Chapter 4: Sibling Rivalry


[1] Okay! So we don’t actually see Sookie in predator mode until next chapter. I miscalculated, it would’ve been a long-assed chapter if I included it in this one. Next time though.

[2] We do, however, see one of Sookie’s unique abilities and her new very fairy sense of humor. I amped Sookie’s essential spark up with her turning, which is why she’s suddenly more mischievous and protective. I was kind of shooting for something like Puck, who is a fairy known for his level of mischief.

[3] I read a Vampire Sookie story that only had about five chapters to it or so where Sookie had this same ability, so if this seems familiar to you, there is another story out there where she has the same ability and Godric tests it out on Eric without him knowing. That is the ONLY similarity though, I went off in completely different direction with it. Unfortunately, I have no idea what that other story was so I can’t recommend it to you, but it was really good. I wished they had written more of it.

[4] Final note: We see both Sookie’s and Eric’s POV in this chapter. If I had done Sookie then Eric, we would’ve had a super short chapter followed by an incredibly long one. Sorry about that.


1 month later…

I was nervous. Really, really nervous. As we walked towards the back of Fangtasia, Godric pushed calm across the bond in an attempt to soothe away my tattered nerves, but it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t even close to enough. The bar appeared to be closed for the night, which actually surprised me. Usually by this time it was close to bursting with fangbangers and tourists. Godric was surprised too, but he gave the signal to go ahead anyway. He sent me what I call the “greenlight,” which was a firm push through the bond. I could almost feel his palms on my shoulders when he gave an emotional push.

He opened the employee’s door to the bar (since it looked like the front was closed) and I breezed through at vamp speed. I hesitated for a second when I caught Eric looking delectable in a leather jacket and wife-beater standing in front of a redheaded woman in a fur coat. He looked good. His hair was a smidgeon darker, had been cut again, and styled a little better. His jeans hugged his hips deliciously and he stood with a posture of someone who knew he looked good. Suddenly, I felt as if my core was being pulled towards Eric, as if he was a magnet and I was a piece of steel. A nice, healthy dose of lust shot through me too and my fangs dropped.

Holy shit, that’s embarrassing.

I retracted them quickly and sent Godric an emotional eye-roll when I felt his amusement and mirth wash over the bond and focused myself once again just in time to catch the end of their conversation before they noticed the door had opened and I have to admit, it piqued my interest.

“Then I don’t understand why we’re talking about him. Let him rot. Move. The. Blood,” she said in a frigid tone. The tension in the air was so thick that I felt like I was suffocating.

Okay. Something was off here. One thing I learned in the last month was to always trust my instincts. When they said to dump Bill and I shouldn’t trust him? Should’ve listened. When they said not to take Jessica to her parents’ house without Bill? Should’ve listened. When they screamed I shouldn’t have walked away from the car in the middle of the night? Should’ve listened. Maybe I would’ve saved myself from a Maenad attack if I had just trusted myself. When my instincts said something was off with Hugo? Should’ve FREAKING LISTENED. So when they said this redheaded bitch was up to no good? I took my own advice, opened up my shields, and listened.

I really dug in by analyzing thoughts, flipping through memories, filtering connected information, and gathering data like a scientist focused on finding the cure for Alzheimer’s. I learned a lot in about ten seconds and felt my rage skyrocket and my fangs drop.

Oops. Good thing nobody can see or hear me.

Their heads whipped towards the back door and the queen, yes, apparently she was the vampire Queen of Louisiana, turned back to Eric and said, “I’ll see myself out.”

While she “saw herself out,” I softly opened the door to Eric’s office, took out my neat little spy gadget, and swept it for bugs. I found three. Who wants to place a bet on the bitch with red hair? Me! Me! I whizzed back out into the bar and dropped the bugs in a glass of water while watching a stunned Eric Northman drop to his knees in the middle of the bar before my- our- maker. I could see the awe and disbelief on his face and hear it in his voice when he quietly said, “Master?”

Godric placed his hand on my vampire brother’s shoulder and replied with a simple, “Min son,” while I sent him a little tug on the bond and lifted the glass full of water and bugs above my head so it looked like a glass was floating across thin air and a ghost possessed a vampire bar. His lips kicked up and mirth erupted in my blood once again before he gave me a barely perceptible nod and sent me pride. I beamed in response and laughed to myself when Eric turned his head to look for whatever had entertained our maker.

