Chapter 11: Bill Compton, the Idiot


[1] So there’s pretty much a direct scene from True Blood in this chapter. I couldn’t think of a better way to summarize it and, honestly, the scene just fit in so well with the Eric I’m trying to create in this story- funny, but badass. The scene is part of a flashback. The dialogue from the flashback, including the scene, is in italics to show us that it’s part of a memory being replayed. When Sookie sees memories in True Blood, they’re kind of faded, so I wrote the flashback dialogue in italics to give it more of an echo like feeling and give it that faded vibe.

[2] For some reason, True Blood once deemed Bill Compton the “best maker” for how he taught Jess to fight werewolves- and that never made sense to me. He only voluntarily taught her one thing- how to glamour. He dumped Jess off on Pam and Eric, didn’t teach her to feed, and released her when he got back from Jackson. She had to beg him to keep her with him, which is why he reluctantly taught her to fight. It never sat well with me, so I guess I’m righting that wrong this chapter.

[3] I’ve read a couple fanfics now where Bon Temps was destroyed or Sam was killed, etc, because Bill was removed from the maenad equation. In reality, though, I really think Eric would’ve stepped in to help Sam and Bon Temps if Bill was no longer part of the picture. The Queen only kept Eric there to keep Eric from getting more involved with her telepath. I think she would’ve told Eric exactly what she told Bill if procuring Sookie was no longer important to her. That’s how I see it. And how I wrote it.

Disclaimer: I do not own True Blood and SVM. The characters and plots of TB and SVM belong to Alan Ball, HBO, and Charlaine Harris. I own nothing. Though I’d be happy to lay a very different type of claim on our favorite Viking.

Godric rested his elbows on the bar and leaned in to join the conversation while I hopped up on the bar stool, angled myself towards Eric, and asked, “Everything go okay? You disappeared with the blood and were out there a long time.”

“Yes, I sent Pam on her way a while ago with the blood and then had a long chat with the Magister. He was in the mood to bitch about Sophie-Anne and forced me to listen. I told him about the missing vampire in the area to which he told me ‘Excellent work’ and commended me on getting such fast results,” he said, shooting us full of mirth and amusement while he spoke. “He’ll get a call from a glamoured Lafayette tomorrow during the day. He has Weres working in his office, so they will get all the information before anyone from the palace has a chance to tip them off tomorrow night.”

“I really should’ve asked this earlier, but Lafayette won’t get in trouble for bein’ a former V dealer, will he?” I could feel my protective side actually pulsing in my veins as I asked and was sent reassurance from both Godric and Eric, plus a tender stroke from Eric to soothe away my inner beast.

“No,” Eric replied instantly and reached out to grab my hand resting on the bar and gave it a squeeze. “It’s in our records that Lafayette was punished and given his freedom because he made a deal to give up information on dealers in Dallas and information on a missing vampire in this area. With the additional information he will give them tomorrow, they’ll think he has truly turned his life around and see him as a reliable potential source for future information. They will not want to risk that opportunity when he has already been punished.”

“Good. He’s really been through enough in his life, he doesn’t need any more vampire trouble,” I said with relief and squeezed Eric’s hand back while I sent him gratitude.

“This Lafayette turned in Dallas drainers?” Godric asked.

Eric nodded and said, “We were looking for possible leads on your abduction, Godric. He had been in contact online with a few and we were able to trace the emails he gave us back to them.”

“Well if he helped Dallas find drainers, he is already considered a reliable source. That is another point in our favor for when the Queen’s tip is called in,” Godric added, impressed with my decision to involve him.

“It was another brilliant idea from you, Sookie. Plus if we hadn’t decided this would be in return for the favor he owes me, the Magister would’ve owed Lafayette a personal favor. Once they find the blood, the Magister will be inclined to offer Lafayette protection for his help in making sure our most sacrosanct law is upheld. The sanctity of the blood is by far one of our most important laws,” he stressed and showered me in pride. I felt really good about ensuring Lafayette protection from vampires in the future. He was like a brother to me. Most of the time he was more brotherly than Jason was.

