Chapter 16: Glamourous


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This chapter includes our favorite daydream. I may have changed the plot of Season 3, but I couldn’t let that scene completely disappear. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: True Blood and SVM belong to Alan Ball, HBO, and Charlaine Harris. I own nothing. I just have issues with letting go.


I was pretty sure I went to my day-rest with a smile on my face, a first for me and just one of many firsts I experienced since Godric walked into Fangtasia last night. Getting up was no hassle either, I was more than ready to face another night with the talented and delectable Miss Stackhouse. I opened my eyes and inhaled slowly, stretching my limbs, even though I really didn’t need to.

Then I growled.

Sookie had popped into my room sometime during the day and left her scent on my sheets. She even slid in next to me at some point. And she had sunbathed. Oddly, I didn’t mind that she could pop her way into my room and Sookie was definitely welcome to pop her way into my bed anytime, I was only disappointed she wasn’t still here. I inhaled that heavenly scent once again before I reluctantly got up to shower.

I mean I showered reluctantly.

I really didn’t want to wash off that scent.

I finally compromised with myself by showering, sticking on a navy v-neck, and adding the jacket I wore yesterday so I still smelled of Godric and Sookie; of honey, wheat, old forests, and sunlight.

It was better than any cologne I could’ve owned.

It only took me a minute to shower and change at vamp speed and I quickly headed out the door, making sure it latched behind me and the security lock engaged but wondering idly if there was really a point in locking anything if Sookie could pop anywhere she wanted.

My train of thought was completely derailed when I walked out to find Sookie perched on the couch, her foot on the coffee table with her pant leg hitched up to her calf while she adjusted a knife sheathe holding a silver blade.

It caused so many potential fantasies that I didn’t know where to start.

Sookie was wearing her black synthetic jacket again, dark, form-fitting jeans, and a different pair of black stiletto boots that laced up just past her ankles. Her shirt was made of metallic silver that shimmered and rippled like a waterfall and was cut extremely low in a V-shape across her chest. She had donned a lacy black camisole underneath it, which contrasted beautifully with the glistening silver fabric and drew the eye to the curve of her chest. Her hair was straight again, she wore silver colored loops in her ears, and had dusted her eyelids with a very light layer of what looked like glitter that grew darker in color, fading into black, the closer it got to her lashes. The look was finished with a little shiny, clear lip gloss and a light layer of mascara. Overall, she looked darker and edgier than I’d ever seen her before, like I had just walked onto the set of Good Sookie Gone Bad. I thought it entirely possible Vampire Sookie had commandeered her body while she was getting dressed tonight.

And it turned me on to no end.

Her head swung up to look at me, having felt my rise in lust, and she winked at me. I may have growled in response. She did provoke me.

Then again, that outfit could probably provoke a priest.

“Where’s Godric?” I asked, after she stopped giggling, and walked over to the fridge to pop a bag of donor blood in the microwave. I held one up in Sookie’s direction and she nodded, so I added another and tried not to grin about it.

“Arranging travel coffins for tomorrow,” she sighed as she slipped her very mistress-style, black boot back on and laced it up. She really had to stop giving me ideas.

“Sookie,” I called softly. When she looked up, I smirked and said, “You left your scent on my sheets.”

“I know,” she mumbled. “I forgot to turn it off.”

I couldn’t help it, I laughed. Sookie had been hoping to sneak into my room, lie down next to me, and never tell me. Forgetting to shield her scent gave her away and that was all just too funny.

“That’s okay. Feel free to pop in anytime, but I would prefer it if you at least left your scent,” I said and bit my lip as I ran my eyes over her body. Damn, she looked good. She responded with a blush in the tie and a wave of exasperation that had me smirking again.

I pulled the bags out of the microwave, walked over to the back of the couch and jumped over it like a teenager. I settled in next to Sookie and handed her a bag as I dropped fang and bit into my own. When I finished, I watched Sookie drain the rest of her bag enthralled. I didn’t think I’d ever get tired of those sinful moans. I also would never get tired of how she always left a drop or two of blood on her lips. In fact, I was more than okay with that.

