Chapter 13: What Makes Us Kin


As your writer, I command you… to not be too disappointed with the length of this chapter. There’s very few natural breaks in my story since I wrote it all in Microsoft Word and I was torn between a shorter chap and a ridiculously long one.

Guess which I chose.

So this chapter’s nice and light. After this, we’re leaving Fangtasia and embarking on a magical carpet ride.-Crap! Wrong story. Let me just put the genie in the bottle and Eric will rub you the right way.- We’ll be visiting Pam and Eric’s house! Anybody ever wonder what type of place they would’ve lived in on True Blood? Because they didn’t go to rest in the basement everyday… And it’s not a suburb or a dilapidated plantation house. What does that leave?

Heads up! I’m going off in a little bit of a different direction with our darling Pamela. I’m transitioning her into acting a little more like the SVM Pam in future chapters. You’ll see what I mean. I think Pam would’ve ultimately liked Sookie if she weren’t so indecisive with her love life.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters, the plot, or anything else from True Blood or SVM. HBO, Alan Ball, and Charlaine Harris do. I’m just a greedy kid who plays with their toys during recess.

Godric led Jessica off to a booth in the corner of the club to talk with her privately while Pam and I approached Sookie, both of us smiling. Pam a little more disconcertingly since it was a very fangy grin, which had Sookie giggling.

I threw my arm over her shoulders again, I had a serious craving to touch her, while I listened to Pam purr, “Sookie, Eric was right. You are a very delicious predator.

Sookie ignored the sexual undertone while I smirked and then, with an air of amusement, she said, “I’ll try to take that as a compliment, Pam.”

“It was meant as one,” Pam responded seriously. “Thank you for that, Sookie. I’m more than capable of handling a threat from a baby vamp, but you are still the only one other than Eric who has ever done something like that before, who stood up for me like that and offered protection. And you did it unconditionally. I insulted you and you turned around and challenged someone who insulted me. I apologize. I truly regret it.”

I flooded Pam with pride and she basked in it, not really having felt such positive emotions from me for a month now. I sent a healthy dose to Sookie too. Pam had truly resented Sookie when she returned with Jessica, and after five minutes, Sookie was already winning Pam over.

Sookie then did what she was so fucking great at doing and reached out through our tie, down into my bond with Pam, and stroked her tie with Pam, sending her the same amazing caress she had sent me at the very beginning of the night. Pam purred. Loudly.

“Thank you, Pam,” she said while still caressing my progeny, “but you could probably fire a rocket at me and I would turn around and still protect you with my life.”

Pam froze, the purr dying in her throat. She threw her tie with Sookie under a microscope and analyzed it, stunned again when Sookie opened it wider, wanting her to find what Pam was searching for, the truth of her statement in her blood.

Her head shot up when she found it and she studied Sookie in wonder, completely baffled that Sookie could be so unselfish when Pam had been nothing but awful to her since the night they met.

“Why, Sookie? Why would you turn around and protect me even if I were to do that to you?” she asked, trying her best to understand.

“You are blood of my blood now, Pam. Godric’s blood now runs through me, the same that runs through Eric and, in turn, you. The lessons I’m learnin’ from my maker, the lessons I have already learned, have been taught to Eric, who then taught them to you. We are being raised, trained, on the same principles. Now that Godric has decided we will remain in the area, we’ll face the same threats, deal with the same challenges, and experience the same joys in our nightlife. That makes us family, that makes us kin, and probably more connected than I ever was with my human family, and family do for each other,” she said, her convictions beating strongly through the bond and trickling into her small tie with Pam.

Do what?” Pam asked, desperately wanting to know, in an almost childlike voice.

“Anything and everything, we do anything and everything for family,” Sookie responded in a hushed tone. She sent us both affection and stroked Pam into purring again as she walked off to join Jessica and Godric.

“She’s amazing, isn’t she?” I asked her, my eyes still trailing Sookie’s form as she walked across the bar.

Pam nodded slowly, not even consciously agreeing as she thought about everything Sookie just told her. She then cleared her throat and said, “I think I may even be in love with her.”

My head whipped towards her at vamp speed and possessiveness ignited in my blood. A small, warning growl erupted from my throat without me even thinking through what she said. The message was clear though: mine.

Pam laughed, sent me her extreme mirth, and explained, “I was kidding, Eric. You know I don’t do deep emotions. But speaking of emotions, what the hell did Sookie do with the bond? I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

My lips involuntarily kicked up, but I answered in a deadly serious voice when I said, “Positive reinforcement. Just pray you never get a punishment.”

