Chapter 7: Bloodlust


Hello, hello again. Shaboom, Shaboom.

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I was feeling very grateful at the moment. I was grateful that Sookie’s inner predator was no longer being directed at me, grateful Godric had reopened the bond, grateful Sookie had forgiven me, grateful they hadn’t decided to up and leave Louisiana after my stupid and idiotic stunt, grateful Sookie was no longer punishing me, and even grateful Godric had turned her. Now I had an eternity of Sookie Stackhouse to look forward to and that both excited me and pleased me to no end. Currently, I was just grateful for any and all things Sookie Stackhouse.

I spent another moment crouching before Sookie, just staring at her pretty face. Gods, she really was beautiful- and not just her looks and her character, even her emotions were breathtaking. I must’ve spent just a moment too long staring at her because she emotionally blushed again and shifted uncomfortably, then pointed at the cooler in my hand and asked, “What’s that?”

“Blood,” I answered. All movement ceased, her fangs immediately dropped, and her eyes zeroed in on the cooler. My lust immediately hit the roof, my own fangs dropped like there was a direct line between hers and mine, and I released a breath.

See? Simply breath-taking.

Of course, Sookie was oblivious to my response because she was too focused on the blood, but I think even Godric was turned on by the reactions of his two progenies.

“I thought it would be a good idea to bring some blood back with me. Drinking helps us focus a little more and settle ourselves after emotions have been running… high,” I added as I opened the cooler. My eyes were still trained on Sookie though and if my fangs hadn’t already dropped, they definitely would’ve when she licked her lips.


“What type?” she purred and I nearly came. I suddenly, and very clearly, understood why she loved it when I purred. Damn, my new vampire sister was hot.

“Well, Godric’s favorite is AB positive, so I brought that just in case you’re the apple that didn’t fall far from the tree. I also brought mine, B negative,” I said as I pulled out one of each.

Sookie moaned.

I nearly dropped the bags and her hands shot out to steady them. She growled at me and hissed out, “Careful.”

Part of me wanted to forget the blood and devour her and the other part of me wanted to drop the bags just to see what she would do.

Sookie took the choice from me when she pulled the B negative out of my hand and said, “I’ll take the B negative, Eric. Thank you.”

She had yet to look up from the blood or she probably would’ve noticed the tent I had pitched in my pants. She sank her fangs into the bag without hesitation and began drinking the blood while I handed Godric the AB positive and fished out another B negative, all without taking my eyes from her. They were nice and warm since I’d decided to heat them up while I was waiting to be called back into the room. After my own little panic attack (okay, that was a lie- it was a big, big panic attack), I needed some blood myself and figured Sookie would as well.

She was beautiful when she fed. The way her throat moved was sensual, her eyes had closed in ecstasy, and she released the most erotic moans I had ever heard in my existence as she drank. I wanted to sweep her up in my arms, vamp her to my resting place, tie her to my bed, and make her repeat those moans for very different reasons until dawn took us. I continued to watch as I sank my own fangs into a bag of blood and inhaled deeply when I scented her arousal.

They both could’ve smelled my own the moment her fangs dropped.

I was still drinking when she finished and opened her eyes and met my own. I hadn’t moved from the spot in front of her, so we were only inches apart. Honestly? I wanted to be even closer. I hadn’t planned on being this close as we fed when I was warming up the blood; I appeared to just have luck on my side tonight. And I considered myself even luckier when I could feel her rising lust as she watched me finish draining the bag in my hands. When I finished, I put the bag away with one hand, grabbed Sookie by the back of the neck with the other, and brought her to me for another searing kiss.

I thought she tasted delicious the first time but now her mouth was still coated with my favorite type of blood and the combination made me moan. We licked the inside of each other’s mouths clean of blood before I remembered how the last kiss ended and started to gently pull back before Godric could pointlessly clear his throat again.

