Chapter 26: Feeling the Pull


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Last night, when I glamoured Alcide, I had incorporated his direction to forget my glamouring ability into the liquid mirror block, so Alcide would literally be glamouring himself about my ability to glamour until I decided to destroy the block, if I ever did. He would never remember us talking about it tonight even if I did take it down one day, because that had been what I had glamoured him to do, forget.

Godric told him nothing happened but explained I managed to overhear some news about a blood pack gathering the next night and we’d tell him all the details back at his place. He then thanked him profusely for his help. Alcide waved off the thanks, said he actually enjoyed it, and took us back to the complex.

When we got back to the apartment, it really only took us about a half hour to pack up all the equipment and explain what we knew about Debbie’s engagement party/initiation ceremony and convince Alcide he had to go back to Lou Pines and catch it on film. Unfortunately, telling him this also meant telling him Debbie was a bloodhead, a hardcore V addict, and that just broke his heart. We honestly persuaded him into helping us by pointing out how we’d be helping her; we’d be taking away her source and getting rid of her master. He was all on board with that.

Since the bar closed at two in the morning and it only took us ten minutes to get back, it was still a couple hours before dawn. Alcide told us goodnight and went to bed while we settled on the couch and entertained ourselves with the TV. While we watched, I checked in on all my connections. I could feel with my blood that Jess and Pam were still at Fangtasia and Eric had gone back to the cabin. From their levels of concentration, I would guess that Pam and Jess were working on editing and compiling the recordings. When I focused on Eric though, I couldn’t really tell what he was doing. I dug further in and realized he’d shielded his emotions again, just like two nights before when he shut down on me. I bit my lip and focused on nothing but him, trying to get a read, and grew more and more concerned when I couldn’t.

After only about five minutes of worrying away next to Godric, he turned to me and caught my attention with a smile. He ran his fingers over my cheek gently, pushed a lock of hair behind my ear, and softly said, “You’ve done me very proud tonight, child. Why don’t you take the rest of the night for yourself?”


I turned my attention to our bond and could feel a layer of worry sprinkled throughout his side as well. Godric had noticed Eric’s lack of emotions too. He gave me an unreadable look while sending me understanding and a little push of encouragement, but I still didn’t really understand what he was getting at.

“But… what am I supposed to do alone in Jackson?” I asked and injected my confusion into the bond.

He simply smiled again and mischief filled our connection before he suggested, “You could always pop in on a friend?”

My stomach flip-flopped at the idea and I gave Godric my own smile of mischief. I wanted to check in with Eric and Godric knew it. He was also worried about him, but he was releasing me for the night to go alone, to give me and Eric a little time together. I hadn’t had more than a couple of minutes alone with Eric since we arrived in Louisiana and I’d love nothing more.

“Of course, I’d shield my ties with Jessica and Pam if I were you, otherwise your visit may be interrupted by two vampires wanting to know how you got to Louisiana so quickly,” he then suggested.

“You’d be okay with me leavin’ you here, Godric?” I asked quietly. We’d gone everywhere together since he turned me. I hadn’t left his side in a month.

He gave me another smile and cupped my cheek, “Yes, Sookie. I am 2,000 years old. I can handle a couple hours alone.”

I flooded him with mirth and he chuckled before sending me more encouragement and the “Green light.” I shot him a soft smile as I reigned in my light, pulling it into my core and disappearing from view while putting filters on all my ties in Louisiana to shield my location from them gradually, so they wouldn’t immediately notice and become alarmed. Just as I was about to pop away, Godric murmured, “Take care of him, Sookie.”

I popped directly into Eric’s bedroom, where I could feel his presence, chuckling to myself when my sweetened scent from earlier hit my nose. Eric was sitting on the edge of his Viking-sized bed, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees and staring off into space. I took a quick peek into his thoughts and realized he was replaying memories of the night he lost his family and parts of his search for their murderer. I should’ve realized how hard this would be for him, how hard it would be to finally find the man responsible for the deaths of his parents and baby sister. It had to be tearing him up to know who it was and not be able to immediately take his vengeance. It must’ve been killing him to stay in Shreveport when he finally knew who the blood master was and where he was. If Eric didn’t wait though, he would do something rash and dangerous. Going in now, without a plan, would only end badly and put Godric and me at risk since we’d been tasked with finding Bill and needed to get into Russell’s compound.

