I am sorry so sorry!

Voting has been extended! You now have until 10/22/16 to vote for your favorite stories and support your favorite authors. For all my lovely readers, please stop by and check out the NKOTB award for best new author. TBVikingAddict’s been nominated, so please take a second and go cast your vote!

Welcome the new kid to the block. 😉

You Want Blood Awards

Okay Eric and Godric brought a typo to my attention.  Originally I posted that the final round would end on 10/22/2016 with the Final results being posted on Halloween giving me time to make everyone’s banners.  Then when I opened the final round for voting I accidentally used the 17th as the date for ending final voting.  So our favorite vampires have brought it to my attention and I have extended the date of the final round to the original date of 10/22/2016!

SO what does this mean for everyone?  Go VOTE!  You get extra time!

I have to go finish writing my punishment lines that I have been given!    I will not do that again…I will not do that again…

Thanks everyone for understanding!


Hit Me With Your Best Shot Award – Best One Shot

The Human Award – Best AH

Mr. January Award – Best Lemon


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