Chapter 5: Predator and Prey


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All right! It’s here! The moment you’ve been waiting for… both moments… Eric and Sookie reunite and then we get a glimpse at Vampire Sookie.

And for those of you who are worrying about this story still being in progress- it’s true. This is not yet complete. However, I do have many, many chapters written. It’s starting to look like I might have to right a sequel later instead of one huge tome. I’m changing things with how season 3 ended and it leads us into dealing with the Authority, which may end up being the sequel. I know everyone loved season 4 of True Blood, but since Sookie is a vampire and has all sorts of skills, I don’t see Eric getting cursed. We may just skip the season.

Don’t cry. I’ll make it up to you.

Disclaimer: I do not own True Blood or SVM. I also don’t own any of their characters, their plot, or any clubs in Shreveport. HBO, Alan Ball, and Charlaine Harris do.

I’d be interested in franchising though.

As we entered the office once again, Godric shut the door and turned the lock. I quirked an eyebrow at him in question while I settled myself back into my chair behind the desk.

“We do not want to risk being interrupted for this. Trust me. I have many things to tell you that even your progeny should not know,” he said in explanation.

Well, he definitely had my attention now. The only person I trusted more than my progeny was Godric. If he felt I couldn’t discuss this with Pam, it was serious indeed.

“You’ve already swept the office?” I asked, cautious about what was revealed to the Queen.

Godric radiated pride and nodded, “Yes, she thought of that as well. She tugged on me three times, so there were three bugs placed in here.”

I glowered. Luckily, I hadn’t been focused on the Queen all that much and hadn’t insulted her for her stupidity since before Dallas. My life would be even more incredibly difficult than it was now if I had.

The little vixen had loosened her hold on her emotions again and was allowing me to feel them. She was now standing beside the couch where Godric was sitting, a little too unsettled to sit since playtime was now over. With Godric’s words, I felt a sense of anxiety and unease steal across their bond. Godric sent her a gentle push of encouragement as he gave the bond a little tug.

I was up and around the desk before Godric had finished tugging on their bond. I could tell from the amount of affection she sent to me that I personally knew her, but I couldn’t figure out how. There were very few people we both knew now and all of them were vampires or supes of some kind. I couldn’t think of one single human we both knew that he could’ve turned, especially if he had turned her within the last year. Feeling her anxiety though, and knowing it had to do with revealing herself, I wanted to reassure her.

I barely knew her, and yet she had already wormed her way into my life with the little game she had instigated and the purity of her emotions. What she was feeling, how she was feeling it, and the intensity at which she felt it was so damn beautiful. If they suddenly disappeared from my life, I knew I would be the poorer for it, so I didn’t want her to feel nervous about meeting me, whether we had met before or not.

I reached my hands out towards her slowly, both afraid I would scare her off and worried my aim would be horrible since I couldn’t actually see where she was, just feel her with my blood. I startled a little internally when I felt her hands wrap around my own, but gave her a little smile when I felt her raise them to her cheeks then slide her hands down to grasp me around my forearms. She was much shorter than I thought she would be. Her skin felt slightly warmer than mine, which was unusual for a vampire. Normally, vampires were all the same temperature. Dead was dead.

Her cheeks were so soft and her skin was so smooth. Her incredibly soft hair brushed up against my knuckles and I immediately used one hand to push some of the silky tendrils behind her ear, stroking it gently, before sliding my thumb back to her cheek and caressing it for a moment. Suddenly I felt my own trepidation at this reveal. If I never found out who she was, I could very well imagine she was my own personal dream girl. One I had lost not long ago. Godric and the girl both felt my trepidation, though they didn’t know what had caused it, and flooded me with their reassurance and affection. I was dumbfounded by the amount of affection this girl had for me. It nearly equaled the amount she had for our maker. I didn’t know who I was to her, but she definitely did not hate me. In fact, she liked me a great deal. I sent them my own sheepish gratitude in response and felt Godric tug again on their bond, this time a little impatiently. I could almost hear him scolding her with, “Quit making Eric wait!”

My own lips twitched in amusement when I felt her silently snap back at him and heard him chuckle in response. I then felt her focus and intense concentration in my blood while I continued to caress her cheek with my thumb. The light seemed to bend and shift around her, making the outline of her features alternately glow and settle before her face became more defined and started to gain color. I felt something shift inside me and seemed to pull my very center towards her like a magnet before my lust skyrocketed and my fangs slammed down. Her own fangs slammed down in reaction to mine and I found myself even more turned on. If I hadn’t known better, I would’ve thought I had just experienced the pull of a maker, which was impossible because the girl in front of me was already a vampire and her maker was my maker. I felt Godric’s own astonishment and knew he felt what I felt, but I was already too distracted by the vampire beauty before me and memorizing every line of her face to analyze what just happened and what Godric thought of it.