“What would you have done, Eric? You both liked my own strategy, but if I hadn’t been here, what would you have done?” I asked curiously. I actually really wanted to know. Eric had been in a Catch 22 when we found out. He couldn’t give up the Queen or he’d be executed for treason, but if he didn’t he’d be facing execution for defiling the blood. Godric had wanted me to learn from Eric while I was here. He had told me Eric was the best strategist he knew, which left me feeling incredibly flattered they were so impressed with my own strategy, so I wondered what he would’ve done strategy-wise if I had never shown up here.

He stroked the back of my hand while he thought, then laced his fingers with my own and pulled my hand into his lap to rest on his knee while he grabbed my stool and tugged it to bring me closer before he looked up at me, and said, “Sookie, I would’ve been caught with the blood if you hadn’t found it. That could’ve gone two ways; the Magister could’ve ordered my immediate punishment and final death,” he sent me affection when I blanched internally, “or he would’ve given me the chance to explain someone framed me. I wouldn’t have been able to explain who it was so I would’ve thrown someone else under the bus, likely Compton, and the Magister would probably have given me some time to prove it. Of course, he has a fascination with torture, so he probably would’ve unnecessarily held someone close to me, probably Pam, for fun while he sent me out to search for Compton.’

“The only thing I can think of doing in that scary-ass scenario is going to a new monarch and pledging my fealty to them, thus voiding my pledge to Sophie-Anne, and offering up what I know about her problems with the IRS and V dealing in exchange for their support with the Magister. I probably would’ve approached the King of Mississippi, Russell Edington, since he’s made a bid for Sophie-Anne’s hand several times in the last few years. He would’ve helped me get her released, but Louisiana would’ve have had a new monarch who doesn’t support everything about the mainstreaming movement. I am very grateful we have avoided being caught with that plant and, by finding the blood and coming up with an alternative way to deal with the Queen and the Magister, you have saved Pam possible torture and me from probable death. Thank you,” he finished and lifted my hand to kiss the back of it while he flooded me with an ocean of gratitude. Godric nodded in agreement with everything Eric said and sent me pride. I gave them both a dazzling smile and Eric a push that said he was welcome.

He was about to say something else when his cell phone rang. I chuckled when I recognized it was “Animal” by Kesha and figured Pam had likely programmed it. Eric smirked at me as he pulled it out of jacket pocket and answered, “Speak.” Vampires really did have pathetic phone manners.

Pam immediately fired something off in Swedish, which meant she wasn’t alone, and Eric tensed. He listened a little longer, growled slightly, and shot something back to her in the same language. When she responded, true irritation flared in his veins, which then morphed into intrigue. He shot a look at Godric who was feeling just as intrigued. Godric nodded and sent agreement to him. Then Eric looked back at me and replied to Pam again.

I would have to ask Godric and Eric to start teaching me Swedish. It was so unfair that three members of my bloodline could converse in a language I didn’t understand right in front of me. Godric felt my sense of injustice swell within the bond and chuckled. He then pushed agreement towards me to answer my unasked question, he would teach me. He caressed the bond when he felt my child-like delight ripple across it and I purred. Eric watched our exchange with amusement and sent me his own push, offering his assistance with the language too. Godric sent him gratitude for the both of us.

“Oh, and Pamela,” he added in English. “We have company. You will behave.” He quickly hung up without explaining further to her and his eyes still hadn’t left mine. “Pam is close and bringing someone with her. She found Compton’s progeny, Jessica, inside the house, alone. Apparently wherever Bill is, his progeny did not accompany him.” His lips twitched when he felt affection and gentle possessiveness ignite in my blood. I liked Jessica a great deal and oddly felt I should take care of her. In a small way, I felt responsible for her turning. In reality, I wasn’t. Bill could have easily restrained Longshadow but ended him instead and I wasn’t to blame for that. Jessica and I had grown closer when Eric brought her back to Bill and I felt she had also calmed down somewhat too. I also pitied her a little, she had a really horrendous maker.