I walked over to stand in front of Eric, still shielded, and dropped to my knees to study his face. Eric’s features were grim and unyielding. He was trying to push everything away, only his eyes gave away his grief. Slowly, I reached up and cupped his face between my hands. He startled, not having felt me nearby, and then realization dawned on him and his lips twitched. I stroked his cheek and he brought his hands up to lay them over mine before sliding them down to my wrists and closing his fingers around them. A blood tear spilled down his cheek and I leaned forward, moving closer, and placed my lips on his skin to catch the tear and swallow it.

“Min älskare,” he sighed, his breath ghosting across my ear as he let go of my wrists to wrap his arms around me, clutching me closer and tucking me into him. [My lover]

I released my light again and moved my own arms to wrap them around his neck with my lips still pressed to his cheek as my features shimmered and shifted with light, briefly glowing until I was visible once again.

He tucked his head into the crook of my neck and pulled me even closer, pulling me between the v of his legs to bring me flush against his body as he breathed out, “A thousand years, Sookie. A thousand years of searching and I don’t think I can wait another minute to put them to rest.”

“Yes, you can, Eric,” I whispered back and brought a hand up to slip my fingers in his hair and gently trail my nails across his scalp in a repetitive soothing motion. “If you could wait a thousand years, you can wait a couple days. You’re strong enough to do that and you know it. If you do somethin’ now, you’ll put us in danger, you’ll risk losin’ all the ground we’ve gained in the last couple nights and you know that too. Your family is already at rest, Eric. They’ve been at rest for a thousand years. You’re just workin’ to put their memory to rest now, because they’re already in Valhalla. They’re no longer in pain, Eric, and I’m sure it’s tearin’ them up to see that you still are.”

He took a deep breath and shuddered in my arms and I could feel moisture on my neck and scent more blood tears. He pressed me closer and we stayed like that for a while, wrapped up in a bittersweet embrace. Slowly, he released the blood shield masking all his emotions from me, and just me, to allow me in. My heart ached when I felt all that pain, all that grief. Being taught to shut down, to stifle all his emotions hadn’t done Eric any good. His emotions didn’t disappear just because he refused to feel them, they piled up, backing up like a river that’d been dammed and now the pressure was too much. He’d refused to feel it all for a thousand years and now he had a thousand years’ worth of pain, grief, and despair weighing down on him.

I wanted to help him with it. I wanted to help him so badly. I reached across the tie and brought that grief into myself while I blanketed his emotions in a gentle shower of love. It wasn’t romantic love, I thought this would be a pretty shitty moment to lay that on him, but it was love all the same. I soothed away the ragged edges in the tie, sanding down the sharp and painful points with my mental fingers and buffed out the hurt while I poured affection, tenderness, warmth, and strength into the tie. I simultaneously pulled from it, absorbing as much of that pain and grief as I could into myself. With nowhere to go, my emotions began to darken, fold in on themselves, and Eric gasped and shuddered again against me as he choked out, “Sookie.”

He started pull back emotionally to shelter me from his pain, but I held firm and didn’t let him. When things became too dark for me, I opened my bond with Godric as wide as I could. I couldn’t help Eric battle all this grief by myself, but I wasn’t alone and neither was Eric. Godric immediately swung his side fully open in reaction to me and dipped his hands into the tie between me and Eric and scooped out as much grief as he could with both hands, pulling it into the bond and absorbing it into himself. Godric had a huge capacity for emotions. He was twice as old as Eric and could potentially handle twice as much. We worked together, draining Eric of all that poisonous grief and pushing strength and love into him in return.

“You are not alone, Eric. You never have to carry somethin’ like this alone, let us carry it with you,” I whispered and pushed him reassurance and reinforced our tie with the feeling of family and unity. He exhaled slowly and nodded before removing the blood shield he had around his bond with Godric. Shock rippled across both of our bonds with him for a second before Godric threw that bond wide open too and pulled from Eric directly while still scooping out the darker emotions from me. He then pushed strength, love, and frenzied affection at the both of us and caressed me with gratitude. When it looked like Eric’s grief was becoming more manageable, I focused on the wounds, the source of all this pain. He never dealt with it, suppressing it instead, so it had festered and would continue to produce this pain until it healed. All of these emotions would keep poisoning him unless we bandaged up the wound.