“Sookie?” I asked in a small, disbelieving voice. Everything made sense at once and yet it answered absolutely none of my questions and caused even more. “You’re alive?” I added in a tone that implied I very well thought I was hallucinating, which in reality was entirely possible.

“Undead,” she responded in a somewhat sarcastic tone and I felt Godric’s mirth erupt in my blood like confetti.

“Whatever,” I responded in the same tone and slammed my mouth against hers for a toe-curling kiss. She was hesitant at first but quickly opened up and responded with the same need. I sank my hands into her golden hair and held her there, afraid if I loosened my grip she’d disappear and it all would’ve been some demented and torturous little fantasy. I smiled against her lips and nearly devoured her whole when her velvet tongue wrapped itself around my fang. I growled into the kiss and she shivered, which delighted me to no end. What delighted me even more was that all I felt coming from her in the bond was joy, affection, pleasure, and quickly rising lust. There was absolutely no doubt, no regret, and no thoughts about that idiot Compton.

When her arousal flooded the room, I nearly lost all that was left of my self-control. Her scent had always been potent- a mixture of wheat, honey, and sunshine. Now Godric’s scent dominated it, adding an earthy overlay that smelled of untouched forests and rich soil. My eyes nearly rolled to the back of my head and stayed there. I was pretty sure I had just discovered my favorite scent in the world and my fangs would drop anytime I came across it.

The source of most of that scent chose that moment to unnecessarily clear his throat and remind us of his presence. Not that I blamed him. She was his newest progeny and barely over a month old. I had forgotten that little fact and the baby vamp that was Sookie may have had incredible self-control, but she was still quickly approaching bloodlust levels. We both were. If we didn’t stop now we would end up having sex and feeding on each other in front of him. Not that I minded, but I wasn’t sure Sookie was that vampiric. Although, if I thought back to that hunt and how she ran her fangs along my jugular, then she was a lot more vampiric and predatory than I had ever expected her to become if I would be lucky enough to ever see her turned one day. Apparently, luck was on my side after all. But thinking about that just made me harder and I was already painfully hard, so I did my best to block it out and gently slowed the kiss before pulling back from her and trying to memorize her face all over again.

I rested my forehead against hers, watching as she breathed in tiny gasps of air she didn’t need as I slid my hands from her hair to her waist and pulled her in for an embrace. Her forehead slid from mine to my jaw before burying her head against my neck and shoulder. I buried my own face in her hair and inhaled slowly, then slid my nose from her throat down to her shoulder and back again, scenting her as if her skin contained the only pure, breathable oxygen left in the world.

I was purring before I knew it and smiled to myself when I felt her mirth and affection for me dance its way across the bond. Who knew Sookie Stackhouse loved it so much when I purred?

I grew serious again when I thought about how I thought she was dead, as in truly dead, for the last month and what led to her turning.

“I thought I lost you, Sookie,” I whispered into her hair while I clutched her tighter against me. “I thought I lost you and I never really had you.” My voice may have broken a little at the end, but let’s just say I was too distracted with her honeyed locks to be sure.

She didn’t say a word in response, instead she just reached into the bond and stroked me with the most tender and gentle caress I had ever felt through the blood, using hundreds of her mental fingers to dance up my sides, slide across my cheeks, and into my hair where she gently scratched her nails across my scalp before sliding them back down my back and gently squeezing me around my middle in a gentle hug.

I was purring all over again.

When the most seductive and pleasing caress of my life came to an end, my lips kicked up in amusement again and I murmured, “Positive reinforcement.”

We all burst into laughter and all of our bonds culminated in one giant one full of mirth and amusement and thereby demolishing any tension in the room. She pulled back from my chest and we both looked at Godric, who was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“You owe me a favor, Sookie.”

Her blood protested and she eloquently argued, “Nuh-uh. His fangs dropped!”

My eyebrow quirked up at this, obviously realizing they were talking about me.

“And he growled,” Godric argued back.

“So, then you would also owe me a favor, so wouldn’t it cancel out?” she asked, looking adorably confused.

“Child, you never give away a favor in the supernatural world, even if it would cancel out one of your own,” he said with a smile.