“Sookie,” he said, his voice taking on a softer but more serious tone. “Pam smelled death in the house and decided to investigate. Jessica fed from someone and hadn’t pulled back in time to save him. He was still alive when she got control of herself and she tried to feed him her blood but he lost too much of his own. Bill hadn’t explained the mechanics of turning someone to her so Jessica didn’t bury him. She is lucky in that respect or she would have a new progeny in a couple nights, one she felt no pull towards and one that would’ve hated her for turning him. Pam helped her dispose of the body and is bringing Jessica back with her. Apparently Bill also didn’t explain the maker’s call to her and she experienced it but had no idea what it meant. She asked Pam about it and Pam helped her track it back to a car that had crashed and they found the bodies of werewolves at the scene.”

The intrigue I sensed earlier shot to the fore when he spoke the bit about the werewolves. I would have to ask them why later when we had a little more time. As far as I knew, vampires hated werewolves, so I didn’t really understand what had piqued their interest.

Eric studied me and my emotions intently as he told me all of this. I think he expected me to be angry with Jessica over killing a person, and I was angry. I was furious with Bill for not teaching her to feed properly and not taking his duty as a maker seriously, but not with Jessica. She was still a newborn and nobody had taken her aside to teach her the way of life for vampires. She now had the blood of an innocent on her hands because Bill had stupidly tried to force her to only ever drink True Blood. That’s all fine and dandy, but now that Bill’s missing, Jessica had no money and had no idea how to survive on her own. Even if he wanted her to mainstream, he should have taught her to feed in case of emergencies. What would’ve happened if she had been seriously injured? True blood didn’t help that much with healing, human blood was necessary for that. On top of that, she had no idea how to temper her craving for human blood with donor bags or how to pull away from a feed before she killed someone. She also couldn’t help get her maker back and learn the control she needed since he didn’t take the time to explain to her how to answer his call.

“Bill Compton has to be the most idiotic vampire I have ever met,” I hissed. Eric brought his gaze up to look at Godric with wide eyes for a second, then the both of them burst into laughter.

“I was worried about how you would react to Jessica when she got here since she killed someone, but I think you’re more angry at Compton for this, aren’t you?” he asked between chuckles and gasps of air he didn’t really need.

I nodded, still tense and furious, and said, “He never taught her, Eric. Bill tried to wash his hands of her immediately after he turned her, and when you and Pam forced him to pick up the reins of bein’ a maker, he refused to let her drink anythin’ but True Blood. When we arrived in Dallas, I had managed to talk him into trying to teach her somethin’ and he seemed to be takin’ her seriously for the first time. He taught her glamour the night before I died, but I’m pretty sure that was the only thing he ever taught her at that point. She wouldn’t have known how to stop herself once she began to feed and now that Bill is missing, she doesn’t know how to survive on her own. I know more than Jessica does. She has innocent blood on her hands now because her maker is an idiot and she will have to deal with that until she meets her true death. He is responsible for this death, not Jessica.”

Eric had calmed down and stilled as I said this, letting everything I said sink in. He analyzed how I felt when I spoke and seemed to be considering the situation seriously. He could feel that I held no blame for Jessica and that Godric agreed with me. Our maker was deeply saddened that Jessica would feel responsible for this for the rest of her life. Godric himself had felt the burden of innocent deaths and it had literally become too much for him at one point, which is when we crossed paths. He was living a better life now and was actively trying to teach me vampiric control so I would never feel the burden of killing an innocent. Though he had no problems teaching me to defend myself and kill the less innocent.

“You don’t think she should be punished for this,” he stated meditatively. It wasn’t a question, but he felt both me and Godric agree with his assessment in our blood. “What would you have me do?” he asked, looking between me and Godric.