Pam considered my words and shivered a little, obviously assuming if Sookie had that much control over her blood, she could potentially use it painfully in punishment. Her punishments were painful, but not physically. They were psychologically painful. I wanted to shiver myself when I thought about her ripping away our tie and directing her predator towards me. Pam felt me reminiscing and its correlating emotions and even more wariness flooded the bond.

I didn’t bother to correct her. Maybe it would give her more pause before pissing Vampire Sookie off.

All I saw to that were benefits and no downsides.

We slid into the booth, me sitting next to Sookie, Jessica in the curve of the booth between her and Godric, and Pam topping off our arrangement of bookends on the other side of my maker.

“You know, I really think I might enjoy Vampire Sookie better than Human Sookie,” Pam speculated contemplatively.

Sookie snorted, pushing Pam her mirth and disbelief, and said, “You never had a chance to meet Human Sookie. Compton was already tryin’ to douse any fire I had inside me with his blood and forcin’ compliance on me the first night you and I met.”

Pam and Jessica’s fangs dropped, both feeling murderous and protective, which was interesting to see from Pam. I wasn’t really surprised by Jessica’s instincts though, she already felt like Sookie was both her mother and her sister, two of the three components of how Sookie should appear to her if she was Jessica’s maker, another thought that gave me pause. She was younger than Jessica blood-wise, but around eight years older than her in actual years. Did either of that matter when Jessica responded to her so well though?

“He did what?!” Pam snarled, feeling deeply disturbed by Sookie’s revelation. “Was he trying to drug you with blood, Sookie?”

I nodded and Godric answered for her so she didn’t have to repeat anything traumatic, “He was sent to procure her for your Queen. By the time Sookie had come to Fangtasia, Bill had already flooded her body with his blood and was suppressing emotions and creating new ones. The night they met, he offered her blood that drainers had drawn from his body in an attempt to repay her for saving him from them. When she refused, he glamoured the drainers, arranged a meeting with Sookie the next night, and showed up late so the scum had time to beat her within an inch of death before he stepped in and ‘saved’ her, forcing an enormous quantity on her to control her. He unnecessarily killed them so Sookie could not read their glamoured state telepathically.”

Jessica hissed and shot her hand out to give Sookie’s a firm squeeze and Pam growled.

“So I didn’t know him at all then,” Jessica stated sadly. “I thought he truly loved you. I know our bond felt physically warm whenever he said your name, but you can’t do that to someone you love. You can’t turn them into a slave and call it love and fate.”

His fate was to meet the end of one of my stakes.

Godric and Sookie shot me mirth and Pam snickered, so obviously my blood had declared my feelings for me, again. I grinned, I couldn’t help it. Even I found that funny.

“I knew he needed to be ended when I met him in San Francisco,” Pam grumbled. Godric and I stared at Pam in shock, not quite believing she had brought up something so closely related to her turning. Pam really had to have confidence and trust in Sookie and Jessica to share something like that. She shifted uncomfortably for a second before sending a push that said, “What?”

Our eyes immediately wandered elsewhere, with small smiles on our faces, while Sookie and Jessica both ineloquently asked, “Huh?”

Pam sighed, but still shocked us again when she admitted, “When I was human, I was the madam in a brothel in San Francisco. Two vampires had been frequenting my girls and spending hours taunting, raping, and draining them every night. They glamoured us into submission, so we couldn’t ask for help, but forced us to remember… Every. Single. Detail. It was only by a stroke of luck that Eric became intrigued with me one night. He was an enforcer in the area and forced them to move on and pay me for damages. The vampires were Compton and his maker, some bitch named Lorena.”

Jessica shuddered with disgust and Sookie’s hand shot up over her mouth, she literally felt nauseated.

“Cheese and rice,” she whimpered. “He really was a rapist.

She suddenly found herself flooded by support, protectiveness, affection, tenderness, a little remorse from Pam, and security. Even Jessica attempted to send her strength, though I think she did it unknowingly. Sookie started purring, overwhelmed and yet greedy for more of the intensely positive emotions. Jessica, who apparently had never heard a vampire purr before tonight, started laughing hysterically. We all smiled at the baby vamp, chuckling a little too.

When everyone settled down, Jessica brought up what they had discovered at the source of the maker’s call, quickly summarizing everything they saw, before she innocently added, “Plus they had some weird brands, kind of like Swastikas, but not quite.”

Godric’s eyes met mine before pointedly looking at Sookie and back to me before tapping his head, making it look like he was scratching an itch.

Vampires didn’t itch.

