Chapter 9: Cutting Out The Middleman


[1] So I got a little extra creative in this chapter. Bill never helped with the maenad in my story, he was being punished after Dallas, so I had to come up with another reason for Bill to know about the V or I would’ve had to abandon the season and I like this season. We learn goodies about Eric in it. So, bear with me. Bill fans would kill me for this.

Good thing you’re all Viking fans.

Disclaimer: I do not own TB, SVM, their characters, or their plots. Alan Ball, HBO, and Charalaine Harris do. Now onwards!

“I cannot tell you, master,” I said and swallowed thickly. He was not pleased, especially after everything they had confided in me tonight. Sookie just looked at me incredulously and her disbelief radiated out through the blood. I shot her the need for understanding before turning back to Godric to explain why I couldn’t explain.

“It would go against my oath if I were to betray the confidences of the Queen,” I stated, looking at him meaningfully before glancing pointedly back at Sookie and hoped he understood that Sookie was not bound by fealty. Honor was everything to me. When I made a vow, I could not betray it. Sookie should know this, our agreement about human lives and Lafayette’s release were both honor bound. She knew something and if she knew what I half hoped/half dreaded she knew, then Godric might be able to help me. He might even be able to save my life.

Understanding flitted through the bond between us and Godric turned to Sookie. She was still hissing quietly, extremely upset with whatever she knew but still under control. At the moment, our tie was full of disbelief, rage, disgust, and, oddly, gentle possessiveness and fierce protectiveness. She definitely knew something. I just hoped that the rage and disgust was not aimed at me, because I had no choice but to follow Sophie-Anne’s orders. I didn’t mind, however, if the possessiveness and protectiveness were. That would mean she really did consider me hers.

One could hope.

“Child?” Godric asked. “What is it that has you so upset?” He pushed understanding, support, and a request for her to put it into words. He needed to hear whatever it was out loud.

She took a breath to try and calm herself, which didn’t really work, and stood up. Godric furrowed his brows in confusion as Sookie walked to the door, unlocked it, and vamped out. He looked back at me for answers and I didn’t even have time to shrug my shoulders before she was back with a cooler in her hands.

Did she need blood? We just had a true blood so I didn’t understand at first. Then she lifted the lid and I smelled it. Godric and I came to the realization at the same time and our fangs dropped, we flew to our feet, and I growled.

“Where did that come from?” I snapped, suddenly understanding Sookie’s earlier reaction. The only vampire in the room when the bar door opened earlier was Sophie-Anne. If Sookie knew where this was, she read it from her. The Queen had it fucking planted. On top of that, she had specifically led the Magister to my door. She wanted me caught with this.

My rage hit the roof and I turned around and punched a hole in the wall. It was either that or let it turn into bloodlust and Sookie would not be happy with that option. I would likely end up her prey again.

She shot me a look of irritation and set it on the desk before shutting the door behind her (which was probably smart since there was a cooler full of vampire blood on my desk and the bar was probably bugged, but the office was soundproof).

“The Queen of Louisiana decided you had pissed her off, Eric,” Sookie stated calmly. Her voice was taking on that eerily understated quality again and her emotions were tightening, becoming smaller, in the tie, like she was physically distancing her emotions, and everything else that made her Sookie, from the predator that was emerging. Godric growled, rage igniting in his own blood as he both listened to what she was saying and felt the predator in her emerging. “She decided to punish you for not moving her product fast enough and for sending her telepath into danger.”

Godric and I froze, dragging are eyes up from the cooler to Sookie’s face. Her emotions had almost completely disappeared now and Sookie looked edgier. She looked like a hunter. She was now quite lazily leaning against the wall and looking at Godric. I didn’t know if she was trying to communicate something to him or avoiding my gaze, and that made me edgier. I wanted to shake her, to tell her I had nothing to do with what the Queen thought, but I couldn’t even tell if she felt I did because I couldn’t feel anything from her at all. Her emotions had bottomed out.

“Her telepath, child?” he asked. His own voice was deceptively calm. He pushed caution at me, having felt my urge and knew I was too impatient to deal with this.

