Chapter 8: Tattletale Blood


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After sending us gratitude, Sookie sighed and tucked herself back into my neck. It was obvious we still had more to talk about, but Sookie had been through so much in one night that neither Godric nor I were surprised when she slipped into downtime as she relaxed. We lapsed into contemplative silence for a moment before I psyched myself up to ask about the one thing that would truly put a spotlight on her. I had hoped it was no longer an issue, but if her spark was stronger, then her ability likely was as well.

“Her telepathy?” I asked quietly. Sookie tensed, bringing herself out of downtime, and I sent her reassurance and understanding along with conviction and companionship. Translation: nothing either of you say will scare me off. She relaxed again instantly and sent me back her gratitude and something else I never thought I would feel from Sookie, especially after I molested her, her trust.

“It’s stronger, Eric,” he stated in a voice barely above a whisper. Okay, I thought. So she can hear more now, a bigger range, more supernaturals. We’ll hide it. Say it died with her body. “She has more control over her shields and can block thoughts entirely if she wants and after some experimenting, she discovered she can also apply filters to it. She can dig through minds to look for thoughts and information they aren’t actively thinking about and can tune out entire groups of thoughts so she doesn’t have to listen to mindless chatter anymore. Emotions don’t wipe her shields out like they did before either, although we didn’t really test that aspect as well because her emotions are never that out of control. When used in combination with her glamouring skill, she can also transmit her own thoughts.”

All of that was fascinating but very positive things. I didn’t understand why she was feeling so apprehensive about what Godric was telling me. Her apprehension seemed to be mounting and my incomprehension grew with it.

“She can now also hear vampire minds,” he added, scattering all possibility of having rational thought to the winds.

I froze. Sookie would be hunted. They would destroy her. Vampires would never allow her to exist with an ability like that. Factor in her ability to shield her presence and drive vampires into bloodlust, and the Authority would deem her too powerful and order her death.

Sookie effectively put a stop to those thoughts when she whimpered again and her fangs dropped, the sharp tips grazed my neck and sent a shiver down my spine. She had obviously been reading my thoughts and they dropped when her rising fear became too much.

I had to physically force myself not to think anything sexual with her teeth still pressed against my throat. It was hard to do.

Very, very hard.

It was at that moment though that I realized nobody would destroy her. I would tear apart anybody who got close enough to touch her. I wanted her too much to let anyone take her away from me again. The last month I spent without her was hell and I was not going back to that. If anybody took her, either for her blood or her talents, I would tear the world apart looking for her. So would Godric, for that matter. She had completely turned his life around. I had never, ever seen him as happy as he had been in the last couple of hours. Sookie had two of the most powerful vampires in the world to look out for her plus her own incredible talents that we would bust our asses off to keep secret.

“Did you hear any of that, Sookie?” I tilted my head down, brought my lips to her ear, and whispered, hoping she had. She was still scared shitless with her fangs drawn against my throat, so I doubted she did.

“I couldn’t understand. You think in a different language most of the time, but I can read the images and the emotions that go with them,” she confessed against my throat.

Well, then maybe I could convey it in the blood. I sent her every protective and possessive instinct I had along with a sense of security and confidence.

It was too much. She flinched from the sheer volume, her fangs cut a small gash about an inch in length down my throat, and she growled, “MINE!”

My fangs automatically dropped at her emotionally-induced, completely untrue declaration. But my blood gave away any possibility of a protest or denial when it very vocally agreed and cried out, “Yes, I am!”

Godric burst out laughing harder than when I lost the hunt. Sookie pulled back to look at me in surprise, her brown eyes comically wide, and retracted her fangs. Mine followed suit.

Absolutely zero emotions came from either of us as we stared at each other. I had no idea how she felt about my blood’s declaration and she had no idea if I regretted it. Both sides of the tie were purely white noise and static while Godric’s was practically shouting mirth and triumph through a megaphone. I had no control over what my blood agreed to. I could usually limit what it said, but the blood was sacred and couldn’t fabricate something like that if I genuinely felt it to be untrue. It revealed how we felt whether we wanted it to or not, the only control we had was to what degree we let it share with others, and according to my blood, I obviously felt that I belonged to Sookie Stackhouse.