Finally, we broke away from each other and I searched Sookie’s face for a reaction. I had recently pissed her off and I hadn’t meant to push the boundaries again so soon, so I wanted to gauge how much shit I was in this time. Sookie, though, had her eyes still focused on my mouth and you could color me surprised when she reached out and grabbed the collar of my jacket and yanked me back towards her so she could lick the corner of my mouth free of blood. I may have growled in response.

See? Lucky.

She finally released her grip and met my eyes. I didn’t see any hesitation, anger, or annoyance in them. If anything, I was pretty sure she was still turned on. That was more than fine with me because I was still turned on too.

“Would you like another, Sookie?” I asked her hoarsely. Please say yes.

She nodded and I whipped a second bag out at vamp speed.

She kept her eyes firmly planted on mine while she drank the next three bags. And she didn’t moan any less. The only way I would’ve felt more satisfied with my meal was if I was feeding from Sookie’s thigh, vampire blood or not.

The only downside to drinking this intimately was that she definitely would’ve been thrown into bloodlust if Godric hadn’t been suppressing her rising levels of lust. I wouldn’t have minded, but I think Sookie wouldn’t have appreciated having sex this soon after I pissed her off. It wouldn’t have been considered make-up sex because we weren’t a couple.

Though I desperately hoped we would be soon.

As it was, I was just thankful Godric hadn’t asked me to step back or leave the room to keep her from losing control. If he had, there was a very high possibility I would’ve lost control instead. No way in hell would I let anyone remove me when Sookie Stackhouse was looking at me like that and making those delicious noises, which was something Godric obviously realized because he hadn’t said a word about it.

I think I was still in some sort of Sookie-induced feeding trance when she finished her last bag of blood and handed it to me to place with the rest in the cooler. We still hadn’t broken eye contact and I was very tempted to help her clean the blood from her lips again, but didn’t want to push her pass the limits of her control, when Godric snapped me out of it with a tug on the bond and a call of my name.

“Eric, perhaps you could dispose of the bags for us while Sookie takes a minute to gather her control?” he asked, but his tone obviously brokered no room for argument. I smirked at him and received a healthy dose of his amusement in response before I nodded, retracted my fangs, and turned back to Sookie. I winked at her as I shut the lid of the cooler and picked it up.

She growled and my fangs dropped again. Screw it, I thought. They were going to stay right where they were for a while. I chuckled to myself about that fact as I stood up and walked out the door. I planned to have dinner with Sookie every night for a long, long time to come.

I spent about five minutes out in the bar cleaning things up and organizing the mess that had been left when the fangbangers fled the club before Sookie’s levels of lust had lowered enough for them both to be satisfied and I felt a dual tug on my bond and mirth in my veins, indicating they were ready for me to join them again.

My eyes found Sookie’s immediately after I shut the door behind me and locked it (figuring we were finally going to have the discussion that they shepherded me away for). I searched her face and her blood for any signs of discomfort, regret, or embarrassment as I made my way back to the desk to sit down. I was relieved to find none and, once again, hope began to worm its way into my system that maybe she really wasn’t interested in that antebellum jackass who’d claimed her anymore. I was keeping my mental fingers crossed but also refused to bring him up in case I broke the vampiric spell that had settled over the bar and she remembered she loved him again. I’m not sure I could deal with that for eternity.

“Well, Sookie,” I purred as I leaned forward in my chair and laced my hands together on the desk in front of me. “If I had known dining with you would be that enjoyable, I would’ve invited you out for a drink months ago.”

She rolled her eyes at me and quipped, “Somehow I think you would’ve found it less satisfying without my fangs.”

“I disagree,” I protested, as did my blood. “With a scent like yours, I think I would’ve found it just as tasty with human blood in your veins.”

She snickered and mirth bloomed across our tie and my lips kicked up at the intensity of it. Apparently, she found that funny. Maybe I wasn’t losing my touch after all.

