Chapter 18: Family Reunion


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Okay, whose up for a trip to Bon Temps? Yes, it is taking a while to work through the season 3 plot, but this story is ultimately about Sookie’s life as a vampire. The TB plot isn’t the main focus. Her and her family (bloodline and all) are.

I used TB quotes in this one. I couldn’t help it, I loved Jason’s lines on the show and I had to use a few. I used them in a new way though! Props for that, right?

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After we greeted the vampires of the area, again, Godric and I made a sneaky escape and headed out. We stopped by the store to buy some supplies for the house (plus furniture, a little decor, True Blood, and other necessities for the new day-rest area beneath it), loaded up the Jeep, arranged for the furniture to be delivered, and finally made our way to Bon Temps.

Made our way home.

I could feel my body unwinding the closer we got, like the very air around my hometown was beneficial to my emotional and physical well-being.

Of course, that piece of relaxation only lasted until we were a mile from Jason’s house. Godric had to practically sedate me with the bond on the way there. I was just way too nervous and emotional over the thought of seeing him again. My bond with Godric was practically bursting with emotions and he had to start suppressing them. My anticipation and excitement levels were through the roof, so was my fear and trepidation. I was scared shit-less, yet full of sisterly affection, joy to be reconnecting, hope for our relationship, concern for how he was handling his grief, sorrow for not contacting him sooner, guilt for dying at all, faith we could get past it, and so many other things that I literally painted an emotional mosaic across the bond.

When we pulled up, Godric had to actually command me to wait until he parked before I got out.

As soon as he pulled the key from the ignition, I was at the Jason’s front door with my finger frozen above the doorbell, too terrified to actually press it. Godric, my anchor, calmly walked up beside me, looked at my hand, the bell, and my hand again before he wrapped his own around mine and pressed it to the doorbell while flooding me with mirth and reinforcing me with strength.

When the door flew open seconds later, Jason was pulling out his wallet, mumbling about how Hoyt ought to pay for his own food if he was going to order in, and not paying attention. When he looked up, his face literally drained of all its color and he slammed the door shut again. Godric and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows and faces full of concern as we listened to Jason yelling at Hoyt that he should have him committed because he was losing it and hallucinating seeing his sister running around with “some teenage punk! I swear I’m losing it man! I’m losing it…”

Godric pressed the doorbell once more, obviously hoping Hoyt would answer and we could prove to Jason that he was not going insane.

Hoyt, being the sweetheart he is, did re-open the door, already apologizing when he realized it really was me and slammed the door shut again.

“Fuck! That was her, Jason! I saw her, I saw her too. It’s her, man!” he shouted.

They fell into a moment of silence, during which I had to snatch Godric’s finger away from the doorbell again with a glare, before we heard Jason say, in a very weak voice, “You need locked up, too? We’re both losing it?”

We tried. We really, really did, but that was too much and we broke out in fits of body-shaking, knee-slapping laughter.

When they heard us laughing away hysterically, Hoyt decided to brave the dangers of door answering one more time and pulled it open just a crack to take a peek as he murmured, “Sookie? Sookie Stackhouse? That really you?”

I nodded and shot him a soft smile as I said, “Yes, Hoyt. I’m not a ghost or a hallucination. I didn’t truly die in Dallas, but I gotta talk to Jason about why he was told I did.”

See what I did there? Truly die? I died, just not the true death, so I chose my words very carefully.

“Put the gun down, Jason! It’s her. She said she didn’t really die in Dallas and needs to tell you why you were told that,” Hoyt snapped to his right, where Jason was obviously loading a gun.

Okay, not what I told Hoyt word for word.

“Jason?” I called out and immediately heard the gun clatter to the floor and bullets roll around on the wooden boards.

“Sookie?” he called back, repeating my tone exactly.

“Jason Stackhouse, get over here and give me a hug or I’m gonna tell all of Bon Temps that you once thought a three-legged race meant racin’ three-legged dogs!” I shouted, trying desperately not to laugh when the bond went through an uproar of Godric’s mirth and incredulousness.

