help Pam up. He then pressed a kiss to her forehead and sent her affection.

“You’ve opened your bond,” she stated without thinking. Her blood echoed her thoughts. She was shocked to be feeling anything tonight from her bloodline, let alone the maker of her maker.

Sookie strolled out of the bathroom at that moment. She had tamed her wild hair, cleaned the blood from her face and hands, applied some lip gloss, and generally just looked sexy. My lust jumped.

She had that effect on me.

“Sookie?” Jessica cried out in disbelief before launching herself at Sookie with vamp speed. Sookie managed to throw open her arms, using that same speed, just as Jessica came crashing into them. The fact that Sookie wasn’t sprawled out on the floor in a heap of limbs caused both Jessica and Pam to come to the realization Sookie was a vampire at the same time. They both froze in the way only the undead could freeze.

Sookie was having none of that and wrapped her arms around Jessica, embracing her tightly, as she rocked them back and forth lazily, shifting her weight from one foot to the other and back.

“Bill said you were dead, as in finally dead. I told him he was wrong. I didn’t believe him. I told him you couldn’t have died, you’re too stubborn to die, but he said he felt it. Please don’t do that to me again, Sookie. I’ve lost too many people for you to do that to me,” Jessica whispered brokenly. I hadn’t realized the baby vamp loved Sookie so much. I would’ve taken her under my wing sooner if I had realized how vital Sookie had been to Jessica’s emotional health. She talked to Sookie like she was her mother, or at the least an older sister.

“Shhh, Jessica, it’s okay. I’m back for good. I’m comin’ back to Bon Temps. You don’t need to worry about me anymore. You’re stuck with me for eternity now,” Sookie soothed. I felt genuine irritation, which was slowly escalating to rage, flare up in Pam’s blood. I sent her a sharp admonishment, and felt her rage mount. She hadn’t been scolded like that in over a month and apparently she had forgotten what happens when she disobeys my orders, even if they’re sent within the blood, because I felt her blood protest and her working herself up to open her mouth. I sent her a large wave of caution and warning and she hesitated, backing down for a brief moment.

“I’m glad you’re all right, Sookie. Everyone believes you’re dead,” Jessica said. Sookie loosened her grip slowly, patted her shoulders and smiled.

“I’m fine, Jess. Everything’s good. Why don’t you go clean yourself up?” Sookie suggested, pointing to the bathroom. Jessica nodded and disappeared. Sookie looked around the room briefly, until her eyes landed on me, and started walking towards the three of us. I sent her affection as she came to stand between me and Godric and slung my arm over her shoulders.

“Pam, meet Vampire Sookie,” I said with a smirk and felt Godric and Sookie’s amusement sprinkle across my bond with my maker.

“You turned her?” Pam snarled with disgust. “All this time I thought she was dead-“

“I am dead, Pam,” Sookie interjected.

“And you turned her?” she fumed at me. Her anger and misguided assumption was almost comical. Jessica came back out, obviously having cleaned up at vamp speed so she wouldn’t miss something, and stood a couple feet from us, afraid to approach. Pam brought my attention back to her by literally snapping at me in the bond. I felt Sookie’s irritation flare and Godric start to lose patience, and he was always very, very patient.

“No, but I wish I had,” I said honestly. Sookie startled and looked up at me and Godric’s mirth bloomed, his irritation completely disappearing. I kept my eyes on Pam and narrowed them at her when she hissed. “Sookie in predator mode is quite impressive and most… delicious,” I added, beginning to enjoy myself thoroughly. Sookie immediately blushed in our tie at the insinuation, Godric chuckled, and both Pam and Jessica tried to, discreetly, scent the air for sex. Jessica relaxed, realizing I had been teasing, but Pam was still just as intense. “Check her scent, child. Then snap at me and accuse me of turning her again and see how I react.”

Pam visibly tensed, realizing how far she had pushed me, but followed her order. And it was an order. Finally, she relaxed, recognizing that though Sookie and I shared some of the same undertones, we didn’t smell enough alike for her to be my progeny. We smelled like vampire siblings.

“You know she has been assumed dead for a month. Where would I have kept her all that time? Or does she look like I turned her three days ago? When I was with you here at the club, Pam?” I scolded her sternly. She owed all three of us apologies and I pushed that towards her.