“I used to think you had no sense of humor,” I said honestly with my lips twitching as I fleetingly raised my finger in her direction before lacing my hands back together. I was wrong, very, very wrong. The level of mischief in her blood was greater than my own.

“And I used to think you were made of cold, hard stone,” she shot back immediately. My eyebrows shot up to my hairline. I had not known that. I was oddly conflicted about successfully fooling this specific 25 year old human. Godric snickered at us. Or at me, I wasn’t really sure at this point.

“And now?” I asked, generally curious now that she could feel my presence in her blood.

She paused for a moment before saying, “You’re a big faker.” She shrugged and added, “You feel.” Then she spoke incredibly softly, like she was talking to herself, “You’re deep.”

Shit. She was gonna make me blush.

“I’m glad you think so, because I was beginning to doubt it myself,” I joked before she could add anything else that’d make me react in the tie. I looked away from her as I considered how utterly bored I was before I met Sookie Stackhouse. I probably would have fit her descriptor before then. I probably would’ve fit it to a tee the night she walked into my club. Godric’s laughter brought me back and I smirked at him before bringing us back to the main topic of… well, whatever it was we were supposed to be talking about.

“My progeny will be returning in about an hour, master,” I said to get the ball rolling.

“Where is Pam anyway?” Sookie asked.

“I had a visit from the Queen and the Magister before you two showed up. I sent Pam on a few errands to get her the hell away from them,” I admitted truthfully and crossed my arms. My eyes flitted between the two of them for a second before they settled on Godric. Sookie seemed content to just shoot the breeze, which I would’ve been happy to do with her any time, but we only had an hour to get the big stuff out of the way.

“We will come back to that, Eric,” Godric said. I nodded, so he continued, “As I was saying before your stunt earlier,” I grimaced and shot apology to Sookie, “Sookie is unique. Not only did Sookie rise with self-control over both her emotions and the blood, she apparently rose with several gifts.”

My eyebrow rose ever so slightly as I turned to look at her and asked, “Really?” She nodded and I pressed further, “Besides the shielding ability you used during the hunt?”

“Yes,” she said. “We actually didn’t learn about that until later, when Godric was teaching me how to track.”

“Interesting timing since it makes you untraceable,” I quipped. I beckoned her with a hand as I said, “Come. Out with it, lover, what other gifts do you have?” The lover part just slipped out accidentally, but I’m glad it did. A little thrill ran through her, her lust shot up, and she shivered. My lips kicked up at her completely involuntary response, but we both decided not to draw attention to her reaction and pretended we didn’t notice it. Godric, of course, had no such qualms and burst out laughing. Sookie emotionally blushed again and sent Godric her embarrassment in an attempt to shut him up, but only got more mirth shot at her instead. I chuckled and sent her affection when she started to feel overly self-conscious and she smiled.

Godric continued for a silent Sookie when she very firmly shut her mouth (I’m guessing she was afraid of her fangs dropping) and no amount of tugging on the bond or encouragement from our maker could get her to say another word, “You are aware Sookie was not completely human before she was turned, Eric. Yes?”

I slowly turned my head in Sookie’s direction to meet her eyes as I answered reluctantly, “Yes.” I’d never had the chance to discuss this with her before and I didn’t trust Compton with that knowledge. Her eyebrows shot up and hurt briefly flickered in the tie before she pulled herself back, not cutting me off but still distancing herself from me so I couldn’t feel her as clearly. I tensed and clenched my jaw as my frustration flared to the point that I knew she could feel it while I reached out through the tie towards her and explained, “Sookie, I didn’t know what you were. I just knew that you weren’t human from your scent and your telepathy.”