How was I even supposed to try to explain something like that? I simply couldn’t.

Instead, I dipped my head and pressed my lips to hers and sealed the deal with a kiss while I sent her my agreement. You couldn’t go back on a deal in blood anyway, I added to myself mentally, so why even try?

The kiss was definitely steamy, like every single one I had with her tonight. It was kind of ironic. I couldn’t even get invited inside her house when she was human, then she shows up at my bar with fangs and I get three, four in one night? I definitely liked Vampire Sookie.

Speaking of fangs, I traced the outline of hers with my tongue, wondering if she really knew what she was doing to vampires when she stroked their fangs. I hit the sweet spot and they dropped for me. I wrapped my tongue around one like she had done to me several times already, her lust sky-rocketed, and she growled deeply into my mouth, which in turn made me purr into hers. I stroked it to the tip and then the other one and swear she went into some kind of lust-induced coma.

Before she got revenge and hit my sweet spot.

She shifted positions to get closer, straddling me, and rolled her tongue over my fang while she rolled her body, grinding down against my hips. Damn. I did not see that one coming. Talk about rivalry and oneupmanship. I growled and may have pressed her into me further using my hands to grip her waist. She didn’t fight me on it. I slid my hands down her legs, hooked them behind her knees, and pulled her closer, leaving no room between us, before trailing my hands back up to her hips. I lost myself for a second thinking about how very badly I wished her legs were wrapped around me- until she stroked my fangs again and I nearly devoured her, growling the second her tongue touched them, which delighted her according to the blood. Before anything could escalate further Godric pointlessly cleared his throat again.

I pulled back, frustrated, from a gasping and very willing Sookie, looked at him incredulously and asked, “There’s even more?” He nodded seriously, but the gravity of the situation was thrown off by the blood tears he was wiping away and the brilliant smile on his face.

I waited impatiently for him to explain but all thoughts other than Sookie flew out the window with the feel of Sookie’s silken mouth on my throat. I stared at Godric wide-eyed while Sookie licked a trail of blood up to the source on my neck and closed it with a swipe of her tongue. He laughed all over again at my expression and another tear escaped. I felt Sookie pull back, her forehead grazing my jaw as she moved, and I looked down at her dumbfounded. I had not expected that and found myself wondering if the blood was too tempting for her since she was only a month old or if she had done it on purpose.

She quickly settled that question by quietly stating, “Mine.” My blood agreed and I echoed it by nodding with my mouth still hanging open and she grinned wickedly up at me.

The small tie quivered for a minute then stretched itself forward and connected with my side, doubling the width of her side (which was still nowhere close to a bond of any type) and strengthening the quality of the emotions I felt from her. My blood seemed to actually rejoice once it was inside her and bounced around excitedly for a moment before sensing warmth and migrating towards it, coming to a halt around the warmest part of her body, her heart.

I reached out in astonishment once I realized this and rested my palm over her heart. It was definitely warmer than the rest of her body and almost felt normal in temperature. Me? I was as warm as a corpse. I thought through a million possibilities before I realized what it was I was feeling underneath my palm, her spark.

Sookie looked up at me in confusion and when I remained speechless, she tugged on my connection and snapped her mental fingers to get my attention.

“Eric, what is it?” she asked.

“My blood, every cell you just drank buzzed around excitedly in your veins and then migrated to the warmest part of your body,” I explained, bringing her hand up and placing it palm down against her chest beneath mine, so she could feel her own increased temperature, over her heart. “I believe that this is where your essential spark is. It’s the warmest part of you and the most beautiful, your heart. Apparently my blood wants to be as close as it can get to it.”

I was honestly just explaining the facts as I knew them, but Sookie was very touched with what I said and a blood tear slipped town her cheek. Without even thinking twice about it, I scooped it up and popped it in my mouth.