The door then flew violently open and literally knocked Jason into my arms when it rebounded off the wall and smacked into him from behind. While Godric fell into stunned silence, for all of three seconds before he started laughing so hard he nearly toppled over, Jason and I were locked in the world’s tightest bear hug. Of course, it was a vampire’s gentlest bear hug on my part because I didn’t want to literally squeeze the life out of him.

“Sookie-Sookie-Sookie-Sookie-Sookie,” Jason breathed, repeating my name like a mantra or a penitent prayer of Hail Mary.

I lifted one of my hands and stroked his hair as he nuzzled into me, taking comfort in my arms while dozens of salty tears ran down his face.

“I’m sorry, Jason. I’m so sorry that you thought I was dead and gone, I’m sorry you felt you were alone, sorry for every minute,” I whispered.

He pulled back to look at me and traced my face with disbelieving hands, touching every feature I had to prove to himself I was really here.

“Sook, I thought you were dead! I thought I was the only one left!” He paused and traced my face again before quietly stating, “Sook, you and me, we’re all that’s left. Our whole family’s gone. Everybody who counts. We’re all alone. We’re all that’s left.” His voice fell into a barely audible whisper at the end and his whole mind was crying out, “Thought it was just me left. Thought I was the only one, she’s back. She’s back, she’s back, not alone anymore.”

I nodded, slid my hands up to his cheeks, and said, “So you know what we gotta do. We gotta grow up. We gotta stick together and we gotta be good to each other or we’re lettin’ them down.” He nodded vehemently, agreeing with me. “Jason, that starts with invitin’ us in so we can talk about it all. Can we come in?”

“Yeah! Yeah, of course, Sook. Both of ya, come on in,” he said and backed up through the door as if he were afraid I’d disappear again when he turned his back on me.

Hoyt was standing just inside completely thunderstruck. I smiled at him, which seemed to be enough to wake him up and he opened his arms wide and hugged me, “It’s sure good to see ya, Sookie. Last time I saw you was before Dallas and Vampire Bill told me you died there. He told me and Jess that night that he felt it in his blood, that there was no way you lived but here you are!”

I pulled back with a smile, not knowing quite what to say but that I needed to say something soon, because there was actually a very big change with fangs standing quietly in the corner of the room just waiting to be acknowledged. We settled down onto the couches and Godric gave me a large push of encouragement. I sent him gratefulness, sighed, and began, “That’s actually what I gotta talk to you about, Jase. When I went to Dallas, I was sent in to look for a vampire…”

I then summarized everything that happened to me for Jason. Godric and I took turns answering his questions and asking him ones in return. Apparently, Jason had been a member of the Light of Day Institute at the Fellowship, training to be a Soldier of the Sun. I peeked into his mind and ransacked all the information I could, which is how I learned that he started truly doubting things about their teachings, but it didn’t really all go to shit until he slept with Sarah Newlin.

“I tell ya, Sook. The Newlins? Well, that’s one crazy bitch and a son of a witch. I found out from Sarah that they had you, broke free of her, and came back looking for ya. All I found was blood,” his voice broke and tears started forming all over again. I reached out and wrapped him up in a sideways hug, snuggling him into me as we sat on the couch. He collected himself and added, “The alarms had been blaring for a while and I managed to sneak back out by using this lame ass ‘honesty ring’ and my paintball gun to impersonate a Soldier of the Sun and slip off the compound while they were lookin’ for the vampire. I had hoped that blood was Gabe’s, Sook. When I got back though and after we dealt with all the maenad shit, that tall, blonde vamper told me you were dead. It was your blood then, huh, Sook?” I nodded. “Then how’re you still alive?”

