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To Protect My Kin


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Stepping Out of the Shadows



Choices and Consequences




16 thoughts on “Enter my wonderful fanfiction world

  1. I LOVE LOVE your story!!! I can’t wait for the next chapter!!! It’s now my all time favorite. Such an original story line that I’ve never encountered before.

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    • Thank you!!! I’m waay behind on my normal posting schedule- I’ve been having some medical problems. For some reason I finally get one medical issue taken care of and then another and another pops up 😦 but I’m hoping to get my next chapter out within this coming week. Thank you so much for that though! Made my day.


    • She is. I’ve just had one medical problem after another and another. And because I’m not normal? Neither are they! So I’ve gone from dealing with everyday pain I have to deal with from a foot tumor, to two weeks of both feet and ankles swelling (like melons, it was that bad), breaking out in rashes all over that reminded me of the chicken pox & had me tempted to cluck- and these 2 weeks of symptoms turned out to be caused by a staph infection from a cut on my head I don’t remember getting! I mean, what?
      Then, finally, I start feeling better. I decide to take a 10 min dip in the pool before I pick up on my story… Only to fall asleep for 4 hours & develop 2nd-degree burns because, apparently, sunburning is so much worse when you’re on antibiotics.
      So my muse is singing- and shouting, stomping her foot, and throwing tantrums. SHE wants to write, but my body’s too worn out to help her. Hopefully they’ll get on the same page soon! Honestly, I really want to get a chapter out with the end of this weekend. But we’ll see how it goes.


  2. Hugs and healing thoughts from myself, California Kat and the rest of us in the Kittyinaz FB group and your fans and followers from WP. We miss you but take care of yourself, we’ll still be here.

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    • So I know this comment was left a while ago, but I came across that FB group and asked to join it- only to realize afterward it was a closed group and nobody really knows my real name, so y’all don’t know it’s me! I kinda like the anonymity on this thing, but my first name’s out there in Kelpie’s Spotlight, so if you guys see a request from a Shayna, it’s me.

      What’s really funny is I don’t use my last name on FB either. It’s my middle.

      I know that’s random, but I thought it might be best to let the group know somehow? Oy vey.

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    • Thanks! I plan too. I really do. Right now my problem is the notebook I have everything saved on… it’s got a temper. I need to take it and get it fixed, but I also broke my iPhone, so I couldn’t afford to both get a new phone and take in the notebook. I’ve actually been writing the other stories on my phone (not as easy as it sounds). So, TPMk has been benched until I scrape some funds together.


  3. Pretty Pretty Pretty please finish “To Protect my Kin” I love it so much and would love to see where it goes. This by far is my fav. fan fiction story. I do hope the muse revisits you and helps with completing the story. It would make me jump for joy!!!!

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