Her blood was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted. It was sweeter than the finest mead and physically warmed me the same way sunlight had once warmed me when it touched my skin. She literally carried ambrosia in her veins, the food for the gods. I felt like the gates of Valhalla had swung open and welcomed me with open-arms after a thousand years of darkness and I moaned at the scintillating flavor, vampire blood or not. Then I purred.

Immediately, the tie shivered again, the sides evened out, and the overall connection became stronger, tougher. We had not bonded, just strengthened the tie. Sookie smiled when she felt the connection become stronger and she actually felt… relieved to be on an equal playing field once again.

We both focused on her blood for a moment to see exactly what it was up to. Whereas my blood seemed to rejoice once it was inside Sookie and was doing everything it could to get to the strongest, most emotional part of her, Sookie’s blood seemed to be playing and goofing around. It seemed Sookie’s mischief was ingrained in her at a cellular level. We both laughed at that.

Godric slipped out for a moment before I started explaining to Sookie what my blood was doing and returned with three warmed True Bloods for us to drink while we spoke, obviously trying to avoid adding anymore temptation tonight and hoping to stabilize all of the crazy emotions we had experienced in the last fifteen minutes. Sookie slid off my lap and turned around, searching for a seat. The spot between Godric and I on the couch was definitely not big enough for her to fit into. I sighed and stood up. She settled into my spot with a smile and a gentle wave of gratitude. I snagged a chair from in front of my desk, turned it around to face them, and sat down before reaching over and pulling one of her feet into my lap. I settled myself by gently stroking her jean covered calf while Godric laced a hand with hers.

He gently squeezed it after pointedly waiting for her to take a couple sips of True Blood, which she did with a comically disgusted look on her face, before she settled the bottle between her legs.

Godric sighed before he lifted her hand to his lips, kissed the back of it, and added more to the emotional heap of crap we were dealing with.

“We believe Sookie is a descendent of the Sky Fae,” Godric said. The ruling clan of fairies. Interesting. “The Sky Fae have the ability to manipulate light and harness the power of sunlight in the palms of their hands.”

“So the shielding?” I asked, remembering how the light seemed to bend and shift around her features.

“Yep,” she said. “That was me manipulating light.”

“And what confirmed for us that she was most likely from that clan. That and her scent, since she smells like sunlight,” he added.

“Well, Sookie, aren’t you just a ray of sunshine,” I purred and winked at her, then enjoyed the beautiful sound of her laughter.

“She can also wield sunlight in the palm of her hands as a weapon. She can both burn and blast people and things with it. We’re not sure what else it can do,” Godric admitted. Sookie raised her hand with her palm lifted upwards and released enough light for a small ball to form and started to bounce it before reabsorbing it back into herself. She shivered in delight and pleasure radiated across the bond, enough to make my fangs throb.

“Wow, and now you come equipped with your own pocket full of sunshine,” I quipped, a little awed.

“It’s not all she can do, Eric. She seems to have developed the abilities of a full-blooded fairy, including teleportation. I don’t know any fairies well enough to know everything they’re capable of, but I doubt there is anything a typical Sky Fae can do that she cannot,” he confessed. “And there’s one more thing that I believe specifically has to do with Sookie’s capability to wield sunlight. She can day-walk.”


That was both incredibly cool and incredibly dangerous.

I whistled, and may have lost my focus imagining Vampire Sookie flitting around during the day snap, crack, and popping from one place to another and blasting people off their feet. I could only assume my absurd fantasy was a form of vampire shock.

I refused to analyze the fact she was naked too closely.

Eric!” Sookie said while literally slapping me through the bond. “Eric?”

I knew I wasn’t going to get away with her not slapping me for something tonight. I shook myself and focused. I looked around in a daze and realized I was still holding a relatively untouched True Blood. Perfect, I thought and finished it off with one gulp. I needed to come to attention and quickly. None of us could afford mistakes at the moment.

“I always knew you would make an excellent vampire, Sookie,” I said, not the least bit surprised my voice was still laced with the awe I was currently experiencing for her.

“Yeah?” she asked with a small smile.