I took a deep breath and said, “I’m not, Jase. I’m a vampire. That Gabe tried to rape me…” I then told him all about my life as a vampire for the last month, having Godric as a maker, and about my bloodline. Jason took everything incredibly well, just thrilled to have his sister back again. “I knew I wouldn’t make it out of that basement alive, and I kept thinkin’ about how I would never see you or anyone else I loved ever again. When Godric gave me the choice, I said yes hopin’ I’d make it back here to see you all again. I wasn’t ready to let you go. I chose my family, I chose you. Yeah, maybe sometimes I wanna put a bucket on your head and kick it ’round the yard, but you’re my brother and I love you too much to leave you here alone.”

He started laughing while he wiped his tears away and said, “Well, I guess this means I won’t be gettin’ anymore home cooked meals.”

I chuckled and gently squeezed his hand as I shook my head and said, “I’d be more than happy to cook for you, Jase, if you don’t mind eatin’ while I drink True Blood.”

He smiled a goofy smile and said, “I wouldn’t mind at all, sis. I’d just be thrilled we can still eat as a family.”

Hoyt then cleared his throat, bringing our attention to him, as he stood and reluctantly said, “Well, I gotta head out. Momma’s waiting on me and I’m already late.” We all stood up and I hugged him again while he added, “I’m glad you’re back, Sook. It’s not the same without you. Bon Temps needs more than one Stackhouse in it.”

I nodded with a smile and gave him another small squeeze before letting go. Godric followed Hoyt to the door and quickly glamoured him into telling nobody I was here until tomorrow, so I’d have a chance to tell the people I loved first, while I sat back down with Jason and distracted him.

“Jase, I gotta tell you some other things about me. Important things, but it’s kind of risky knowing. I don’t wanna put you in danger, so Godric will glamour you when I’m done not to tell anybody. That way you’ll remember everything but won’t accidentally say anything about it and other vampires won’t be able to force you to reveal anything about me, is that okay?” I asked. Godric was going to glamour him whether he gave us permission or not though. Everyone else I was planning to talk to would get a choice, but not my brother. Jason often randomly stopped by the farmhouse, so eventually he would discover I was a day-walker and it’d be better to explain it now than have him freak out on me later.

“Uh, sure, Sook. Whatever you gotta do,” he said while scratching his head, puzzled.

I took another unneeded breath and began to tell him about fairies and how we both had fairy blood. I explained what an essential spark was and that I had one, which was why I was telepathic. I told him we figured this out when I rose from the grave and that I was likely of the Sky Fae and that the Sky Fae could manipulate sunlight.

Jason just gaped at me and then asked, incredulous, “Fairies are real?”

“Yep,” I said as I nodded, “so are werewolves and a lot of other supernatural creatures.”

“Big foot? You think he’s real?”

“I guess it’s possible,” I said slowly while Godric bit his lip, trying his hardest not to laugh.

Jason paused to think about it all, then gasped and asked, in a childlike voice with a hopeful expression on his face, “Santa?

Godric couldn’t hold it in any longer and laughed and I bit my cheek hard enough to draw blood to keep myself from joining in. “Jason, focus!” I scolded after I collected myself.

He cleared his throat, snapped himself out of his hopeful stupor, and said, “Right. Go on, Sook.”

“My essential spark became stronger when I turned, maybe because vamp blood and the spark are both magical,” I shrugged. “But the point is, I can manipulate sunlight now. There’s sunlight runnin’ through my veins and we found out that this allows me to day-walk. I don’t burn in the sun and I don’t really die durin’ the day, I just fade into something very similar to sleep.”

He just stared at me, dumbfounded, for a minute with his mouth open wide enough to catch flies. Finally, he shook his head in disbelief and mumbled, “You never were one to be normal, Sookie.”

I smiled softly, squeezed his hand, and said, “I didn’t have any say about being normal. We’re born the way we are.”

“For once, I’m real happy you ain’t, Sook. You always loved the sunshine and I’m glad you don’t gotta give it up,” he said and leaned in to hug me again. “I’m also real happy that I’ll still get breakfast and lunch sometimes too.”

I laughed and patted his back while I looked at a smiling Godric over his shoulder. Our bond was humming with affection and pleasure. I gave him a small nod and he straightened up from his spot leaning against the wall and walked over to us.

