Chapter 3: Trust Issues


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[2] Next chapter we see a Sookie and Eric reunion and everything gets a lot more entertaining. This chapter and the last one were really necessary to show us what’s different with Sookie and what she and Godric have planned until they move to Eric’s area. The pace changes a bit when we get back to Louisiana and you’ll get a glimpse of Sookie as the predator. Actually, the next chapter is one of my favorites so I hope you like it too.

[3] Yes, Sookie rose with an innate control over the bond and her blood. If you guys are wondering why she can control it like she does, it’s because Sookie is all about emotions. She’s Fae and fairies have very intense emotions, so her fairy nature and vampire nature came together and gifted her this control. It is a vampire gift.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or plots of True Blood and the Southern Vampire Mysteries. Charlaine Harris, Alan Ball, and HBO do. Lucky mother truckers.

“I can’t understand what you’re thinking,” I rushed to explain. “You think in a different language so I don’t exactly know what you’re thinking, but I get images from your head and how you feel about certain things in your thoughts. When you thought of Eric, I saw him in your mind so I knew you were specifically speakin’ about Eric Northman…” I trailed off when I realized he was currently thinking about how I would be hunted if other vampires found out I could hear them. When he started to picture me in captivity or being staked, I slammed my shields down and received another very big shock.

I had complete control over my telepathy now. It seemed as if my turning had not only strengthened my ability, but strengthened my shields as well. They felt as if they were strong, sturdy, and made of silver. Godric’s thoughts bounced right back off them and not a single image or emotion slipped through. Being turned may have been the best choice I ever made, in regards to my telepathy at least.

“Godric?” He seemed to snap out of his thoughts when I called his name and focused on me again. “Um, it looks like my shields are stronger too. I use shields to limit the amount of thoughts I can hear, but I never really mastered them. They’re stronger now. I can tune your thoughts out completely. I can finally give myself complete silence, which is a first for me,” I added. A relieved tear slid down my cheek and Godric immediately caught it before popping it in his mouth. He then embraced me and softly patted my hair again.

He kept his voice soft as he spoke to me while pushing as much reassurance and comfort into the bond as he could, so much so that I would’ve slid to the ground into a relaxed Sookie-sized puddle if he wasn’t holding me, and murmured, “Sookie, this is extraordinary. I never thought I’d have such a talented progeny. Don’t worry. I’ll protect you from other vampires. I’m one of the oldest on this continent and there are very few vampires in the world who can best me physically or mentally. With the ability to mask your scent and your stronger shields, we can keep others from knowing you can read vampire thoughts and that you are Fae. On top of that, we’ll move into Eric’s area for more protection. You’ll have two of the most powerful vampires in the world protecting you. I planned for us to live close to Eric anyway since he would add another layer of protection while you’re young. This just makes that plan even more necessary.’

“My other progeny, Nora, is a chancellor for the Authority. Besides the supernatural council, the Authority is the highest level of vampire government. The AVL is the public face of the Authority. I will have her keep an eye out for your name, and if it ever comes up, we’ll be aware and can then take care of the situation before any vampires get word of your abilities.”

I picked up hesitation in the bond when he spoke of Nora, so I pulled back and looked him in the eyes.

He grimaced slightly and answered my implied question, “I didn’t feel the pull to become Nora’s maker. Eric found Nora while we were in England. She was a very compassionate person and she caught the black plague while taking care of the poor who were ill. She was the King’s consort and a noblewoman. Eric thought her nature was very honorable and brought her to me and begged me to save her. I agreed to do so and though I love Nora, I’m not always completely confident in her trustworthiness. She’s heavily involved in vampire politics and if she goes too long without word from her bloodline, she gets too caught up in power struggles and manipulations. When I speak to Nora about you, I won’t tell her everything. I will not let her know you can read vampire minds or that you are Fae. If she ever finds out, I’ll command her to never use that information, because I do fear she’ll be tempted by it. I realize none of what I said will give you much reason to have faith in Nora, so just have faith in me. I’ll never let Nora use you or information about you for anything except your protection, understand?”

