For All My Jasper/Bella Fans…

Good morning, my beautiful, loyal followers!

Wow, it’s definitely been a while since I last posted. More than two years, if I remember right. Unfortunately, my medical situation grew a lot more complicated back in 2017 and I had no choice but to put my writing on a back-burner. I’ve literally had 2-3 medical procedures a month for the last two years. While they weren’t major surgeries, undergoing routine procedures that involve anesthesia takes a toll on both my body and mind.

I’d like to say that all my medical drama is finally calming down and I’m getting back into the swing of things, but that would be a big, fat lie. Nothing’s changed on that front and I haven’t suddenly started writing again, but I have begun editing and posting a few chapters for a new Twilight story that’s been sitting in storage for the last two years.

For all my Choices and Consequences fans, check it out because I really think you’ll enjoy it. A lot of my readers on FFN that favorited Beacon of Light also favorited Choices and Consequences immediately afterwards. It’s a time travel fic (a first for me) that sends Bella back in time to the period Jasper was leading Maria’s forces. I got a bit hooked on the newborn army stories and decided there weren’t nearly enough of of them. From what I could tell, there are only a couple really good ones out there. Heck, if you guys know of any that aren’t posted on FFN, share the wealth! I’d love to read another one.

Normally, I’m against posting anything new when I still have unfinished pieces begging for attention, but I wanted give all of you, my amazing readers, something to entertain yourselves with until I find the energy to start writing again. You guys can thank my mom for that, lol. She thinks you all deserve to know that I’m still alive and haven’t abandoned anything.

That being said, I’m unsure when I’ll feel up to working on my crossover or TB story again. I’m also going to warn you now that I can’t be confident I’ll be able to stick to any sort of reliable update schedule for the new Twilight story either. I’ll work on it when I feel up to it. Regretfully, that’s all I can promise you.

Just a quick reminder, 4padfoot helped me set up a Paypal donation link at the bottom of this page for anyone who feels inclined to donate. Because I’m constantly in pain and in and out of the doctor’s office on a weekly basis, I’m currently unemployed. I was denied for disability (which my advocate’s pretty sure has solely to do with how young I am) and I’m in the process of appealing of it, but it’s all taking much longer than anticipated. If any of you are tempted to donate, please do. Even the smallest donation would help me immensely. At this point, every penny counts.

For a description of my new story, Beacon of Light, and access to the table of contents, click on the link below.






One thought on “For All My Jasper/Bella Fans…

  1. Hey, I just read your crossover fanfic, and that eventually lead me to this page. I just want to send all my best wishes to you, and I hope that you are in less pain now, also that I hope your appeal went through. I don’t know what your status is nowadays but I adore the crossover fic and am totally going to check out your other stuff. I cannot relate to what you went through but I sincerely hope that you are receiving all the love and the warmth that you deserve. As someone who is studying to be a doctor, reading your struggles really strikes a chord within me and I just pray that you get better and healthier.
    All my love to you, you great writer!


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