Chapter 2: Blood Connections


[1] Hello fabulous followers. We’re about to get into some things hinted at on the show but not something given to us in any detail- bonds. If you haven’t heard about bonds, it’s an extremely strong, permanent connection in the blood that allows two vampires (or a vampire/human pairing) to share emotions. We have maker/child bonds, blood ties, and then bonding. The common thing between them all? It’s all about emotions and emotional exchange. The magic in a vampire’s blood allows them to sense and send emotions when someone drinks from them. There’s a later chapter where I explain the differences between the three (at least MY differences, my take on it), but for this chapter I just wanted to explain to those who have seen the show but haven’t read the books what the most basic thing about a bond is- emotional exchange.

[2] I put in my summary this story is not for Bill fans, so if you’re holding out hope for Bill, you probably should find a different story now. Bill had a blood tie with Sookie, not a bond, but in my story, a blood tie still allows you to push and influence emotions, which means Bill fans are about to read something they won’t like if they continue.

[3] This is a Sookie/Eric romance. Godric is glued to our favorite telepath, but not literally at the hip! Just a warning if you’re hoping for S/G or S/G/E.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or plot of True Blood or the Southern Vampire Mysteries. Alan Ball, HBO, and Charlaine Harris own it all. I’m just playing with their barbies and using their dream house.


Two days later…

Dirt. I was covered in it. I could smell the deep, earthy scent of soil all over me and feel it blanketing my body. Surprisingly, it felt really good. It was soft, powdery, caressed me with warmth and, as I stretched out my body, I felt completely at ease. I was only confused about where I was for a second before it all came rushing back. Dallas, the Fellowship, Gabe, Godric.

I was a vampire now.

I focused on my surroundings and realized at once that I had been buried, which was typical, according to Bill, so I didn’t freak out over it. I reached out with my mind to see if anyone was around before I attempted to claw my way out of the earth. There was somebody nearby, I could feel his mind, but this mind felt different than any other mind I had ever encountered before. The thoughts seemed faster, hundreds of times quicker than a normal human mind and he could also think things simultaneously. The thoughts in his mind moved about like a pit of snakes, several things were moving through his mind at once and they almost felt colder to me, which was ironic since the tenor of his thoughts was very, very warm. I couldn’t understand exactly what he was thinking, since he thought in a different language, but I could still get a feel for his thoughts. He was excited. He was remembering the last time he had turned someone, a woman named Nora, and was wondering how his new child would react… Oh, he was thinking about me! It was Godric!

Not my smartest moment.

As I thought of Godric, the bond between us seemed to come alive. Bill tried to describe it once, but nothing he said could be compared to what I was feeling now. I could literally feel Godric’s excitement as if it were my own. I could feel his anticipation, his nerves, his affection for me, and his protective instincts flaring to life. It felt as if I had grown another limb, almost as if I had developed a sixth sense for all things Godric (or was it a seventh since I had telepathy?). I could still separate his feelings from my own but I had never felt so connected to anyone before. And the way he felt for me was the way he would feel for a mother, a sister, and a daughter. It was amazing and feeling all those emotions directed at me made me simultaneously want to purr and reach out and stroke him. So I reached out and stroked the bond instead while I started to dig my way out of my grave. I felt Godric emotionally shiver and then his mirth erupted in my veins which had me giggling in amusement as my hand finally struck open air. Godric wrapped his own in mine and pulled me the rest of the way out.

We both chuckled for a couple more seconds before Godric took an unneeded breath and said, “Well, Sookie, I have turned two others besides you and I must say that your reaction is a first for me. Though I am quite impressed with how quickly you picked up the bond, that’s also a first for me. My other children couldn’t do something like that for weeks.”