Stubborn to the core, Pam bowed her head to me but refused to say anything to Sookie and overlooked the offense to Godric, “I apologize, master. It has been a very tense night and I haven’t been thinking as clearly since I arrived as I could have been. I am sorry.” I nodded at her and waited for more, she just stared at me in response.

“Aww, what’s the matter, Pam? Don’t you have a hug for your Auntie?” Sookie asked in a sickly sweet voice. Both Godric and I felt our lips kick up and Jessica guffawed in the background.

“No,” Pam rebutted. “But I always have a kiss for you if you’d like one, Auntie,” she purred.

Sookie chuckled, “I bet you do. I may be vampire, but Godric changing me didn’t change that much about me.”

“Too bad,” Pam pouted and turned to Jessica, “Well, fire-crotch, would you like to explain to the class everything we discussed tonight?”

Jessica had enough. I could tell when she entered that she was on emotional overload and was close to the end of her rope. She obviously needed some blood, human blood, to settle her emotions and maybe a couple minutes to herself to digest everything. Sookie had realized this too and had sent her to the restroom to gather herself, but Jessica didn’t take the time she needed, too anxious to return to see Sookie again. Now she was about to snap.

She dropped fang and hissed, “Give it a rest you over-eager bitch-“

Before anyone could react, Sookie let out a wicked snarl, dropped her own fangs, and slammed Jessica up against the wall. Even though she was livid, it was obvious she still cared for Jessica because her hands were restraining the baby vamp by the arms instead of one by the throat.

Pam tensed to move forward, obviously thinking she would need to break up a fight between two newborns, but I sent her a push that very clearly told her not to and to watch. Her head turned towards me with a raised eyebrow, but she slowly nodded and relaxed. Sookie was completely rational in predator mode. Everything she did was with a purpose, and if the vampire in her wanted out because of Jessica’s insult, then there was something more going on here and it wanted the reigns to take control. Pam’s interference would just make it more difficult for Sookie to make her point. We both turned our eyes back to watch Sookie take Jessica to task.

Possessiveness and protectiveness was a literal, breathing entity pulsing inside of Sookie. Her anger beat within her veins like a heartbeat would, battering against her instinct not to hurt the baby vamp she held. Everything else fell away but those three emotions. It was incredibly intriguing because, normally, when her predator emerged, we could feel all of her emotions pulling back, separating themselves from the predator emerging, like there were two different natures trapped inside her taking turns at the wheel and driving her.

First, there was the version of her who produced these strong, gorgeous emotions that almost burned us with their beauty, purity, and intensity. That side of her was the side that held life sacred, pushed us to open up and be more affectionate than any other vampire would dare to be, and caressed us with positive reinforcement when we pleased her. It was very Fae, to be honest. In what I had seen of the fairyfolk, they were overly affectionate and acted based on intense emotions, which included their own mischief and need for humor and amusement, but protected their kin with their very last breaths. Then there was the predator in her, the vampire.

When Vampire Sookie took control, everything changed. She became edgier, darker. She let the mask that made her softer fall away and gave us glimpses of the raw power resting just beneath her skin. This part of her, the vampire, was the punisher in the equation. She emerged when something pissed her off and she felt like she needed to take control. She was a lioness in that form, and like a lioness, she protected her pride. At the moment, she was feeling the protective instincts of a vampire.

Fairies and vampires were enemies, yet somehow both supes coexisted in the beautiful female before me. When the predator in her began to emerge, it was like the fairy in her tucked everything away to keep all that was Sookie safe from the vampire and hid it. Not right now though. At the moment, it was as if both the vampire and the fairy seemed to be in complete agreement where Jessica was concerned and allowed what they had agreed upon to take over by permitting Sookie three emotions; possessiveness, protectiveness, and rage. And they were the emotions of Fairy Sookie, blindingly intense and pure, but paired with vampiric darkness, making them hauntingly beautiful in a new and totally unique way.

Godric, who was able to glean my thoughts from my emotions and read me like an open book, felt my epiphany and his blood hummed in agreement and understanding. Now we both knew why Sookie reacted so differently from other vampires, she had a fairy inside safeguarding her, making sure nothing the vampire in her did tainted the beautiful light at her core. It was amazing and incredible. And the fact that they alternated inside her was even more amazing, neither one dominated the other. Instead both of her natures worked towards the common goal of protecting her, keeping her safe (both physically and emotionally), and protecting the people she deemed family. And she had deemed everyone in her bloodline family, including the ungrateful brat that was my progeny, Pam.