It meant I got to clean them off her.

Which was something I reminded her of when I pulled her towards me to run my tongue over her lips. She hummed deliciously into my mouth as I parted those lips and swept my tongue inside, cleaning off the blood still coating the inside of her mouth. I slid my hand into her hair as we kissed, gathered a handful and twisted it, teasing her with the new sensation. She rewarded me with another sinful moan but got revenge on me by nonchalantly sliding into my lap and placing a knee on each side of my body.

She then laced her hands behind my neck and deepened the kiss, but I was more than happy to let Sookie have control, excited to see where she would take it. She hummed delectably into my mouth again and ground down on me, making me hiss, which she immediately silenced with another tantalizing stroke of her tongue. Her hands reached up while we explored each other’s mouths and slipped into my hair. The little vixen then scratched her nails along my scalp erotically before she tugged sharply on my hair, broke the kiss, and smiled wickedly at me. I didn’t even have a chance to respond before she used the hold she had on my hair to tilt my head to the side while she dipped her own to my neck and ran her fangs over my jugular.

Yes, please.

A thrill of excitement danced down my spine and more lust erupted in my veins as I settled my hands on her hips to help her move. Sookie rocked her hips sensually over mine while she caressed my neck with her lips and teeth, alternating between sucking and nipping patches of my skin. After teasing me languidly for a minute, she settled on a spot and swept her tongue over my skin, about to prepare it for her fangs, when she suddenly shot back up, placed her hands gently on either side of my neck, and stroked my jawbone with her thumbs while murmuring, “You do taste like saltwater and snowflakes.”

“Huh?” I eloquently responded, shaking my head to clear it from lust. What did she just say? Saltwater and… what?

She smiled excitedly, dipped her head again, and scented me before she pulled back, smiled brilliantly, and whispered, “You smell like the ocean in winter. I can taste the saltwater and snow on your skin.”

I shook my head once more before what she said sank in and I stared at her. No one had ever once told me they could taste saltwater and snow on my skin, not in a thousand years. As for my scent, vampires said I smelled like cold water and earthy forests, a combination of my human scent and my maker’s. Yet Sookie just said I smelled like the ocean in winter.

“That’s not what people typically say my scent smells like, Sookie,” I said softly and gave her hips a little squeeze, I was utterly confused.

“I can smell your normal scent, Eric, but it’s like there’s another layer over it. A stronger one that smells so good,” she ran her nose over my neck again and moaned the last two words, which was quickly reigniting my lust. Before I could do anything about it, she brought her head back up and asked, “Did you play by the North Sea as a child?”

I studied her face, stunned. After a second, I realized she could’ve dug through my memories for that, but her face looked genuinely curious and I couldn’t feel any mischief in the tie, so I just nodded.

“I’m smellin’ your memories,” she breathed, as if she were talking to herself and disbelief raced through her veins.

I shook my head and attempted to dismiss the idea, though somehow I was not surprised when awe still leaked into my voice when I spoke, “No, not even you can do that.”

A wicked gleam entered her eye and my lust kicked up another notch but when she opened her mouth to taunt me with whatever she was about to taunt me with, all I heard was a very loud, pointed cough. Sookie and I both turned our heads to my right to find Godric, who graced us with another triumphant grin of a Cheshire cat.

I may have said that’s exactly what his smile looked like.

Sookie nearly made Godric and I come apart at the seams when she muttered, “My brother and I always called it a ‘shit-eating grin.'”

She slid off my lap and stood up with disappointment, picked up the empty bags of blood, and trashed them while Godric and I laughed.

I could almost read her mind, probably because I was thinking the same thing.

Cock-blocked by my own maker.

Which actually surprised me a little. Godric didn’t normally interfere when I took lovers, yet he’d stopped me a few times now from taking things further with Sookie and now he had stopped Sookie from taking things further with me. I could argue it was because Sookie was his progeny, but he hadn’t reacted this way when Nora was turned and we started something.