She relaxed a little and allowed me to pat and soothe her emotionally. “Oh, and by the fact that you couldn’t be glamoured,” I added as an afterthought. I didn’t know why this would be humorous, but apparently Godric and Sookie found it incredibly hilarious that I tried to glamour her and, even though they kept completely emotionless faces, my blood absolutely buzzed and sizzled from the amount of mirth they found in my admission. Amusement actually whizzed and bounced back and forth between them in the bond. I had no idea Sookie had such a poker-face and found myself even more grateful I could now feel her emotions.

“Godric?” I asked while tugging on his bond to get his attention. Honestly, sometimes he had the attention of a baby vamp. “You were saying? Her gifts?”

“Yes,” he said after he settled down somewhat and quickly glanced at Sookie to reaffirm her permission to reveal this to me, or so I assumed. “Sookie was Fae.”

My fangs dropped and my mouth watered. It was the typical reaction from a vampire to the word “Fairy,” much like the bell was for Pavlov’s dogs.

“Bullshit,” I challenged. “I would’ve drained her.” Sookie was sweet, but not that sweet.

“Sookie?” Godric asked while keeping his eyes on me. He tugged on the bond and she responded by pushing agreement and an ocean’s worth of trust towards him. He reacted by pushing strength, security, and pride towards her. “Reveal your true scent, child.”

Before I even had a chance to respond to the fact that Sookie could alter her scent, it disappeared. Somehow she had masked her scent alone and separated it from everything else she could also shield. Then the most delicious, mouthwatering, tantalizing, ambrosia-like aroma bloomed in the air. I was out of my seat with Sookie swept up in my arms before I even realized she had released it. I tenderly caressed her everywhere while I buried my nose in her hair and rumbled louder than a blissful panther, making delightful, happy vampire noises.

Sookie,” I purred as I grazed the sensitive spot behind her ear with my lips. “When you smell like this, I just want to fuck you and bite you and rub myself all over you.”

Before, when I had labeled her scent the best scent in the world, it was dominated by Godric’s earthy scent of untouched forests and fresh soil topped by pure sunshine, wheat, and honey. Now it was reversed, and when I closed my eyes I was back in my homeland, looking out at the fields with the sun beating down on my face as my mother baked loaves of bread inside. This was my favorite scent in the world.

I ran my nose along her shoulder, throat, and jaw before taking her earlobe between my teeth and gently nibbling on it, which made her giggle. Feeling emboldened by that reaction, it seemed I thought it wise (honestly I couldn’t actually think at all and was reacting to Sookie on a completely instinctive level, and apparently I instinctively wanted to molest her) to flick my tongue out and taste her ear. I could feel her physically tremble in my arms and her lust for me rise, so I dragged my lips from her ear back down to her neck and scented her throat and shoulder again a couple times before pressing open-mouthed kisses along the crook of her neck so I could lick her skin and suck on it gently. She tasted like sunlight and I moaned. I wanted more. I started dragging my fangs across her jugular, stopping to flick my tongue out, suck on, and nibble any particularly tasty areas while I dropped my hands to her ass and squeezed her firmly. She whimpered in my hold and was turned on enough that her fangs dropped.

I pushed her up against the wall and slid my leg between her thighs while squeezing her ass again and grew incredibly frustrated when she didn’t get the hint and wrap her legs around my waist, but I couldn’t take my mouth away from her skin long enough to tell her what I wanted. Her arousal flooded the room, making her scent even more delicious, like a siren’s call, and I reached down to the part of her that was calling out to me and stroked the front of her pants. She whimpered again and added that sinful moan of hers before biting her lip, which had me dragging my head up from her throat and pulling her lip between my own teeth to suck on for a second before I scolded her for biting it by growling out, “MINE!” She nodded with wide eyes, and since I had her acceptance that only I could bite her lip, I returned to “my spot” on her neck and licked it slowly and began to suck on it in order to prepare it for my fangs.