I leaned closer to Godric as I crossed my arms and stated, casually, in the ancient tongue of his people, the Gauls, “I forgot the only race more possessive than vampires were the Fae.”

I was also excited about that fact. It meant Sookie had been completely serious when she claimed me. Her fairy nature had been at work and fairies were very, very possessive. I should have realized she was serious anyways though because Sookie may act like a temptress at times, but she was never one to lead someone on. She never once even looked at me too long while she was dating Compton. Sookie meant what she said when she said it, something I had doubted. That made me idiotic. But I was still very pleased and excited by my new understanding of her fairy nature.

“Especially of their kin,” Godric added in the same language, chancing a glance at me. “And it seems she has deemed her bloodline worthy to be considered kin. We should feel extremely honored by that fact. Her very nature now drives her to protect us until her last breath, or final death in this case.”

That was true. It was at the core of every fairy. They even fought death for a brief moment to come to the heads of their families, their oldest living relative, to tell them they were going to the Summerlands, give them one last message, and explain their cause of death. Would Sookie report to Godric now or the living eldest member of her fairy kin?

I couldn’t think about that any longer, doing so would be thinking she would die one day and I knew one thing about that with absolute conviction, she would not die before me. Not again.

“I felt honored to have her as a member of my bloodline at all,” I murmured to him and received a healthy dose of affection from him for that statement. We both turned back to keep an eye on Sookie and watch something nobody had ever seen before that moment, a fairy and a vampire united.

“Retract. Your. Fangs,” Sookie stated lazily, in that calm, freaky way of hers. A thrill ran down Pam’s spine and I swore I could almost feel the hairs standing up on the back of her neck. Jessica’s face morphed into an expression of pure alarm. She tried to push herself forward just once, realized Sookie was stronger (which genuinely surprised Pam and I) and dropped her mouth open in shock. “Now, Jessica Hamby.”

“She’s stronger than Jessica,” I murmured again in Godric’s tongue. “Jessica is months older.”

“But Sookie drank a lot of my blood before she died,” he whispered vampire softly. No one further away than I was would hear. “She also rose a night early, Eric. She will be stronger than newborns within three to five years of her age.”

Pam glanced at me quickly when she felt my resulting shock, but was too drawn to Sookie in predator mode to do anything but briefly look to make sure I was okay. Sookie rose a full night early, which meant she would indeed be a powerful vampire. She already was one, thanks to her essential spark, but because she rose early, Sookie would be remarkably stronger than those her age, have more purely vampire gifts than average, and more control over her abilities. Sookie was already showcasing her strengths by her completely astonishing control over her bonds and ability to manipulate her blood. She also had an unusually strong glamour, with or without the telepathy, if it was true that she could glamour vampires.

Rising early meant that Sookie had soaked up all the magic of the blood greedily, completely opening herself to the transition. It was very rare because very few vampires were that okay with their deaths. Early rising was almost a myth and when one did rise early, vampires heard about it quickly. For obvious reasons, Godric chose to tell only me this. We did not want extra attention shifted to Sookie, even if she did deserve a little awe from her vampire brethren.

Jessica retracted her fangs immediately and bowed her head in submission. Sookie was pleased by this, but not satisfied completely.

“You will not insult any blood of my blood,” she hissed, shocking Pam (not that she hissed, but that she was standing up for her). “You cannot insult Pam just because you cannot control your urges,” she snarled, each word dripping with disdain. Jessica looked ashamed, which was actually a positive sign. “As a member of this bloodline, as someone who shares the blood runnin’ through my veins, Pam deserves respect and I will not let you insult any member of my bloodline in front of me. Now look at the vampires in this room,” she ordered. Jessica looked up and met our eyes one by one. “These people deserve your respect while you are here. You will watch what you say to them, they have earned that respect by their ages alone. You cannot disrespect someone like that when you know you need they’re help. They are so much older than you and know so much more, you are pissing away an opportunity to improve yourself, do you understand where I am comin’ from?” she asked. Damn she was hot when she was fired up.

Jessica nodded.

“I need to hear you say it,” she said intently and my fangs nearly dropped. In fact, I think Pam’s did and she kept her mouth closed to hide it from the room. Godric realized this too and both of us flooded her with mirth, making her lips twitch and getting firm pushes in return that told us to go meet the sun.