Once I found it, I pressed my mental fingers to it gently, touching softly to put pressure on it and stop the bleeding. He shuddered again and whimpered. It was too emotionally painful. There was too much pain, too much trauma, just like when I dealt with Lafayette’s PTSD. I pulled my arms tighter around Eric and he sank further into me while I focused on my light and directed it to the tie. It lit up with a warm, beautiful, and electric green, lacing sparks across it and soaking into him and his bonds. Awe and wonder radiated back towards me from Eric and Godric along with a healthy dose of love that made me purr.

My hands lit up along with the tie and I pushed that into Eric too. He relaxed against me, letting go of the strain and sinking into the warmth of our embrace and connection. Slowly, he raised his head and brought his gaze to mine. He studied my face like he was trying to memorize every feature to keep tucked away inside for eternity. The longer I used the light, the less hard and stony his face looked and the more relaxed and peaceful he became. His limbs loosened and he languidly lifted his hand, gingerly reaching out to touch my face and caress my lips with his fingertips. When I finally felt his wound knit closed and scar over, I reined in my light, gradually bringing down the intensity and brightness in the room until it was just two normal looking vampires instead of two freaky green glowsticks.

Now you could say we had a more natural, or supernatural, glow.

“Du är så vacker, min Sköldmö,” Eric murmured and leaned forward to kiss me before I could ask him what it meant. [You are so beautiful, my shieldmaiden.]

While he took my lips in a rough kiss, he lowered his hands to my waist and lifted me, pulling me into his lap. I dropped my knees on either side of him and brought both of my hands up to lace them together behind his neck. He tasted my mouth with firm, tantalizing strokes and slid his hands lower, trailing them down my legs to the edge of my dress and gently slipped them underneath, lingering with his fingers on my smooth legs. Slowly, he started bringing them higher and stopped when his left hand hit my knife sheath.

He broke the kiss and pulled back with a raised eyebrow, flipped up part of the skirt of my dress to look at it and chuckled, “You’re like a flower with hidden thorns.”

That had probably always been true about me. Who could tell just by looking at me I could read every dark secret any person ever had or shoot light from my hands?

He brought his face back to mine and kissed me softer than before, tenderly, as he expertly unlatched the sheath and tossed it off to the side of the room. While I lost myself in the feel of his lips, he resumed his path and pushed my dress up, sliding it over my body and briefly breaking away just long enough to drag it up over my head until I was clothed in nothing but red lingerie.

He slowed the rhythm of our kiss even more so he could pull back again and run his eyes over my body. His fangs dropped, making mine drop, and he thickly whispered, “Beautiful.”

I slid my own hands down from his neck to his jacket and pushed it back, freeing his arms from it before directing my attention to his shirt and removing that too.

Eric was definitely turned at his physical prime. I was a little jealous myself over how drool-worthy his sculpted abs were.

I settled my hands there and traced his muscles with my fingertips while Eric scented my shoulder and neck and nuzzled into me, teasing my skin with his lips while he unfastened my bra. He brought his lips back up to mine as he added it to the pile in the corner before returning his hands to my hips, hooking his fingers over the sides of my panties, and tearing them free to toss aside too.

He flipped our positions at vamp speed, shucking off his jeans as he moved, and set me gently on my back on the bed, never once breaking the kiss. As my lust grew, so did the intensity of the sensations I felt when Eric touched me. When he stroked his fingers down the length of my body, it felt like dozens of hands were running themselves across me, leaving my skin ablaze wherever he touched, and I couldn’t hold back a whimper. When he moved his lips down my jaw and neck and used his tongue to taste my skin, it felt like I was being taunted with the smoothest velvet and softest fur. When he reached down to caress me between my legs, I overloaded on pleasure and arched into him, moaning and shuddering with my release.

He smiled against my skin and purred as I panted needlessly and writhed beneath him before bringing his lips back to mine. I sank my hands into his hair, tugged gently, and teased him with my nails once more. He growled, sending delicious shivers down my spine, and deepened the kiss while his hands burned a path up my legs and over my sensitive hips to slide themselves beneath me so he could tuck his arms around my waist, pulling my body flush against his and causing the most delectable friction whenever we moved. He spent a moment just enjoying the skin on skin contact while we kissed, until I wrapped my legs around him and locked them at my ankles, pulling us impossibly closer. When I did that, he slipped his arms free again to bring one up to rest beside my head and brace himself on it while trailing the other back between us.