Apparently my overly-possessive growling was enough to clear Sookie’s head sufficiently to see through the lust and her delicious scent disappeared. I growled again in frustration, but the taste of her skin was still magnificent enough to keep me glued to “my spot” and continuing my ministrations with my fangs. At least until I realized she was frantically pulling on my tie with her and when I went to sink my fangs into her neck, I couldn’t even try. The shock was enough for my lust to come down a notch and my head to come up for air, which I gasped down like a man who’d been drowning. I then quickly realized Godric was speaking to me, had commanded me not to bite Sookie, and had a restraining hand on my shoulder.

I shook my head to clear away the last of the residual sunshine that had apparently fried my brain and realized I was still pinning her to the wall, grabbing her ass, and stroking her. I very slowly released her butt and slowed my ministrations on her front. I thought it would be cruel to stop when she was this close to climaxing but quickly realized she might not forgive me for making her climax in front of Godric when I couldn’t even blame my actions on her scent anymore. Instead, I opted for bringing her down gently so I didn’t shock her more than I already had tonight. When she realized I was coming back to myself she looked up at me with concern.

I grinned wickedly at her before dipping my head to press a very tender kiss to her mouth and taste her one last time before I stopped my stroking completely, reached up to sink both of my hands into her hair, and deepened the kiss a little before finally pulling back (I didn’t know if she would let me within a mile of her after this moment, so I had to kiss her one last time before she banned me from her presence). I then placed a chaste peck on her very bitable lips and joked by repeating my line from earlier, “Forgive me, sister. I apologize. I had no reason to doubt your word and your Fae abilities… and you are most definitely Fae.”

I was sending my thanks to the gods when she laughed and playfully pushed at my shoulders instead of slapping me. I backed away slowly, which meant removing my leg from between her thighs and comically watched her slide down about eight inches until her toes finally reached the floor. My hands then shot out to grab her hips to steady her when she kept sliding because her knees had given out. I sent her my mirth, because- come on- we hadn’t even had sex and she couldn’t walk, to which she just responded with an open mouth and wide eyes. Godric thought it was funny though. He laughed too.

When she was finally steady enough to stand on her own and no longer in danger of ending up a heap of limbs on the floor, I slowly released her and backed away, unable to break my eye contact with her. She was not reacting the way I expected her to, so I didn’t know whether to feel encouraged or concerned. Human Sookie would’ve slapped me, probably twice, and stormed out of the room. But this was not Human Sookie. This was Vampire Sookie. Or Fairy Sookie. This was Faepire Sookie, and I had no idea what to do with that. I knew what I could potentially do with that, but not how to handle it.

“Were you always this potent? Could you always alter your scent like that?” I asked intently. If she could, it would definitely explain Bill Compton’s overly possessive behavior with her. On the other hand, her blood had most definitely not smelled that rich or Pam, Chow, Bill, and I wouldn’t have been able to control ourselves around it.

Apparently, Sookie still couldn’t speak, so she just shook her head and Godric stepped in for her. I still couldn’t take my eyes off her and I think she was experiencing the same issues because she didn’t even blink as she stared back at me. She finally retracted her fangs though.

“No, her blood was not nearly as potent when I turned her. I believe Sookie used to be a human-fairy hybrid, which is why you didn’t realize she was Fae. It appears the transition and the strength of my blood awakened and strengthened her essential spark. It wasn’t until after she was turned and I tasted one of her tears the night she rose-“

“Tears?” I interrupted. “I thought she didn’t grieve when she rose?” They both ignored me. Apparently that was classified.

“-that I realized she was Fae and the taste was purer. Instead of dying with her heartbeat, her spark grew stronger. I think her spark somehow filters her blood and restores the fairy potency. I expressed my concern over the taste and her scent and Sookie, concerned others may hold her captive for her taste-” I growled, “wished she could mask her scent and bottle it up. It then disappeared entirely and we’ve been playing around with it since until we found the right combination to depict what she should smell like if she were an average vampire.”