“Offer to let this one go if Jessica will agree to never mention Pam had showed up tonight and searched the house. I’m sure Pam didn’t let Jessica see her plant the blood, but she could attest to the fact she was on the scene. Convince her that Bill should’ve taught her to control herself better and she isn’t to blame, at least this time. Explain to her that a maker is responsible for his progeny and that Bill should be punished for her lack of control so she agrees not to speak up about Pam’s presence. The Magister will assume the smell of death came from Bill and the messy feed will just further our agenda anyway. It might even be better if you tell her you were concerned that Jessica might’ve been left alone and you sent Pam to investigate. She won’t want Pam to get in trouble for checkin’ on her,” I suggested. I was worried about Jessica reporting Pam’s presence back to either her maker, if she ever saw him again, or to someone in authority just as much as I was concerned for Jessica herself.

Godric added to my suggestions and said, “You’re the Sheriff. Find someone to sponsor the girl while her maker is away as well. Let them know they may need to permanently take over and sponsor her blood if her maker never returns or is caught by the Magister. Someone needs to teach this girl our ways before she harms anyone else.”

I brought his attention back to me with a squeeze of his hand and pleaded in a whisper, “Please find her a good one, Eric. It’s turnin’ out that the beginnin’ of her life as a vampire has been much more violent than it should be, especially after the great reveal.” Her turning was violent, she had been abandoned once already, and she had lost control the first time she drank human blood. She’d had a very tough transition period.

He nodded and sighed as he squeezed back, “I will have Pam look out for her until the situation with the Queen and the Magister is over. She is at the age now where she will be considering becoming a maker herself, so this would be a good test run for her. I’ll have her explain our laws and teach her to feed properly. If Pam becomes attached to Jessica, I will allow her to sponsor her blood and become her maker.”

There was a ritual that vampires had that allowed someone to be replaced as a maker, which was referred to as “sponsoring the blood.” It involved draining the potential progeny and replacing their blood with that of the sponsor, a burial, and a blood vow, which then established a new bond. The old one simply fizzled away. It was very similar to a turning but only one night in the ground was necessary for the magic to take root and had the addition of the blood vow, which was as simple as cutting their palms and completing a pledge.

Honestly, I hoped Jessica grew on Pam because I would love to have Jessica in my bloodline. Godric and Eric could feel this so Godric shot me his amusement and Eric smirked at me. Eric then surprised me by sending me his own fatherly affection for Jessica and his hope for Pam as well; it turned out Eric liked Jessica much more than he pretended to when he dumped her back on Bill. Mirth flared brightly in my veins. I found that incredibly funny.

“You plan to go to rest at dawn in Bon Temps, master?” Eric asked Godric while I settled down. I could tell from his blood he didn’t like the idea and I cocked my head to the side, confused.

“Yes,” Godric answered before I could question why the idea bothered Eric. “We had contractors make it light-tight for me and reinforce it with additional security. They informed us last night that everything was ready, so we packed our things and caught a flight out tonight. We came here straight from the airport. We will rest there, tomorrow night we will have time to unpack, hopefully meet with some of Sookie’s loved ones, then we will meet back here.” He turned to look at me and added very sternly, obviously giving me an order, “Tomorrow night you will feed from the source.”

I blanched. And then my fangs throbbed. Part of me wanted nothing to do with feeding from humans, panicking about the possibility of ever hurting one, while another part of me was deliciously excited and licking her lips at the idea. Lately, I had come to think that maybe there were two different supes battling for control inside of me, Fairy Sookie versus Vampire Sookie. One had very intense, beautiful emotions and valued life above all things while the other part was all predator and valued blood above all things. No part of me felt human anymore, so Human Sookie didn’t even come into play. It was incredibly confusing.

Feeling my internal conflict, Eric threw me a confused look and then his eyebrows shot up to the sky. He turned to look at Godric and asked, astonished, “Sookie has not fed from a human yet?”

“No,” Godric answered, still giving me a very stern look. “She convinced me to wait until she was more controlled around blood and more comfortable with the idea. Since I can feel how conflicted she is, I agreed. Her inner conflict has not lessened though, and after hearing about young Jessica, I do not want to wait any longer.”