“Yes, master,” she said lazily. My lust tripled with the title. I had yet to hear Sookie address Godric formally, but I had fantasies about her calling me master. Thankfully, both Sookie and Godric were too pissed at the moment to even notice. “Her sheriff had sent her telepath into the Fellowship of the Sun to save some Dallas vampire. Apparently, her procurer failed to keep her telepath safe, even though he had a tie with her and had given her enough blood to allegedly drug her into compliance. Somehow the telepath ended up in danger anyway and died there.”

I felt my rage mounting with every word she spoke. I felt the same from Godric.

I was furious at the Queen. Not only had she betrayed me, she was having that asshole Compton drug Sookie with the blood and was punishing me for Sookie’s death by trying to have me executed. Sookie’s death was punishment enough.

“Compton,” I snarled, “let it slip after you died that the Queen had sent him, Sookie. I hadn’t had a chance to tell you yet with everything else tonight.”

“That’s okay, Eric. I know you weren’t intentionally keeping it from me. Master and I had already figured out Bill’s role, we just didn’t know who he worked for,” she stated coolly, still not breaking eye contact with Godric. “We also didn’t know drugging me with the blood was something that his superior was in on.”

Well then, that explained a few things I hadn’t understood tonight. One being why Sookie hadn’t brought up Compton once, another being why she seemed to have forgotten she had cared for him at all when, the last time I saw her, she had been desperately in love with him, and, finally, why she seemed completely fine with establishing a claim of her own. It was all explained now. She cared nothing for him.

If she was being drugged into compliance, it seemed Compton had taken it a step further and made her into his own Dracula’s bride. Sookie was stubborn though and she fought it. That’s why she was in Dallas to begin with, because she had fought his influence to save Lafayette. It’s also why she was in the Fellowship of the Sun, because she had fought it to save Godric for me. She would do anything, fight against any influence, for those she loved. And that refusal to submit was also exactly why Compton had tried to drown her in his blood after the Maenad attack and I had to warn him against overcooking her. When she was turned, most of the blood was drained from her and the rest no longer had control over her immortal blood. They must have both realized then what Compton had done.

These thoughts rapidly flew through mind within seconds as I watched them. Godric’s jaw tensed and his fist curled in on itself while he and Sookie watched each other, both studying the other for one silent, tense moment before Godric nodded. That seemed the cue Sookie was waiting for because she quickly went on to add more shit to our stew.

“The Magister is going to receive a tip, master, within the next two days, possibly as early as late tomorrow night, that Eric’s sellin’ V and violatin’ the sanctity of the blood. She knows Eric can’t say anythin’ to the Magister about who is responsible for providin’ it and, as Eric helpfully pointed out to her tonight, the only witness who knows about her orders has gone missing. She instructed Eric to ‘Let him rot,'” she helpfully summarized for Godric, using finger quotes and everything. It was good she was explaining this though because I was bound and couldn’t myself. My blood would rebel at such a violation of my honor and my personal code of honor was fundamental to who I was. She then stretched herself like a cat before stepping closer to him and dropped her voice an octave so it was icier than Sweden in the winter time, “Master, the witness is also the procurer, Compton. And the procurer,” she paused and then purred out, “provides the queen with his own blood to sell.”

I may not have been able to feel her emotions since they had bottomed out when the predator in her took over, but the way she spoke explained a lot to me. She refused to call Compton “Bill” anymore and was reluctant to even call him by his last name. She referred to him as the procurer instead, completely dehumanizing him. In her mind, Compton no longer had anything humane about him, which told me how she felt about him to an extent. She felt he was beneath her, beneath humans even, and was little more than an animal. She was disgusted with him, felt used by him, and felt betrayed by him. He had manipulated her and used her like a blood slave, which meant she probably also felt raped by him. The fact that he had taken her virginity from her when she felt nothing emotionally for him, at least nothing that he had not put in her blood himself, had white, hot fury running through me. The man in me took a giant step back and the vampire in me slid into the driver’s seat.

As she spoke, she had been slowly stepping into the space between Godric and me, bringing his face back into my line of sight. He looked up from her face and met my eyes, then raised an eyebrow at me. I slowly nodded in reply, and then both our gazes fell back to Sookie.