I got the message and tugged on my tie with Sookie, getting her attention. She looked up at me and I smoothly, making it look oh so natural, leaned over and started nuzzling her neck so our skin was touching, in order to broadcast to her more clearly, while I thought at her, The brand Jessica saw, did it look like this? I then sent her a snapshot of a memory in which I examined the brand on a female werewolf. She hummed deliciously, “Mmmhmm,” as her blood cried out with a vocal “Yes.” Pam assumed it was an erotic, “Yes.”

I wished.

I mean I desperately wished.

Which Sookie read straight from my thoughts since I had still been thinking in English while touching a telepath, like an idiot.

She giggled and sent me a shot of lust. I growled and my fangs dropped. Then I froze. I desperately wanted to pull back and look into her eyes at that moment and try to understand what she had been thinking by pushing that to me. Was it assent? Did she want me to take her home right now (because I would, I definitely would) and let her shoot me with lust until dawn? Was that another reward, maybe for the nuzzling? Or a punishment for the nuzzling, in public? I knew I could probably find out by thinking at her, but I was still a little afraid of rejection, which was something I shielded from everyone connected to me.

I still had questions to ask her though, because I finally had another lead for the first time in fifty years for a vendetta I had against someone who murdered my human family. So I resumed my ministrations, this time with fangs since it would alert Pam something was up if I just as suddenly retracted them, and placed an arm around her waist and pulled her closer. I brought my mouth to her ear and nipped at it before gently sucking her lobe into my mouth as I thought, Were they wearing jackets with patches? Her blood confirmed this again. I slid my way back to her neck and ran my fangs along her jugular next, Can you show them to me? Her blood answered yes again, while sending me a very strong push, later. I assumed she needed to look me in the eyes while pushing glamour at me so I didn’t fight her on it. Instead, my hand drifted down to her hip and I retracted my fangs. My lips lingered on the creamy expanse of her neck for a second before I caressed my way over to her shoulder and gently bit down with blunt teeth. A primal sense of satisfaction rolled through me when she whimpered in response. I placed a tender kiss on her soft skin, then pulled back smiling, pretending I was listening to the last emotional push she sent me and looked back at everyone around our table.

Their reactions were varying levels of hilarious. All of them had stopped speaking and were looking at us. Jessica looked like she didn’t know whether to avert her eyes or keep watching, horrified, like someone driving past a car wreck. Godric was feeling oddly triumphant and grinning like a Cheshire cat again, and Pam looked very turned on. She shot me a fangy grin. I chuckled ruefully.

“Oh, I like Vampire Sookie, I definitely like,” Pam purred. Godric chuckled and shot us mirth, and Jessica made a noise that sounded like she might be the first vampire to ever choke.

“Oh lighten up, Jess,” Sookie said with a dangerously wicked tone, one that had both my eyebrow and another part of me lifting up. Then she added, “Vampirism is a lot more fun if you give in sometimes and trust your instincts.

Well that just sounded like a challenge. Trust my… trust my instincts?

I slid my hands back into her hair and kissed her like she was a glass of water and I was a thirsty man. When I pulled back, I raised my eyebrows and whispered, “Instinctive enough for you, lover?”

My lips twitched when she involuntarily shivered again and her lust shot up, at which point nobody else could take anymore and they all burst into laughter. I grinned at a very lust-filled Sookie while they laughed long, hard body-shaking laughs.

“I wasn’t talkin’ about you, Eric,” she explained once everyone quieted down a little. “I was talking to Jessica about her instinct to laugh.”

While I felt like an idiot, because I was one, everyone burst out in laughter all over again. I’m pretty sure I was shot affection by everyone though. And I purred.

“Well, as hilarious as that was, and it was, so thank you, Eric. We need to be heading out for the night before dawn takes us, it’s getting early,” Godric pointed out. There was still about two hours or so before sunrise, but everyone needed a little time to themselves before going to day rest, so I nodded in agreement.

Pam quickly shot over to her things at vamp speed, slinging her bag over her shoulder, picking up the file she was holding when she returned to the club, and stopping at the table to collect the things Jessica brought in too (vamp strength was great). She shot back to us, handed the duffle bag over to Jessica, gave me the file, and held up the laptop and discs while she said, “This needs to be locked up in the safe back at the house.”

I raised my eyebrow in question and waited for the explanation that was coming.

“Jessica was kind enough to point out where Bill kept his equipment,” she said meaningfully.

“Great,” I said in a bored tone, not revealing my intense curiosity and intrigue. “We’ll deal with it when we rise tomorrow.”

Pam nodded and guided Jessica out the employee’s door towards our cars. Godric and Sookie followed at a leisurely pace while I vamped around shutting off lights and locking things up. I cleaned up most of the club earlier tonight when Sookie needed a moment to gather her control, so everything else was ready for the staff tomorrow night. Sookie and Godric slid out the door and I locked it behind us.