Sookie whimpered. I cocked my head and threw the tie under a microscope to analyze her reaction. She felt extremely vulnerable at the moment. She felt like a freak of nature, an abomination, an outcast who couldn’t even die properly. She was beating herself up for not being normal, not being the “average” vampire and was full of self-loathing. I had her back in my arms before Godric’s first bout of reassurance and affection had even reached her side of the bond and began stroking her hair as I sent her my own affection, appreciation, reassurance, strength, security, awe of her abilities, gratefulness she was alive (undead), assurance that she was not a freak but a gift, and agreement that she was not average, she was extraordinary. I wasn’t really monitoring everything I sent, so I guess I pushed my lust for her and possessiveness of her too because her fangs dropped and she growled.

“You are extremely possessive,” she muttered.

“Only for Sookie,” I quipped and sent her my sheepish apology while Godric laughed. This time I didn’t give her the opportunity to protest when I sat down on the couch with Godric, I angled myself to face him and settled her in my lap. She curled up in it like she belonged there, wrapped her arms around my neck, and tucked her head into my throat tiredly. Vampires didn’t get tired physically (until sunrise anyway), but we did get weary emotionally, and this had been one long-ass, emotional night for the baby vamp in my arms. I gently ran my hands over her back in a continuous motion and she melted into me. I smiled, pressed my lips to her hair, and looked back up at Godric. He was watching her and smiled tenderly at her too.

“Why didn’t you react the way I did?” I asked him. He had seemed completely collected and unaffected by her scent and I hadn’t felt Godric struggling for control.

“I’m not really sure,” he confessed. “I think there are two possibilities. Either it is because I’m her maker or because we share a bond. Perhaps it could be both. Her blood tastes delicious to me, but only fractionally more potent than it was at the time of her death. I can smell the difference in the potency, but it’s similar to the way a human smells a rose compared to a daisy. It smells incredibly sweeter, but doesn’t really affect me.’

“Though, I am surprised with how you reacted. I didn’t realize there was that drastic a change in her scent and I thought if anything you would be tempted to drain her immediately rather than… physically taste her in the way in which you had attempted. I issued the command immediately after she released her scent because I could tell you were no longer capable of reason and were reacting solely on your instincts. She was never in any danger of being bitten and drained. The instincts you were reacting on though were… interesting.”

I had my own theories on why my instincts were to sate myself with her body instead of her blood. It was because I had never been solely interested in Sookie for her scent. My desire for her had nothing to do with her blood- it was just an added bonus. I wanted her. My instincts were driving me to claim her. I was positive Godric knew this, but I was not about to announce that to Sookie. She would just roll her eyes at me and call me a caveman.

“Do you think that’s how other vampires will react? Like Eric did?” Sookie hesitantly asked from her spot tucked away between my neck and shoulder.

I immediately tensed and growled. Possessiveness and the need to protect ignited in my blood. I did not like the idea of hundreds of vampires swarming her in an attempt to claim Sookie’s body. She was mine, damn it. She just hadn’t realized it yet.

“I would tear them a part before they even got to you,” I snarled. Godric and Sookie both laughed and Sookie slapped my shoulder, which made me growl again. A much sexier growl. She shivered and I purred. Godric just chuckled.

“I don’t believe so, Sookie. I think Eric’s reaction was unique to him. I think all others would be quick to bite and sate their thirst for your blood first, and they will not be nearly as gentle, which is why you must always maintain the altered scent we came up with,” Godric stressed. I completely agreed.

He turned to me and added, “Luckily, the ability to mask her scent also seems to apply to her blood, not just her body. So vampires will only be sent into a feeding frenzy if they taste her blood or smell her true scent. She will not be at risk of driving anyone to bloodlust by being injured.”

That was lucky. We would not be able to keep this secret if bleeding revealed what she was. She was vampire, eventually she would be injured. Even if she was incredibly careful and cautious, she couldn’t stop herself from bleeding in front of others for eternity.