Was that what Godric was worried about? That I’d treat Sookie the way I treated Nora after she was turned? That I’d introduce her to vampire sex and then wander out to find a new lover when I got bored with her? I wouldn’t do that, mainly because there was no way I would ever get bored with Sookie. I wanted her too much to let her go that easily. If she gave me the opportunity to, I would bond with her. Normally, I’d be tempted into taking advantage of sharing blood with her by completing an exchange through puncturing her lip or tongue or biting something while she was drinking from me. After yesterday, though, I planned to never attempt to manipulate her like that again, which meant I’d actually have to talk about it with her, something that honestly scared the shit out of me. I had hope, though. Yesterday she had said she needed more time before it came to exchanging blood, which gave me hope that we would exchange at some point. I would love a first-level bond with her.

I’d love a complete bond even more.

“You only drank one bag, right?” Godric asked Sookie. She was supposed to feed from the source tonight, so he wanted her to drink something but not sate herself. He needed to be able to gauge how she would react around prey while hungry. Sookie nodded, relieving Godric.

Anticipation began to emerge in the tie as Godric turned to me. I flashed Sookie a quizzical look when I felt it, but turned back to my maker without an answer.

“Eric, we need to test one of Sookie’s abilities before Pam and Jessica rise, and you are the only other vampire we can trust with it,” Godric said meaningfully.

I quickly thought through everything Sookie and Godric told me and showed me last night and my stomach sank when I realized what ability it was he wanted Sookie to test on me. Her glamour.

“It won’t be that bad, Eric,” Sookie drawled as she walked over to me and sat in front of me on the coffee table. “I won’t erase anything, ask anything embarrassing, or implant somethin’ wild. I’ll make you shoot your hands up or speak in Spanish. Stop worrying.”

Oddly, that actually helped. I was still nervous about being glamoured like an everyday human, something all the reassurance I was suddenly receiving helped with, but it wasn’t so bad anyways now that she had assured me she wouldn’t do anything like ask me how I felt about her. Sookie just promised she wouldn’t violate my privacy.

It was ironic that I thought I had any left when she was a vampire reading telepath.

“Does it feel differently to you? Using your influence on a vampire instead of a human?” I asked. I was genuinely curious. Sookie was using her influence on the predator instead of the prey and I wondered what the difference was.

She nodded and explained, “When I pushed my influence at Godric, it was like tryin’ to run underwater. There was this odd resistance I had to wade through. Weirdly, you were twice as easy. I’d guess that if I had to do it to someone older like Russell, it’d be even harder, if I could do it at all. We need to see though if bein’ able to use my influence like that means I can glamour you too.”

I nodded, rolled my eyes, and sent them acceptance. Sookie gave me a beautiful smile that would’ve stopped my heart if it still beat and pressed her influence towards me. Slowly, everything but Sookie started fading out, disappearing into darkness, until the only thing left in front of me was Sookie. Her form gradually began to brighten, focus, almost like she was suddenly on HD television.

Gods, she was beautiful.

I completely understood now why it was called glamour. Sookie looked like a fucking supermodel, an angel, and the ultimate temptress combined. Her glow was accentuated and warmer, every curve became more tempting and defined, her lips looked plumper, her eyes more coy, and her movements became so graceful, so catlike.

Eric,” she purred slowly, then shot me a grin full of mischief that made me salivate with lust. With the voice of a sex-kitten, which only made me want to tear her clothes off even more, she flirtatiously asked, “You’re going to braid my hair for me, aren’t you?”

When she pulled her influence back, I robotically pulled her towards me and sat her at my feet before sweeping her hair up in a complicated braid from my homeland at vamp speed. When the compulsion ended, I looked down in amazement to find I had braided her hair in the style of a shieldmaiden. I didn’t even know I still remembered how to do that. Apparently I did, which meant I probably knew all the other Viking styles too, and yet I had picked this specific one for Sookie, which was hilarious since I felt Sookie was my own personal shieldmaiden. She’d already saved my life once from the Magister and again when she talked us out of keeping that idiotic and dangerous program last night. Tomorrow she’d be going into enemy territory and possibly facing off against the vampire that murdered my family. The braid definitely fit her.


