Chapter 25: Embracing Sunlight


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Alcide had gotten us to Jackson safely and unloaded our travel coffins in the spare bedroom of his apartment. I didn’t think he even noticed that one of the coffins was much lighter than the other, since I hadn’t actually been in it. Instead, I had spent my waking daylight hours at Eric and Pam’s cabin, snuggled up to a dead for the day Eric. With a smile full of mischief, I cranked up my scent and touched any and everything I could in his bedroom, leaving my scent for him. When it came close to the hour he normally rose, I popped myself back into my coffin and slid into downtime until the sun had set.

Alcide’s apartment was not what I had expected. It was nice, cozy and new. His business obviously did well, but it was also obvious his ex had moved out and taken everything with her. The apartment was sadly very empty. She’d even taken most of the cooking utensils, not even leaving him a normal pan to cook his dinner in. I guess he was he still too depressed to buy himself replacements.

“Good day-rest?” Alcide asked while dumping his dinner on a plate and moving to the table to eat.

I nodded and sat down next to him while Godric popped a couple True Bloods in the microwave. We had left a case of it near our things the night before and Alcide had loaded it up with our coffins and placed them in the fridge when he arrived.

“That dress is not what I expected after what you wore last night,” he pointed out with a grin.

I wasn’t planning on coming across any vampires until tomorrow night, so I had worn a yellow sundress. It was designed more for the summer, but I was vampire. The weather didn’t apply to me. The dress was sleeveless, with two thick straps that crisscrossed over my back and traced the swell of my breasts with a sweetheart design. It came down to just above my knees, so I wore a silver knife strapped to my thigh instead of its normal spot on my calf. I paired the dress with a fuzzy white cardigan, which was baby soft and made of cashmere, and matching white stilettos. Like Pam, I now mostly wore stilettos with everything. Now that I was vampire, it was incredibly easy to wear high heels. My feet never hurt and my body automatically compensated for balance, so I was as graceful in heels as I was in flats. Plus, they made very convenient weapons. I’d have them close if I ever needed a stake.

I gave him a sheepish smile and admitted, “I love sundresses. I wear ’em as often as I can, but when I’m around other vampires I get challenged less when I wear somethin’ a little edgier.”

He nodded slowly while he thought, Definitely like the dresses better. She’s hot no matter what but now she looks like a Southerner. Looks like the girl next door. Why she gotta be a vampire?

I gave him a fond smile as Godric sat down next to me and handed me a B negative True Blood. Since he only warmed one, I knew he wanted me to feed from the source again tonight. I guess that’s what we’d be doing until it was time to head out to the Were bar.

“Can I ask you something, Sookie?” Alcide asked after a moment of quietly eating. I nodded. He looked between me and Godric quickly before cocking an eyebrow and asking, “You and Northman?”

I couldn’t keep myself from blushing in the blood when he asked. Godric immediately snickered and amusement swelled in the bond. I sent him a push that told him he’d look good in silver jewelry and he just chuckled again.

“You two together?” he pushed when I didn’t instantly answer.

I blushed again and Godric flushed my veins with mischief and answered for me, “Sookie claimed him.”

With that answer, I shot my blood out and slapped Godric hard on the back of the head, like I did with Eric, snickering when he ducked.

Alcide choked on his food, smacked his chest to force everything down, and started laughing. He gulped down air and repeated, incredulously, “Claimed him? Claimed Eric Northman?”

Godric rubbed the back of his head gently and nodded while flashing us both a shit-eating grin. He shot me full of even more mischief and confided, “Eric’s blood agreed before he even had a chance to deny it.”

Alcide gave Godric a puzzled look, so I clarified, “Our blood carries our emotions, partly why it’s so sacred to us, Alcide. I can feel Eric’s emotions through my bond with Godric since we’re both his progenies, connected through blood. Eric was gonna dispute it, but before he could even open his mouth, his blood agreed with my claim and tattled on him. That’s what Godric means.”

His eyebrows shot to the sky and he burst out in hard, body-shaking laughs. Godric quickly joined in and I had to confess, even I was amused. It was highly entertaining Eric Northman’s blood felt he belonged to me at all, let alone announcing it to us when he would’ve definitely protested otherwise.

