To Protect My Kin


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429240_10150651858923454_42206468453_10883014_1999689331_nAnna-PaquinAlexander Skarsgard 216

Chapter 1:  Dying In Dallas

Chapter 2: Blood Connections

Chapter 3: Trust Issues

Chapter 4: Sibling Rivalry

Chapter 5: Predator and Prey

Chapter 6: Manipulations and Motivations

Chapter 7: Bloodlust

Chapter 8: Tattletale Blood

Chapter 9: Cutting Out The Middleman

Chapter 10: Nothing but Static

Chapter 11: Bill Compton, the Idiot

Chapter 12: Blood of My Blood

Chapter 13: What Makes Us Kin

Chapter 14: Accept It

Chapter 15: My Fairy Nature

Chapter 16: Glamourous

Chapter 17: Sating a Thirst

Chapter 18: Family Reunion

Chapter 19: No Regrets

Chapter 20: Confess It All

Chapter 21: Brotherly Love

Chapter 22: Desecration of the Blood

Chapter 23: Driven to Distraction

Chapter 24: Affections of a Viking Vamp

Chapter 25: Embracing Sunlight

Chapter 26: Feeling the Pull

Chapter 27: The Leader of the Pack

Chapter 28: The King and I

Chapter 29: Battle Royale

Chapter 30: Way of the Warrior

Chapter 31: The Looking Glass

Chapter 32: Let the Games Begin

Chapter 33: Assumptions

Chapter 34: The Heart of the Storm

Chapter 35: The Ties That Bind

Chapter 36: Losing Control

9 thoughts on “To Protect My Kin

  1. This is bttrflybelle a.k.a your biggest fan bttrflybelle on . I love your page! I found by a cident but I love it! Can’t wait for you to post your next chapter! It’s been too long 😦 withdrawaling lol 🙂


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