I could read from his mind that he had expected me to be more violent when I first woke. He was surprised I hadn’t lashed out yet or freaked out after realizing I’d been buried, he was also stunned I had stroked him through the bond. And he thought it was hilarious. Through the bond I could feel that he was amazed at my reactions to waking up and proud of how quickly I learned how to manipulate the connection between us. In all my life I had never felt such positive emotions directed at me, so I launched myself with incredible speed at Godric and hugged him while flooding the bond with gratitude.

I managed to stun him again. Slowly, as if he was afraid I might break, he wrapped his arms around me and gently squeezed me.

“Yes,” he murmured, “this is definitely a first for me.”

I pulled back slowly and beamed at him. He studied me with curiosity and a little trepidation as he pushed some hair back behind my ear.

“I expected you to be angry with me. You died because of me, and yet you don’t seem to have any anger directed towards me at all,” he commented, his eyebrows knitted together in confusion. I just smiled again.

“Godric, I lived because of you, not died because of you. I’m grateful that not only did you save my life, but that you didn’t meet the sun,” as I said this, my own protective instincts rushed forwards and Godric chuckled at my reaction. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m pissed I had to die at all, I would probably attack Gabe, Hugo, and Steve Newlin if I had the opportunity, and I’ll probably snap at some point, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen at the moment. Right now I’m too grateful to be alive.”


“Whatever,” I said and sent him the equivalent of an emotional eye-roll. His lips kicked up once more and he wrapped an arm around my shoulders and started guiding me out of the park we were in. Was it a park? No, we appeared to be in some random, wild plot of land. He led me out of the wilderness and over to the passenger side of a spiffy new silver beamer along the side of the rode. After opening the door for me, he opened the back door and reached in for something while I brushed as much dirt off me as possible before I sat down. He closed the door and walked back towards my side before squatting down in front of me. I realized he was holding a cooler full of blood as soon as he opened it and the delectable aroma reached my nose. My fangs slammed down before I had even realized what the aroma was and my eyes zeroed in on the blood. Godric froze, looked up at me, and a little thrill ran through him that was echoed through the bond, he then smiled and slowly reached into the cooler and pulled out a bag of blood for me.

“You look every inch the predator, Sookie. A beautiful, dangerous predator.”

I wasn’t sure how I felt about a comment like that, but since I could feel Godric’s pride radiating through the bond, I decided it was a compliment. It was like he was calling me badass. I didn’t contemplate why that felt so gratifying long before the blood was in my hands and my fangs were buried in the bag.

“The blood you’re drinking is AB positive. It’s my favorite and is typically the favorite of everyone in the bloodline. Like maker, like progeny for some reason. I figured there’s a good chance this will be your favorite as well, but I brought a type of each so you can try them all for yourself. I left them in the car while we were buried, so they could be fresher, but it looks like you enjoy it anyways,” he added with a smile.

I moaned and nodded. It was delicious! He gave me four more bags before I was able to truly focus on what he was actually saying. It was only then that I realized Godric was also covered in dirt. I had risen after him, so I hadn’t realized he went to rest with me. Godric followed the direction of my gaze and nodded.

“Yes, I went to ground with you. In the future, when you become a maker one day, you should bury yourself with your child. It helps to strengthen the bond and keeps your progeny from panicking when they rise. However, your progenies must rise by themselves. If they cannot rise, it is an indicator that something has gone wrong with the transition. You can either wait until they rise and then follow them out or rise first and wait. I wanted the first thing you saw with your vampire eyes to be me, so I rose before you.” I was touched he did that for me and sent him my gratitude. He smiled at me again and asked, “Which blood was your favorite?”

I looked at all the bags in the cooler and separated the scents as I leafed through them. I stopped on my favorite and pulled it out.

“B negative. It seemed a little sweeter than the rest,” I answered truthfully.

“Interesting, that is Eric’s favorite too. Everyone else that I know in our bloodline prefers AB positive, I wonder why you two are different,” he trailed off when he looked back up at me. I had frozen the second he said “Eric.” Eric Northman’s image had also popped up in Godric’s thoughts as well. I was too stunned to move.