When Alcide settled back down, he admitted, “He surprised me last night. I’ve known him for a few years now and I’d never seen him act like that, act… affectionate with someone. I think I left the club a little shell-shocked.”

“I can probably take responsibility for that. I trained him to suppress all his emotions. It’s my fault he shuts down that way,” Godric said quietly, lacing the bond with remorse and guilt.

I reached for it and absorbed it, doing my best to make it disappear, as I softly argued, “Maybe not. Eric’s pretty much himself. He’s been a lot different in the last two days, though, Godric. More open. Maybe he’s changing too. I think having you back around is good for him.”

“It’s not having me around that’s good for him, child. I think it’s you,” he gently protested as he pushed a piece of hair behind my ear.

I shook my head and said, “He’s known me for months now, Godric, and he was never that open before.”

“You were also claimed by another vampire, Sookie. He never had a chance to be open with you at all. Now he does,” Godric pointed out.

I considered that seriously for a minute. Would Eric have been this open with me if I hadn’t been with Bill? For some reason I doubted it. When we first started explaining my abilities to Eric, his first impulse was to try to manipulate me again, not be honest and ask me if we could strengthen our connection. He only started opening up when he realized he wouldn’t get away with it, when Godric called him out on it. If I were human and available, he would’ve gotten involved with me anyways, yes, but he would’ve continued keeping me in the dark and trying to maneuver me into things. I probably would’ve been tricked into bonding with him at one point. Now that I was also vampire and Godric was attached to me, it was impossible for Eric to even attempt it.

“I think it’s the combination of both of us then,” I said. Godric gave it his own moment of consideration and finally nodded his head while his blood hummed in agreement.

Alcide lightly cleared his throat, a little thrown off by the change in subject, so I quickly changed it again by vacating the hot seat and firmly planting him in it, “And what about you, Alcide?” I lifted my hand and indicated his apartment as I asked, “Who was she? Who left this place so empty?”

Godric snickered again, completely entertained by the fact that Alcide’s place was so naked and that I was purposefully moving the spotlight from myself to Alcide.

Reluctantly, Alcide filled us in on everything about Debbie Pelt. Curious, I dug into his thoughts while he spoke and realized how serious it all was. He’d driven her away in a way. Debbie wanted kids but Alcide didn’t want a baby who could shift. Like me, he had a hard time adjusting with his gift growing up and he didn’t want to put any of his kids through that. She didn’t take that answer well and now she was dangerously flirting with the idea of joining this blood pack. For Alcide’s sake, I hoped he let her go. Just by looking through his more recent memories, I could tell she was on V. He didn’t realize it yet, but I did. Being vampire makes it a little bit easier to tell when someone was suffering the effects of misusing the blood. Her entire demeanor had changed and she was more vengeful. She wore skankier clothes, heavier make-up, and lashed out at him every chance she got. I truly hoped he could shake her.

As long as she was involved with werewolves on V, she would bring him nothing but pain.

“What time should we head to Lou Pines?” Alcide asked, “And what are you two going to do until we head out?”

We’d wasted about two hours just talking about Debbie and shooting the breeze since we really didn’t have much else to do until it was time. With Alcide’s question, we all shifted focus to more serious matters and Godric contemplatively glanced at his watch, which he really didn’t need since vampires had internal clocks, and answered, “I think we should head over there around eleven, eleven thirty. Sookie is still learning how to feed, so I’m going to take her out and then we’ll meet back here and set everything up. Work for you?”

Alcide shifted uncomfortably in his seat when Godric mentioned feeding. He was both appalled and intrigued about the idea of me feeding. Disliking vampires was ingrained in him, but he was so at ease with me and Godric that he had temporarily forgotten we even were vampires. When Godric brought up feeding, it all came rushing back. Yet, he couldn’t help picturing me with my mouth on his throat. He felt incredibly confused with it all. Godric wasn’t a mind-reader, but even he noticed Alcide’s reaction and he flooded me with mirth for it.

Alcide cleared his throat again and said, “Uh, yeah. Yeah, that works. I need to run a couple errands anyways so I’ll meet you back here before then.”