“And what would you recommend we do with that information, Sookie?” Godric asked her.

Vampire Sookie was in control. She was on top of her game. She knew what the Queen had been thinking, what she had been planning, and the way her mind worked. Sookie had obviously dug into Sophie-Anne’s mind, mined for gold, and somehow come up with several precious stones instead, thus revealing Sophie-Anne’s plan to throw me to the Magister, how Bill Compton had known about my orders in the first place, and where she had planted the evidence for the Magister to catch me with. Vampire Sookie’s instincts had just proven to be incredible, so both Godric and I were interested in what she would do to take care of this problem. Neither Godric nor I had absolutely any ideas (I could tell this from his blood), and we both currently felt cornered and trapped like animals. We could come up with something once we calmed down and settled our emotions, but Vampire Sookie seemed to operate a little differently than we did.

When we became all predator, we’ve usually snapped from the intensity of our emotions or the exposure to a combination of blood, sex, or both. We became pure instinct and emotion when we hit that level. Sookie, on the other hand, completely disassociates herself from her emotions when she becomes her predator, which makes her hyper-rational and instinctive instead of just instinctive. Emotions may have led to her predatory state, but she then cuts herself off entirely and becomes completely rational and intuitive, which also makes her so much more dangerous than a normal vampire in predator mode. When a predator attacks, you usually do not want it to stop and analyze your weaknesses and plan its moves before it comes at you.

In all honesty, most vampires couldn’t do that, they attacked just based on their instincts, like a shark or a snake, which is why so few of us truly make it to the status of ancient. They hit their limit, get too pissed off, and strike. Sookie is truly more like a lion in her predatory state, she sits herself down and watches the herd, anticipating the weakest link, the necessary speed she should move at to catch her prey, the patterns of the other animals around her, and then, after having stalked her prey for all this information, she begins her culling. Other vampires usually only become that way with age and experience, usually they are ancients before they can think rationally like Sookie can in that state. Even then, we who are ancient still have to force ourselves to focus, which is why we train so hard to control our emotions. Sookie was just turned and she already fit smoothly into our pride. By the time she becomes ancient, she’ll probably be frightening as hell.

“Me?” she asked, so surprised to be asked at such an important time, with so much on the line, that she involuntarily took a step backward, within arm’s reach of me. I slowly stepped up behind her, my own predator very much in control at the moment and me perfectly content to let it be, and gently wrapped a hand around her upper arm while I swept her hair back from the opposite shoulder before dragging my fangs across the exposed skin of her neck and collar while I scented her. She purred. I slowly slid my hand down her arm, stroking and caressing my way down until it tangled with her own, which I delicately traced until I hit the pads of her slender fingers. I then lowered it to her hip and let my hand rest there while gently nudging her shirt up just a bit to stroke her smooth, slightly more heated skin with my fingertips. As I did this, I slid my lips up from her neck to her ear and tenderly took her earlobe between my teeth and sucked for a couple seconds, thrilled when she gasped, before I pulled back to brush my lips over her ear and whisper slowly, “Yes, Sookie, you. What would you do?”

I briefly paused to look at Godric, refusing to lift my lips from her ear or my fingers from her skin as I did so, to see he appeared to be intently studying the features of her face. His vampire had risen to the fore as well and seemed to be completely enthralled with the gorgeous face of his progeny while she thought. I returned my lips back to her earlobe, nibbled a little this time, before lazily bringing my mouth back to the exposed skin I had scented earlier and alternated between sucking and kissing different patches while Sookie spoke.

“In this case, Eric is the middle man. I would do what every greedy business owner does and cut him out of the equation,” she said smoothly. “Drop the blood off at the procurer’s and beat the Queen to the punch with the anonymous tip. Glamour someone to report that he’s sellin’ vampire blood out of his home, have Eric call the Magister and report that Compton was supposed to check in tonight but hasn’t and he felt the Magister should know since the Magister was lookin’ for missin’ vampires in this area. The Magister will find the blood and assume he’s running. He’ll place a warrant out for him. When the Magister catches him, the procurer will likely roll over on the Queen in exchange for a quicker end. If he never catches him, the Queen lucks out and will owe Eric a favor for findin’ the ‘despicable’ vampire responsible for desecrating the blood. When she asks, ‘Why Compton?’ Eric will point out she instructed him to ‘Let him rot.’ So why not throw the attention his way instead to get the scent off the two of them? It’s not like Eric could know the procurer was her partner.”