I nodded. He was right. I had absolutely no faith in Nora from Godric’s description, so instead I pushed my faith and absolute trust in Godric into our bond. He smiled warmly and delight rippled across our connection.

“Okay, there’s one thing I do have to do that I’m afraid you won’t like. I promise you though, I’ll only ever do this for your protection, if I feel one of us are in danger, or if I feel you are dangerous to others,” he vowed. My eyebrows shot up to my hairline with this tidbit, but I quickly understood as he continued to speak, “As your maker, I command you to never tell anyone you are part fairy or can read vampire minds unless I give you permission to do so, not even in a life or death situation. As your maker I command you to never reveal any other Fae abilities we discover either, unless I give you permission to do so. I command you to use these abilities with discretion, so you may use them, but only if doing so will not reveal you have them. You may only use these abilities in front of others without my permission if it is a life or death situation. You can use them in front of those I give you permission to tell, but never explain them to anyone without my permission, understand?”

I felt the commands take hold and, strangely, I felt safer. Now I couldn’t reveal my gifts even by mistake. I sent my feeling of security to him with a grateful smile while I answered, “Yes, Godric. I understand. Actually, I’m grateful for that command. I would hate to be killed because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.”

Godric chuckled and leaned in to give me another hug before leading me back to the car. I could tell he enjoyed hugging me. I knew vampires weren’t very physical, but it seemed like Godric was going to take advantage of my more affectionate nature. It made me smile.

“Sookie?” he said as he shut his own door. I turned to look at him with a smile. “I give you permission to tell Eric about your ancestry and abilities. I trust him with my life and yours. You can tell him in your own time, but eventually I believe he’ll have to know these things because I need his help to keep you safe. I know you don’t feel like you can trust him, but you can. I promise you this.”

“Okay, Godric,” I said softly. “You’ve known him for a thousand years. I’ve known him for a few months, I believe you and if you say he’s trustworthy, I’ll trust him too.” He smiled at me again and sent me a wave of gratefulness sprinkled with affection.

“I think one of the reasons I feel so ambivalent towards him has to do with being his asset. It feels like he wanted to take advantage of my telepathy, and that has me hesitant to trust him,” I confessed. Godric immediately understood where I was coming from and pushed reassurance towards me.

“How did he find out about your ability?” he asked.

“I went to his club to ask some questions. I found out two girls who had been murdered in town had recently been fed on by vampires and thought maybe they had been targeted at Fangtasia. My brother was being investigated for the murders and I wanted to clear Jason’s name. While I was there, I overheard an undercover cop and realized they were about to raid the club. There was a vampire feedin’ on someone in the bathroom and I didn’t wanna get stuck in Fangtasia the entire night being drilled by police, so I told Eric about the cop. He led us out of the bar through the back. I guess he figured out I was telepathic and he summoned me to Fangtasia a couple days later,” I summarized for him. Godric looked fascinated. He wanted to ask more questions about the murders but decided to focus on my interactions with his eldest progeny first.

“Now that you’re vampire, you can experience firsthand how excellent are hearing is,” he stated expectantly. I nodded in agreement. I could probably hear anything within a one mile radius. It took a little playing around before I realized I could tune one sound out and another in much like the dial of a radio, but I did it with my telepathy all the time, so I figured it out. He flashed me a brief smile and sent a little pride that I realized this without his help before continuing, “Sookie, that means every vampire in the club overheard what you said about the cop and I have no doubts that many vampires were already watching you closely because of your scent. If Eric figured it out so quickly, many others would’ve as well. He had to establish you as a part of his retinue in order to protect you.”

I both understood and didn’t. I hadn’t realized that incident had put me on every vampire’s radar, but still, I had already been claimed.

“Bill had already claimed me by then though,” I said. “Wouldn’t that have protected me?”

Godric simply lifted an eyebrow at me and asked his own question, “How old is this Bill?”

“I think a little under two hundred. He was turned around the Civil War.”