Ten minutes later, we left the apartment. Alcide gave Godric a spare key in case we beat him back and we took off in opposite directions from each other after riding the elevator down together. Since we didn’t want to attract attention to ourselves from the local vampire community, Godric had me track our meals and glamour them instead of going to a club and finding a willing donor. He hunted with me this time and we stalked a couple out for a stroll together in the nearby park. Godric had me select our prey by scent and I caught the delectable aroma of a B negative human when we walked past the park’s entrance.

We tracked the scent to a good-looking man and his girlfriend who, conveniently, were searching for a dark corner anyways to have a frisky moment. Godric pushed me trust and confidence as we stepped into their paths and pulled them under our influences. He fed from the girlfriend while I fed from the man, which is why he pushed trust towards me. Godric wanted to see if I would pull back on my own while he fed.

Feeding from a male was very different from my previous experience. Guys tended to be more sexually aggressive and this one found me extremely attractive. While I drank, he enfolded me in his arms, pulling me as close as he could and wholeheartedly moaned. His hands then slid down to my thighs and he lifted me up so I could wrap my legs around his waist and pushed me up against a tree. I reacted without being aware of it, locking my legs behind him without thinking. He then started to move against me, trailing his hands to my hips to brace me. In my bloodlust state, I didn’t even think twice about adding to the friction and every movement sent an overwhelming jolt of pleasure to my system. His heart began to slow just as he began to slide his hand up my leg and under my dress, purposefully moving towards my core.

When I felt his fingers hovering just over my inner thigh, I froze. All I could think about was Eric. I was starting something there. I felt love for Eric and I didn’t want to screw anything up with him. On some level, I knew he would understand. Most baby vamps couldn’t feed from the source without working to sate one desire while they sated the other and he’d forgive me. I wouldn’t forgive myself though and I would feel guilty for each and every time something happened with my feeds.

It was one thing to climax during a feeding if Eric was the one bringing me pleasure, but this was quite another. The idea I could hurt him if anything went further made all my emotions come back in a violent eruption and I instantly pulled back, grabbed his wandering hand, and punctured my tongue to seal the wounds, using my blood to erase any evidence I had fed. I then dropped my legs back down, gently pushed my prey back a step, and glamoured away the memory of the feed altogether.

Godric had already finished, since he needed less blood at his age, and was watching me intently. When I finished my glamour, he lifted his arm and I slid myself under it. We walked out of the park together in contemplative silence, with his arm still slung over my shoulder, and headed back towards the apartment, taking our time and walking leisurely as we crossed the remaining couple blocks left of our return trip.

“He would’ve understood, Sookie. He wouldn’t have judged you,” Godric said quietly and gave me a little squeeze as concern washed over our bond.

“I know,” I sighed, “but I would’ve judged myself.”

He gave me a hard look, but eventually nodded and pushed me understanding when he realized what I meant. Godric quickly understood it wasn’t that I would’ve judged myself from gaining pleasure through feeding, I would’ve judged myself from gaining that pleasure from anyone but Eric. I was not a feed and fuck type of girl; I was the monogamous type and only slept with those who my heart chose. Apparently, my heart had chosen Eric, so sex with someone besides him was just unacceptable to me. As long as we both wanted each other, he’d be my only source for sating that particular thirst.

The understanding Godric pushed me then gradually shifted into pride and he whispered, “You honor Eric with that decision, with restricting yourself this way when you are so young. You honor him by denying such a natural instinct for his sake. I won’t discuss it with him, but you should know he would feel honored too. Before you came into my life, Sookie, I would’ve said that type of control was just not possible for one so young. I’m so proud of you, child. You truly are one of the best decisions I ever made.”

I smiled and wrapped an arm around his waist, giving him a sideways hug, and drowned the bond in love and gratitude. While he purred, I said, “And you’re one of mine. I’m glad you stuck around, Godric. I’m so incredibly glad you didn’t meet the sun.”

He tucked me closer, squeezed me tighter, and pushed love back to me. I purred for a moment before I casually added, “You do realize you can never do that again? Now that you’ve turned me, you will never meet the sun. You’ll be stickin’ around for eternity… or for at least as long as I exist.”