Slowly, I ran my fingers over her honeyed locks and looked up at a grinning Godric with a soft smile, delighted that I’d turned her into a shieldmaiden for the night, and said, “Well, her glamour definitely works on vampires. Although, I hadn’t realized this had turned into that type of slumber party.” Godric chuckled and I leaned over to purr in Sookie’s ear, “Can we have a pillow fight next, Sookie?”

Sookie looked up at me with her own shit-eating grin and reached back to touch her hair. She took off at vamp speed, I guess to check out her braid, which she confirmed for me when Godric and I heard her beautiful peals of laughter coming from their bathroom. She was back not a second later, her hand still lingering on her braid, and excitedly asked, “What kind of braid is this, Eric? I’ve never seen anythin’ like it.”

I stood up lazily, giving her time to back up a little and let me move, before I reached out to leisurely stroke her braid again, fascinated I was able to remember how to do it since I hadn’t braided something like that since my mother died. I met her gaze as I fondled the braid and said, “This is how the Viking shieldmaidens used to braid their hair. Shieldmaidens fought with the warriors, determined to protect their kin.” I tugged on her braid and finished softly with, “Ironic, huh?”

She’d glamoured me into doing it and yet she still rewarded me for it, sending me a tantalizing caress through the tie and making me purr while she reached up and pressed a kiss to my cheek, and whispered, “Thank you, Eric.”

Braiding her hair was obviously something Sookie picked as a joke, but now it had a deeper meaning for us both. Sookie had given me a gift by reviving a long forgotten memory for me and, in return, I had honored her by instinctively choosing the braid of a warrior for her, one that fit her to her very core. That realization just made me purr even louder.

“Sookie, I don’t know how you’re doing it, but you need to stop turning my maker into a cat,” Pam snarked as she walked into the room. We all shot her quizzical looks so she pointed at me and added, “Look at him, he’s purring and playing with your hair!”

It was true. I was.

Sookie started laughing hysterically as Godric and I chuckled, causing pleasure and delight to radiate from my bond with Pam, who loved the fact Sookie had found that so funny. I was honestly blown away by how Pam had taken to Vampire Sookie. Faepire Sookie?

I really needed to work on that.

Pam walked over to us and circled Sookie, nodding appreciatively at her outfit, before gently running her hand over the braid and commenting, “I’ve never seen this before.”

Sookie gasped for a breath she didn’t need and explained, “Eric did it. He said it’s how Viking shieldmaidens wore their hair.”

Pam’s eyebrows shot towards her hairline and she turned to me, still stroking Sookie’s hair, and opened her mouth to speak when Sookie’s ties suddenly radiated mischief and she stroked her tie with Pam to make her purr.

Godric and I laughed when we realized Pam was now the one purring and playing with her hair. She’d turned her into the cat in the equation. When the purr died, Pam looked between us, stunned, and broke out into her own case of hysterical laughter. She’d obviously realized exactly what Sookie had done.

When she’d finally gathered herself, Pam looked back to Sookie and gave her a fond smile, one I wasn’t sure I’d ever seen before, gave her braid a tiny tug and said, “That was clever, cupcake. You caught me by surprise.” She then turned back to me as she dropped Sookie’s braid, crossed her arms, and asked, “You remember how to braid hair from a thousand years ago but haven’t braided mine?”

“I didn’t know I could,” I said with a shrug, letting her feel my honesty in our bond. I worded everything carefully when I added, “It must’ve been muscle memory. Once she sat down in front of me, I just did it. I haven’t braided any hair at all since my mother died when I was human.”