“Jason?” We both broke the hug and Jason looked up at Godric, who immediately pushed his influence towards him. His voice became more hypnotic and seductive as he spoke, “You will never discuss fairies or essential sparks with anybody except us. You will never tell anyone Sookie is immune to sunlight and can day-walk. If anybody ever asks you if there’s something different about her or tries to force you to say something, you will tell them Sookie is just like any other vampire.”

“Sure,” Jason said with a mesmerized expression. “Sook’s just like every other vampre, ain’t nothing unique about her.”

Godric smiled and pulled back, “Thank you, Jason.”

“No problem, man,” Jason said as his vacant expression became more animated. “I just got my sister back, I don’t want no harm to come to her. The next time she dies will be long after I’m gone.”

My heart squeezed painfully at the idea. Godric soaked our bond with comfort, love, strength, and support in response. I let the emotions carry away the pain and sent him back a wave of gratitude.

“Jase, I gotta head out to the farmhouse and then head over to Merlotte’s to see Sam, Tara, and Lafayette. Do me a favor and don’t tell anybody about me until tomorrow so they don’t hear it secondhand?” I asked. He nodded and stood up, pulling me to my feet and swept me up in a final hug.

“See you soon, Sook?” he asked and pressed a kiss to my cheek.

“Yeah. Godric and I have to take a small trip, just a couple days, so we should be back by the end of the weekend at the latest,” I said, rubbing his arms soothingly when he tensed. “I promise you we’ll come back. I won’t be gone for another month. Then I plan on stayin’ in Bon Temps for a good long while.”

He relaxed and nodded sheepishly before kissing my cheek again and walking us to the door.

After we said goodbye, Godric slipped his arm over my shoulders and guided me back to the Jeep as he said, “You know, child, it’s a nice night. Why don’t we drop off our things and then run to Merlotte’s? When we’re done, we’ll just run straight back to Fangtasia. It might do you some good after we get all the hard stuff out of the way.”

I pushed agreement to him and caressed our bond, letting him know I liked that idea very, very much. I was much faster than the average newborn, a perk of rising early and being the progeny of a vampire over 2,000 years old when he made me, and I enjoyed a good run. Back in Dallas, I made Godric run everywhere with me, which was something he found hilarious. I loved the feel of the wind on my skin.

I also loved randomly coming to a complete stop in front of strangers and scaring the shit out of them. I got a serious kick out of it.

We spent about ten minutes at the farmhouse, unloading everything at vamp speed and throwing back a couple of True Bloods, before we locked everything back up with new, spiffy James Bond type locks and digital fingerprint scanners (I’d have to get Jason to enter his print later) and took off running in the direction of the bar.

I decided to tell Lafayette before Sam and Tara. I knew deep down in my gut that if anyone would have a problem with my fangs, it was those two. If anyone was going to flat out accept me as I was, it was Lafayette. I wanted to do the easier stuff first. Besides, Tara might just scream it to the whole bar if she was really enraged and this was something my closest friends, my family, should hear directly from me.

Godric sent me an amazing amount of strength as we neared the bar at vamp speed and disappeared behind it before anyone could make out who and what we were. We came to a stop and Godric squeezed my shoulder before letting go and leaning up against the wall where he would wait for me to bring Lafayette out. The kitchen was small, so I planned to reveal myself then bring Laf out back where we would explain some things to him. I shot a nervous smile his way, tuned out everything but the sounds of the kitchen, confirmed Lafayette was alone at the moment, then opened the door and slipped inside.

“Lafayette,” I called quietly, making sure to stay out of range of anyone looking through the kitchen window. Lala looked good, happier than when I had last seen him. He was wearing mascara and a little eyeshadow, but not near as much as I was used to seeing. He turned to glance at me when he heard his name then spun right back around and mumbled, “This ain’t happening. This ain’t happening to me.” I was completely baffled by his reaction and tried again, “Lala? Laf?”