Never in a million years, Eric Northman. Never in a million years would you guess an invisible Sookie Stackhouse with fangs was standing behind your bar laughing her ass off and making your maker struggle to keep a straight face.

“Let’s speak in your office,” Godric said once he managed to school his face.

Eric stood and shook his head, “I just found out it’s bugged. I’ll have to sweep it first.”

“Not anymore,” he said with a small smile and I grinned. “It’s safer to talk in there than it is out here. It’s sound-proofed, yes?” he asked while leading a baffled Eric towards his office at human speed.

I couldn’t help it, I vamped up behind him and pinched his butt. He jumped about a foot in the air and Godric erupted with laughter. What? It was too tempting. How often would I get a chance to do that? After Godric opens the bond, he’ll be able to sense my location. I had to take the opportunity while I still had the chance.

Godric was right when he said I was mischievous. It’s like his blood hadn’t just strengthened the Fae side, but the practical joker in me as well. I made him laugh his ass off at least three times a day. It was my own personal theory that fairies were jokers at heart and when my Fae-ness emerged so did my sense of humor. With so many abilities, like shielding your presence from all the senses, how could they not be?

“Godric, what is-“

“Come, Eric. We need privacy for this,” Godric cut him off as he opened the office door. He held it open long enough to feel me slip by him in his blood after Eric, then quietly closed the door and locked it.


I was completely confused. Excited, but confused. I hadn’t seen my maker in years, not since the end of the Second World War. When I went to Dallas a month ago to help rescue him from the Fellowship of the Sun with Sookie Stackhouse, I was torn. I didn’t honestly believe that fanatical little church had the resources or manpower to capture and restrain a 2,000 year old vampire. How did they capture him? How did they keep him restrained? He had one of the most powerful glamouring skills in the world, so how were they able to keep him there? What’d they do, hire a blind man or remote work a robot made of silver to keep watch over him? And he had completely shut down the bond. I honestly couldn’t tell if he was injured or if he was peachy keen. I couldn’t tell if he was alive at all. It was only the fact that I hadn’t felt his bond snapping or being painfully yanked out of my blood that kept me firmly believing he was still among the undead. It was this same hope that had me terrified he had willingly allowed himself to be captured and was getting ready to leave this world.

I was so desperate to get word of him that I had gone to Bill Compton to ask permission to use his delectable little telepath. The bastard had denied me. It was only thanks to a bout of bittersweet luck that I had the opportunity to negotiate with Sookie herself.

Bitter in the fact that she nearly died at the hands of a Maenad in order to provide me with that window of face time where I could strike a deal with her. Sweet in the sense that I was given the opportunity to smell her amazing blood for the first time. My fangs throbbed just thinking about all that blood. They had dropped the moment the aroma had hit my nose and stayed down the rest of the night. Bitter again in the fact that her damn telepathy led to her discovering her friend Lafayette was in the basement. I knew I was in deep shit when she realized he was there. I was planning on releasing him the second he mentioned Jason Stackhouse. Then, like an idiot, he had to get himself shot. Between Godric going missing and the Maenad, I didn’t even have the opportunity to heal him, glamour him, and send his fine ass on his way. I was too busy standing guard over Sookie because I had ZERO faith Pam and Chow could withstand the temptation of her blood with just that dumbass Compton standing guard. And the next night sweet again when Sookie had sealed her fate and showed me exactly how “afraid” she was of a powerful, 1000 year old vampire by slapping me.

No human in all my years had ever stood up to me like that before.

I had never been slapped before that night. Not even when I was human. After she did that? She was done. She could fight and argue with me all she wanted, but I would have her one day.

And then I would turn her.

Nobody had challenged me the way she did in over a thousand years. It was unlikely I would ever find another like her. I wouldn’t let her get away from me after that. She was mine.

Then she got herself killed. I lost her before I even had her. My jaw clenched and my hand trembled beneath my desk as I thought about it. I made a deal with her to get her to Dallas to help find my possibly suicidal maker and then, to seemingly answer my prayers to the gods, he makes it out undead and places a phone call into the Dallas nest to let us all know he’s fine, but Sookie didn’t make it. I sent the gorgeous little telepath in to free my maker and she ends up meeting hers there. And then Godric decides to be a total asshole about it and refuses to answer my calls and let me know what happened to her. I knew she was dead. I just didn’t know how she died, and that was tearing me apart.