He furrowed his brows in confusion when he felt the all-consuming confidence behind my statement and asked, “Why are you so sure? Eternity is a long time, child. In another 2,000 years I may grow tired again.”

I gave him a slow, mischievous smile and explained, “I’m not like Eric, Godric. I’d absolutely find you the second after you shut down the bond, even if I had to read every mind in the state to do it, and when I did, the sun itself wouldn’t keep me from comin’ for you.”

Godric froze when the meaning of my words sank in, bringing us to a standstill. He turned to face me and searched my eyes as he absorbed my meaning, realizing that the sun really wouldn’t keep me away. I’d find him, and when I did, I’d kick his ass and make sure he literally couldn’t meet the sun. He could walk out on a rooftop one day dressed in the ridiculous linens the Fellowship made him wear and, just as the sun began to rise, I’d pop him into a dark, light-tight basement with silver bars and no exits. I’d keep him there too until I talked sense into him and he submitted. Godric screwed himself out of ever again having any chance of seeing his final sunrise when he made me.

Slowly, he brought his hand to my face and traced my features with his fingertips, staring at me like I was some kind of a mirage. The love he’d been pushing me suddenly grew threefold and he gently nodded while he murmured, “Min lilla lejoninna.”

A blood tear trickled down my cheek at the feel of all that love and he tenderly wiped it away with his thumb before bringing it to his mouth. After he swallowed it, he gave me a soft smile, one which quickly transformed into a beautiful and rich laugh and I joined in. When the laughter faded, he wrapped his arm back around me and agreed, “You’re right, I can never do it again. You’d never let me go and you’d beat my ass for attempting it.” He chuckled with delight when my blood hummed in agreement. “And for that, I am thankful. That you love me so much… well, in this I see God.”

I smiled up at him, thankful he understood. We walked in silence for another moment before I asked, “What did you say in Swedish? You and Eric have both called me that.”

He gave me another beautiful smile while stating, “My little lioness.”

A blood tear dropped down Godric’s cheek when my love then grew threefold.

I quickly collected it as I mumbled, “Damn Viking and his beautiful endearments.”

He chuckled and flooded me with mirth and amusement as we rounded the last corner blocking our view of Alcide’s apartment complex. As we walked into the building and headed to the elevator, I asked, “Teach me some Swedish while we wait? We still have about an hour.” He nodded and gave me another squeeze. “I wanna learn your language too, Godric. The one you think in, it’s beautiful,” I added.

He gave me another blinding smile, flushed the bond with love again, sent me an affectionate caress and explained, “It honestly won’t take you long to learn it, Sookie. With the memory of a vampire, you’ll learn it all within a couple weeks.” I nodded as he slipped out Alcide’s key and unlocked the door. He then began, “The first words I will teach you of any language will always be the same. Fader, broder, son. They are what I am to you…”

An hour later, Godric and I started setting up the equipment for the night. First, we turned on the ear pieces, a clear silicone piece that was formed to perfectly sit in the inner ear, and called Eric to make sure they could hear us all the way from Louisiana. There were three of them, one for each of us, and they were designed for supernaturals, vampires specifically, and produced a level of sound so quiet that nobody but the vampire wearing it could hear, the idea of it being that no vampires would pick up on another vampire’s phone call. It was some nifty new prototype with the technology to make our conversations completely private that would be installed in a new version of Bluetooth. We tested it out to make sure it worked for Alcide, a werewolf, before we moved on. Next, we pulled out the button cam and attached it to the collar of Alcide’s jacket. The camera was microscopic, nobody would realize what it was and the video really was quite excellent quality. Video was transmitted from the camera to an internet tablet that we would be taking with us to the area around the bar so we could watch everything going on inside. Finally, we plugged in the signal router and waited for confirmation that we were broadcasting back to Fangtasia.

I knew the instant they received the signal because Eric’s level of lust shot up like a lava chute. The camera was currently recording me and even though Eric had truly enjoyed my Vampire Sookie gear, it seemed he was much more appreciative of my Southern sundresses. Godric and Pam swamped me with amusement and I was sure Jess would’ve joined in if she could’ve felt Eric’s reaction too.