“Oh naw. Uh-uh. This ain’t happening. I know I is not seeing you’s ghost, Miss Sookie Stackhouse. I miss your fine ass and all, but you best not be haunting my kitchen,” Lafayette said while vigorously shaking his head.

Mischief started mounting in my blood and I vamped closer to him when he wasn’t looking, making it appear like I was, in fact, a spirit.

“I’m not, I’m haunting you,” I then purred. He didn’t even flinch, which had me completely confused.

“Naw uh, don’t even joke ’bout it. If anybody deserved to go to the light, it’s you sweetness, so go on now. Time to move on…” he said while shooing me, apparently, towards the light, before turning back to his grill and flipping a burger. He really did think I was some type of ghost?

“Lafayette?” I asked. He ignored me. “Lafayette, I’m dead, but I’m not a ghost!” I hissed. He finally stopped what he was doing and looked at me closely.

“What you mean? You some type of angel? You do look like you got a kind of glow ’bout you,” he said while using all five fingers on his right hand to indicate my supernatural glow, making me very aware he was some type of supe himself. I scented the air discreetly and realized I could smell magic around him. It was natural magic too, so Lafayette was some type of a natural born witch. Was he a medium? Was that why he thought I was a ghost?

Focusing again, I shook my head and said, calmly, “Not even close. I’m not an angel and I’m not a spirit. I really am standin’ here next to you. Laf, I’m a vampire.”

Then I dropped my fangs.

His spatula flew up into the air and hit the pots hanging overhead while he yelled, “Oh shit!”

I retracted my fangs immediately, feeling disappointment and the sting of rejection caused by his reaction, while he gasped frantically and worked to calm his racing heart. Then he blew me away with surprise when he launched himself at me and threw his arms around me. Relief poured through me and I could feel Godric’s own relief pulsing through our bond.

“You really is here, girl. You’re here! You ain’t dead, well you are but you knows what I mean,” he whispered as he held me. I scented the smell of tears and squeezed Lafayette gently to comfort him.

“I am, I’m here. I’m sorry I couldn’t get word to you before. My maker had me wait, but now we’re coming back to Bon Temps. Now, you’re stuck with me,” I whispered. I hadn’t said Godric commanded me, because I really didn’t want to lie more than I already had to, but I alluded to the possibility.

He pulled back, sliding his hands to my shoulders, and asked, “Your maker? That fool Compton do this to you, Sookie? I’ll stake him myself if he did. I know you love him and all, but he’s a bastard. He wouldn’t even tell us what happened to you! We found out from Jason, plus he tried to force me to sell V, girl.”

I grimaced, since I knew Lafayette had been glamoured to think that because of my own idea, but what I said was, “No, he isn’t my maker. And, yes, he is a bastard. As far as Bill knew,” even his name tasted bitter on my tongue, “I met the true death in Dallas. I was sent into the Fellowship of the Sun to look for a 2,000 year old vampire. The guy who went in with me tipped them off and they locked me up in the basement. One of the men there attacked me. When Godric, the vampire I was lookin’ for, found us and pulled him off of me, it was too late. I was already dying. Godric gave me a choice and I chose to be turned. I chose my family and friends, I chose to come back to you, because you are my family, and becoming vampire was the only way to do that.” I stroked his arms while I told him this. His mascara ran as tears slipped down his face, but he smiled at me when I told him why I made the choice I did.

He realized his make-up was running and used a finger to wipe away his raccoon eyes as he chuckled out, “Oh Lordy, I will look a hot mess now… You’re here! You’s alive! I missed you, girly. Bon Temps just ain’t the same without Sookie Stackhouse in it. And I am so relieved Bill wasn’t the one to turn you, Sookie. I love you like you my own flesh and blood and I wouldn’t wish an eternity with Bill Compton on my worst enemy.”

I shuddered at the idea and his eyes narrowed.

“He did somethin’ to you, didn’t he?” he asked in a dark tone. I tried to shake my head but he insisted, giving me a little shake, “Tell me, Sookie. What did that vampire do to you?