“So he is still relatively young. All any vampires that wanted you would’ve had to do was kill Bill and claim you as their own,” he explained gently. “Eric is over 1000 years old and very few vampires would move against him. By claiming you as an asset, he was establishing his own protection over you and keeping others from preying on you. I understand he wanted to use your abilities, but after meeting you myself and knowing the things I do about you from my blood, you would have appealed greatly to Eric and he would’ve felt compelled to protect you. He didn’t have to. If he were a lesser vampire he could’ve stood back and watched other vampires slaughter each other over you or he could simply have taken you from Bill himself. He is also Bill’s superior and he could’ve ordered Bill to hand you over. Instead he offered you protection the only way he could without interfering.” He combed his fingers slowly through my hair as he explained this to me.

I was really confused about all of this. Since I met Eric, I thought he just wanted to use me for my ability and my blood.

And sex, I reminded myself. Can’t forget about his desire for sex.

I thought Bill’s claim meant no other vampire could touch me, but Eric could’ve taken me at any time. Godric seemed to realize I needed a moment just to absorb this new information and gave me time to myself, turning instead to start the car and pull out onto the street.

“Why didn’t he?” I asked quietly. He raised an eyebrow at me. “Why didn’t he order Bill to hand me over? I know he wanted me and if he didn’t have to kill Bill Compton to do it, then why didn’t he?”

Godric smiled earnestly. “I can only assume he didn’t out of respect.” My own eyebrows furrowed. “Respect for you, Sookie,” he clarified. “He wanted you to choose for yourself.”

Huh. I really didn’t understand Eric as well as I thought I did. There was a lot more to him than I realized. I dismissed his motives at face value and regretted that a little bit. And it was definitely ironic that wanting to protect me was what caused me to distrust him. What was really odd was that I didn’t feel as distrustful as I did before. Was that even my emotion? Did Bill send me distrust around Eric? Godric felt my little emotional epiphany and sent me amusement in response. We fell into companionable silence for a while.

“You know, you’ll be able to feel him once I open the bond,” he added in a voice that was much too innocent to match the mischievous expression on his face or the amount of glee in his blood.

“Huh?” I asked with all the grace of a two year old. Did he mean Eric will be able to feel my emotions too?

“You’ll be able to feel each other. Once I open the bond, you will feel his emotions through my blood and Eric will be able to feel yours. It’ll be to a much lesser extent than we can feel each other, but the tie will be there. You’ll be able to push emotions to each other as well. You may even be able to feel Pam to a small degree,” he added with a sly smile.

I knew he could feel my nervousness and trepidation at the thought, as well as my burning curiosity, because he refused to look in my direction while he spoke.

“Great,” I said in a voice two octaves too high, much like the night I met Eric and realized he somehow knew my name and Pam had entered it into her mental vault. “Well, that’s just great!”

“Think of it this way, you’ll know exactly how much you can trust him if you can feel what he feels,” he added rationally.

I was more worried about what he’d feel from me. I may have a great poker face because of my telepathy, but I could only imagine how smug he would feel if he knew I wanted to kiss him half the time I saw him. He’d probably ignore the fact I want to slap him the other half.

“Mmhmm. I’m sure it’ll be… quite the, uh, tellin’ experience,” I wheezed out. Once again, mirth erupted in my veins and I just glared at the source.

“Sookie, Sookie, I really do think I will enjoy having you as my progeny,” Godric laughed playfully at me. I gave him a reluctant smile in return as he guided the car into another lane. “Well, let’s get you to my safe house. We’ll get you showered and some more blood, then order some clothes online and have them delivered tomorrow for you. I couldn’t get your clothing from the hotel without both Eric and Bill,” I shuddered and he shot me a sheepish look, “realizing you made it out of the Fellowship and I don’t want anyone to know yet that you’ve been turned. Not until we’ve had the opportunity to experiment and see what other abilities you may have. It’d be very bad if you were to suddenly teleport or blast someone with fire or sunlight.’

“We also need to figure out what you’re capable of doing with the abilities the transition has already revealed within you or strengthened and work on teaching you to control them before we let anybody know that you are my newest progeny. The Authority and AVL must not find out you are part-fairy,” he stressed. I knew he felt my confusion over why this was so important so he paused to explain it to me.