“But Godric-” I started, afraid and excited all at once.

“No, Sookie. If something ever happens to me or I need to leave you alone overnight or longer, you need to learn this. You need to know how to survive. I will not let you avoid this- I will make sure you will never have to feel the burden and guilt of causing innocent bloodshed. I will not allow you to let this wait and deal with it when it escalates and you harm someone like Jessica did,” he interrupted. His face and voice then softened considerably. “Sookie,” he said gently, “you have incredible control. You have interacted with many humans in the last month and you were fine on the plane. I believe your control will extend to feeding, and if it doesn’t then I will be there to make sure nothing serious happens and we will work on it until you can feed without worry. You must trust me on this.”

I swallowed. The truth was, I did trust him. I trusted him unconditionally. My problem was with myself. I could feel how excited I was, how high my level of anticipation was, and I knew how much I craved blood. All of those things scared the ever-loving shit out of me. I didn’t have a choice in this though. Godric would make me do this whether I wanted to or not, even though a part of me did really, really want to do it.

I sighed and bent my head in submission, saying, “Yes, master.” Eric’s lust suddenly shot through the roof when I said this and his fangs dropped. His lust had been steadily rising the longer we talked about feeding and I guess saying “master” was too much for him. I pulled my hand from his, just a little disturbed, and shot him a look that very clearly said, “Never gonna happen, buddy.” Joking about S and M was one thing, but trying it was something completely different and I was not willing to try it. Godric would be the only person I ever referred to as my master, something I was sure was now coming across in my blood.

Godric laughed and flooded us both with amusement while Eric very reluctantly retracted his fangs and playfully pouted a little. At least I thought it was playfully.

I hoped, because S and M wasn’t something I would be trying anytime soon.

“About your house, Sookie. I think you both should rest with me tonight, there was some damage done to your house after Dallas,” Eric began. I immediately started to panic and he wrapped me up in reassurance and comfort before continuing, “Your roommate, Tara, had invited a woman to stay with her. She turned out to be a maenad, the same one that attacked you. She used her own type of glamour, some weird supernatural influence that made the eyes of everyone she controlled turn black, to throw parties there and hold some type of ceremony in your yard where she then attempted to sacrifice your shifter boss to Dionysus. Many things were destroyed but I sent in a cleaning crew and some contractors to work on the damage. I haven’t been back to your house since and I think it would be smarter if you checked it out first to make sure everything is okay and you still have everything you need before you stay there.”

The moment he talked about human sacrifice, my concern about the house flew out the window. Godric sent his agreement to Eric, but before he could voice his assent, I questioned Eric in a rush, “But Sam? Tara? My friends? My town? Is everything okay? Did my brother get swept up in this mess?”

I jumped up from the bar stool while he sent me reassurance and stepped between his legs. He looked at me surprised but reflexively settled his hands on my hips.

“I want you to show me,” I said quietly. His eyebrows furrowed so I clarified, “I can dig through your memories, Eric. But it would be so much faster and easier if you could show me what’s important.” I laid a hand gently on each side of his face and whispered, “And touchin’ you would make everythin’ I see and hear clearer.”

“All right,” he said just as softly. “But everything turned out fine. Everyone is okay, safe, and the maenad has been destroyed, okay?”

I nodded and focused while Eric exhaled slowly, gathering his thoughts and what he wanted me to see, before he closed his eyes.

The first thing he pictured was Fangtasia the night after he got back from Dallas. He was laid out like a giant cat, resting on his side on top of a booth with Pam standing behind him and Sam sitting across from him. Colby and Lisa were tucked in close to Sam. Colby looked excited while Lisa looked a little terrified to be so close to real vampires.

No, you’re here to request my help based on some hypothetical future in which you returned the favor,” Eric said, skeptical. Sam shot a look at the kids. Clever move, Sam, but you’re dealing with vampires, that wouldn’t be enough to sway him, I thought to myself. I felt for him. Sam looked desperate and edgy, plus he was worried Eric wouldn’t help. I was very relieved to find out he had.But you are known to not be friendly to those like me. Why should I trust you?”