I sighed and reluctantly stated, “He was sent by his Queen to procure me. Hadley told her about my telepathy, so she sent Bill after me. He glamoured the Rattrays to attack me so he could force his blood on me and used that blood to manipulate me into falling in love with him. He planned on bringing me to her, on enslaving me.” I refused to cry about this anymore, so I said it in a somewhat robotic tone of voice.

Lafayette cursed and swept me back up into a hug while he muttered, “I knew Hadley was no good. I ever sees her again and she will get a whoopin’. As for Bill, I’ll stake him.” I believed him, he would.

I laughed and said, “Don’t worry ’bout him. The Magister is looking for him because of the V. Eric told me you called in a tip for that. Thank you, Lafayette. When they catch him, they’ll make sure he’ll never come ’round here again. They’ll punish him for his crimes.”

“Good,” he grunted, squeezing me tightly again before he pulled back and asked curiously, “You like being a vampire?”

I nodded enthusiastically and said, “I do, surprisingly. I never thought about being a vampire before, but now that I am one, I feel like this is what I was s’posed to be.”

He sighed with relief, then dropped his voice to barely above a whisper and asked, “You tell Tara yet?”

“No, Lafayette,” I said just as quietly. “I just finished telling Jason and now I’ve told you. I haven’t told Tara and Sam yet. I figured they’ll probably have the hardest time with it.” He nodded in agreement.

“I think she’ll react badly, but come to see how good this is. She been through a lot lately. First her boyfriend, I can’t remember if you met that fella Eggs or not, got hisself killed after the maenad thingy- you know ’bout that?” I nodded so he continued, “Well, after everyone ‘woke up’ from Bon Temps own personal mini-Woodstock, he realized he had blood all over his hands. He also had a lot of black outs and he was afraid he’d killed people. He came at Andy with a knife, all worked up and probably thinking he should turn hisself in, and Andy had to shoot him. Then Tara found out ’bout you. She tried to swallow some pills I had in the bathroom and it took a while and a whole lot of talking to make her see she can’t give up. All of us, we all survivors and survivors don’t give up. Look at you! You fought death itself to keep surviving, Miss Fangs.” I had to fight blood tears (nobody needed vamp blood around their food) when he told me about Tara, but he broke the tension real quick and I giggled at what I knew would be a new nickname.

“Damn straight, Lafayette. We don’t give up without a fight, not our family. Hey, I want you to meet Godric before I head to Sam’s office and deal with Sam and Tara. You got a break?”

He nodded, “I’ll go talk to Boss man and meet you out back.” I smiled and we broke up our two-man huddle to enact our own plays with him slipping out into the hall and me slipping out the backdoor to meet with Godric out back.

“It went well with Lafayette,” he observed. It wasn’t a question because he was close enough the entire time to hear if anything went wrong.

“Yes, it did,” I agreed. “Listen, I can, uh, I can smell natural magic around him and he thought I was a ghost. I think he might be a natural witch, a medium specifically.”

He nodded while contemplating my theory and responded with, “That’s most likely. He also said you glow, so you’re probably right.”

The door then flew open and Lafayette stepped out. He launched himself at me for another hug and pulled back laughing.

“It is so good to see you in the flesh, Miss Fangs,” he said with a wide smile. I smiled back and Godric chuckled, probably at my new nickname.

“It’s good to see you too, Lala. This is my maker, Godric,” I said, introducing him. “Godric, this is Lafayette. He’s family.”

Godric then did something vampires rarely, if ever, do and held out his hand to shake Lafayette’s. Lafayette just stared at his hand like it was an alien artifact.

“You the vampire that done turn Sookie?” he asked slowly. Godric nodded, a little wary, but before he could drop his hand, Lafayette embraced him. I felt Godric’s shock as if it were my own. It was one thing for his brand spanking new progeny to hug him in thanks, but quite another for the random human to. By the look on his face, I doubted Godric had ever been hugged by a human in his 2,000 years. Cautiously, he returned the hug and gently patted Lafayette on the back as Lafayette whispered, “Thanks, man. Thanks for saving my girl and for bringing her back to us. We’s so lost without her.”