“And what happens when the procurer brings up Eric’s involvement?” Godric asked, fascinated with the way her mind worked.

“The Magister won’t believe him. Why would he when there will be evidence the procurer was usin’ his own blood as product? And with the evidence he was sellin’ blood out of his home, the very reason why Eric never saw an uptick of V being sold in his club, it wouldn’t make sense for Eric to be involved at all. The procurer and the Queen were the suppliers and the procurer was also the dealer, where does Eric fit in? Besides, why would a sheriff call in a suspect he knew would turn on him and his Queen if the sheriff was also guilty? Then, when the Queen calls in the tip to look at Eric, it will look like she’s tryin’ to shift the focus from herself and her partner- she knew she was about to get caught because her partner was about to get caught and that leads back to her, by either the Magister or Eric himself. According to the memory I saw, the Magister did task Eric with findin’ out who was responsible, so if she turns over on Eric, it will seem like a last act of desperation because she was afraid he was on to her.’

“That is what’s really happenin’ here anyway. She’s afraid the Magister is on to her and she is about to get caught, her partner is in the wind and therefore she can’t point any blame in his direction, so Eric is her back-up plan, a last act of desperation to throw the Magister off her scent. Because, who really needs a middle man anyway?” she reasoned. I smiled against her skin and kissed her neck tenderly as I slid my arms around her waist and lifted my head up to look at Godric. He was smiling too.

“You always were good at thinking outside the box, Sookie,” I purred. She shivered, which made me smile even wider.

Godric placed a hand on each side of her face said, “You have done very well, child. The way you think is fascinating. You found a way to get two threats out of the way without our direct involvement, implicating Eric, or getting blood on our hands. The procurer will either be on the run for the rest of his life and the Queen will owe Eric a favor, or they both will be executed for a crime for which they are actually guilty of committing. Because if he is caught, knowing the Magister as I do, the procurer will turn over our other enemy to save himself torture. Either way we benefit, the Queen loses this round, and the procurer will at the very least never be in a position of power again. Every monarchy will shun a defiler of the blood. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, many times I’m sure: you, Sookie Stackhouse, are utterly unique.” He leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead while sending her the biggest amount of pride I had felt from him yet, before pulling back and meeting my eyes. “You know what to do, Eric. I will meet you out in the bar.”

I nodded as I sent Sookie my own pride, affection, and how utterly impressed I was. I also wanted to send her my lust, badly, because watching her plot was such a huge fucking turn-on, but I knew that wouldn’t be intelligent when we were both in predator mode. We would follow our instincts and end up naked in about three seconds flat if I did because I would absolutely send her, and myself, into bloodlust. It was difficult, but I was maintaining some control. Not a lot, but enough to keep us from having sex until we were clear-minded enough for her to decide if she wanted to be with me because we actually wanted each other or if she would’ve just been following her nature. It didn’t mean the predator in me couldn’t have some fun though.

I looked back down at Sookie, buried my head in the curls of her hair, nuzzling her, and slowly ran my hands up the front of her body, completely enthralled with the sighs, whimpers, and gasps she made as my hands passed over certain… strategic places before I reached her face. I sank my left hand in her curls and tugged on her hair until she was looking me in the eyes while I used my right hand to stroke her cheek.

“And here I thought I was the strategist,” I purred.

She mock-pouted and tsked me, batted her eyelashes, and said, “Aw, Eric. We can always strategize together.

Damn right we could. I could watch Sookie scheme any time and, if she wasn’t careful, I may find myself inventing reasons to involve her in area politics solely so I could watch her in action all over again.