“Unfortunately, vampires and fairies are enemies. Vampires cannot control themselves around full-blooded fairies and wars have been fought over the amount of blood spilled between the two races. Eventually, fairies retreated back to their own realm because their numbers were so depleted and it was thought that they were possibly extinct. Obviously, they aren’t since you’re here with me. However, since vampires have never been able to control themselves around the Fae, I don’t believe I know of a single fairy that has been turned. You may be the first ever vampire-fairy hybrid. I’m afraid of the reaction of the Authority and the AVL if they discovered how powerful you have the potential to be. It’d be best if they never discovered what you were. If they ever do find out your ancestry, then the next best-case scenario would be to lead them to believe your spark died with your heartbeat.”

I definitely felt apprehensive over this and a little bit of fear worked its way into my blood while a shiver slid down my spine. Godric flooded me with security, support, strength, and possessiveness. I knew with absolute conviction he would never allow anything to happen to me. When I relaxed, he did as well.

“We’ll also work on your emotional control during your training and I’ll teach you vampire law and etiquette. Usually control is the most difficult thing for a newborn to learn, but you appear to have incredible control. Normally dealing with a newborn is very similar to dealing with a teenager who has a severe case of ADHD.”

I nodded, thinking about Jessica and how she behaved as recently as a couple of nights ago. I thought most of her behavior was due to her age, but if what Godric said was true and Jessica was normal, then I did have extremely good control for a vampire.

“I am incredibly impressed with your control, Sookie, and your behavior. Most newborns go through a bout of despair, depression, sorrow, or outrage upon immediately rising. So far the only overly extreme emotion I have felt from you was betrayal, which had more to do with your boyfriend’s-“

“Ex,” I interjected.

He shot me a smile in response and corrected himself, “Ex-boyfriend’s actions than what you’ve been through this week. Normally, this would concern me. However, my bond with you feels completely different than my bonds with Nora and Eric. It almost feels as if you have retained a lighter side to your soul and had come to a level of acceptance before you had even risen that most vampires spend years working towards. Instead of focusing on what you’ve lost, I can feel you reminding yourself of what you have gained. It’s like your blood is constantly whispering reassurances to you in the background while you actively think and deal with other things. I’ve never felt anything like it before. You are truly unique, Sookie Stackhouse.”

Godric shot me a great deal of awe and pride while he spoke. I was a little worried about the size of my own ego by the time he was through, which he found entertaining as all get out.

“After we work on training you emotionally and testing out your Fae abilities, we’ll start conditioning your vampire ones. I will teach you to feed, to hunt, to glamour, to blend in with your surroundings, to go to ground, to track, to defend yourself, and to think strategically. We’ll also test you for vampire gifts and I’ll train you in those as well,” he told me.

It all seemed a little overwhelming, especially the feeding part. It both worried and excited me, which worried me more. I could feel Godric soothing away the wrinkles in my emotions and, instead of focusing on one of those issues, I took the chicken way out and just repeated the last thing he said.

“What do you mean by vampire gifts, Godric?” I asked. He smiled at me and let me know by his quirked eyebrow that he recognized my self-defense technique but he would let me get away with it, for now.

“Most vampires have a couple vampire ‘gifts’ in addition to our abilities. Some develop stronger senses, like sharper eyesight or better hearing. Others develop incredible strength or super-speed. A few are extremely gifted in glamour- those who are can often glamour multiple people at once or can get most people to agree to anything they suggest, no matter how generic their requests seem to be. These vampires often become procurers,” he paused to let me absorb that and prayed silently that I hadn’t been glamoured too much by my ex.

“Godric, glamour never worked on me,” I said to reassure him. His eyebrow shot up once again, so I continued while silently debating whether or not I could get away with stapling his eyebrow in place, “I think it may have to do with my telepathy, but I know for a fact that Bill, Eric, and Pam all tried to glamour me. I could feel their attempts. It felt like a tingling sensation in my mind, but I couldn’t tell what they were tryin’ to get me to do, especially when Eric tried since he was up sittin’ on that ridiculous throne while I was sittin’ in a booth.”

Godric was simultaneously amused and relieved as he listened to me. “He was probably trying to get you to offer yourself to him, Sookie.”