She turned and looked at me with a “seriously?” expression so I spoke up, “That’s true. There’s always the chance they won’t call in their favor, but you always want to have one in your pocket just in case you need to call in yours.”

I expected her to kick up a fuss about this but instead I felt her rationalize it out emotionally and let it settle before accepting it. Ironically, I think vampirism may have made her more rational. Really odd for the typical baby vamp.

“It doesn’t really matter in the long run. I’d do anything for you, Godric, and you’d do anything for me, so what’s a favor worth anyways?” she asked rationally and shrugged. He didn’t argue with her, which wasn’t all that surprising since he was her maker and she was right, but it was strange seeing them interact this way.

“So you bet each other I would either drop fang or growl when I saw you were a vampire?” They both nodded.

“You’re lucky I didn’t bite,” I quipped, although that was actually true. Sookie was extremely edible.

“We know,” they responded simultaneously and mirth once again erupted in my veins.

I smiled at them. They both appeared to be in very good spirits, they were both very happy. That was very odd for Godric. I hadn’t seen him so up-lifted in at least a hundred years. Only Sookie Stackhouse could take a depressed vampire like Godric and turn him back into a happier, younger version of himself.

“This is why you wouldn’t re-open the bond in Dallas?” I asked. Sookie sat back down next to Godric and I returned to my seat and slowly propped my feet up on my desk. I was very tempted to pull her with me and settle her on my lap, which she felt and responded to by sending me an emotional eye-roll.

“Yes,” Godric answered. “I had limited time to bury her, so I couldn’t spend the time I had explaining to you what the echo in the bond meant.”

“I would’ve helped you though. Buried you, watched over you, and had clothing and donors ready for you,” I reasoned. I would’ve loved seeing Sookie Stackhouse rise vampire. It might just be a new favorite fantasy for me.

I felt Sookie blush in the tie I had with her and turned to her with my eyebrows raised in confusion. What was she blushing for?

“Sorry. Just, um, remembering rising or something,” she said in a small voice and I got a very strong wave of “Just leave me alone” when she felt my intrigue. I chuckled.

I also seriously wondered what happened at Sookie’s rising to make her blush. Baby vampires were always emotional upon first rising and had little control over what they did with those emotions. Feeding for the first time often sparked lust and, since they had little control, lust usually translated into sex and blood sharing with their makers. Did Godric and Sookie have sex?

Blood sharing just strengthened their bond and Godric and Sookie’s bond was incredibly strong. In fact, it was probably as strong as my own bond with Godric. It was definitely stronger than Godric’s bond with Nora. It seemed likely that they had indeed strengthened their bond. I refused to think of it as sex when it was so natural for newborn vampires. What was curious though was the lack of scent. They didn’t smell as though they had recently coupled. Could she have sated her thirst for her maker in less than a month?

These thoughts flew through my head in less than a second and I had to push back a little flare of jealousy and focus back on Godric.

I felt Godric’s skepticism at Sookie’s response though and when I turned to look at him, he was staring at me intently. He tugged on his bond with Sookie again and I felt her answer in the affirmative in the blood. He then pushed some type of request towards her and she agreed. I felt her concentrating for a second before she relaxed and Godric slipped his arm across her shoulders while sending her a small wave of gratitude. I had no idea what that exchange meant. Sookie had way more control over her bond than I did and she and Godric were obviously using it to converse in the blood. Godric and I had never done that before. I had never been able to manipulate it to that extent. I had already used my bond with Godric and my tie with Sookie much more tonight than I had used mine and Pam’s in the past six months. Plus ours had been shut down altogether for the last month.

“Sookie is unique, Eric,” Godric started, choosing his words carefully. “She rose with an extreme level of control over her emotions and the bond. She never had an emotional outburst and she never regretted being turned. It seemed she rose with an innate level of acceptance. She has also never experienced bloodlust.”

He was very selective with the words he used, but I got the underlying message. Sookie was already in control when she rose and hadn’t experienced bloodlust upon feeding, so there was no reason for her to sleep with Godric in order to reign in that lust. Sookie and Godric did not have sex upon her rising. In fact, if she was in that much control, I doubted very much that she had slept with Godric at all. As far as I knew, she had only ever slept with one person. She was a virgin when I first met her and was with Bill the last time I saw her. If she hadn’t slept with Godric, then it was very possible she had yet to experience sex as a vampire.

It took every ounce of the control I had learned in a thousand years not to let my fangs drop with that little piece of knowledge.