“Pam?” I called out. She turned to me with a questioning look. “Will you take my Corvette back for me with Jessica? I’m going to drive Godric’s rental to the safe house. We’ll leave your van here overnight and I’ll have Bobby drive it back for you during the day.”

No way in hell would my dayman ever drive my precious ‘vette. No way in hell.

She nodded and reached up with vampire reflexes when I tossed my keys at her, then walked over to my car with Jessica, popped open the trunk, and put their things inside. I turned back to look at what Godric had rented and felt my eyebrows shoot to my hairline.

A Jeep, Godric?” I asked, incredulous. My tie with Sookie suddenly became defensive and Godric was full of mirth.

“It was Sookie’s choice. She’s probably going to be driving it more than me,” Godric said, pointedly. Ah, yes. Because Sookie was a day-walker. Apparently, she wanted a vehicle that allowed her to feel the sun on her skin. I probably would want that as well, but I would’ve gone with a convertible if that were the case.

Sookie must’ve picked up on my thoughts because she added, “I live in Bon Temps, Eric. It’s not like the roads are exactly paved for luxury cars. This baby here won’t get all banged up if I hit a pothole in town, or in my driveway.” She finished this with a caress to the baby blue Wrangler.

Now I was jealous of a car.

“True,” I said as Godric unlocked it and tossed me the keys. “If I hadn’t had the gravel in your driveway filled in,” I added as we climbed in, Godric in the front and Sookie in the backseat behind me. Irritation flared in Sookie’s veins with my statement and Godric chuckled while tsking me.

“You did what now?” she asked in a dangerous type of voice. I knew this would happen when I told her, which is why I put it off until now, purposefully not telling her when I brought up the damage to her house earlier.

“When we negotiated the amount I owed you for going to Dallas,” I began carefully while I started the Jeep, watching with envy as Pam and Jessica pulled out in my own car first, “you mentioned you needed a new driveway. Since you died there, I decided to put the money I owed you towards what you said you wanted. Since I had to send out a crew to take care of all the damage the maenad caused, I had them take care of the gravel too.” I braced myself for her scolding. I knew Sookie hated owing people and her blood told me how furiously independent she was. I didn’t fool myself into thinking she’d be grateful.

She seemed to be having an internal debate, irritation flaring then subsiding. Finally, as I pulled out of the Fangtasia lot and onto the road, I felt acceptance. Then, surprising me once again, she did send me gratefulness. I sent her my shock and then my amusement and a little bit of confusion.

“Thank you,” she said. “I mean thank you for usin’ my money for what I wanted instead of doin’ it with your own. I hate owing people and you were just givin’ me what you owed me, so thank you for that.”

I nodded, my lips starting to form a small grin. My face fell when she added, “I’m pissed about everythin’ you did after the maenad though, but after seeing the damage in your thoughts, I highly doubt I’ll ever have the money to pay you back for that.”

Godric turned to look at her with a raised eyebrow, as mischief started building in his blood, and said, “Remember what we discussed about your finances? The compromise we made? You should have more than enough to pay Eric back by now.”

When he settled back in his seat, he shot me an irritating grin. I glared. I didn’t want paid back, I had more than enough money of my own and I wanted to spend it on the people in my life I felt deserved it. He knew how I felt and he was having fun at my expense.

“Oh, yeah. Pfft, back for one night and I completely forget I have money at all,” she chuckled to herself and rolled her eyes.

“Let me guess,” I grumbled. “She let you set up some accounts but made you start with a balance of zero, that way any amount she earned from any profits or interest on the shares you gave her didn’t come directly from your own pockets.”

Their combined mirth was my answer.

I sighed and said, “Fine, because I know you won’t just accept it and call it a gift, I will accept repayment.” I paused for a second to think about what to do with Sookie’s money, then an idea occurred to me and I added, “I’ll just put it into a trust fund for Jessica.” Godric smiled and sent me pride for my improvised idea and Sookie must’ve really liked it as well because she sent me affection and gave me another tantalizing caress.

“Do that again, Sookie, and you may not have a Jeep to drive tomorrow,” I warned. Was she trying to get me to crash? Of course, she and Godric just laughed at my completely serious warning.


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  1. AN They don’t all need to be long. Break where you feel they should break…… That being said, don’t leave on too many cliffies. 😉 PLEASE have fun changing Pam. I hated TBs Pam.

    Glad they’ve pulled the blinders off of Jessica regarding ScumBill.

    Love her teasing Eric

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  2. happy that Jessica understands a lot more now. happy that she feels welcomed into their bloodline. and laughing at ERic mirth over the driveway and Sookie getting back at him with repayment. KY


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