“You both reacted wisely in that situation,” I commented. Sookie peeked up at me and had confusion written all over her face. “If Godric had tried to take you from me or pull me away from you, I would’ve seen it as a challenge and lashed out violently. In reality I was very gentle with you, very aggressive, but very gentle. Even though I was gentle with you, I was in the throes of bloodlust. My capacity for higher reasoning had been switched off and I was one hundred percent vampire, one hundred percent predator, in that moment. I would’ve fought with Godric until the true death, and if you had shielded yourself and used that nifty little trick you have to disappear physically and emotionally, it would’ve thrown me into a rage.’

“Fortunately, you were able to throw off your own escalating bloodlust and shut off your scent, so I was able to pay attention to our tie. If you had tried to defend yourself physically, it’s possible I would’ve reacted violently and viciously. Reaching out through the blood was the most intelligent thing you could’ve done to bring me back quickly, Sookie.” I sent her affection, praise, and awe of her instincts as I spoke to her. She thanked me by caressing the bond again and, like always, I purred.

“I realized you were in bloodlust, Eric. And when you claimed ownership of my lip,” Sookie said while rolling her eyes and sending us both all the mirth she felt at that stunt, “I also realized you had to come back to yourself if we had any chance of stopping you. You were way too possessive in that moment to try anything else.”

Godric and I both sent her pride for that. We sent pride for thinking rationally, pride for being able to throw off bloodlust (and if it had been anyone but Sookie, I would’ve said NO baby vampire could escape that level of bloodlust), and pride that she kept in control instead of panicking. I may not have been able to bite her, but so many other things could’ve gone wrong because Godric hadn’t realized how potent Sookie’s scent had become.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 7: Bloodlust

  1. EPOV: Seems like a way to a girl’s heart may be through her stomach too. LOL.
    Glad they are trusting E with the information. oooh yummy reaction to her scent.
    Love this more rational Sookie


  2. Thanks, I now have the “Shaboom” song stuck in my head, and we’re both showing our ages! LOL! I so agree with you! I beta for several FF writers, and there are two with whom I’ve had the opportunity to write Eric. He really is so much fun and there are just endless possibilities with that personality!! Getting into his head and just employing his attitude? Love it! I’d rather write him than any other character, so on the chance that my muse ever decides to show up again, I’ll be writing strictly EPOVs.

    LMAO! Eric’s got it bad! It’s so amusing to read of him showing so much emotion given that he’s typically quite impassive and I’m thoroughly enjoying your depiction of him and the hint of things to come! I love your Sookie! She’s a far different cry than the usual emotionally immature ones depicted in other fics and I think you’ve captured a part of her that many overlook in her character, whether human, Fae, or vampire! Even Faepire! That cracks me up! This Godric is the best I’ve even seen characterized, even 7 chapters in and I’m looking forward to so much more from him. I can’t wait for Pam’s first appearance. I’m sure her first words will be “Fuck a Zombie!” or something along those lines! She’s sure to be stunned seeing as she never much cared for her! Ok, onto more of this exciting tale!

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    • Yeah Eric is definitely more emotional in this fic, but I think that’s mainly because all of his emotions are being felt with the blood by his bloodline, even when he’s in Sherriff mode, and we don’t often have that insight. However, around those not of his bloodline, he still wears that mask that we saw so much of in True Blood. When he’s speaking to the Magister or out in the club, he keeps his face locked down, it just feels like he doesn’t because we’re getting a constant read of his emotions, even in public. He does start to relax that public mask bit by bit in future chaps though without even being aware he’s doing it.

      Thanks for that review! I loved it! I’m glad you like Godric in this fic. I always thought a happier Godric would be similar to this one (hence why I wrote him that way, lol).

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Each chapter is a treat, reading Eric’s POV is especially nice since canon was told exclusively from Sookie’s perspective and subsequently we never knew what Eric was thinking. The fallacy of single person POV is just that, we only have the narrator’s view of what is happening.

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