“I understand, Sookie. I will not insult your bloodline again. I apologize, Pam, I’m sorry,” Jessica said, meeting Pam’s eyes bravely as she said it. Pam nodded and actually sent Sookie gratefulness. We had never been able to get Jessica to back down and grow up while she was staying with us, which was part of the reason we gave her back to Bill. We just didn’t think we could get through to her without the maker’s command, yet here Sookie was, proving us wrong with just one conversation.

“Pam helped you tonight. Eric found out Bill was missin’ and thought of you. Worried you were left alone, concerned for you, he sent Pam out to check on you and bring you back here if you were, in fact, alone,” she began, laying the guilt on thick and building a foundation for me to work on later. Gods she was amazing. Pam fought extremely hard not to break character of her bored and pissed routine when she so badly wanted to smile. She was greatly entertained and extremely impressed with Sookie’s technique. “It appears they were both right to be concerned, Jessica. Bill, truly, is not a good maker. He abandoned you once, tried to force you to only ever drink True Blood, didn’t explain the mechanics of being turned, kept you in the dark about the call of a maker, and didn’t even teach you to properly feed. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t taught you anythin’ about sendin’ and influencin’ emotions in your bond or locatin’ him with your blood either…” She trailed off when Jessica’s brows furrowed, confirming for all of us that Bill had, indeed, been the world’s shittiest maker and highlighting the things Pam would need to focus on, even if Pam didn’t realize what a favor Sookie was doing for her at the moment.

“Oh, Jessica,” she sighed and reached up to brush a lock of hair behind her ear. “I am sorry Bill has not been takin’ his duty as a maker more seriously. He was the reason you were turned, and he was the vampire who drained you, willingly or not, so he should’ve acted like every other maker in the world and gotten his shit together. Now he isn’t here and you don’t know how to survive on your own. You have no support system, no job, no money, and no one to continue your training. He didn’t even teach you how to respond to his call and search for his location with your blood, so you can’t help him. You can’t find him. Hell, you can’t even send him panic if you’re in danger because he taught you jack shit about emotional exchange.”

At this point, Jessica began to tear up. I felt for her, I really, truly did, but she needed to hear all of it, everything Bill hadn’t done for her so she didn’t develop some twisted sense of loyalty to the man who had made her immortal and brushed her off with the dirt on his clothing when he rose with her. She needed to understand how little she had, how little he taught her, and thus how little respect he had for her, before we could begin to build her back up and give her every tool she would ever need. Sookie had realized this instantly tonight. Her fairy nature and vampiric analytical mind had come together in a rare and spectacular show of harmony for Pam, to protect her, and then Jessica, to teach her. The three emotions she started out with were still pulsing furiously, but now they weren’t directed at Jessica. Now, Sookie felt possessiveness and protectiveness for Jessica and pure fury for how Bill treated her.

A tear finally spilled over and slid down her cheek. Slowly, purposefully, Sookie reached up to catch it, giving Jessica a chance to react negatively if she didn’t want Sookie in possession of her blood. Jessica just stared, fascinated, which was Sookie’s answer. A vampire would snarl if they felt someone was about to violate their privacy, even if they didn’t know what blood ingestion meant. It was just instinctive. Jessica trusted Sookie. The predator in her was showing complete faith in Sookie. She submitted to her and looked up to her and wanted Sookie to have her blood. At her core, Jessica believed she was safe with Sookie.

Sookie popped the blood tear in her mouth, trying not to react when all three members of her bloodline swamped her in a downpour of pride reminiscent of rainfall in a hurricane for gaining Jessica’s trust, and smiled at Jessica. The baby vamp immediately smiled back. Sookie brought her finger to her fangs and pierced her own skin, showing absolutely no hesitance, emboldening Jessica to follow her instincts and drink, then offered the drop to Jessica. Hesitantly, Jessica wrapped her lips around Sookie’s finger and drank. She moaned at the taste, but surprisingly, did not react in any other way, which had Godric and I staring at each other with raised eyebrows.

Whatever just happened, the link was there now, however faintly, and Sookie could keep track of both Jessica and her emotions. Hell, knowing Sookie, she would probably get a lot more use out of one or two drops than the rest of us would get with a full bond.