After Sookie somehow sent a telepathic message to the bellboy, I had flown to the church as fast as I could. There were alarms sounding and lights flashing off and on and little boys with wooden sticks that they called “soldiers of the sun” running around like idiots. I listened for a while and heard them talking about how a vampire had escaped, so I knew Godric was free. I didn’t know why the hell he wouldn’t open the bond, but I knew he was free. I had the last known location of Sookie thanks to the bellboy, so I studied the pattern of the “soldiers” and passed by unnoticed on my way to the basement.

There I felt something I hadn’t felt in over a thousand years, nausea.

Sookie’s blood was everywhere. Her scent was even more heavenly than I remembered without the Maenad poison tainting it, and it was undoubtedly her blood. It smelled like sunshine in a pretty blond bottle, that someone had opened up and dumped all over the floor. There was a body in the basement, but it wasn’t hers. It was some brute of a man with his head torn off and his pants unzipped. I felt rage when I realized he probably tried to rape Sookie and felt gratified Godric had torn him apart. And there was no doubt in my mind Godric had done it. I knew my maker’s handiwork.

Where was Sookie though? Had Godric taken her body with him? Had he found her and fed on her to restore his own strength? That thought panicked me. I didn’t know if I could ever look at Godric the same way again if he had drained my little telepath for the strength to escape. Rationally, I knew I shouldn’t judge if him if he had, after all she was obviously wounded, she smelled incredible, he would’ve been weak, and he had no reason not to follow his vampiric nature and heal her if he came across her. Yet, if he had killed her, I would spend the rest of eternity avoiding him.

After staring numbly at the pool of blood in the basement for about five minutes, I slipped back out of the church and headed back to the hotel. All I could think about was that pool of blood and how I didn’t even have a body to bring back and bury with the rest of Sookie’s family.

That and my maker was an asshole.

That train of thought didn’t last long when I got back to the hotel since I was assaulted by the other asshole that was Bill Compton, who went on and on about Sookie’s terror and how my mission to save some random Dallas vampire cost him the love of his life.

And how I cost the Queen her telepath. Oh Billy Boy, how romantic. You, Sookie, and the Queen will be so happy together.


And I showed him just how pathetic he really was when I sent him home with broken ribs, a broken collarbone, and an arm crushed in thirty places.

He was lucky the Queen valued his pathetic life or he wouldn’t have left with his at all.

Of course, I heard the Queen expressed her own displeasure with him for two weeks when he returned from Dallas as well.

It appears she hadn’t agreed when Compton claimed the fault was all mine.

Sookie was, after all, technically his and I hadn’t been able to get my blood into her yet, so I was unable to track her.

I, however, still felt the guilt weighing heavily on me.

Pathetic, indeed.

I mentally shook myself and focused on Godric once again. I needed to concentrate on the here and now, not wallow in the grief I felt over a human who wasn’t even mine when she died. I needed to know if Godric had heard what the Queen was speaking about when he arrived. If he had, he might be able to help me with my situation. If he hadn’t, I technically couldn’t tell him about it because doing so would be treason. On the other hand, if he killed Sookie then I honestly wanted nothing to do with him.

It all came down to what happened in that basement and I was too afraid to ask. I felt like a coward. I was secretly grateful and relieved he hadn’t reopened the bond. If he had, he would feel wavering joy that he was here and disgust in him for letting Sookie die. Additionally, he would feel my own self-loathing for letting her walk into a trap at the Fellowship and letting Sophie-Ann back me into a corner. Between the two of us, I couldn’t tell who was worse.

No. Godric was worse. He let Sookie die.

I stopped my internal rambling and eyed my maker. He looked amused. He looked like he was hooked up to a live feed of my internal conflict even though I could tell the bond between us was firmly closed down. I knew this because it wasn’t just his side that was closed, but mine as well. I closed myself off from both him and Pam as soon as I came across the Sookie-sized blood puddle.

I wasn’t prepared to analyze that too closely.