I guess now I knew why finding Godric was so important to him.

“What is it, Sookie? It doesn’t matter what type of blood you prefer,” he asked with concern. He pulled the empty bag from my hands and stuffed it back in the cooler before reaching up and cupping my cheeks. I imagined if my heart still beat, the blood would’ve drained from my face.

“Eric Northman is part of our bloodline?” I finally asked. Godric’s eyebrows shot up to his hairline and understanding dawned on him.

“Yes, Eric was the first I turned. He’s my eldest progeny. I turned him over a thousand years ago,” he paused a second, analyzing what this meant and how I must’ve known Eric. “He sent you to the Fellowship, didn’t he? Then you were his asset?” he asked me. I simply nodded. We both paused, contemplating what this meant for a moment before mirth erupted on both sides of our bond and we laughed.

Godric pulled back and shut the door before vamping to the driver’s side and starting the car, still chuckling as he did so. He looked at me and smiled a wide, genuine smile before admitting, “I like the idea of my eldest progeny sending my youngest to me. I also like that he has no idea.”

“Please don’t tell him without me there. It’s not often I know something he doesn’t,” I pleaded. He nodded and I smiled wickedly in response. He chuckled again when he felt a sense of revenge and anticipation coming from me in the bond.

“What did he do to you?” he asked. “Hit on you?”

“Mercilessly,” I responded. Godric chuckled again.

“Unsurprising. You are extremely beautiful, Sookie,” he said and I blushed emotionally. He chuckled and sent me affection. “You know, Sookie, I have a feeling you and I are going to have a lot of fun together. I’ve already laughed more tonight than I have in several years. Though I have to admit that could be because I feel lighter than before, less burdened now that I have a new purpose, which is to teach and protect you. To make sure you become an incredible vampire. I can feel through my blood how fiery and mischievous you are, and I find it very entertaining.”

That made me pause for a second while I analyzed my own emotions. I quickly realized vampire blood was very different from human blood. It told me things about myself that normal blood simply couldn’t do. It was like the magic in our blood responded to our very essences and reported back like researchers on a fact-finding mission. I could tell through my blood that I would never kill for the sake of killing or out of fun, I valued life too much for that and my blood recognized it. My blood also told me that I would, however, kill to protect what is mine- which extended to my family, friends, and bloodline. I felt particularly possessive and protective over my bloodline, including Pam and Eric, much to my surprise. And I was, indeed, fiery and mischievous, which I found odd.

I knew I was fiery and quick to stand up for what I thought was right and what I believed (hence why I slapped a thousand year old vampire and demanded he let Lafayette go) but I had never thought of myself as mischievous before. It felt like becoming vampire had awakened another part of me though because I had several scenarios going through my head at the moment on how to get the funniest reactions from Eric and Pam when we revealed I was now vampire. It was like something had suddenly sparked to life within me and was searching for amusement. Surprisingly enough, Godric was running similar scenarios in his own mind.

Once I caught Godric’s train of thought, I focused my blood on him. He had to consume my blood to turn me, so I was able to send my blood on a “Godric fact-finding mission.” My blood signaled back to me that he did, indeed, feel like he had a new purpose. Whereas before he felt tired and drained, as if two thousand years were enough, now he felt re-energized and ready to start anew. He was excited to teach me and see the world through my eyes. He thought I was now his main priority but realized he needed to reconnect with the rest of his bloodline. It occurred to him that his withdrawal from their lives had led to his depression and probably hurt them as well and he wanted to fix it. I could also feel he was generally humorous and amusing. It made me equally excited to begin my vampire life under his wing.

“Speakin’ of Eric, did you contact him? Let him know you got free of the Fellowship? What happened after I bit the dust?”

He looked at me with confusion.

“I mean died. What happened after I died?” I asked with a giggle.