Because, until somebody starts trusting somebody, we’re all single targets! Just ripe for the picking,” Sam shot back, exasperated. I was exasperated and I was just watching. Eric felt my reaction and sent me amusement.

I have no knowledge of this maenad creature, although I suspect it’s the bullheaded beast that passed through here recently. Right Pam?” he said, briefly glancing over his shoulder. Pam looked pissed. Then again, she always looked pissed.

She snarled and quipped, That thing owes me a new pair of shoes.”

So can you help us or not?” Sam asked, trying to focus them once again.

I do know someone who might be able to offer something useful. Might offer something,” Eric speculated.

He then showed me a hilarious exchange between him and Arlene’s kids. I laughed out loud and gasped for breath. Eric smiled at my reaction and tugged me a little closer while he ran through what happened next.

So can you call this other person who might be able to-“ Sam began.

Better yet, I will go see her, but I must leave right away,” Eric said.

Sam sighed, relieved to finally be getting somewhere. “Great. The sooner the better. She and her followers are tearing apart the town and destroying Sookie’s house. Sookie will be pissed when she gets back.” Suddenly, white, hot rage swept through Eric in the memory. I could feel an echo of his rage in the real world. He was furious that my house was being destroyed and Memory Eric thought about how they were destroying the last of my scent. “Wait, I thought you went with her to Dallas. Is she back, Eric?”

Eric fast-forwarded to his arrival at the palace, saving me from watching Sam react to my death. Chances were I would come across how everyone felt when they found out in the next couple of days. They were all likely to think about the moment someone told them I was dead when they saw me again. I would deal with it then, but I couldn’t handle that tonight.

My fangs dropped when the Queen forced him to sit down and play Yahtzee with her and my cousin. Suddenly, it all made sense and I knew exactly how the Queen and Bill knew about my telepathy. She was a pet, which meant her blood also tasted good. With the knowledge I was telepathic and the fact Hadley tasted better than most humans, Sophie-Anne figured I would as well and sent Bill out to procure me.

Betrayal swept through me, burning me with its intensity. I felt Godric slip his hand onto my shoulder and Eric gently squeeze my hips in reaction to the emotion eating away at me. They flooded me with support and concern. Godric swept a blood tear from my cheek and popped it in his mouth. The memory faltered for a second, but with a push from me urging him to continue, he quickly sped through the information the Queen had on maenads. As he was leaving the compound, he was confronted by Bill, who accused him of helping Sam because Eric wanted to seem less like a murderer to my friends, to seem like a hero.

Bill was an idiot.

Stay away from Sookie’s hometown, Eric. You’re the reason she’s dead, nobody will want you around there when they find out about Sookie. Come near Bon Temps again and I’ll tell the Queen that you’re selling vampire blood,” he threatened. I sent Eric exasperation over Bill’s false heroic antics and Eric chuckled. What was he even doing? Asking Eric to stay away for the sake of Bon Temps? Eric was trying to keep an immortal and insane creature from completely levelling the town. Bill just wanted a chance to throw blame at him for my death. I didn’t blame Eric and I sent that to him in an emotional push. In return, I received, through the tie, what felt like kisses all over my face that were laced with affection and intense gratitude. I simultaneously blushed emotionally and purred. He didn’t send it to me, but he also felt enormous relief. He must’ve been really worried I blamed him.

Do it, Bill, and maybe I will have to explain to the good citizens of Bon Temps that you had two psychos beat Sookie within an inch of her life so you could feed her your blood the night you met,” Eric coolly retorted. They snarled at each other a little longer before the Queen vamped over and pulled Bill away.

Maybe it’s time we discuss your punishment for letting my telepath die, Bill…” her voice drifted off in the background as Eric resumed his path out of the compound and shot into the sky.

I felt another sting of betrayal thinking about that night, when Bill was late and I was attacked by the drainers. Godric had posited Bill had done it on purpose, that Bill had likely glamoured them to approach him and attack him outside the bar to test me. When I passed with flying colors, because I was an idiot, Bill plotted ways to get his blood in me. Asshole.