For some reason, my answer delighted Sookie because her tie started glowing with pleasure. My lips twitched when I realized what pleased Sookie was the fact that Sookie was the only other woman I had done that for besides my mother. It made her feel more connected to her and like it was reserved for those special to me, which actually thrilled me. I would’ve loved it if my parents could’ve met Sookie. It also thrilled me that she wanted to be connected to my mother at all. If we were both human and our parents were alive, she would’ve wanted to meet mine. I was honored she felt that way and I sent her affection for it. Though Pam was completely oblivious, Godric had realized this too, both how Sookie felt and how I felt about how she felt, and gave me another shit-eating grin. I gave him a firm push that told him to go try sun-bathing, which only made that crazy-ass grin wider.

“Would you braid mine like that sometime, master?” Pam asked sweetly. She always threw in the “master” when she wanted something, suck-up.

I didn’t even realize I was looking at Sookie for permission until she smiled at me and said in a low voice, imitating a man, “Just keep it the family, Eric,” slapped me on the shoulder, and walked away.

Pam looked at me with incredulity, both because I had unconsciously asked Sookie for permission (probably because it meant so much to her) and because of Sookie’s hilarious response. I shrugged my shoulders and said, in as casual a voice as possible, “You heard your Auntie. Anytime, Pam.”

I was incredibly relieved when she didn’t comment and only snickered. Godric, on the other hand, had to rub it in a little by laughing so hard his body shook.


Sookie giggled at the sound of Godric’s laughter and the feel of my irritation, drawing our attention to her as she pulled out a bag of donor blood and popped it in the microwave. Godric and I gave her confused looks, since Godric had made it clear no more blood until she fed from the source, but relaxed when she flooded us with reassurance. Jessica stepped out a moment later, helping us put two and two together. I shared a meaningful look with Godric and sent a push that said do you see this? as Sookie called Jessica’s name and launched the bag at her. Jessica snatched it from the air, dropped fang and bit in.

Pam was sponsoring Jessica, yet Sookie was automatically taking care of her. Last night she laid down the law for her, ripped into her for her behavior, and tore down everything Jessica thought she knew about her maker and Jessica thanked her for it. She then taught Jessica about sponsors of the blood, treating bloodlines and elders with respect, offered her protection, shared blood with her, made sure she fed before day-rest, and shepherded her off to bed. Sookie was beginning to look like the excellent replacement maker for Bill, which was very unusual since her blood was younger than Jessica’s. It would definitely be a first for a baby vamp to be the progeny of another and younger baby vamp if Sookie one day took over, but firsts were kind of Sookie’s specialty.

Godric nodded, which relieved me a little. I thought I may have been an idiot for even considering something like this, but if Godric had noticed their connection, then I wasn’t being stupid and it was a real possibility. Godric gave me a warm smile when he felt my relief and sent me a push that said Later. I nodded, realizing he wanted to discuss it with Sookie later, and gave him my own smile and an eyebrow waggle. Sookie being a maker was an exciting idea. He just chuckled, but his blood did hum in agreement.

“Ooo. Sookie, what a beautiful braid,” Jessica complimented as she tossed the bag away and touched Sookie’s hair. I wondered if that would be happening all night. I didn’t like the idea of strangers touching my… shieldmaiden.

I could get away with that, right?

“Thanks,” Sookie said, shot me affection and added, “Eric did it.”

Jessica’s mouth dropped open in shock and she made that odd choking noise again. I was a little confused with her reaction. Did guys not do that anymore? We used to do it for the ones we loved and as a sign of respect. It was actually an honor to be the one to braid a shieldmaiden’s hair. I guessed it must’ve been one of the many things that changed with time.

It only took a split second to think this, so I fluidly switched the conversation to tonight with Pam.

“Pam, call Alcide when we get to the club. Let him know we’re calling in his marker, see if he’s in town and can drop by tonight to meet Sookie and Godric. I’m thinking we should close the club while they’re in Jackson. If you can get cameras that transmit long-range, then we can keep an eye on everything happening in Jackson while they’re visiting the king and tracking wolves. With live feeds, keeping the bar open would just be a risk and distracting, so call the local vampires scheduled to appear and cancel their hours for the rest of the week and give the human staff full pay. Also, push up any meetings I have scheduled to tonight, if that’s too soon, push it back three nights, okay?” I asked, making sure my orders were doable.