“Yeah,” I repeated. “You had the right temperate for a vampire. Godric obviously agreed,” I added while tipping my bottle towards him. He was nodding along in agreement, which made me smile. Of course, I had always thought I would be her maker, not her brother.

I was just relieved she was a part of my bloodline and not Compton’s. I couldn’t stand that little shit and he didn’t deserve to share blood with her. Though she hadn’t mentioned Bill once since she arrived here, I was still entirely too hesitant to bring him up and ask about the status of their relationship. At the moment, I planned on just assuming there no longer was one. After all, she hadn’t declared herself Bill’s  either, which may actually be a first for her. In fact, instead of asserting his claim on her, she had placed a claim on me, loudly and by complete accident. Then quietly and with complete confidence.

And, holy shit, did it turn me on.

“You know, you would have eventually gotten used to no sunlight. We all do. Trade the sun in for the moon and the stars,” I said conversationally and shrugged.

“Not me,” she said in denial. Her blood very vocally agreed. “I want it all.”

Greedy,” I purred, smiling. “I like it.”

I honestly couldn’t believe there was a time I had ever been bored with my life. I certainly hadn’t had a break since Sookie Stackhouse had waltzed into it, with the exception of the last month and that wasn’t much of a rest. It was a trip to Hades, and I never wanted to go back.

When I realized Sookie would be around for the rest of eternity, and would keep the delicious tan she had on top of it, I experienced a very surreal moment of intense pleasure and bone-weariness. She was mine, but she was trouble. Sookie would keep me on my toes for the rest of my potentially long, long life.

And the idea pleased me to no end.

“What happens during the day, do you go to rest at all?” I asked. I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life in one, endless, sleepless cycle. She needed time to decompress. So, for the first time since Godric’s announcement, I wished she couldn’t day-walk. Not because it was dangerous. In fact, I seriously doubted anything could truly end her now. She could hear any danger coming a mile away, pop away from it or blast them to kingdom come, or simply disappear, sneak up behind them and rip into their necks…

Again, I had to force myself not to drop fang.

“I still go to rest,” she admitted. “But I’m not pulled by the sun. I slip into downtime and then something very similar to sleep, like I did when I was human. I generally rest as long as I want, but not past sunset. I usually wake myself up when I feel Godric come alive in my blood.”

I sent her my relief and watched puzzled as she and Godric broke into full-bellied laughs. Confused, I asked, “What? What’s so funny?”

“We tell you Sookie can day-walk and you’re primary concern is whether she gets enough rest,” Godric explained between laughs and gasps for air.

I shrugged, “What can I say? The more you appear to be different, Sookie, the more you seem to be the same.” Apparently she liked that. She sent me affection and tenderness because of it.

“I don’t know if I will ever get used to that,” I sighed out wistfully and squeezed her calf. I slid my hand down to the hem of her jeans and fiddled with it for a second before slipping my hand beneath it and up to her slightly warmer skin to stroke it softly. I wanted to feel her, skin to skin. She shivered and I smirked. I was becoming seriously addicted to how she reacted to my touch.

“Used to what? The day-walkin’ or being so connected to me?” she asked.

“Neither,” I clarified. She looked up from my wandering hand to shoot me a raised eyebrow that said I hadn’t clarified enough and raised the disgusting True Blood to her lips. I didn’t care about the taste though, I wanted to help her clean her lips of it anyways. “Used to receiving affection from you.”

I felt an odd combination of sadness, pleasure, and regret wash over her and she sent me a greater dose of affection, smothering me in it, and stroked me through the bond. I stretched and purred like a cat, completely blown away by my reward and yet puzzled by her own reaction. Why did that make her sad and regretful?

Godric reached out to me and tugged on the bond. I glanced at him, felt him narrow the bond again, and throw up another protective shield. He then sent me brotherly possessiveness over Sookie, protectiveness, caution, and a very firm push that clearly said, “Don’t ask. Wait.”

I responded with confusion but submission. I wouldn’t ask. I then sent him my own protectiveness in a push that said, “I would never harm her,” and he smiled. He then pushed me gratefulness and removed the shield.