His lips left mine and I opened my eyes to stare into his fiery blue ones as he pushed into me, filling me deliciously and sending electric shocks down my spine. I nearly climaxed again when he entered me and my eyes fluttered closed in pleasure. He stilled when my lids closed and brought his hand up to cup my cheek and hoarsely pleaded, “Open your eyes, min älskare. Look at me. Look at me, Sookie, please.”

I opened my eyes and met his gaze, running my fingers down his cheek as I did. He pushed the rest of the way in, reaching so deep inside me that I had to marvel at how we fit, and we both groaned in appreciation. I felt so delectably full with him inside me, more complete than I had ever felt before. When he started to move, I moaned again and firmly dragged my nails down his back. He hissed but his lust sky-rocketed and his pace picked up, setting a drugging rhythm that made my mouth water. He captured my lips again and kissed me passionately as we moved together. My stomach gradually started to tighten once more and I felt my insides coil as we teased each other with our mouths. When I could feel myself hovering over the golden edge again, I tore my lips from his and trailed sensual kisses along his jaw and throat. I bit down when I came, gently pressing my fangs into his jugular and drank, relishing in the taste of rock salt and white chocolate. It was the most delicious blood I’d ever tasted.

He hissed out something in Swedish when I bit and trembled above me before locking himself in place, tightening all of his muscles and becoming as rigid as a board. I mapped out the taught ridges and planes of his back with my hands as I came down from my high. Having sated my thirst with his scrumptious blood, I retracted my fangs and hummed as I licked my marks clean. When I stopped pulling, Eric shook his head in disbelief, brought his lips back to mine for an almost desperate caress, kissing me feverishly, and started rolling his hips again, quickly whipping us back into a sexual frenzy by thrusting deeper into me than ever before and adding a sensual twist to his strokes that had me tightening my legs around him and shaking with pleasure.

The third time I started approaching a release, I’d had enough and decided Eric was coming with me. He was intentionally holding out, wanting to wring as many orgasms as he could from me before joining me. I could feel how badly he wanted to come when I bit him, and this time I wanted us both to be satisfied. As my stomach started to coil, I tightened my inner muscles around him and started flooding him with lust. His eyes widened when he felt them both and he threw out a curse. I cranked the lust up even more and tugged his head down to meet his mouth with mine and wrapped my tongue around his fangs as I robbed him of all his intentions to outpace me. He rumbled in pleasure against my lips and we saw fireworks at the same time. Both our bodies shuddered as we tumbled off that cliff, coming apart together in a tangled mess and heap of limbs. He most decidedly took revenge on me though when he broke our kiss to plant his fangs in my neck, making me instantly come again with his first pull, every vein in my body quivering as he sucked.

We hadn’t taken much from each other, just a couple small pulls each, enough to quench our thirst and strengthen our connection but not enough to make the tie nearly as strong as my bond with Godric.

After a couple sips, Eric retracted his fangs and languidly sealed the wounds before muttering, “Vixen.”

I laughed delightedly and argued, “You know you liked it.”

He pulled his head up to meet my gaze and grinned at me, not answering me but making me giggle anyways when blood very vocally hummed in agreement. Gently, he untangled our limbs and moved to lie next to me. I turned on my side to face him and he linked a hand with mine while he teasingly accused, “Everyone thinks you’re a darling, don’t they?”

“I am a darling,” I drawled, thickening my Southern accent, and batted my eyelashes.

Eric laughed and tugged me closer, bringing me to lie flush against him, like he wanted as much skin-to-skin contact as possible. He lazily ran his fingers up my thigh, over my hips, arm, and neck to push some hair behind my ear and sink his fingers into it, playing with my locks, and asked, “Why didn’t your blood affect me like your scent did? Drive me further into bloodlust?”

I trailed my own fingers along his face and lingered over the dimple in his chin as I softly answered, “Because I’m controllin’ the effects. I started manipulating everythin’ the moment you began drinkin’ from me. I tamped down on your lust and raised your concentration levels. I’m workin’ like the dickens right now to make sure you don’t feel drunk.”