“Oh,” he chuckled too. “After you bit the dust, the alarms sounded. I gathered you up and fled from the building. The sun had set right before the alarms were triggered so I was able to get you out quickly. I took us to a safe house, called my nest and told them I escaped with your help but that you had died in the process, resigned my position as sheriff, cleaned you up, and buried the both of us. The transition went very well and you rose a day early. Rising early indicates that you will grow to be a powerful vampire, Sookie. The longer one stays in the ground, the weaker they will be when they rise. Additionally, you managed to drink quite a bit of my blood, which will add to your strength as well. You’re still a newborn, strength-wise, yet you will be stronger than most newborns because of the amount you were able to drink and the age of my blood.”

Well, well. I may have felt a little too smug about that, which Godric was aware of since he chuckled again.

“You resigned as sheriff? Why? And you didn’t tell me if you spoke to Eric, he was worried. Of course I didn’t know his maker had gone missin’ and he tried to play it off like he was doing Texas a big favor, but I could tell how stressed he was. He needs to know you’re okay, you need to let him know you’re okay,” I said in a rush.

Godric tore his eyes from the road once again to look at me. He searched my eyes for a moment and his eyebrow shot up while he analyzed my questions. He was also tugging on the bond, like he was trying to wring answers from it. His entire demeanor left me baffled but I kept quiet and, since he was sifting through the bond for something, I decided to help him and opened my side of the bond as much as I could. His lips kicked up again and I could feel he was very intrigued by my reaction to his moment of bond searching, but felt encouraged nonetheless and really dug into it like he was mining for gold. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was what a serious fact-finding mission in my blood felt like, but I wanted to help him find whatever he was looking for so I would get the answers I was waiting for.

Finally, he narrowed his focus on my ambivalent feelings towards Eric and delved deeper into them like he could find the answer to world peace if he could just make sense of them. Honestly though, if he could make sense of them, I would greatly appreciate it if he could let me in on exactly how I did feel towards Eric Northman, because I didn’t have a clue myself. He tensed for a moment and then finally relaxed. Apparently whatever he found cleared something up for him, but left me more confused than ever. He realized this as a sense of injustice flooded through my side of the bond and mirth and amusement poured into his. It felt as if I had whined, “Not fair!” and he had burst into a fit of giggles.

“I was analyzing your feelings about Eric. When you said his name, I could feel both positive and negative reactions from you and I needed to know if you had serious issues with Eric because I plan for us to stay in his area,” he shot a glance my way as he spoke but ultimately kept focused on the road. “You’ll have to tell me about your relationship with him at some point since you’re a pretty decisive person and it is odd for you to feel so… uncertain and ambivalent about someone. This I can tell from your blood. I can also tell you don’t know Eric as well as you’d like to, and I want to assure you that Eric’s actually a good man. He wears a mask in his area, around those he cannot trust, and it’s hard for him to put trust in anyone.’

“What you said about not knowing I was his maker, I could tell you were offended he kept that from you. I agree with you. He should’ve told you, that was an important fact and you needed to know in order to do your job correctly. You could’ve gotten my assistance faster if I had known Eric sent you, but I was hesitant to approach you since I didn’t know you were looking for me. Without you telling me you knew Eric, I still would’ve been hesitant to approach you. You were almost raped because of my hesitance. Unfortunately, Eric can be somewhat high-handed. Instead of telling people everything he could in case he knows something that would additionally benefit them to know, he only tells them what he feels they should know. He limits the facts, and not knowing enough can be just as dangerous as knowing too much.” He smiled sadly when he felt my blood silently agree.

“So, to answer you: no, I haven’t spoken to Eric and yes, I did resign. I no longer wish to be Sherriff and plan to utilize the time resigning has freed up teaching you. I had to get back to you and get us in the ground quickly and, if I spoke to Eric, he would’ve delayed me for more details. Normally, I would’ve opened the bond so he could feel I was all right, but if I did that, he would’ve felt your presence through his bond with me and I didn’t have time to explain what it meant. I had to bury us quickly. I could open the bond now, but you mentioned that you would like to be there when I tell him he has a new vampire sister, correct?” he asked and smiled innocently when I choked at the word “sister.”