Once he opened my side of the bond back up, I focused back on Sookie, who was back to staring at my wandering hand and still feeling sad and regretful. Besides her moment of vulnerability earlier, these were the only negative emotions I had felt from her all night. Godric had forbidden me to ask, but not to reach out to her. I sent her a very tender nuzzle through the tie, to which she answered with a blush, and I coated her from head to toe with affection and appreciation that I swept over her in a gentle caress. She was purring the second I had begun pushing affection, which was definitely a turn-on, so I threw her a little friskiness and humor as well. Her head shot up to look at me and I simply winked. She slapped my wandering hand and I sent her exaggerated hurt. Sookie laughed and sent me back exasperation.

Godric appeared to be watching our exchange with complete fascination. He threw up a shield again before he pushed me gratitude, pride, and affection. I sent him back even more gratitude. He raised an eyebrow in confusion, so I glanced at the still laughing Sookie pointedly before looking back to him. I sent him grief, loneliness, sadness, a little despair, and a push explaining how broken I felt without her. All of which I had experienced in the last month, even if I didn’t understand why I had felt that way. Then I sent him my craving for all things Sookie and my gratefulness to have her here. I was thanking him for turning her without words. I was thanking him again for also bringing her back to Louisiana.

He smiled a dazzling smile and pushed me fatherly love, which he felt for both me and Sookie, a push that obviously said “You’re welcome,” and his pride in his newest progeny. He then apprehensively paused a second before sending me his own loneliness, his grief, his weariness, his hopelessness, and a sense of being absolutely lost before washing me with sincere gratitude, mirth, a sense of purpose and direction, determination, and the awe he felt for Sookie. It took me a second, but I realized he was thanking me for sending Sookie to the Fellowship. He was telling me he had given up in every sense of the word but now he felt renewed, that he had found meaning again and determination to see it through.

I sadly realized that I had been right, Godric was there willingly to meet the sun and Sookie had not only kept him from ending his existence, she had given him a new reason to rise every night and feel hopeful about the new experiences to come. She may have died there, but they had both gained a second chance when they met each other and he was thanking me for my part in that. I replied to him with a bit of unsettled surprise, understanding, gratefulness for his presence, and his own push that said, “You’re welcome,” and we both grinned before Godric removed the shield. The exchange had literally taken seconds. As vampires, we could experience things at much faster speeds than humans, so Sookie hadn’t even finished laughing by the time Godric and I had finished our emotional exchange.

I took a second to think about everything Godric sent me and what I just learned. I couldn’t do anything about Godric’s past emotions. I couldn’t even do anything when we were both in Dallas. It was only because of Sookie that he was here, and part of me wanted to be concerned about how close he had been to meeting the sun, but he wasn’t even close to feeling a fraction of what he felt in Dallas. Sookie had completely turned Godric around and there simply wasn’t a reason to be concerned anymore. Godric, in return, saved Sookie’s life. Sookie had done more than save him though. She had given him a new purpose and saved me from an incredible amount of grief and pain. But she had also done even more than that. She hadn’t just saved Godric and given him direction, she had died for him. In reality, Godric and I still owed Sookie a very great debt.

I also realized, with no little amount of trepidation, which I shielded from both Godric and Sookie, that if anything ever happened to Sookie, I wouldn’t just lose her, I would lose them both. Godric would leave this plane right after Sookie did and I would lose two of the three most important people in my life.

I paused immediately after I thought that. When did Sookie become one of the most important people in my life? Tonight? While she was gone? I couldn’t answer that question, but I could feel with absolute conviction in my blood that Sookie, Godric, and Pam were the three most important people in my life. I would be lost if anything happened to any one of them. And if I lost two of them at the same time? If I lost Sookie, and then Godric immediately followed her? I’m honestly not sure I could survive that. At least, not sane. This realization, that Godric went where Sookie went, even if that meant into final death, made it that much more necessary that I do everything in my power to protect Sookie, as well as to make sure she could protect herself.