Yet here he was, looking amused. Not only that, he looked refreshed. Re-energized. For the last couple hundred years, his age had started weighing on him. He moved slower, as if he had all the time in the world. He was always serious. He’d lost all sense of humor. Godric had come down with a deadly case of what killed older vampires the most, ennui. It was the single biggest reason I was terrified he was at the church willingly, terrified he was preparing to meet the sun.

Looking at him now though, it was like he had shaken off the shackles of time. He looked revitalized and younger, like he was able to enjoy life again. He looked like he had found a purpose.

Was Sookie’s blood like some kind of Red Bull for vampires?

His lips kicked up in amusement with this and I had to seriously wonder if I’d just said that aloud. I replayed the last two minutes of my photographic memory and realized, no. I hadn’t.

What the hell was going on here?

“Master?” I questioned after a moment of silence. I couldn’t wait any longer. I needed to know what he was doing here, what he had heard when entered the bar, and, most importantly, what the hell had happened to Sookie Stackhouse. I no longer even cared whether he had been there of his own free will to begin with. All I cared about was finding out what happened to Sookie.

“Eric, my child. Do you sense anybody else in the bar?” he asked, with a small smile still on his face.

I focused my ears and nose on the area surrounding us while also taking a quick glance around the room. Nope, we were all alone. I had everyone ejected from the bar and sent Pam on an errand to get her the hell away from the Magister and the Queen.

“No, master. We are alone.”

The ends of his mouth kicked up again at my answer. What the hell was going on?

“You can hear nobody else?”

“No, master.”

“Can you smell anyone else?”

I scented the air again before replying in the negative, “Godric, I can sense no one else here besides you and me.”

He was confusing me now. I was starting to wonder if he wasn’t as healthy as I thought he was.

“Focus on my blood now, Eric. Can you feel anyone else?” he asked seriously.

Even though I was exasperated I did as he asked. Godric had opened his side of the bond. I could feel his life force humming away but nothing else because my side was still blocked. Reluctantly, I removed the block on my side, and was nearly bowled over when I felt his joy, mirth, amusement, and affection slam into me. I hadn’t felt such strong and positive emotions come from Godric in over a hundred years. I gripped the top of my desk and held on for dear life until I had adjusted to the sheer quantity I was feeling of his extreme emotions. He obviously found my reaction hilarious because the blood in my very veins seemed to fizzle and erupt like carbonated soda with his mirth and laughter. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply while I tried to regain my equilibrium after the sudden onslaught of his emotions.

Slowly, I reached out to sort through his blood and immediately found Nora, who seemed just as overwhelmed with Godric’s emotions as I was and nearly bursting with the most intense curiosity I had ever felt from her. As I felt out her emotions, I also found envy and… jealousy? Why would feeling Godric make her jealous?

“Search further than Nora, Eric.”

My eyes shot open when he spoke. Who else would I find besides Nora and, to a much lesser extent, Pam?

“Trust me, Eric. Search further than Nora,” he repeated and sent me encouragement. I closed my eyes and basked in that emotion for a second. The first he had sent me in many years. I focused again then on what he had said to me and started to scour his blood for another presence.

It didn’t take long at all. There was indeed another presence in the blood. It was vibrant and full of life, filled to the brim with joy and mirth, and fiery to the touch and full of sheer hope. On top of all of that was an incredible amount of affection, mischief, and a dash of lust. Underneath it all was a taunting anticipation, as if he or she were waiting for something.

I had never felt someone like that before with just my blood. I had never before come across someone so full of life, someone whose emotions were so intense and so pure. Amazingly, this person didn’t have a single negative emotion in their blood. Afraid those incredible emotions and that amazing presence would disappear if I moved too aggressively, I slowly reached my blood out towards it, cautiously approaching this person and wrapping tentacles of myself around them in the bond I shared with my maker. Slowly, I embraced this mystery person with my blood and chuckled when the presence shivered. He or she reached out in return and slowly stroked me through the bond using the gentlest touch I had ever felt with my blood. It felt like a hundred soft fingers were running up and down my body and slipping themselves tenderly into my hair.

I couldn’t help it, I purred like a cat.