He raised his eyebrows before closing his eyes and concentrating internally to analyze what my blood was doing. He opened them again to give me an incredulous look when he realized I really was manipulating the effects.

“We hadn’t shared any blood when I released my scent, I couldn’t hinder the side effects then,” I added.

He absorbed that for a minute and slowly nodded while pushing me understanding. He then dropped his hand from my hair to run his fingers over my neck, settling his eyes on my jugular. The sun was beginning to pull on him while he eyed my vein, tugging him toward his day-rest. I was surprised he hadn’t felt it earlier, honestly. It was now past dawn and the nearing sunrise was part of the reason I’d flooded him with lust, since there just wasn’t enough time to keep going- vampires had incredible stamina and could go at it for hours. After a moment of lethargic contemplation, he brought his eyes back to mine and flattened his hand on my throat, stroking it softly with his thumb as he said in a low voice, “When you get back from Mississippi, I want to exchange with you.”

Surprise rippled through me and I studied his eyes, making sure he wasn’t joking with me. I know I mentioned exchanging in the future the night I came back to Louisiana, but I didn’t think either one of us would be considering that for a long time. I wouldn’t have mentioned it all if I hadn’t felt how panicked he was after unintentionally hurting me and how worried he was Godric and I would leave the state. Bonding was incredibly sacred to vampires and even a first level bond was something very few of us ever did. It blew me away knowing Eric wanted that with me so soon. I turned my attention to his blood and analyzed it, needing to know he really meant it. Even more surprise shot through me when I discovered he did. I could feel in his blood how much Eric craved it, how much he wanted to be connected to me on that level.

If he wanted to bond with me that much, then Godric was right.

Eric loved me.

Hesitancy filled the tie as I was realizing all of this and he reluctantly whispered, “Sookie, if you don’t want-“

“Okay,” I interrupted, cutting off his silly attempt to let himself down easy.

His eyebrows shot to the sky and he doubtfully repeated, “Okay?”

“Okay,” I said and kissed him while drowning him in confidence to prove to him that I meant it, that I was sure. “We’ll exchange when I come back,” I clarified after I pulled back. I loved Eric, I was in love with Eric, and if he wanted to bond that soon, I wanted to too. I was already addicted to feeling his emotions and I was struggling to leave him alone during the day, so having a piece of him tucked inside me sounded perfect to me.

Apparently, Eric hadn’t really been expecting a yes when he asked me because disbelief swelled in the tie, quickly followed by wonder. Affection and tenderness then rose from our connection, washing over me in a gentle wave and making me purr.

He chuckled softly at the sound and traced my lips with his fingertips again before drowsily sighing out, “Min lilla lejoninna,” and sliding off to sleep.

Or to death.


I laid there for a while and snuggled into him, resting my head against his chest and wrapping an arm around him, reluctant to leave. After spending an hour in his arms and cloaking myself in the scent of saltwater and snowflakes, I got my ass in gear and finally pulled myself out of the bed and headed towards the bathroom. I climbed into the shower and took my time cleaning myself of the scent of sex and relishing in the feel of the water on my skin. Everything really was heightened when you rose and if I focused on the water as it hit my body, I could feel every single drop as it came into contact with me, gently thrumming against my skin. That feeling alone gave me delicious shivers.

When I hopped back out, I dried myself quickly and pulled my clothing out of the messy little pile Eric created, blushing when I realized he had literally torn my undies off me. I put everything back on, sans underwear, and secured my knife sheath to my thigh, which Godric had gifted to me in honor of my rising. When we discovered all the little extras I came with, he drilled it into my head that I would always need to be armed in case someone ever figured out what I was. The sheath itself was leather and the blade was made of silver, but the handle was a beautiful mother of pearl. He had the date I rose engraved on the blade with an inscription that said, “May we always save each other.”

Damn maker made me cry.

After I got dressed, I wrote a note to Eric telling him he owed me panties and stuck both the torn fabric and the note his hand. I swept the loose hair from his forehead, dropped a tender kiss to his lips, and popped back into my travel coffin. I listened with my mind to make sure everything was hunky dory and confirmed Godric was in his own coffin before I shifted into downtime and drifted off.