“So I assume the plan is for you and Godric to move into my area?” I asked, pulling myself from my own ruminations and bringing us back to the most important topic for the night, Sookie’s safety.

“Yes,” Godric answered for her while Sookie nodded. “We have had contractors working on light-proofing her house in Bon Temps so we could move-in there. I would very much like your help, Eric. Sookie and I could travel instead, but until she masters all of the basics, I would like to stay in one location and have another’s assistance in looking out for her as well. You being sheriff will add another level of protection and, as the authority figure in the area, it is likely that the area vampires would report anything unusual they witness to you first before seeking a higher level of authority. Until we know everything she is capable of, there is a chance she may use an ability in public, and we have to be aware of anything that happens before everyone else in order to take care of the situation first.”

Settling in my area was the smart thing to do. It was true that, yes, they could travel the world while teaching Sookie, like Godric and I had done, but if anything unusual happened in front of others, they wouldn’t have someone they could trust in a position of authority to warn them so they could clean up the mess before someone in power got wind of it. One thing they didn’t realize, though, was if they chose to travel (and I’m sure by the time Sookie was in control of her abilities and taught most of what she needed to know, then they would- a few years from now), Pam and I would be picking up and leaving with them. Sookie was not going anywhere without me now that I knew she was alive. Undead. Whatever. It was a very good thing she was responding positively to me because she was now saddled with me forever.

I wasn’t about to analyze why I felt that way. As far as I was concerned, it was just a fact.

“I’ve been training her in self-defense,” Godric added. “However, I’m over 2,000 years old while she’s barely a month old. I’m much too powerful to train her successfully in fighting, thus many of our sparring sessions have involved her Fae abilities in order to level the playing field between us. She has put me on the flat of my back several times,” he admitted while flooding her with pride and I had to admit I was impressed. I had never gotten the upper hand on our maker. “But we need someone closer to her age to spar with her using just her vampire abilities. She must learn to fight without any Fae benefits since those must be kept hidden. I thought, if she is agreeable, Pamela could assist us with this.”

Sookie was a firecracker. She had the spirit of a warrior and was a very deliciously intense predator, which Godric obviously realized since his main focus with her training was combat skills, and she would do very well in battle. I could easily picture her as my own personal shieldmaiden or Valkyrie. I was vampire, so blood and fighting were powerful aphrodisiacs to me and speaking about Sookie fighting was more than a turn-on. Picturing her sparring with Godric, let alone besting him, was almost a cruelly painful test of my control, my fangs wanted to descend that badly. Discussing Sookie sparring with Pam was even worse (I’m male. Everything I pictured about girl-on-girl fighting was hot) and I couldn’t even focus enough to answer Godric until Sookie reached out a finger and zapped me on the chest with light.

My fangs did drop then (Sookie’s followed suit and made everything that much worse) and I let out a hiss while moving to stand up so I could take a step towards her. It was only the look of warning on Sookie’s face and a palm full of sunlight that kept me from snatching her up and showing her exactly how I felt about the idea of her engaging in sparring sessions.

“I can hear your thoughts now, Eric. And I do not spar and would never be willing to spar in lingerie,” she growled.

All I was able to do in response to that was look at her with an expression of yearning and beg her with my eyes. Unsurprisingly, Godric burst into a fit of body-shaking laughter somewhere in the background.

“No,” she hissed in answer to my silent pleading. “Push me on it and I’ll never spar with you either.”

That was a serious threat and I knew it. It would also be an extremely painful punishment since I very badly wanted to spar with her at some point, especially after having participated in Sookie’s erotic version of a hunt earlier. She knew exactly which buttons to press in order to get me to back down, which honestly was a little frightening. Recognizing I didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever convincing her of changing her mind anyway (and apparently I wasn’t even allowed to fantasize about it) my shoulders slumped in defeat, I glared, and I pushed submission towards her.

Her lips twitched and surprise, satisfaction, and triumph rolled across our tie briefly.

“I honestly never thought I would see the day when Eric Northman offered me submission,” she said.