Sookie,” Eric purred seductively into the earpiece, “I was worried I’d never see one of those dresses again.”

Alcide jerked back in surprise and looked down at me with huge, wide eyes. His expression alone threw Godric into a fit of laughter.

“And why would you think that?” I asked, toying with him a bit and pretending I didn’t understand while I adjusted the camera on Alcide’s collar to get a better angle.

“Because it looked like your predator was in charge of your wardrobe the last two nights,” Eric reasoned.

I laughed softly and said, “She was, Eric. How seriously would you take a vampire in a sundress? Especially a newborn?”

The earpiece fell silent for a second and understanding flooded through all three of my Louisiana blood ties. He then quietly asked, “So I will see more of these dresses?”

Hope was pulsing in the tie and I giggled when I felt it. I nodded and had to manipulate my blood from an entire state away to slap the back of his head after Eric then purred, “Good, because I have fantasies of ripping them off you.”

Alcide made a horrible choking sound, worse than the type Jessica usually made, Godric chuckled, and female laughter echoed in the earpiece, coming from the background in the club. I also clearly heard Jess exclaiming, “So freaking cool!” and figured she was talking about the fact I had slapped him from a distance.

“I thought I’d be safer with more miles between us,” Eric muttered and I flooded him with mirth for it.

Not having understood that comment, Alcide looked at me quizzically so Godric took pity on him by explaining, “Sookie just used her blood to smack the back of his head for that comment.”

Genuine laughter bubbled up from his chest and he thought, Didn’t know they could do that. Really like this vamp. Might be the first vampire I’d ever consider offering friendship to. Wish she was human.

“Vampires really have that much control over their blood?” Alcide asked, his brows drawn together and a frown on his face. He was worrying about how much control Russell had and to what extent he could manipulate the blood pack.

He was right to worry.

I nodded while Godric said, “Sookie does. I’m sure Russell does too, but more so because of his age than any natural skill, like Sookie. She has more control over her blood than most. I’m not sure Eric could smack her back even at a thousand years old, though he did pick up on her caresses. My favorite though was her ‘knee-slapper.’ She thought something I said was amusing and used her blood to slap my knee.”

Laughter surrounded Godric and I on all sides when Alcide, Eric, Pam, and Jess all laughed at that new little tidbit. With all that mirth whizzing about and crackling in our veins, we literally couldn’t stop ourselves from chuckling along.

Pam’s voice then cut in, enjoying our little story time session, when she added, “I liked it when she literally growled with the blood. The vibrations were delicious.”

“I think my favorite was when Sookie used her blood to stroke Pam into purring like a cat at the exact moment she was playing with Sookie’s hair,” Eric chuckled, pushing an ocean’s worth of amusement as he did. Alcide’s face turned bright red from laughing so hard while Godric nodded with a shit-eating grin, agreeing that it had been funny too, but we could tell from his blood it wasn’t his favorite.

Listen to Northman, he’s… he’s actually laughing. Sookie’s really changed him. Loosened him up. Gotten to him. Wouldn’t be surprised if he loved her. Wouldn’t be a hard thing to do.

While delighting me with his internal thoughts, he clapped his hands together once and said, “All good here. Your end, Northman?”

“Everything’s up and running and we’re recording. Herveaux, do your best to avoid mirrors, we want to edit the footage as little as possible. You’re also getting a code name, you are now ‘Wolfman,'” Eric quipped.

Alcide chuckled and shot back, “Then you’ll have to respond to Dracula or the Count, take your pick,” while simultaneously thinking He’s trying to protect me? To keep my name secret? with surprise.

“If I have to have a codename, I’ll go with Blade. You know, from that movie Trinity or whatever,” Eric retorted while sending me mischief. We both knew that would be my codename if we wanted to get technical since Blade was a day-walker. I shot him my patented knee-slapper and his mirth exploded.

“Well, it’s better than Twilight or Sparkles,” I mumbled, smiling when everyone burst into laughter again and doubling Eric’s mirth with another joke about day-walking.