Being Eric Northman’s sister made me panic. I didn’t entirely understand why I would panic at the suggestion but I did. Godric flooded me with calm until I relaxed and took a breath. He had a comically innocent expression on his face, which just baffled me even more.

“Sookie,” he said with more seriousness than his expression showed. “Eric may be your vampire brother,” he paused again to chuckle and flood me with more calm before continuing, “but being vampire siblings is very, very different than being human siblings. You share none of the same genetics, you can’t have children anyway, and it isn’t looked down upon to have a relationship with your vampire sibling. If you find you want to engage in a sexual relat-“

“Godric!” I shouted while covering my ears. “Please, no more! I don’t wanna talk about anything sexual with Eric at the moment. Besides, I have…” my voice nearly became inaudible as I continued, “a boyfriend.”

“You do?” he asked, surprised. I nodded, absentmindedly. I was too busy thinking about Bill. I mean, I was thinking about what I wasn’t feeling about Bill. Before I was turned, I was convinced I was absolutely in love with him. I would’ve done anything for him, now I wasn’t even sure if I liked him. Actually, I was pretty pissed at him still for hiding Jessica, dumping her off on Eric and Pam, then leaving her with me and snarling at me for taking her to see her parents when he did. I was human, how was I supposed to know how she would react? In fact, I was also incredibly pissed I got attacked by the maenad on his watch. I currently felt no love for Bill at all.

Godric looked puzzled for a moment too, as if he could sense I had no strong feelings or romantic attachments towards anyone. Suspicion started to leak into the bond and Godric asked me very cautiously if Bill was a vampire. I nodded slowly, still baffled, when white, hot fury rampaged towards me from Godric. My fangs dropped, I clenched my fists, and my jaw twitched while I focused on calming myself down. I realized that wouldn’t work pretty quickly (after all, I wasn’t the one who was angry) and instead injected as much calm as I could into the bond. He slowly relaxed and shot me a sheepish look while he sent me an ocean’s worth of gratitude.

“Godric, why did Bill being a vampire make you so angry?” I asked hesitantly.

He kept a neutral expression on his face, but the bond was still radiating with his anger, when he answered, “It wasn’t the fact that he’s vampire, it’s your lack of emotions towards him and your confusion over your own lack of emotions. In fact, if anything you dislike your boyfriend, and I can feel this puzzles you even more.” I nodded, reluctantly agreeing with his assessment. “Has this Bill ever explained the side effects of vampire blood to you?”

“Yes, he explained that he would be able to find me if I was in danger, heal me, and… uh… the blood would increase my libido?” I added the last part in a high-pitched I’m-going-to-die-of-embarrassment squeak. I braced myself for his laughter again but instead was smacked with an avalanche of fury. My eyes grew big as I watched him fighting for control. While he fought with himself, I realized what Godric was suggesting with his questions.

Bill either lied to me about the effects of vampire blood or didn’t tell me everything.

Now that I was a vampire myself, I could literally feel some of the things our blood was capable of. So, yes he would be able to find me and know if I was I was in danger… because he would be able to sense EVERY emotion I had as I was having it.

I no longer felt any emotions that were remotely positive towards Bill, which meant Bill had been doing what Godric and I had been doing since I rose, sending and influencing emotions.

Nothing with Bill was real. Everything was a lie. Every single one of my emotions couldn’t be trusted because Bill had freaking influenced them.

I thought I loved him. Instead he had fostered some kind of blood-induced illusion of a relationship. And whenever I started doubting our relationship, he found a reason to tap a vein.

And yes, my sex drive had been drastically affected, but only towards Bill Compton. He made sure I was attracted to him.

He took my virginity from me knowing I had no true feelings for him. He was just as bad as a rapist.