Since I had nothing to do during the day as long as we were in Jackson, I forced myself to stay in my state of rest as long as possible. I couldn’t truly call it sleep because part of my mind was active at all times, running through the events of the night and keeping up my shields. I was constantly aware of my surroundings, even when I rested and I would know right away if something happened and we needed to get out of our resting place. I would definitely know if someone had snuck into it too. Because vampires never tired and I wasn’t bound by the sun, I could literally set my own internal alarm clock and wake whenever I wanted to. The first few days after I rose, I slept until Godric woke, waking me in turn when his blood inside me shifted into awareness. I experimented with my sleep patterns after that and realized I could order myself to wake at whatever time I wanted.

Not gonna lie. It was pretty cool.

Godric and I both woke about an hour before sunset, so I connected my mind with his and we talked about several things telepathically, including our plans for the night. Part of the plan for later was pretending Godric was training me in the way of old, meaning he was teaching me to survive the way vampires used to before the revelation. Godric had, in fact, trained me that way during the month we spent alone in Dallas. He had taught me to find shelter, dig my own grave, track unwilling prey, glamour, mask myself, and many other things. We spent about a week and half training before we returned to his resting place and spent the rest of our time there working on perfecting my gifts. Of course, that kind of training meant we would need to arrive by foot at the compound, so once we confirmed we could rest there, Godric would call a hotel and have them deliver two travel coffins before dawn. Alcide would bring the ones we owned to the hotel and check in for us as our dayman before coming back to fetch us from the compound the next morning.

If we came across Bill Compton, Godric would mention the Magister was looking for him. If Russell was cooperative, we would just order an additional coffin and bring Bill with us when we left. If he wasn’t, we’d have to get a little more creative and we’d keep up our ruse. I’d search the grounds during the daylight and we’d take Bill with us, making him seemingly disappear, if it came down to it.

Just to be on the safe side, Godric and I decided to leave the technological equipment in my coffin. Whenever we retired to a room, I’d pop back over here and collect what we needed. We didn’t want to take the risk they would search the bags we’d have with us tonight. We’d also wear the button cams but not the earpieces. It was just too risky with Russell being as old as he was. The cameras recorded audio and video, so Eric, Pam, and Jess could still watch everything, but they wouldn’t be able to speak to us. We didn’t know how well Russell could hear, so we wouldn’t even try it.

Eric temporarily drew my attention from Godric when mirth erupted in my veins, making me aware of the exact moment when he rose.

I guess he must’ve read my note?

He’s better tonight, Godric sent to me in a contemplative tone.

Yes, he is, I thought back.

You stopped a bleeding wound, min dotter.

I pushed agreement towards him and he wrapped me up with thankfulness before transitioning into other things. Eventually, Pam and Jessica came up and we discussed them for a while.

I think they can be trusted. I feel it in my blood. I know we can’t tell Jess until after Compton can no longer command her, but I wanna tell Pam when we get back tomorrow night.

I could feel him deliberating for a moment, looking at all the angles before he came to a decision and resolution filled the tie. I think Eric should be the one to explain it. He can gauge her reaction the best and command her if necessary. About Jessica, how do you feel about being her sponsor, Sookie? Would you like to take over for Compton?

I froze. Take over for Bill? I was too young to be a maker. I was a newborn and Jess had been vampire longer than me. I wasn’t old enough to be anyone’s blood sponsor. I flooded him with my confusion and asked, What do you mean, master? She’s older than me, I’m not experienced enough to become her maker.

He wrapped me up in reassurance and support in response and argued, Sookie, you’re the only one who connects with her, who reaches her. She submits to you and you naturally teach her. You made me so proud, child, when you taught her how to use her blood. Not only that, but she follows your command, follows your lead. Do you feel a pull towards her?

What does the pull feel like? I asked.

Magnetic. Like your core is reaching out towards hers and you’d feel responsible for her. It would be your urge to take care of her, to protect her and teach her. You’ve already promised her protection and began teaching her the night we arrived. It wouldn’t surprise me if you are being pulled to her.