“What?!” I asked. If that meant what I thought it meant, I was both offended and flattered.

Now he was definitely amused. “Eric was probably trying to get you to walk away from Bill and have you offer him your blood. Once a human is claimed by a vampire, they’re no longer fair game unless the human states that the vampire in question is no longer entitled to that claim. I think he was hoping to avoid hearing you were claimed by glamouring you to offer yourself up. Once Bill asserted that claim, he couldn’t even attempt to glamour you.”

“Does he do that a lot?” I asked, feeling both disgusted and intrigued, which was an odd combination that only served to increase Godric’s amusement.

“No, Sookie. He doesn’t. In fact, in all the years Eric spent at my side, I do not ever remember Eric glamouring a woman to come to him simply because he wanted her. On the other hand, there are very few women who wouldn’t offer themselves to Eric, even without glamour,” he answered honestly while studying my reaction.

“Oh,” I responded and Godric felt the equivalent of what would be me blushing with the bond. He responded with another eruption of mirth. “Well, I don’t know whether to be appalled he tried it or take it as a compliment.” At this, Godric couldn’t help it anymore. He laughed. Eventually, I joined.

“Back to gifts, Eric and I can both fly. That’s our main vampire gift and it’s very rare. Most can only levitate a few feet off the ground. Pam doesn’t have this gift, but we’ll test you to see if you do,” he finished. He could feel my astonishment and hope flutter across the bond, and because I hoped for it, so did he.

“We’ll begin the fundamentals of everything I’ve just told you, and work on these before we return to Louisiana. Any unique abilities you have will most likely reveal themselves during this training period, and it wouldn’t be good if that happened around other vampires, so we’ll train here for a few weeks to get the basics down and see what abilities you have- then we’ll move to Louisiana and train more in-depth there. I think it’d be the smartest thing to train you with Eric and Pam, especially when it comes to self-defense and strategic thinking.’

“Eric’s one of the best strategists I’ve ever met and Pam’s much closer to your age, so she’ll be a much better sparring partner than either Eric or I would be. I don’t want you to reveal your mind-reading ability or your Fae heritage to Pam though. In fact, I think it would be best that you say your telepathy has been weakened and that you’re more of an empath than a telepath. You can say you get emotions rather than thoughts or memories. That way, if you find out someone is about to do something like kill a vampire and you have to react, you can say you felt betrayal and rage coming from them. What do you think?” I agreed. In fact, I liked the idea very much.

He sighed when he thought about Eric’s progeny before explaining his concerns to me, “Pam may be blood of my blood, but I’m still deliberating on whether or not she’s trustworthy. From what I know, Eric was somewhat forced into turning her, and children you do not feel the pull towards cannot be automatically trusted. I have problems even now trusting Nora and she’s hundreds of years old while Pam was made somewhere around 1918 or so.”

“And you felt the pull towards me, right? I mean, didn’t you say somethin’ like that?” I asked hesitantly. I wanted Godric to feel like I could be trusted completely. I desperately wanted to be worthy of his trust, which he could feel. Godric turned down a street and drove through a gate while I asked this. He shot me a rueful smile and flooded me with reassurance while he parked the car in the underground garage of a three story safe house.

“Yes, my child, I did feel the pull towards you. It was as strong as the one I felt with Eric. Oddly enough, he was dying when I met him too,” he told me and kissed the top of my head before getting out and vamping to my side of the car to open the door for me.

Aww, such a gentleman.

“That coincidence, that I felt the pull to you both when you were on the eves of your deaths, has me seriously pondering if the pull is an indicator of fate. Maybe we were meant to cross paths and I was meant to step in and prevent your final deaths,” he speculated. “Just like you prevented mine.”

I liked that idea very, very much and Godric sent me affection and a gentle stroke through the bond in response to my support.

He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and walked with me into the house while he finished what would be my schedule for the next few months.

“Once we develop the basics in everything, we’ll move into Eric’s area and work with them on developing your skills. Do you have a house or an apartment?” he asked.

“A house in Bon Temps, which is a little bit outside of Shreveport and in Area Five. My Gran left it to me when she died and my best friend Tara lives with me,” I explained.