Betrayal and disgust burned through me like waves of slow moving molten lava and my fangs dropped from the pain and fury. I whimpered under the intensity of it. I had no idea vampires could feel so strongly.

Godric immediately pulled the beamer over to the side of the road, got out of the car, and vamped over to my door. He pulled me out of my seat and swept me up into an embrace, tucking my head into his neck, and rocked me slowly from foot to foot while he pushed support, strength, affection, and tranquility into our bond. He spoke quietly in my ear about how proud he was to have me as a progeny, how amazed he was at how much control I had, how intelligent and beautiful he thought I was, and how Bill was an idiot for hurting someone as precious as Godric thought me to be. He told me he was going to teach me to be a warrior, that he could tell I had the spirit of a warrior when he first saw me, but now he was going to train me to conquer idiots like Bill Compton and recognize it when people were attempting to manipulate me. He was going to teach me to turn the tables on them. Basically, he would teach me to be the predator instead of the prey. I was okay with that. In fact, I was damned excited though still conflicted about Bill.

“Godric, why though? Why did he do this to me? Why did he manipulate me into fallin’ in love with him?” I whimpered.

I couldn’t wait for him to teach me and hoped to get some justice where Bill was concerned. What Bill did was wrong on so many different levels, but I couldn’t understand why he had done what he’d done. Why force someone into a relationship if what they’re feeling isn’t real? What kind of satisfaction would someone get from a relationship like that?

He sighed sadly before he responded, “I honestly don’t know, Sookie. It could be because he knew your blood would be delicious from your scent and he wanted you for his own. It could have to do with your telepathy- you were a great asset and many vampires would slaughter each other to use your talent if they could get away with it. Or Bill could’ve been sent by someone higher up in our hierarchy. He could’ve been sent to procure you for his queen, or the AVL, or someone within the Authority but became addicted to either your blood or your beautiful character. There are too many possibilities, but I promise you that we will find out. Okay?”

I nodded. Godric wiped my tears off my cheeks with his thumbs and placed them in his mouth to lick the blood off. He closed his eyes and groaned a little before apologizing.

“Sorry, they’re still delicious, even though I drained you of most your blood it tastes like your body has somehow converted the flavor back to the original taste of your blood. Instead of tasting like my blood with a hint of yours, it tastes like mainly yours with a hint of mine.” He stilled for a second, contemplating the taste of my blood.

“In fact, it tastes more potent, which could be very dangerous. We’ll have to keep an eye on how others react around you,” he warned.

That was all I needed, I thought with exasperation. My blood already attracted way too much attention from vampires. In fact, it may have led to Bill forcing his blood on me and manipulating me into feeding him and sleeping with him. The last thing I needed was to be even more appealing to vampires. If I tasted that good, they would be tempted to capture me and hold me prisoner so they could drain me and keep an endless supply of my blood around. I wished with every fiber of my being I could mask my scent, just bottle it all up and put a cork in it. That way, vampires would never know I had delicious blood-

“What’d you just do, Sookie?” Godric asked. He held my shoulders with his hands and sniffed the air. His eyes widened and leaned in to run his nose along my neck, scenting me more.

“Godric!” I laughed out, “Stop! That tickles!” He took another drag of eau de Sookie and pulled back to stare at me open-mouthed.

“Sookie! What’d you do? A second ago you smelled more potent than when your blood was all over the Fellowship floor and now your scent has disappeared entirely! What’d you do? How’d you do it?” he asked again. He was freaking me out a little and staring at me like I had the keys to the universe. He sensed my discomfort and sent me a wave of calm while I tried to gather myself.

All I could think of was wishing to mask my scent. Could it be that simple? Was that a vampire ability?

“I was freaking about how attractive my scent would be to other vampires- especially if Bill tried to make me into some sort of blood slave just because I smelled good,” his face softened while I spoke and he gently ran his hand over my hair. His eyes hardened with my next words and the bond screamed his agreement when I added, “I was thinkin’ that with a more potent scent other vampires may try to capture me and hold me prisoner for my blood, so I wished I could mask my scent. I wished I could bottle it all up and put a cork in it. Is that a vampire trait? Can other vampires do that?”