Godric started laughing and mirth erupted from both him and this mystery presence, but I couldn’t care less. I was still being caressed and I loved every second of it. Both of them could laugh for the rest of eternity as long as I kept being caressed like that. They could feel how I felt about the subject and their mirth doubled and brought a smile to my face. Nora sent me shock, which I ignored altogether, enjoying the gentle touches and laughter too much to care how she felt. Then whoever it was sent me affection. A huge dose of it, and my eyes shot open with two realizations. Whoever had caressed me knew who I was, they had to in order to have that much affection for me, and it came from incredibly close by. Somehow the person was in the room with me.

I looked at Godric, absolutely stunned. All he did was nod at me, which was an answer in itself. Yes, there was someone else in the room with us. I really cracked down on the bond then, picking it up with my mental fingers and shaking out a location from it. If I read the emotions right, my actions… tickled.

And then they taunted me. The presence taunted me in the bond. Godric finally broke and revealed a full-blown genuine smile, something I hadn’t seen in so many, many years. I nearly lost all concentration just looking at his expression when the bond tugged on me again, forcing me to pay attention. I felt them move. Their mistake, now I knew they were on the side of the room opposite the door. They froze, probably realizing their mistake. Or so I thought. I expected to feel them deliberating, trying to decide what to do, instead they just stayed where they were before gently reaching out and tugging on me again. They sent the emotional equivalent of a “come hither” motion to me next and my fangs throbbed. A small dose of lust shot through me and Godric chuckled. His extreme amusement rolled across our connection and momentarily obscured my attempt to pinpoint the presence in the bond.

My head whipped towards him at vamp speed and my eyes narrowed. I wasn’t sure what was worse, my level of painful curiosity or anticipation of what was coming next. I could feel the need to hunt rising within me, and paused for a second to think about what was happening. This had the potential to get dangerous. It could awaken my bloodlust if anything happened and one of us were to be cut. It was obvious whoever I was dealing with was a vampire because of how well they could manipulate the bond, so they could technically  handle me if things got physical, but I could also sense they were young. Either Godric had bonded with someone or he had created another vampire. If that was the case, the vampire was not even a year old. If this vampire made a severe mistake, he or she might not be able to handle what was coming. I felt the need to warn this person after experiencing such pure emotions from them, so I spoke to Godric but my words were directed towards whoever was listening.

“You know he or she is taunting a predator, right? Do you think it truly safe to taunt a thousand year old vampire?”

A thrill ran through the vampire at my words and I had to work hard to suppress both my amusement and a grin. This was a serious warning and they needed to pay attention to it.

“Eric, you are not the predator in this scenario, she is more than capable of handling a hunt with you.”

This time a thrill ran through my side of the bond and I felt her lust pick up a small notch.

“She, Godric? Did you bond with someone or do you have a new progeny?” I asked. If he bonded, then I would have to proceed with caution. If I had a new vampire sister, then when I caught her she would be facing danger of an entirely different brand.

The danger of being chained to my bed and not allowed to leave it until I had sated my thirst.

“I have not bonded, you have a new sister,” he replied and smiled. Godric new exactly what I was thinking and had neither encouraged me to teach her to never taunt an older vampire nor forbidden me from doing exactly that when I caught her.

It appeared he had complete confidence in her to come out the predator in this little game. That knowledge should’ve seriously given me pause. What must she be capable of to have Godric’s confidence over mine in this hunt?

It didn’t though. I never even thought about the possibility that she truly was the predator and I was the prey.

Instead, my lust shot up again and my fangs dropped.

And I hadn’t even seen her face yet.

Godric’s amusement rolled through the bond again, obscuring her location for me once more while my mind raced through several different strategies at once. Only a second passed, but it was enough for the little vixen I was hunting to make her move.

Suddenly she was behind me. Something I was only aware of because she blew air across my neck and ear. A shiver worked its way down my spine and I spun around only to realize she was back across the room again.

“The rules, Godric?” I breathed, not quite believing such a shitty night had turned into something so tantalizing. I couldn’t smell her, see her, or hear her. It was almost as if she had blindfolded me in the bedroom, a favorite kinky game of mine. No one had ever been able to turn the tables on me like this before though. With that thought, my lust kicked up again. This time I felt hers rise as well.