She nodded as she typed something on her phone, probably moving things in her calendar, and then asked, “You have a few residency requests but no reported violations or appeals to look into. What time tonight do you want me to have them come to the club?”

I thought about everything for a second, realized I really wanted to see Sookie feed, so I turned to Godric and asked, “Everything okay at the farmhouse?”

He nodded, realizing I was looking for a time window, and said, “We plan to go to the club first and find some donors, then head to Bon Temps, stop at the store for some things on the way there, meet with Sookie’s loved ones, and stop at the house at some point before we come back to the bar. Since Alcide will be taking us to Jackson tomorrow, I haven’t decided if we should come back here or not. Does he know about your resting place?” I shook my head so he quickly added, “Then Alcide will be picking us up in Bon Temps.”

Disappointment flared in both my and Pam’s blood, quickly followed by surprise at each other’s reactions. We both wanted Sookie and Godric to stay?

Sookie started laughing and asked, “Did you want me to move-in?”

Luckily, I didn’t have a chance to say anything, thereby excusing me from trying to lie, when Pam said, “Auntie, it’s been so much fun though. If you stick around, I might even get to be the one to braid your hair and you can teach me how to kiss.”

I had to keep my fangs from dropping at the thought.

Sookie muttered something about lesbian weirdness and said, “As enticing as that sounds, I miss my home. Last night was fun, but I’ll be around for a long time guys. You’ll probably see me at least once a night anyways while I’m learnin’ to feed and, Pam, Godric asked Eric if you would train and spar with me-” Pam’s fangs dropped before Sookie could say another word and she pushed an ocean’s worth of agreement, excitement, and anticipation towards Sookie who chuckled and finished with, “So you’ll see me around a lot. The Stackhouse homestead needs a Stackhouse in it. It’s been in the family over a hundred years, for six generations.”

We both reluctantly nodded and I turned to Pam and finally said, “Schedule them for when Godric and Sookie will be gone. They’re going to stop for a drink and head off for a couple hours, so maybe between nine and eleven? That enough time?”

Pam nodded and said, “There’s only four requests, so that should be plenty.”

“Sookie?” I called. She walked back over to us and slid an arm around my waist as she raised an eyebrow at me. My own arm automatically wrapped itself around her shoulders. “Feel free to pop in anytime,” I said again with a grin. Amusement for different reasons skittered around my bond with Godric and tie to Sookie and they flooded me with mirth.

“Sure,” she said. Pam nodded with a smile, tucked her cell into her pocket and walked over to talk to her temporary progeny. When she walked away, Sookie turned to look back at us and spoke in a much softer voice, “I realized last night that if you guys wanna get my attention and make sure I’m really listening, I might understand better if you give the bond a double-tug.” She smiled when she felt understanding flood us and we both pushed pride at her for the idea. It would be so much more natural looking than vampires scratching itches they didn’t have.

“You got your stuff ready?” I asked. When she nodded, I vamped into their room and collected everything, came back and handed Godric his bags. Sookie reached her hand out, so I stuck her purse in it, flashing her a small grin as I strapped one of her bags over my shoulder and tucked the others under my arm to carry them out. She scrunched up her nose but sent me gratitude and a smaller stroke than the one she used when we really, really pleased her. “Pam?” I called. When she turned to look at me, hand on her hip, I said, “I’m taking their… Jeep-” she cackled and her glee shot up, “so just go ahead and take your van. I’ll fly back tonight.”

She nodded in agreement and we all walked up the stairs.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 16: Glamourous

  1. as you can see i’ve been rereading the story. i just like to note that this is my most favorite chapter by far. this chapter not only connected them all but it also connected Eric’s memories as a human. from his scent to the hair braiding. i think it’s vey sweet.

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  2. loving the playful Sookie, she can always pop to him during the day from BonTemps and give him a good wake up call and pop back and he cannot do anything about it except for the sun to set. love their family dynamics KY


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