“You’re… You’re welcome,” Godric replied. Disbelief coursed through his veins. He couldn’t believe a human was thanking him for turning his friend into a vampire. I sent him my mirth and we smiled at each other over Lafayette’s shoulder. Lala finally pulled back and chuckled.

“That ain’t never happened to you before, huh?” he asked. Godric shook his head. “I can tell. You suck at hugs.” We then all burst into laughter.

As we quieted down, I sent Godric a request through the bond and felt his consent. We had talked about my day-walking and what to tell everyone before we left Dallas and came to a compromise. If my friends would agree to be glamoured into never speaking about my ability, then I was allowed to tell them I didn’t die for the day. That way, if I was discreet and glamoured anyone else that recognized me, I could move about during daylight and still have somewhat of a normal life with my friends. I was also to alter my scent so I would smell completely human in case I came across any of the two-natured or other supes. My glow was much harder to see during the daylight, so the only thing that might give me away, at least around supes, was my lack of heartbeat, which is why I’d have to use my telepathy and a filter to alert me to whenever someone thought about my heart. I’d be Sookie by day, vamper by night. It was a good plan.

“Lala, I gotta tell you something real important, but I can’t unless you agree to let us glamour you into never revealing what we discuss,” I said carefully.

He looked at me with confusion and repeated, “You wanna glamour me?”

Godric jumped in for me and added, “Yes. If she tells you what she wants to tell you, then you’ll have a lot more time to spend with her. You’ll be able to see her more. In order for her to tell you this, though, we have to have complete faith in you that not only will you never tell anyone, but that another vampire cannot glamour it out of you. Is this acceptable?”

Lafayette considered everything for a moment before warily asking, “Will I remember everythin’ you’re doing? This conversation?” When we nodded he added, “Are you gonna take away any memories or make me do something?”

“No, Lala. It’s just to make sure that if anyone asks, they can’t force you to say anything ’bout this. You’ll also be unable to accidentally slip up and let it out without thinking,” I explained.

“A’ight, but I want you to do it, Sookie. I trust you with my life and no offense, Godric, but I dunno you yet,” he said. I looked to Godric in question. I had glamoured before, but Godric had way more experience than me and he had revealed to me that it was a gift of his, an ability that grew much stronger with age. We didn’t know if my glamour would be strong enough to overrule another’s.

Godric slowly nodded, looked over at me and said, “You glamour him, then I will test it. If it’s strong enough to hold up against my glamour, then nobody will be able to break it.”

Unfortunately, I automatically understood what Lala didn’t, that Godric would glamour him anyway if it didn’t hold up. Maybe I was a bad Christian, but I was okay with that.

“Okay,” I said. I turned to meet Lafayette’s eyes and revealed my biggest secret to him. “Lafayette, I’m not like most vampires. I rose with a few additional gifts because, it turns out, I wasn’t entirely human before I was turned.” His eyebrows nearly touched his hairline before I added, “I’m part Fae, which means I’m a fairy. When I was turned, my fairy spark allowed me to day-walk. I don’t die during the day, I sleep, and I don’t burn in the sunshine.” Oddly, Lafayette didn’t think the fairy part was weird, just everything else.

“Oh shit!” he said and slapped his hands over his mouth in shock until he calmed down. “You mean I still get to see you during the daylight? Out in the sunshine?” I nodded and gave him a beautiful smile when a tear started to run down his cheek. Following my instincts and not really thinking about how it would look to Lala, I caught the tear and popped it in my mouth. He looked at me funny and said, “That shit is weirder than seeing a vampire in the sun.”

Godric laughed and I gave him a sheepish smile and apologized, “Sorry. It’s a vamp thing. Laf, do you understand why nobody else can know this? Do you understand why we have to glamour you?”

He nodded, “I do, Sook. Nobody can know ’bout this or they’ll try and kill you for it. Humans won’t respond well and I get it. Glamour me.”


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