He contemplated that information for a moment before asking, “Do you think she’ll continue to want to live with you when she finds out you have been turned?”

I froze before raising my eyes to his. For the first time since I rose, I felt a sense of loss and my grief stretched out across the bond. His side tightened in response and reached for me, giving me an embrace through the blood. “No,” I whispered. “She may eventually come to terms with me bein’ a vampire, but she’ll never wanna live with us. She’s prejudiced, which is funny because she’s black, but it’s true. She’s prejudiced against vampires.”

He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to my forehead while he tucked a blond curl behind my ear.

“Well, then we’ll let her think you died. We’ll contact a lawyer to keep the house from closing and being given to whomever benefits from your will until she moves out. Then we’ll have contractors go in and work on making it both light-tight and secure so it’ll be ready for us to stay in once we leave Texas. I can feel in your blood that your house is incredibly important and dear to you, so I want to make it safe for you to stay there. Hopefully by the time we get to Bon Temps, this Tara will have missed you so much that the only thing that’ll be important to her is that you are alive (in a sense) and not that you are a vampire. You can blame me and claimed I commanded you not to tell anyone you weren’t truly dead. Is this agreeable to you?” he asked with concern.

I didn’t like the idea of lying to Tara, but vampires were very secretive and, honestly, I couldn’t risk Tara telling the whole town what happened before people got a chance to see I was still me. Well, me with fangs. I nodded and let him know I agreed. That town was too quick to judge and they were just barely starting to accept Bill. I needed the opportunity to show them Sookie Stackhouse was still in here. Actually, they might like me even better if they thought vampirism prevented me from reading their minds. The idea they might accept me better as a vampire actually filled me with mirth.

“Okay, take a shower and when you’re done I’ll bring you a change of clothes. I’ll get you some more blood and we’ll plan out our next steps, all right?” he both ordered and asked.

“Yes.” He quickly told me where to find the bathroom on the second floor and as I headed up the stairs a thought popped in my head. “Godric?” I asked. He turned around to give me his attention. “Do you have any idea what type of Fae you think I could be?”

“Actually,” he said with a small smile, “I think that you may be a descendent of the Sky Clan, which is the ruling faction in the Fairy realm.”

“Why do you think that?” I asked out of simple curiosity. In all honesty, I felt he was right. I had no reason to think he was, but it felt like all the blood in my veins was humming in agreement with him.

“You smell like the sun. Even now, as a vampire and a creature of the night, you smell like sunlight.”

I gave him a radiant smile and turned around to head up for a much needed shower.


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  1. hmm just thought of something. Is Jason still at FoTS? oh and the scent covering thing is cool.

    Glad her shields are stronger too. yea I never liked or trusted Nora. Glad she is trusting Godric about Eric. Good she thought about the fact that Scumbill’s influence affected her views about Eric.
    hmmm wonder if Niall will show up….or Warlow. Never did like show Tara.

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  2. I love reading their relationship deepen. It’s interesting Godric doesn’t fully trust either Pam or Nora, is that foreshadowing what is to come? Personally I liked Nora but Pam I was hot/cold about I like her much more in the books. You made a great observation with Sookie “She’s prejudiced, which is funny because she’s black, but it’s true. She’s prejudiced against vampires.”; you would think that’s would give Tara a sense of the injustice of being “different” is, not much of a fan of Tara’s but let’s see what your Tara is like. Onwards and upwards to chapter 4.

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  3. he is so gentle and kind with her it is amazing to read. he will be a patient Maker and i am so looking forward to her meeting up with Eric. As for trust i agree with Godric, Nora, Pam and Tara cannot be trusted and the reactions will be apocalyptic. KY

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  4. I’ve really enjoyed their banter and conversations in these last two chapters. Can’t wait to see Erics reaction! How will they tell him? I’m a little nervous about Pams reaction.


  5. I seems you wrote this story some time ago, but I wanted to try to let you know how much I am enjoying it. Well written and with good concepts. This is my first reading and have not read any further than this chapter, but felt the need to communicate my reactions.


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