“Good, Jessica. Now this is what we’re gonna do,” she purred, causing both Pam and I to salivate with lust. Aggressiveness, fangs, and purring equaled very sexy Sookie. Godric was nearly overflowing with mirth because of our emotions. Sookie didn’t react, she was still only feeling three emotions.

“We’re gonna take care of you, teach you, and respect you. Eric has decided that, while you are here, Pam will sponsor you. Do you understand what that means?” Sookie asked. Jessica immediately shook her head and Pam shot me a questioning glance. She wasn’t against it, she was just extremely surprised. I sent her my assent with a very big shot of confidence in her and pride in her abilities. Her lips twitched and she shot back gratitude and agreement. She would do it, she would sponsor Jessica.

“It means that Pam will take over the role as your maker until Bill comes back. She will teach you all of the things Bill did not and more. She will protect you as if you are her own blood, as if she had turned you herself. Everyone in this room will treat you like a member of this bloodline. If, at some point, you decide you want Pam to be your permanent maker, Eric has agreed to let her consider it. If you both grow on each other, Pam will accept you as her progeny, Jessica. There is a ceremony in which Pam can take over and you will have a bond with her. Your bond with Bill will simply fizzle away. You don’t have to decide anythin’ about that tonight, or even this month. Just treat her with respect. Treat everyone here with respect. In return, we will treat you the same and more. We will protect you. I will treat you as if you are a member of my bloodline, and no one insults my bloodline in front of me,” she purred, explaining to Jessica she would protect her in exactly the same way she had protected Pam.

We could all see the eagerness in Jessica’s eyes as she heard that statement. She wanted that, Sookie’s protection and her respect. In fact, I didn’t think even human blood would’ve distracted her in that moment. She wanted to please Sookie more than anything. That one look gave me pause and had me wondering if a newborn vamp could properly be a sponsored maker to another one. I’d have to discuss it with Godric, who might think I was idiotic for even considering it. “Is this acceptable to you, Jessica?” Sookie finished, but asked the most important thing since Jessica walked in the door.

Sookie barely finished speaking when Jessica said, “Yes, yes it is,” in a frenzied rush.

“I’m glad, I really am. I would love to have someone with your potential in my bloodline, so I hope you take to us all well,” Sookie confessed honestly and retracted her fangs. Fairy Sookie hadn’t disappeared this time, so as soon as Sookie brought down her levels of rage, her emotions came flooding back, and she was full of joy and excitement, appreciation for the baby vamp in front of her, eagerness to add someone to the bloodline, and relief that Jessica had agreed to Pam’s sponsorship. Jessica, who could now slightly feel Sookie’s emotions thanks to the blood tear, stared at her with both shock and awe. We could all tell just by her face that Jessica had never felt such positive emotions directed towards her before. She launched herself at Sookie again, wrapping herself up in Sookie’s arms.

Another blood tear slipped down her cheek as she whispered, “Thank you, Sookie. Thank you for making me put things into perspective, for actually teaching me, and thank you for letting me feel this- this- whatever the hell it is I’m feeling from you.”

Sookie laughed and patted her back. “You’re welcome, Jess. Stick around and you’ll discover a much more positive side to life as a vampire than you have experienced up until this point.”

Jessica nodded and smiled before finally releasing her. Godric stepped up and approached them. He reached out a hand to Jessica, who grabbed his hand in return. He pulled it closer to him and gently brought his other hand up to pat it as he introduced himself, “Jessica, I’m Sookie and Eric’s maker, Godric. I’m very glad you have chosen to let Pam sponsor you. Let’s get you some donor blood and talk a bit about what happened tonight.”

She nodded gratefully, more than ready for a drink and a moment to process.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 12: Blood of My Blood

  1. I agree; she is amazing. Glad he reintereated the not telling Pam part. While I wouldn’t balk them telling CH Pam about her, I despised AB’s Pam.

    Well at least Pam has respect for Godric. Wow Sookie smacking down Jessica over Pam…thats interesting. Glad Jessica is hearing how lousy scumbill is. He warped her thinking all throughout the series.


  2. Have to hope Pam is on the right path. Have to agree with theladykt about the versions of Pam. AB made her a selfish jealous bitch, very unlike canon.


  3. oh my , i think Pam just learned not to mess with Sookie. but it is great that the bloodline is accepting of Jessica, she was so lost in the show and she never really learned anything except by chance, Bill sucked as a maker… and to have the backing of Godric will be a good thing. KY

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