Godric tugged on the bond and I turned my head to look at him. He sent me concern laced with curiosity instead of asking so he didn’t break Eric’s concentration. I thought about how to reply for a second. How do you summarize everything through emotional exchange? Then I remembered my nifty little telepathic ability. I could transmit thoughts if I used my telepathy with my glamour. It was like this weird combination of giving and receiving at the same time, I had to both push and pull. I assumed it didn’t work on vampires because they couldn’t be glamoured, but I wasn’t exactly a vampire. I was something more. Could I do it?

I opened another thought process, because I was still listening to Eric with one process and thinking about what Bill did to me with another, not to mention the mental eye I was keeping open on the area around the bar. When Godric’s thoughts started to come in, I filed them away to analyze later, then pushed my glamour at him. It was a little bit more difficult than pushing thoughts at a human, like trying to run underwater, but I could do it. I smiled and sent, “Eric ran into Bill when he went to the Queen for information on maenads. Bill just confirmed that he was behind those drainers attackin’ me. He did it to get his blood into me.”

Godric’s eyes widened and shock went through him, not about Bill but about my new ability. Eric faltered again, feeling Godric’s shock, but continued after another push, this time from the both of us. Godric was thinking a million things at once before he settled on one, focused on it, and sent it directly at me. I pushed confusion towards him and thought “You have to think it in English, Godric,” at him.

He chuckled and sent me mirth before thinking, “Can you replay Eric’s thoughts for me while you watch?”

I fiddled around a little bit and thought, “Yes, I think I can. It will be easier for you if you shut your eyes.” They immediately snapped closed and I began streaming Eric’s thoughts into Godric’s mind. Godric pushed pride at me, so I knew he was receiving them.

We both watched as Eric landed in front of Lafayette’s house. It appeared Jason, who was getting back from wherever the hell he was, received a call from a frantic Lafayette warning him away from my place. Jason somehow ran into Sam, Andy, Colby, and Lisa. They gathered at Lafayette’s, who had Tara tied up, which is where Sam told Eric to meet with them. Eric explained what he knew about the maenad and Sam revealed he was a shifter when everyone interrogated him on why the maenad was after him. Oddly enough, it was Jason who came up with the ultimate plan.

Sam had been talking about Maryanne’s natural form, which had the head of a bull, when Jason snarled, I wish ya could just shift into a bull and tear her heart out. Then she’d think her precious god would want her dead and finally allow herself to die. We’d get this shit over with.”

I laughed and sent both Eric and Godric my pride in my brother as I watched everyone in the memory look at him, completely flabbergasted. Then they plotted out how to do exactly that.

Maenad,” Eric shouted at the group gathered outside my house with the nasty-ass offering looming over them. I heard you wanted the shifter. I will give him to you if you vow to leave this area and never return.”

Apparently, Maryanne liked that idea just fine and Eric handed over a struggling Sam. Another tear slipped down my cheek, which I wiped away, when I watched Sam stabbed and lifted up to be tied up. Eric actually sent me remorse as I watched it. I seriously wondered if he gave Sam so much shit because he secretly enjoyed talking to him. Sam wasn’t afraid of Eric, just like me. Mainly, he was annoyed by Eric. That would actually probably be refreshing for him.

Just when it looked like Sam really might meet his end, Pam hilariously popped up out of nowhere, looking furious. Hissing and yelling something about taking vengeance for her pumps, Pam tackled the demented offering and gleefully destroyed the egg in the center of it. Enraged, Maryanne tried to sacrifice everyone in retaliation, so Pam punched her in the face, provoking Maryanne into chasing her into the woods and away from the bewildered residents of Bon Temps. Pam kept Maryanne distracted while Eric quickly lowered Sam to the ground, bit into his own wrist, and fed Sam his blood. After his wound healed, Sam shifted into a glorious white bull and trotted off to the designated area in the woods where they earlier instructed Pam to lead Maryanne. Upon seeing Sam, Maryanne cried out in joy, believing Dionysus finally came for her, and left herself vulnerable. Sam didn’t hesitate and thrust his horn through her chest, which turned out to be his arm when he shifted back, and tore out her heart.