Godric waved his hand in the direction of the door in question, so I nodded and reached across the table to snatch up the tablet before following my partners-in-crime out the door. We climbed into Alcide’s typical male oversized truck with Alcide behind the wheel and headed in the direction of Lou Pines. He drove past it once to give us a quick peek before guiding his truck down a backstreet, looking for a place to park. He drove down a couple dark alleys, doing his best to find a spot where we would be close enough to act quickly if he needed us but still far enough away that no wolves could catch a whiff of our scent.

After all, we were in enemy territory.

Lou Pines was definitely a biker bar. Motorcycles were lined up outside the front and there were several Weres standing outside with beer bottles in hand, dressed up in leathers, patches and sporting the occasional bandana. The building itself kind of looked like a warehouse. It was painted a dirty white on the first level and topped off by a tan color on the second. The windows were just for show, completely blacked out, and a rusted, useless fire escape ran up the backside. A bright, vertical neon sign announced the name in glowing blue letters and had the outline of a wolf silhouetted by a crescent moon in front. With our enhanced hearing, we could hear the jazz music playing inside and Weres laughing, hollering, and drunkenly baying in their human forms.

Damn, were they rowdy.

“It may not look like much,” Alcide commented, “but Lou Pines? It’s the oldest Were bar in Mississippi.”

He parked about a block from the bar, explaining he wanted us to be far enough away that none of the wolves would catch the scent of any vampires, especially since they were V addicts, and we agreed with him. It would definitely not be good if the wolves scented us, and not just because they might attack us, but because our scents could then give us away when we went to Russell’s compound the next night.

“You be safe in there, Alcide,” I whispered.

Alcide quickly pulled the key from the ignition, hopped out of the truck, gave us a serious nod that promised he would, and shut the door. I handed the tablet to Godric and gave him a meaningful look, reminding him of something we had discussed on the run home the night before. He nodded and gave me the “Green light,” so I checked our surroundings to ensure we were alone before closing my eyes and focusing on my inner light.

When Godric had taught me tracking, he showed me how to blend in with the surrounding darkness and told me to focus on cloaking myself in the shadows, on covering myself with it. My glow was a little different than other vampires’ though, it’s a little brighter and I couldn’t quite hide myself from other supernatural eyes, so on a whim I randomly decided to play around with my fairy light and used it to manipulate the light around me, including my glow. I pulled all the light that made me visible in towards my core, absorbing it into my spark. Gradually, my glow began to shift and diminish, but it didn’t stop there. My features kept disappearing when I continued reigning in that light until I had disappeared completely. I had cloaked myself entirely, and that didn’t just mean visually. My fairy light was such an innate part of me that it affected the sound of my voice and my scent as well, so when I pulled that light inward, I also pulled my scent and my voice in tighter to my body, hiding it within the new light shield. I made myself literally untraceable in every sense and shielded my voice and scent along with my body.

“Can you guys still hear me?” I asked.

Godric and I both doubted a camera would work from within my light shield since cameras fundamentally operated by using light and lenses, but we theorized an earpiece/microphone like the one I had might. On the other hand, it was possible my cloaking technique could interrupt the signal. Since my clothing disappeared but still functioned when I manipulated the light though, I thought it was more than promising the earpiece could still function as long as we were both cloaked.

“Yes, we can, why?” Eric asked.

“Sookie was just messing around with the light and dropped it,” Godric hinted and Eric pushed us understanding. “She’s going to take a closer look and keep watch in a smaller radius in case she can catch one of the wolves on V to glamour for information.”

By smaller radius, Godric meant I was going inside the bar. Alcide was working for us and dealing with a highly vicious, drugged up pack of wolves. We just didn’t feel right about sending him in without back up and I could literally pop him away if things got volatile. While I was in there, I would dig into their minds and search for information about the pack and their master to see if we could confirm Russell’s involvement. I really didn’t need to glamour any wolves, but if I found some good intel, I would so we could record it as additional evidence. If Eric approached the Authority without any evidence Russell was as looney as he was, it would be the word of a king, an ancient three times his age, against the word of a sheriff of a bordering state.

Unless Russell suddenly snapped and killed someone on live TV, the Authority would never take just Eric’s word for it.

“We won’t have video of whatever information she gathers,” Pam pointed out. I was pretty sure she was pouting by the tone of her voice.