I felt Godric narrow our bond a little bit and throw up a protective wall around it. After a second of analyzing his actions, I realized what he was doing. He was attempting to shield Sookie from feeling my rising lust in case I sent her into her first experience with bloodlust. I sent a sheepish thank you to him and understanding through the blood and had difficulty keeping my face straight when I felt his answering mirth in response. Sookie hadn’t reacted to Godric’s bond tampering and was in fact staring at her hands, so I assumed she felt neither my lust nor Godric’s mirth (since it was pushed specifically towards me).

After I gained control over myself and my lust retreated back to its normal Sookie-induced state (which was still pretty high and would be more than enough to make her fangs drop if I pushed it towards her), Godric relaxed his control over our bond and gently opened it up to its full width. He was so subtle about it that Sookie never noticed. It appeared that his month with Sookie also increased his own abilities and control over his bonds, something his blood also told me.

“You have never shared blood?” I asked cautiously. Since Godric was being careful about the words he chose, I felt I should as well. I knew it was due to Sookie’s sense of propriety, which was a rare trait in a vampire, and I didn’t want to cause her any embarrassment over it. That trait was not something to be embarrassed about but respected. There were very few vampires in the world who were able to control their lust like she could and nearly zero baby vamps with that ability. I was astonished that she had never slept with our maker, but I was even more astonished that their bond was so strong if they hadn’t. Were they able to share blood without igniting her lust?

“No, we have not,” he said with a nod. He was saying no to the blood sharing but acknowledging that, yes, they did have an unusually strong bond. “When she rose, our bond was almost as strong as the one I have with you now. It also appears that a higher level of interaction through the blood increases the strength of the bond almost as much as exchanging blood would.”

That was interesting.

It was something Godric and I hadn’t known and would never have known if Sookie hadn’t been so adept at manipulating the bond. It also made me consider my own blood interactions with her. If we continued pushing and sharing emotions with one another, could we increase the tie we had? We could feel each other pretty clearly when Godric opened the bonds because we each had incredibly strong bonds with Godric individually, but he had ultimate control and could separate our interactions with each other and shield our emotions like he had with my lust. Sookie and I also had a lot of control over what emotions we let each other experience because our tie was through Godric, which was part of the reason she was able to lock herself down so much during our game. Another reason was just the fact she had incredible control.

I would love to feel more of her though. Her emotions were so pure and intense. They were beautiful and I would very much like to feel them constantly. I’d had our tie thrown wide open since she had vamped out into the bar and I’d only held onto it more tightly since. My grip hadn’t loosened once, even when Godric had narrowed my bond down. I was forcing my connection with her to stay open, which is why Godric realized he had to throw up a shield. I had wanted to feel her since I met her and had been thinking of ways to get her or even trick her into drinking my blood since she slapped me.

Now that I could feel her, I wasn’t letting anyone take that connection away from me. I knew it would probably take a lot of convincing in order to get her to exchange blood with me now that she was a vampire and Godric had explained the effects and what it all meant, so if I could strengthen our individual connection through the exchange of emotions, then I would flood her with emotions constantly.

Godric sent me a sharp admonishment through the bond and my head whipped up to stare at him. I forgot he could do that. After a thousand years he knew exactly what I was thinking when the bond was open. He could read my emotions like a book and he likely put together what I was thinking about by reading into my plotting and the possessiveness I felt over my tie with Sookie. I internally cursed and Godric chuckled.

“Eric?” he asked expectantly. I knew that tone. He wanted me to explain myself. Sookie apparently knew that tone as well because she finally lifted her head up to look at me with her eyebrows drawn together and an expression that said, “What did you do now?”

“I was just wondering, if what you say is true and interacting through the blood can strengthen a bond as much as exchanging blood can, if doing so would also strengthen my connection to Sookie,” I stated without looking at her. I had been thinking about manipulating her into forming a stronger tie and had been caught out. I couldn’t look at her when I explained it.

Sookie was confused. She was both worried I was thinking about the tie because I wanted to prevent forming a stronger one and apprehensive because she wasn’t sure she wanted a stronger one herself. Then she sent her blood on a fact-finding mission.

She sent her blood out through Godric and cast a spotlight on my connection with him while simultaneously gripping my tie with her so that I couldn’t pull back from her. She sifted through the blood and narrowed her focus on my possessive feelings towards her, my hope that I could be more connected to her, and Godric’s reaction to my plotting. My eyes widened as I felt her tighten her hold on my blood and dig in. She was so much stronger than I was when it came to control over the blood. Godric chuckled over my reaction, then sent her a burst of pride and me an emotional warning that felt a lot like, “You’re in for it now.”