Was there no god?” Maryanne asked before keeling over and withering away.

Not for you,” Pam quipped in a little sing-song voice. Eric tasked her with disposing of the body before walking back to my house with Sam, discussing what to do next.

Eric glamoured everyone to think they experienced the Bon Temps version of Woodstock and implanted a nice healthy dose of guilt for “fucking with Sookie’s house.” After calling Lafayette to let everyone know Maryanne was dead, Jason and Andy drove over to help with the aftermath. Sam led some injured people over to them and asked Jason to take them to the hospital while the rest of the town started cleaning up my lawn. It seemed the guilt had the desired effect. Sam thanked Eric for his help and reasserted his vow of a favor. Eric nodded and, in an uncharacteristically human moment, shook his hand.

The memory cut off and Eric opened his eyes right after Jason turned to him and asked, Uh, Eric? Where’s my sister? Shouldn’t Sook be here?”

I pulled back my glamour and wasn’t really surprised when Godric had to scoop another blood tear off my face and stuck it in his mouth. I’ll get you something to clean up with, he thought at me and I sent him gratitude before focusing strictly on Eric.

He was feeling apprehensive about everything he showed me and I wasn’t helping. My emotions were scattered and I wasn’t sure exactly what I was feeling myself. I silenced any worries he had though by sliding my hands from his face to his neck and leaning in to kiss him. I spent about two minutes kissing him lazily and tenderly, not really feeling a whole lot of lust but feeling a whole lot of intense pleasure, which was matched by the man I was kissing, before I pulled back.

“What was that for?” he asked, his throat hoarse.

“For saving my house, my friends, and my town,” I shrugged, then added with a devilish grin, “and because I wanted to.” I pressed my lips to his again, caressing his lips with my own for a second before I finished with, “Thank you.”

“You know I did it to get leverage over the shifter,” he cautioned. “I love favors.”

“Bullshit,” I challenged. His eyebrows rose and he looked at me incredulously. I smiled mischievously as I fixed the collar of his jacket and said, “I very clearly heard you did it because they were ‘fucking with the last of Sookie’s scent.'” His mouth snapped shut and he glared at me as I patted the rest of his jacket down, smoothing imaginary wrinkles so I didn’t have to meet his eyes. Godric was, of course, laughing his ass off.

I turned around after I “fixed Eric’s jacket” and accepted the wet rag Godric was holding out for me before vamping over to the restroom to clean myself up. I was sure to be a hot mess after everything that had happened so far tonight.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 11: Bill Compton, the Idiot

  1. A/N2: AB did the same thing to Scumbill that CH did, Made him Perfect. Blech.
    A/N3: Excellent points. I hated how TB expanded the Maynad stuff so much. It wasn’t a huge part in the books at all….Not to mention the Tara nonsense. Glad Lala will get brownie points and protection for the future.

    Yea I’d want to know Swedish too. I always though the magister went too far turning a 17 yr old. That was just ridiculous.

    Interesting question about Jason. Would he have come back without Sookie challenging Newlin in the sanctuary? There was no bomb so he wasn’t at the nest or anything. hmmm Or am I just projecting too much of TB “canon” into your story?

    Yea Hadley has a lot to answer for. Big Mouth. And Scumbill is a moron.

    Cool new power too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ok, so I’m rereading because I like this story. It’s a bit late and I’m more than tired so when I read Pam’s inclusion into the maenad scene; the Benny hill theme song started playing in my head. Well written, funny and enjoyable. Thanks for. Strong and smart Sookie.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. damn she found out a lot in this little trick of hers, she saw what happened and she learned she could project. as for turning Jessica that was a low blow for the magister especially someone so young. but it is great that Eric is willing to find her a mentor of sorts. KY


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