My eyes had been trained on her mouth as she spoke, staring at her lips with rapt attention. I nodded slowly in agreement, still watching her mouth, then leaned down and covered it with mine. I might not have been able to claim her body yet, but I did claim her mouth, tucking her bottom lip between my teeth and gently biting down and dragging my fangs across it then soothing the hurt away with my tongue before sliding it into the silky cavern of her mouth and massaging her tongue with my own. I spent a moment learning all the different ways she could move her tongue, before pulling back to nip at her chin and release my hold on her hair. I brought my eyes back up to meet Sookie’s very lust-filled gaze, dropped my hands, took a step back, and said, “Apparently I have to make a few phone calls, have Pam arrange for a drop-off, and order one glamoured tipster.”

“Maybe Lafayette?” she suggested with her finger on her chin in the perfect pose of contemplation.

My mouth dropped open in astonishment. It only took a second for me to remember Sookie could use filters and dig through memories now, so she had obviously filtered through my mind for anything related to the Queen’s V deal and came across Lafayette and the fact he technically owed me for healing him. She also probably came across the fact I had bought him a gorgeous new car because of the guilt I felt for forcing him to do what I had punished him for, which I was planning on giving to him under the pretense of being an incentive, so maybe (I crossed my fingers) she would eventually forgive me for this. I also wasn’t sure if she was serious or not about using her friend and I couldn’t tell if she was angry at the moment or had already moved passed it because the only emotion no longer locked down in the tie was lust.

“I’m serious,” she said. “Have him glamoured into thinkin’ Compton is the one forcing him to sell the blood and he refuses to do it, so he phoned in the tip. Compton didn’t glamour him because he figured blackmail would do just as well, but Lafayette has sworn off V for the rest of his life because of a certain sheriff and he figured, by turnin’ in a vampire V dealer, he could clear his debt with the sheriff and then they would be square. In fact, he might even deserve a reward, after the Magister leaves, of course. He should have most of his stock left, and that stock will contain Compton’s blood. Probably more so than this cooler if the Queen was being smart about what blood she used tonight. Oh… and someone should definitely search Compton’s house when they plant the blood in case he unearthed anything about my ancestry when he was stalkin’ me so the Magister doesn’t come across it.”

She finished her incredibly insightful and intelligent suggestions and not so thinly veiled order to back off of her friend with a flourish by giving me another pretense to give away the car and shooting me an innocent smile. Bossy Sookie was such a turn-on. She really needed to tone it down if she wanted to walk out of this office in possession of all her underthings.

“I like the way you think, Sookie Stackhouse. After the bravery of your friend for turning in a blackmailer and a defiler of the blood, I hereby clear him of any further obligations and pardon him of his crime. I will also consider a reward suitable for a human loyal to the vampires of this area. And yes, I will make sure there is no evidence of Fairy Sookie at Compton’s. Sound good?” I asked. She was still in predator mode after all.

She then stunned me with a tender kiss to the cheek, a sensual whisper of thanks in my ear, and a wicked grin before she walked towards the door, shut it behind her, and vamped out after Godric.

As I watched her walk away, I knew without a doubt I had once again failed to be the predator in that scenario. Sookie sat back, studied my pattern, perfected her timing, separated me from the herd, and preyed on me.

Gods she was beautiful.

I pulled my burner phone out of my pocket and pressed one. As soon as I heard the call connect, I spoke, “Things are changing, Pam. This is what I need you to do…”

A/N: See, it just never made sense to me that Eric would buy Lafayette a car after scaring the shit out of him. I like the idea that it’s actually a guilt gift. Eric’s not normally a drug dealer, why would he need to give Lafayette an incentive? Godric told him the blood was sacred and he learned it the hard way in the show. I like my way better.


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  1. Pfft Scumbill, Shrumbill.

    ooh can’t wait for the Sookie/Skankyanne showdown. oooh and G&E backing her as well. Scumbill needs to pay also. Liking Eric’s analysis of bad ass Sookie.
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  2. Your conjecture on Eric’s real reason for giving Lafayette that care (for $1) makes good sense. And I do live the way Sookie suggests they handle the set up SA thought she had arranged…can’t wait for the crap to hit the fan when it all blows up.

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