Then everything stopped. Sookie froze. I was still staring at Godric because I was apprehensive about Sookie’s reaction and didn’t see the expression on her face. Suddenly, I was swept up in a wave of dismay and our connection snapped. Somehow, she had pried the tie loose from my mental fingers and did something I had never heard a baby vampire being capable of doing before. She had blocked me entirely. I couldn’t even feel an echo of her emotions through Godric. All I could feel was her life force. I had been trying to figure out a way to strengthen the connection between us and Sookie had just taken it away from me entirely.

“And that would be a punishment, Eric,” Godric stated. I was still shell-shocked. It had never occurred to me that Sookie would, or even could, shut down the tie. Godric pitied me- that much I could tell. Actually, it wasn’t pity, it was empathy. Sookie had done this before. She had somehow shut their incredible bond down when he did something she didn’t like. What had he just called it? Ah, yes. A punishment. He was right; this was most definitely a punishment. Positive reinforcement and punishment. She was training Godric just as much as he was training her. It appeared she had already had the opportunity to be the mother in their relationship. Now she was training me.

“Sookie, I-” she cut me off before I could even begin to beg for her forgiveness. And I would have begged. Her emotions were so beautiful and it literally hurt to be cut off from her after experiencing them. I would do anything to get them back.

“I’m sick of being manipulated,” she stated calmly. Way too calmly. The emotionless state of her voice made the hairs on the back of my neck rise and set off several internal alarm bells. This was Vampire Sookie. She was giving me a look into how she acted when she was in predator mode. She was a lot like a lion, completely calm and almost lazy and she used her voice in an understated way. It didn’t make her any less ferocious and only made me more wary. It was also familiar. It was hauntingly similar to how I acted before I snapped.

For the first time since she had revealed herself, I noticed the changes in Sookie. Normally, Sookie looked so soft and inviting. She looked edgier now, as if there were some untapped strength or power resting beneath her skin. She dressed and styled herself just a little bit differently than normal, wearing straight hair instead of her normal curls with skin-tight jeans, a fitted red top that sensually teased the eyes, and a black synthetic leather jacket instead of the normal sundress. She still didn’t wear much make-up, maybe just a little eyeliner to detract from the little bit of redness vampires had on the tips of our eyelids and some lip gloss that drew attention to her biggest weapon, her fangs. Luckily, they were still retracted so she wasn’t out of control. Sookie was also wearing boots, like the country girl she was, but her boots now had stilettos. Since I both knew Godric was her maker and Sookie wasn’t fashion conscious, it was likely she wore the shoes as weapons and the jeans instead of a dress because they would be less restrictive to her movements. I secretly hoped she still wore them. I would miss the sundresses if she didn’t. They were just so Sookie.

She sat completely still with her eyes trained on me, unmoving in the way only the undead could be. Her skin glowed, indicating her supernatural status, but it wasn’t quite the glow of a vampire. Honestly, it made Sookie look like something more, something other than vampire. Somehow she had retained her beautiful tan but she was still a little paler than the last time I saw her and she gave off the aura of something dangerous, something untamed and wild. Something deadly.

Godric pushed a large wave of caution towards me and I quickly looked back at him to see him shake his head in warning before returning to look at her. Godric thought it safer if I didn’t talk, so I wouldn’t talk. Apparently I would not enjoy being prey again if Vampire Sookie took over. Remembering the last time I encountered her as predator had me remembering she could also shield herself completely. If she snapped and came at me, I wouldn’t be able to sense her location this time. I sent my acquiescence to Godric. He was right. I was not the predator in this scenario.

“Eric, would you please give us a moment?” Godric asked me while keeping his eyes trained on her, ready to react if she moved.

Still worried I might set her off; I refrained from speaking and simply nodded. I walked out the door at human speed and had to tell myself over and over that I was not running away. I was just giving Godric and Sookie a moment.

Somehow, I couldn’t quite make myself believe that.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Predator and Prey

  1. A/N You can skip around all you want. Anything that fixed the debacle that AB stuck us with is a-ok in my book.

    awww sweet reveal. Sookie is one bad ass vampire with her control and such. ooh naughty Eric. He’s in a time out now. LOL

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  2. oh my badass Sookie has come out to play…. I had surely thought last chapter he had an inkling of who she was. but not until she materialized did he even have a clue…. this is gonna be interesting , epsecially when he finds out she can read his thoughts not just his blood. KY

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