“No, but we will have audio,” I suggested after a moment of contemplation. “Are you recording?”

Pride enveloped me from all sides and Eric purred, “Clever girl.

My veins vibrated again when their blood all hummed in agreement and my entire body trembled.

“Give us a minute and we will be,” Pam said. We could hear faint clicking as she typed something on her keyboard. Her voice became fainter when she moved away from her mic and said, “Jess, keep an eye on this and make sure it keeps recording. I need to focus on the video feed.”

“Sookie, be careful, min älskare,” Eric murmured. I pushed him understanding, reassurance, and security to show him I would be. “If things get rough, I want you to run like the wind and get back to Godric faster than you can say snap, crackle, pop, okay?” [my lover]

“Okay, Eric. I will. Don’t worry, I gave you my word I wouldn’t take unnecessary risks,” I whispered while pushing him acceptance. He responded by showering me in tenderness and gratitude, making me extremely thankful nobody could hear me purr, until they all laughed and I realized with the earpiece they could.

“Sookie, we’re recording the audio now,” Pam announced.

I tugged on the bond to let Godric know I was ready and popped myself out of the truck, reappearing next to it. By doing this, nobody would see a door magically opening and closing by itself.

I took off at vamp speed and caught up to Alcide just as he was approaching the entrance. He quietly told us all Wolfman was about to enter the bar, speaking loud enough for only the earpiece to catch, and greeted his friend Tray just inside the door.

While Alcide spent a moment catching up with his friend, I adjusted my filters to dig through their thoughts and search for anything to do with V, Russell Edington, branding, vampires, kidnappings, and blood packs. While the filters gathered data in the background of my mind, using several vampiric thought processes at once, I began actively searching and sifting through minds one by one, starting with Tray.

From Tray alone, I learned about Debbie’s faux engagement party that was a cover for her initiation to the pack. When Alcide and I entered the bar, I then also learned that the entire pack would be in attendance the next night and they were expecting their blood master to make an appearance. I circled the room gathering data and mentally marking potential wolves to glamour as Alcide went to the bar and ordered a drink, shifting his body for the camera to catch the crew having a ridiculous drinking competition and getting trashed off their asses. After getting his drink, he casually moved from table to table talking to familiar faces while discreetly keeping his collar angled towards the wolves on V.

He was a regular bloodhound, sniffing out potential targets like it was his second nature.

Knee-slapper, right?

“Guys, notify me if you recognize someone from the crew leavin’ the bar,” I requested and was immediately pushed acquiescence from Godric, Eric, and Pam. They were trying to limit how much they spoke just in case one of the wolves had extremely good hearing and heard them through Alcide’s earpiece. The wolves were on 3,000 year old vamp blood and we didn’t know how well that would improve their hearing range.

I now knew for a fact the blood was nearly 3,000 years old because I confirmed from one of the wolves that Russell was indeed the blood master. And I had a shit ton more intel where that came from.

I now knew their schedules, their rituals, their most recent completed tasks, who their Alpha was, where they liked to take their monthly runs and get high, everything that was involved in the initiation ceremony, what they’re upcoming missions were, how many vampires they had recently kidnapped and drained from other states to satisfy their addiction, and who they were looking at as potential recruits, hoping to get them addicted too.

I also knew they had dropped Bill Compton off at Russell Edington’s compound.

I hit the fucking lottery.

While Alcide continued to film their increasingly rough behavior, I tracked the wolves one by one outside and promptly popped them to a dark alley corner, let go of my shield so my eyes could connect with theirs, and whammied them with glamour before they even knew what hit them. I used my glamour to ask them the questions I already knew the answers to so we would have audio evidence of everything we learned. I had to keep up the pretense I was no longer telepathic and this was the best way to do that. When I was done, I glamoured them each into thinking they stopped in the alley for a leak before sending them off to bed with a healthy desire to start cutting back on V after the initiation tomorrow night. Godric and I would be long gone by the time my compulsion took place and maybe I’d score some brownie points with the Authority when they heard it.