Godric was straining himself to keep from laughing, knowing what was coming due to Sookie’s poor choice of words, and I had to seriously force myself not to take off in about two hundred directions with that comment. Her eyes narrowed when she felt the mischief mounting in our blood and I grinned devilishly and simply asked her, “Do you realize how many S and M jokes you just opened yourself up for?”

Her face fell and the feeling of triumph and satisfaction in her veins disappeared entirely. Godric and I both finally cracked because of her facial expression and doubled over laughing. When we caught our breath, I sighed happily. She may have been an extremely sexy day-walking vampiress with fantastical powers, but she was still Sookie Stackhouse. The more it seemed she changed, the more it was obvious she was actually the same.

Since Sookie didn’t actually find any of this funny, she waited until we had nearly settled down and guided us back on track, which was funny in itself because we were both ancient vampires and the baby vamp in the room had to get us to focus.

“Well? Do you think Pam will spar with me, Eric?” she impatiently asked.

I nodded, still chuckling to myself, and finally said, “She will. She would jump at the opportunity.”

She would do it for three reasons; first, she kind of resented Sookie because I’ve changed so much since I met her and Pam would love the opportunity to try and teach Sookie a lesson, second, she would find the idea of sparring with Vampire Sookie incredibly sexy, just like I did, and third, she would do it just because I would tell her to do it.

“Master, you realize you will have to pledge fealty to the Queen of Louisiana, yes?” I asked. After sobering up a bit, I realized that to stay in my area, Godric would have to seek out Sophie-Anne. I was not happy about that. Sophie-Anne abused her power as a monarch and was forcing me to sell vampire blood. If I turned her into the Magister, I would be put to death for treason. If the Magister found out I was selling the blood, I would be punished publicly and then executed for tainting the sacredness of the blood. As of right now, I had no choice in the matter. Especially since Sophie-Anne had drawn the Magister’s attention to me and he had reason to suspect something was amiss in my area. I did not relish the idea of Sophie-Anne having Godric and Sookie under her thumb too, and there was no doubt in my mind that Sophie-Anne would love the opportunity to collect a 2,000 year old vampire and add him to her retinue.

When it came to Sookie, it was imperative the Queen never found out she had kept her mind reading ability when she was turned, especially since Compton had let it slip in Dallas after Sookie died that he had been sent to procure her for the Queen. Now that we had dealt with Sookie’s mess, I still had to deal with mine.

I had barely finished speaking when Sookie’s fangs dropped and she hissed. A little thrill went through me, I loved seeing the predator in her (as long as I wasn’t the prey), but I stilled a second later, worried about many things at once in this situation. Did Sookie already know about the Queen and Compton? Did she know about the V? For that matter did Godric know? I still hadn’t found out what Godric knew about the Queen and now that I knew Sookie could mask her presence, there was a good chance she had seen, heard, or discovered something telepathically when she had first entered the bar. A little ball of dread tightened in the pit of my stomach and I readied myself for the train that I couldn’t stop from barreling down the tracks.

Having felt my emotions and seen Sookie’s reaction to Sophie-Anne’s title, Godric couldn’t decide where to start as he looked back and forth between us before his eyes landed on me.

“Eric?” he asked quietly. One word that demanded and expected so much.



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  1. Glad he had a postive reaction to her telepathy. That is, he wants to protect her, not be mad that she has it. Again I wonder how long till Niall or Claudine shows up.
    aww for him realizing that Sookie and Godric are the most important things to him. lol for S&M joke.
    Yea Skanky Anne is gonna be an issue too. Sigh.


  2. OOH! Longer chapters? I won’t complain! Larger font? My old eyes are eternally grateful. My bifocals aren’t strong right now & I always have to enlarge the font! Excellent chapter! I love the way they’re able to ping things back & forth between each other. They’re so comical with all their thoughts & emotions just zinging around! I can’t wait to see what plan they devise to use against Sophie-Ann. I’m sure you’ve come up with something devilish!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. oh my he is taking all this well, he may be going from one emotion to the next but he is still be cordial about it all and accepting of her , but damn it is the queen shit now and yes he guessed it. KY


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