“Stay inside the club,” Godric said as he whipped the door open. I had been so focused on her tie through the blood that I hadn’t seen him move. As soon as he opened the door, my vampire sister shot out of the room and into the open.


It had been difficult to pinpoint her in my office. It was going to be a hundred times worse in the open space of the bar.

I vamped after them and came to a halt in the center of the bar. I kept the blood tie thrown wide open and looked around, scanning the area for displaced air, an object sitting at a weird angle, and movement of any kind. I could feel her anticipation and it rivaled my own, but she had so much control. It was almost impossible to locate her because no other emotions were radiating out of her through the blood. She kept them all tightly locked down.

So how do you find an enemy that you can’t see?

You make them reveal themselves.

The only way she could reveal herself was through the blood since she was physically able to shield herself from sight, sound, and smell. The closer I was to her, the stronger I’d feel her emotions. I had to get her to lose some of that incredible control so I could feel if she was close. Honestly, I was positive she could feel more coming from me right now than I could from her.

So I did the only thing I could do, I talked to Godric while I moved randomly around the room. It was hit or miss, but I desperately wanted to sink her battleship.

“Is she really a baby vamp or have you kept her hidden for several years, Godric?” I asked. I was actually going to ask things I wanted to know. No point in wasting time on stupid questions. And the curiosity I was feeling about this little temptress was second only to the anticipation I felt.

His lips quirked up in amusement and understanding flitted across the bond, but not enough to block anything coming from her. Godric immediately understood I was using him to evoke emotions from her, but he did say the only rule was to stay in the club, so Q & A time was definitely allowed.

“She’s under a year old, Eric. She is indeed a baby vamp,” he admitted with no little amount of pride. That got us a small wink of pleasure from her.

I moved a foot closer to her but kept my body angled towards Godric, like he was my main focus and she was the distraction.

“She’s incredibly controlled for a baby vampire, Godric. I think she’s probably feeling more emotions from me right now than I am from her,” I admitted. I was surprised with how in control she was. It was astonishing. “How did you teach her that level of control so fast?” I asked him, generally curious.

“She rose that way,” he answered with a small smile. I could feel how pleased he was with that fact. I, myself, was shocked. And more than a little awed by my vampire sister. I had been slowly walking back a step or two every few seconds, but with Godric’s admission I froze.

“But,” I practically whimpered. That was embarrassing but I didn’t let that embarrassment seep into the bond. I just glossed over it. “But it took me nearly a hundred years to attain that level of emotional control.”

Honestly, I still had issues with it.

“Yes, she is truly unique, Eric, in so many ways.”

I was beginning to see that, even if I hadn’t seen her, so my blood hummed in agreement. While I was contemplating what, exactly, Godric meant by that, I felt pride and gratefulness radiating out towards Godric and me both from my sister. I tensed to pounce but faltered when her hands reached up into my hair and caressed me exactly like her emotional stroke did. I purred again, but before I could react beyond that, she was on the other side of the room.

I looked at Godric, completely stunned. How the hell did she keep doing that? Was one of her gifts speed? And what, exactly, was she doing? This was not how I normally played predator/prey.

“I believe,” Godric said after I had lapsed into silence for a full minute, “that was a reward. She calls it positive reinforcement.” I could’ve toppled over with the amount of affection and mirth Godric felt while speaking about her. Underneath it all I felt her supporting agreement with his analysis in a gentle wave.

“Well, if that’s the type of reward I get from giving her a compliment, I will make sure to compliment her several times a day,” I purred. Apparently she liked it when I purred.

Godric chuckled while the little vixen stroked me through the bond again. I was purring before I even realized she was doing it. She really did like the purring because she pushed a gentle amount of affection towards me after she finished her caress.

“How long did it take her to learn how to manipulate the bond like that?” I murmured, really just thinking aloud at this point and not truly expecting an answer.

“She stroked me exactly like that right before she rose from her grave,” Godric answered, shocking me again.

Who was this girl?

“You’re kidding me!” I said in disbelief. “She rose already knowing how to manipulate the bond and with that level of emotional control?” I couldn’t believe it. Now he was yanking my leg. I had never heard of someone rising with that level of control over either their emotions or the bond. Now Godric was just testing me to see how gullible I was.