Magnetic? There was one time when I felt like I was being pulled towards someone, but it wasn’t Jessica, it was Eric. It felt like my entire being was being pulled towards his the night we came to the bar and my lust level had skyrocketed. I felt everything else towards Jess though. I did feel the need to take care of her and teach her, like I was responsible for her, and I had instinctively offered her protection. I told her we would care for her, protect her, and teach her and I’d done it in predator mode when I was my most instinctive, but I hadn’t felt a pull. I explained this to him and the bond became reflective again.

Finally, he commented, You’re both vampire. The pull is usually from a vampire towards a human, but you were the human when you met. It’s possible you would’ve felt it if your situations had been reversed. Do you want to take over?

I want her to be safe, I protested. How would I protect her when I’m so young? Pam would do a much better job, master. Besides, I’d be the first newborn to sponsor another, older one. It probably doesn’t happen for a reason.

He made me shiver when his mental chuckle echoed in my head and then pointed out, You excel in firsts, Sookie. It’s your specialty. And Pam doesn’t feel a connection with Jessica like you do. And you most definitely can protect her. You may not be as strong as Pam, but you’re faster and more powerful. I couldn’t think of someone safer for Jessica to have as a maker. Think about it and let me know when we get back to Shreveport, okay?

I pushed agreement to him while I thought through everything he said. Godric had annihilated all of my arguments and, in all honesty, I would love to be Jessica’s maker. If Godric would let me, then I didn’t need to think about it. I would do it. It would be entertaining though since Jess would be learning as I did.

I guess we could learn together.

Godric? When you mentioned the pull, I experienced somethin’ similar, I sent hesitantly and replayed my memory of seeing Eric again after a month.

It felt like a bomb had detonated when mirth exploded across the bond, setting off firecrackers throughout my blood. I shook my head to clear it of his mental laughter and realized I could hear him laughing his ass off inside his coffin too. He found what I showed him funnier than Eric staring at his thumb.

Sookie, he chuckled, that’s a completely different type of pull. I guess it would make sense for you to feel it though, I believe Eric felt it too when you let down your shield.

He did?

He did? What’s it mean?

The bond turned unbelievably tender and he sent me a mental whisper, It’s the pull to bond, Sookie. It’s extremely rare. Vampires do not stay together long. They grow tired of each other and get under the other’s skin, rubbing each other the wrong way when they’re together for too long. Those who feel the pull to bond don’t ever get tired of each other. They’re compatible with the ones they’re pulled to, they form the strongest bonds and become each other’s support systems. In a way, it’s a pull to a potential mate. I’ve personally never felt it. Not in 2,000 years.

Trepidation swelled up inside of me and I asked, Does it force us to feel for each other? Are my feelings not real?

He quickly coated me in reassurance from head to toe and sent, No, dotter. It does not. It’s just something the magic in our blood makes us aware of. Usually deep feelings are already present when you feel this pull. It doesn’t create them though, did you suddenly find yourself in love with Eric the second you felt it?

I poured my relief into the bond and admitted, No. Godric, I was just worried it was influencing Eric to wanna bond with me, like how Bill influenced me with his blood. I never wanna force someone to feel somethin’ that wasn’t real like Bill forced me.

Godric pushed understanding at me and caressed me with affection before he paused, and then, very cautiously, he asked, Make Eric want to bond with you? Does he want to bond with you, Sookie?

My silence was his answer.

“I knew it!” he shouted from inside his coffin and the bond swelled with even more mirth than before and a strong sense of vindication and triumph. It piqued the interest of Pam and Eric and they flooded us both with curiosity and intrigue. I gave them a firm push telling them to go bathe in holy water, which only made them flush me with amusement, and pushed Godric my exasperation.

He was still laughing when he opened his coffin at sunset.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 26: Feeling the Pull

  1. Great work for Alcede’s first night. Hope he doesn’t get hurt going back for the initiation. Glad she went to Eric.
    Yummy lemony goodness. oooh a formal exchange… me likey that idea.
    Sookie as her sponser would be nice, but She’ll be busy with Eric and the exchange for awhile I’d think.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. oh my what a night they had and Alcide was really grateful to them for wanting to keep him out of trouble. love how she was checking on Eric and realized there was a problem, it was awesome how she helped him and the Godric as well. their first time was beautiful and exciting at the same time. what did she leave in the note? as for the mirth Godric felt at the end , he is happy for his children, truly happy. KY

    Liked by 1 person

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