He shook his head while he contemplated my new little trick, but kept running his hand through my hair. He deliberated for a moment until it felt like a lightbulb went off in the bond and his hand froze.

“As far as I know, no vampires can mask their scents like this,” he confessed. “In fact, I have only personally meant one being with this ability in my 2,000 years, but I can think of no other supernatural with this capability. He was Fae.”

“Fae?” I repeated, confused. “What’s that?”

“A fairy,” he explained. When I snorted, he chuckled too. “It’s true. He was a fairy, and he could mask his scent. It would explain several things about you, Sookie, if you are part fairy. Your scent, your delicious blood, the ability to mask your scent, and even your telepathy are all Fae characteristics. I don’t believe you’re full fairy, or I wouldn’t have been able to control myself around your blood and would’ve drained you instantly. Eric wouldn’t have been able to be around you either without biting you. I believe you must be a hybrid, which means somewhere in your ancestry is a fairy. From the dilution of your blood when you died, I would say it had to be a grandparent or a great-grandparent, but since you have telepathy and the ability to mask your scent, it appears you have the essential spark.”

I listened to him explain this completely dumb-founded. Fairy? Really? I mean, what the Fae?!

“I’m a fairy? Like Tinkerbelle? How fucking lame,” I retorted with disbelief.

Apparently, Godric knew his Disney characters because he let out a full-bellied laugh. The sound of which had the ends of my mouth kicking up involuntarily. I could tell it was a rare sound and I was oddly pleased with myself that I got him to laugh so hard.

“Fairies look nothing like Tinkerbelle,” he explained once he caught a breath he didn’t need. “They look like normal human beings, but they’re very, very beautiful. A full-blooded fairy will attract the attention of hundreds of people as they walk by. The only thing besides their beauty that sets them apart physically from humans is that they normally have slightly pointed ears. They are highly magical beings and, as far as I know, their abilities include telepathy, teleportation, the ability to mask their scents, shield their presences, and manipulate the elements based on what type of Fae they are.”

I drew my eyebrows together in confusion about the elements so he went on to explain it to me further, “For example, the water Fae can control floods and the like, the earth Fae can manipulate plants and speak to trees, the fire Fae obviously have control over the flame, and the sky Fae can harness sunlight in the palm of their hands and manipulate light.”

“Wow,” I said, a little too stunned to speak.

“Yes, wow,” Godric agreed. “I would’ve thought that your spark would’ve died with your body, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. What about your telepathy? Do you think you can still read minds?”

I needlessly cleared my throat and responded in the affirmative. He would be able to tell if I lied, besides I trusted him, so I told him the truth, “Yes. Actually, it’s stronger. I can, uh, I can read your mind now too. I can read vampires now.”

This time it was Godric who was shocked. He completely froze and stared at me with his mouth open. The longer he stood there, the more nervous I became.


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  1. AN: I hate Scumbill so beat him up all you want. I’m fine with E/S or E/G or E/S/G. 🙂

    SPOV: Sookie kinda knowing about what bonds were and vamp turnings probably helped her with her rising. Enjoying the S/G banter and mischeviousness.
    Tinkerbell….ha ha. I can’t wait for her to get revenge on Scumbill. Glad she was honest about the telepathy thing.

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  2. Eric said she’d make a good vampire and I do believe he is true. I love how quickly and lovingly Sookie and Godric’s relationship is coming along, then having her fairy-ness coming over too was spectacular. Love the nickname scumbill it fits him so well. I am filled w/ anticipation for Eric meeting his new sister!!

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  3. oh damn, nice little quirks to have right off the bat, no need to wait around to see what they are. looking forward to seeing if she gets more as they learn about her. Love how they both want to surprise Eric. with her new vampireness. KY

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