The bond rebelled instantly against my disbelief and my sister sent me a sharp admonishment. After receiving it, I felt properly chastised… but more importantly, I knew exactly where she was. Mostly, I knew her location because the bond was still radiating her displeasure, acting like a radar system and painting a nice emotional bull’s-eye on her back. She was sitting on my throne.

Honestly, it probably was the first place I should’ve considered. The throne was the most tempting seat in the room.

Using a herculean effort not to let a sense of triumph give me away before I moved, I forced myself not to look at Godric or accidentally allow any emotions to flood the bond while I stated calmly to the air around me, “Forgive me, sister. I apologize. I have no reason to doubt your word or vampire abilities…” She seemed to be seriously contemplating my apology and deliberating on whether or not she should accept.

I seized the opportunity and used my fastest speed to put myself in front of the throne and box her in by placing a hand on each arm of the chair. I finished blocking her escape by leaning forward, figuring we’d be about eye level if she was about a foot or so shorter than me (and most women were at least a foot shorter than me).

I then finished my apology in a hushed tone, enjoying the shiver I felt run through her in the blood as I spoke, “…especially since I have no idea who you are.”

Instead of feeling any sense of defeat, or revealing who she was, I felt a slight displacement in the air and realized she had stretched upward for some reason.

And then I felt her run her fangs along my jugular.

Fangs? Down, definitely down. Other tools of my trade? Up, definitely up.

I released a deep, predatory growl as I gently slid my hands up towards her arms, only to come into contact with nothing but air.

Son of a bitch! How did she keep doing that?

I sent Godric my utter astonishment and complete bafflement as I turned around to shoot him a look of confusion, only to see him holding his sides and wiping away a blood tear as he laughed his ass off.

“I never had a chance of catching her at all, did I?” I said after he calmed down somewhat and caught a breath he didn’t need. I retracted my fangs and walked towards him, silently admitting defeat.

“No,” he said between chuckles and shaking his head for emphasis.

“And I thought I was so close,” I mumbled, disappointed. I would’ve had fun teaching her not to taunt an ancient vampire.

“I know you did. So did she, I can still feel her glee and sense of one-upmanship,” he said with a bright smile.

“I cannot remember the last time I felt that much anticipation for a game,” I confessed to him while he patted my shoulder and led me back to the office. “She definitely brings sibling rivalry to a whole new level.”

“And yet it is a much different type of rivalry than what you experience with Nora, is it not?” he asked me with a knowing look.

I didn’t need to say anything, my blood very vocally agreed for me. It was a different type of rivalry. And it was damned erotic. With Nora, we fought like siblings and fucked like champs. With whoever this little vixen was, even the fighting and competing was laced with sexual tension, but she never once lost her head. She knew I was a strategist and used that against me. She figured out what my strategy was, locating her by forcing her to feel emotions, and led me into a trap while throwing me off with sexual tension (so I wouldn’t think twice about her own strategy) in order to end the game.

“I’m impressed, Godric. I am impressed with everything I have learned about your progeny tonight and you know how rare that is,” I admitted honestly. He pushed a thank you through the bond towards me and affection to the little vixen. In return, she pushed back her own affection and stroked me again.

“Positive reinforcement,” Godric chuckled.

“If only I could get her to stroke me lower,” I speculated and immediately felt what could only be described as a blush coming from the little vixen. And suddenly I felt like I had won the game after all and let out a full and true laugh for the first time since Dallas. I couldn’t help it; I had to send a healthy dose of my own affection to her. She practically beamed at me through the tie in response.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Sibling Rivalry

  1. SPOV: ah Skanky Anne and the blood. What a biatch. Hope she gets whats coming to her and to Hadley for opening her mouth in the first place. Muhahaha for her pinching his lovely tush. the Invisibilty is going to come in handy I bet.

    Yea Scumbill is utterly pathetic. Wonder how long till Sookie has to deal with him. hmm Wonder how he is going to react to Godric’s turning her? Gabe def got what was coming to him. Love that he sent Scumbill back broken. Them playing hide and seek with Eric was too funny. Wonder how long till Pam or Nora shows up.

    P.S. I tend to write my reviews as I read so sorry if it seems garbled

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  2. Puck! That’s who I was thinking Sookie reminded me of in the last chapter! Now she really does. I love this Sookie already. This was such a fun chapter!

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