It was obvious we couldn’t keep my glamour secret from the Authority after this- we had too much evidence that needed to be presented which was revealed through that ability. There wasn’t really a risk in telling the Authority though, just the two-natured. If anything, the Authority would want me to work for them. They couldn’t compel me or force me though because Godric was one of the oldest and most influential vampires in the country and we had a convenient little law about not interfering in the relationship between a maker and his progeny.

Unless the progeny was being punished, of course. Even then the maker had the option of taking the progeny’s place for part or all of the punishment.

Luckily, the night was ultimately uneventful. I mean in the respect that Alcide and I were completely safe. It wasn’t so uneventful for the bouncers of the bar who had to break up three bar fights, kick out aggressive wolves, or physically remove some drunken wolves who were forcefully putting their nasty-ass paws all over the women drinking inside. The last one was rarer since the women who frequented the bar often encouraged that kind of behavior or were drunk and on V themselves.

It was disgusting to watch.

Which meant it was perfect for us.

At the end of the night, when the bar started to close, I left when I heard from Alcide’s mind that he was heading back to the truck and beat him there. I pulled on the bond once again, popped myself in next to Godric, and slowly released my hold on my light while I bent over my seat to keep from attracting attention as the light glowed and shifted around me. When I sat back up, Godric was giving me the biggest shit-eating grin I’d ever seen and snatched me up for the world’s tightest embrace. I was lucky I didn’t need to breathe.

He then started a massive bloodline chain reaction of pushing me pride and gratitude, leaving me a purring like a kitten and vibrating from the powerful strength of the emotions they were sending me.

“Amazing, min dotter. You have brought a thousand year old search a solid lead and found the wolves’ master. You’ve given us everything we could ever possibly need to get permission to end him in just one night. You have done well, Sookie. You have done so well,” Godric said, his voice muffled because he was still clutching me desperately and speaking into my hair.

“Thank you, Sookie. Thank you,” Pam whispered when he finished, feeling extremely grateful because she knew how much this meant to Eric. She also knew that with finding Bill’s location, we would soon be free and clear of the Magister’s attention. These were both incredibly good things.

Eric then flushed my veins with more affection than I’d ever felt since the night of my turning, caressed me with tenderness, smothered me with thankfulness, and added a healthy dose of awe while he murmured in a thick, strained voice, “Tack, Sookie. Tack, min lilla lejoninna.” [Thank you, Sookie. Thank you, my little lioness.]

I was beginning to think Eric slipped into Swedish when he was feeling overly emotional, not that I really minded when he spoke in Swedish.

In fact, I found it incredibly sexy.

Feeling grateful myself for everything I was experiencing from my bloodline (plus gentle affection from Jessica), I sent a push that said You’re welcome to all three of them and responded to Eric with something I’d learned from Godric earlier, “Du är välkommen , du stora viking.” [You’re welcome, you big viking.]

Shock promptly rippled through Pam and Eric while Godric’s mirth and amusement seemed to be orbiting above the earth during the period of silence after I spoke. Then, of course, Eric’s lust shot up and we all heard his fangs click down. Slowly, Godric started laughing softly, provoking another chain reaction that echoed through our bloodline. They all reached out through the ties at about the same time to stroke and caress me while pushing me kisses and wrapping me up in emotional embraces, resulting in the loudest and longest purr of my undeath just as Alcide opened the truck door and hopped in. He took one look at me lazily purring and making all-too-happy vampire noises, and doubled over laughing.

When he straightened up, he sent even more amusement whizzing around our ties when he said, “Got the video, anything happen out here?”


3 thoughts on “Chapter 25: Embracing Sunlight

  1. Naughty tease she is with Eric. I love it. Ugh while I’d like Alcede to be happy, He deserves so much more than Debbie.
    Glad she stopped the feeding before it went further. Lioness indeed. Glad Alcede is thinking nice things about her and eric.
    Wouldn’t they smell the vamps on Alcede though since they were all in the apt together? Her cloaking stuff is cool. Wow she is getting all sorts of intel.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Alcide smells of werewolf and the living, so his scent would easily cover theirs and the only things they actually touched were the ear piece and the button cam– they didn’t leave much of a scent to begin with, which is why I didn’t go into it. You have a keen eye though!


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